Fixing the registration issue

Hope everyone has been enjoying the new year so far!

After the closing of the forums, people haven’t been able to register new accounts. I am working on a fix for this problem. The fix will involve separating the forum from the main site, so your accounts no longer have to be tied to your forum account.

As for the future of Pokestadium, nothing is certain. The best case scenario is that I will be adding features to turn it into a Pokemon adoptables website, where you will still retain the Pokemon that you’ve caught if you’ve been a long-time member of Pokestadium.

~ Johan, Jan 14th 2014

Pokemon new year

About us

Pikachu about us Hi there! We’re a Pokemon fansite called Pokestadium. Here, you can search for Pokemon sprites or create trainer cards. You can even create your own Pokemon for others to rate and comment on.

If you register an account to become a member of Pokestadium, you can catch Pokemon every day. Your Pokemon gain experience and level up depending on your how much you participate in all the features and activities of Pokestadium. Registering an account also enables you to start socializing with like-minded people on the forums and in the chat, making new friends.