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  1. So I was gonna just put this in a status update to start with, but I thought that this was a bit too long to be status worthy so I'm putting it here instead.


    So I just realised something about the Pokemon games. Since FR/LG started the remake trend, people have always wanted the next generation to come out (especially when it comes to the gen 3 remakes, that was hyped way too much). Now that we've come to Sun and Moon, people are of course talking/speculating about gen 4 remakes (which personally i'd love because Diamond was my first experience with Pokemon and being able to go through Sinnoh again with a tweaked story and the new mons/type would be awesome), but I wonder, will gen 5 be remade, or even hyped up as much.

    I ask this because I always saw gen 5 as the cutoff point, the fresh start. Gen 4 may have been the games to change Pokemon the most with special/physical split, but it was gen 5 that decided to soft reset. We had one last huzzah with Heart Gold and Soul Silver (which I still think are the best Pokemon games in the series, though I have to say Sun and Moon aren't far behind in quality), with those games being polished up to a brilliant standard, with them having plenty of heart and soul put into them (pun intended obviously) and then we got Black and White, the games that split the fan base the most since Ruby and Sapphire. Of course things carried on as usual and gen 5 found their place in fans hearts eventually, but still, because of the soft reset that Game Freak did, everything onwards seemed different slightly. Jump forward to now and we've just had brilliant games released that have their obligatory hints towards Sinnoh in. Are they there just to tease the games, just to tease the fans, or just because the developers felt like it? Who knows, it's probably all of them, but I digress.

    If we get gen 4 remakes, what will come next? 

    Well, I suppose to answer that we'd need to know what would happen in the gen 4 remakes, so it's good that Pokemon have been sorta building up a plot that could work with those games -alternate worlds as mentioned in ORAS and shown in SuMo, the idea of travelling through time and space as shown by a certain suit wearing trainer we meet in the post game. It's probably just wishful thinking on my part, but still, the questions stands- Would gen 5 remakes ever happen?

  2. My name is Swirl.  I'm a turtle, I'm 15 years old and I live in Moonside, being one of its seven original founders. 


    After more than a day of our on-and-off venturing, we finally arrived at the island. After diverging, Scallop told me,

    "We're gonna go search for some food."

    I looked over at Spring. He was still unconscious.

    "I'll stay behind and take care of Spring. When he wakes up, I'll come and find you guys."


    Scallop nodded, and the four of them walked off. I hoisted Spring onto my back and walked over to a palm tree. I set him down in the shade. I noticed he was kicking at his feet. I guess his shoes were making him uncomfortable, so I took them off and set them aside. I sat down, leaned against the tree, and closed my eyes...


    About an hour later,  Spring woke up. I yawned and looked over at him. 

    "Oh! You're finally up! Ya feelin' alright?"

    He nodded and looked around.

    "Good. You're probably wondering where the others are. They're out looking for food.  Now that you're awake, let's go find them."

    Spring put his shoes back on and got up. We began walking – well,  walking and hopping – inland.


    After a bit of walking, Spring and I found the rest of the group. They were building a small structure. I asked Flare, 

    "What're you guys doing? Did you find any food? "

    "Yeah,  we sure did!  We're building a safehold for our stockpile," he opened the door to the safehold. It was completely full!

    "How did you  get so much?!"

    "Oh,  we had a little help from some new acquaintances. They're over there," he pointed to the left. I looked and saw a beaver and a gopher, who walked over to us,  chuckling. The beaver introduced himself,

    "Hey,  nice to meet you. I'm Chip, and this is Dig."...

  3. Potatomon
    Latest Entry

    Man a lot of crazy stuff happened at the park

    So first I saw a total of three dead things (pigeon, fish?, and duck) and later my mom lost her car keys even tho she swears she put them in her purse and then couldn't find them, and so she sent me to get the spare keys from our house and drove home using those

    Really weird how they just disappeared from her purse and her friend guarding it said no one went near it and her other friend who already went home said she didn't grab them

    Something is off here

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    Welcome to the very first installment of "Hydra Vs. The Community." In these types of blogs, I'll ask you guys for opinions on various Pokestadium-based ideas projects endeavors jamborees etc. The issue before us today, of course, is the next Pokestadium Communitylocke. For those among ye who have no idea what I'm talking about, the originals can be found here and here and here. Before starting a third one of these puppies, I think it's important that we attempt to improve some things (if the consensus is in fact that things need improving.) Here's a not at all quick list of bullet-points I'd love to get some thoughts on:


    -The Points system in general, is it useful and fun, or pointless and distracting? It definitely shows I was big on having the points system and declaring a winner with the initial communitylocke. However, now, I'm not so sure of it- the main reason I'd want to bring them back for a third round is so it would be easier to tell what things should be logged in the trainer journal- we would probably still rack up totals when we get to the end, but I personally wouldn't plan on making a big deal out of the winner unless that's what you guys want.


    -How about those Clauses? Should we even have them? Points or no points? For a long time now, I've regretted giving point bonuses for clauses. It was way too clunky to ever work well, with some being easier than others (and thus being basically mandatory for a shot at winning.) I wouldn't be against bringing the more basic ones back (set clause, no in-battle items clause, etc.) but using them should just be a way for more experienced nuzlockers to have a better time.


    -Game availability? This one might not even seem like an actual problem at first, but if memory serves several members from the last two communitylockes couldn't participate simply because the games selected for nuzlocking weren't available to them, as they didn't own them/weren't familiar with emulators. Solutions to this are tricky- the only ones that come to mind are having experienced members help out those who aren't aware of emulation methods, or focusing on games that are more widely possessed among users (I guess DS or 3DS games?) 


    -Minimizing dropouts? With previous communitylockes, oftentimes a good majority of participants eventually end up dropping out around the second or third gym. Interestingly, this is around the same time most nuzlocke comics/blogs etc. tend to fizzle out- the reason for that typically being that the excitement involved stops being worth the amount of time and effort it takes. So, perhaps one way we could solve this is by simplifying how your progress is updated, which I'm definitely all for. But of course, hard to say whether or not this is even the main source of the problem, so whatever you guys think would be helpful.


    -Awards and whatnot? Would you like to see awards given out at the end of the communitylocke for things like "Most Pokemon Evolved" and "Least Deaths," or even some sort of recognition given out on a weekly basis? Or do you think individual awards like this aren't helpful and detract from the main point of the communitylocke being a group effort?


    -The Game lol? Oh, and of course, what game we're going to be playing is highly important as well. There's no poll on this blog for it though (and won't be one in the main topic) as those kind of polls are so easy to vote on they can often be influenced by people who ultimately don't even end up joining in, so please do leave your game preference in a comment on this blog (and ideally with reason why) for your voice to be counted. Basically any mainline games (besides Sun and Moon for countless evident reasons) can be used, so give it some thought.


    Alrighty then, so please do give your opinion on any of the matters presented above, and of course ideally some suggestions as well- most of this post is just attempting to improve old things, but ideas/questions for new ones are enthusiastically welcomed as well o3o




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    "My head..." Miva rubbed the back of her head with her barely being able to move. She tried to open her eyes with being able to faintly see. Her eyes began to adjust and saw the massive monster that had attacked her before, struggling and trying to lift itself off the ground with its arms scrambling and tearing at the ground leaving scratches against the stone floor. Miva looked at the beast's struggle and looked to see it's legs were in shambles, one being nearly gone. The golem struggled as it beckoned in pain. Miva held close the hammer that the other being used and struggled to pull herself up. She herself was sore from the fall and was shocked how she even survived. She slowly limped across the room and heard the roar of the golem. She looked toward it to be hit by it's massive stone arm. Miva slid across the room and growled as she had felt her body has been mashed. She looked at the monster that raised it's arm to smash her down before Miva raised the hammer and closed her eyes in fear. No arm came upon her and she looked up to see the beast staring at her, waiting and watching. Miva looked up and down the fallen giant and smirked.

    "Hmph, not so tough are you big buddy, well see you around boulder head." She began tracking through the ruins, looking to see odd deposits of stone. A thought then swept across her mind, she had left that massive sentinel, and she had the exact thing that could manipulate it, is that not what she came here to do? Capture the sentinel. She pondered about this as she studied these strange rock deposits. She noticed that it looked to be same material the Sentinel back there was made of. Miva looked at the hammer in her hand and felt something in her and she swung down on the stone and getting some pieces for herself. She collected the shards of stone and put them away. The continued roaring of the golem echoed through the halls of the ruins. Miva came back to where the golem lied and was annoyed by it.

    "Shut up! What do you want me to do!?" Miva said yelled at the golem and noticed the hammer was vibrating. She raised it up and something magical happened with splitting open and a strange screen appeared showed the golem with a red symbol near it's right leg. The leg that was shattered in the fall. She was confused but out of sheer risk she pressed the red symbol. Something tugged from within her satchel, the shard she collected flew from her bag and toward the golem. They started to expand and grown and built for the golem. The shards grew and crafted themselves into a brand new leg for the giant. The golem observed and once the magical moment was over, the golem shook its leg. It looked around and pushed itself up, slowly lifting itself off the ground. The golem looked over itself and slowly took a step to test its legs. The fierce being slowly began its trot and looked to Miva, as if it was waiting orders.

    "Alright... I suppose you will be the one I will take with me. But... i got to name you... Giga. That works." Giga looked and responded to the name with a low hum. Miva shook her head and pointed the hammer to incite Giga to go forward. He began his march forward and Miva lead.

    So begins the two's trek though the god forsaken ruins of the Sentinels 

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    1:Filthy Meme Lord

    2: Has depression

    3: Had to quit this website... Shame.

    4: Got Shadowbanned because he was too random

    5: Only 13 years old

    6: Changes his profile so much...

    7: Goes to Disney twice a year

    8: Probably has some sleeping disorder...

    9: Watches D&P

    10: Youtube account does nothing.

    11: Wants to hack.

    12: Is a spriter

    13: Addicted to Pokèmon.

    I call &Legend

  4. Nonsense

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    1. Has an aesthetically unappealing discord username


    2. Triggers children on roblox


    3. Threatens users



    4. Never stops eating

    5. Thinks he's a pessimist but is a fairly happy-go-lucky idiot who feeds on nonsense

    6. Has acid reflex


    7. Uses custom discord themes


    8. Stays in his house all day (to be fair it's cold and there's snow everywhere)


    9. Had a really long stupid ps username name before shortening it


    10. Asks really strange questions



    11. Is probably a weeb


    12. Lowkey enjoys the weird conversations in ps discord chat


    13. Didn't lie about their age on ps and instead left for a year


    14. Loves chocolate


    15. Doesn't celebrate any holidays


    16. Has a name that isn't even a name, it's a noun, but a really weird one 


    17. Doesn't have a 3ds


    18. Is annoying


    19. Doesn't have a phone


    20. Has hairy legs (don't click the spoiler if you don't wanna see it) 



    21. Is making a call out post instead of doing chores


    22. Posted his leg on the internet. 


    Now I'll be tagging my wonderful best friend @Hydralicious for this call out fun! 

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    1. has been banned like 8 times

    2. provides no useful discussion topics


    3. he is a priest but he gambles


    4. he pretends to be 7, but he is actually 59 years old


    5. stole scratchy and petey's name

    6. he has about 15 accounts

    7. he wants to EAT me



    8. he is rude.


    9. he is not banned. mods. please ban.

    10. his community reputation lies about his personality



    in conclusion, i made this before primal could


    please ban mr. scratchy piranha, @Yuuko @ekevinn @Dash @The-Hydra








  5. Callout post for@The-Hydra


    1. Not a furry (which you really should at least try to be, in these modern days and times)


    2. Stole sprites in 2011 because he was kind of a dim kid and didn't know what MS paint was or how to access it- sometimes not even actually pokemon sprites, both Ice wolf from mother 3 and the Black mage from final fantasy were submitted as Pokecreations (ah, the days before an approval system)


    3. Has not yet banned sciz for himself, what is essentially the only way any PS staff member can prove their worth


    4. Probably stole username from @Hydralicious, a member who is hard at work bettering the site via snarky comments and callout posts for dark forces and doesn't need this unnecessary confusion


    5. Embraces the kind of negative stereotypes that have kept the US a third-world country for centuries


    6. Sometimes he uses colors just because he remembers he can


    7. Failed to make a Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter solstice or Cotton candy day friendly version of the PS advent calendar, revealing that he doesn't think you're worth jack if you're not of the same creed as him


    8. Took him way more tries than it should have to remember how to spell Hanukkah-  also uses "Der-Hydras" as his Showdown username. Coincidental? Up to you.


    9. has two brothers ( @Master Snivy  and @Contract_Crawdad) who somehow have even more crude senses of humor and are probably just puppets here so he can funnel coins to his offshore bank account on Alola or something


    10. Never really got into Splatoon despite owning the game


    11. Along with Pepsi man was the only user to be made into a non-forum member by Johan for some (likely justified) reason, and was probably only unbanned form the forums due to him temporarily shutting down the site lol


    12. He takes great joy in writing paragraphs upon paragraphs about competitive Pokemon, editing and updating FAQs/guides, reading posts by sciz and other things no human-hearted person should enjoy


    13. has been known to be slightly less inhibited and self-controlled on other communication platforms 


    14. Has a comic that requires the artistic skill of a 5-year old and yet seldom adds new installment, leaving @Yunn Goos to starve of humor in the streets like an animal


    15. Is creating a silly pointless callout post for himself rather than doing his job and working on containing developing crapstorms on the site


    in conclusion this was pointless but fun, I tag person who's original username I can't recall  @Primal for the next one



  6. Callout post for @Sonic20


    1. furry

    2. steals art

    3. steals stuff in general


    4. wants to assault people



    5.  Threatened a member because he wanted to steal their profile



    6. Hates pokemon and thinks it’s broken 



    7. Is a robber


    8. Curses and attempts to summon Satan on what is supposed to be a family-friendly, Christian site

    wh8vI3Y.pngInsert other media


    9. Robs people


    10. Is homophobic



    11. Likes Sonic slash fics



    12. Hates nintendo



    13. Steals art from artists


    14. Threated me on multiple occasions when I demanded that he not steal art anymore






    15. Is an ART THIEF


    16. Has an alt-account called Petey Piranha


    In conclusion we need to ban this monstrous art thief #BANSONIC



    Q&A #4

     Hey Pokestadium! It's ya boi ekevinn, one of the admins, here for a long awaited blog!!! Yes, it has almost been a year since I've lasted posted a blog on Pokestadium, and after an on-and-off hiatus throughout 2016, I'm glad to say that from now on I'll be trying to post more and work hard on Pokestadium as much as possible. Anyways, now onto the actual blog! For those of you who were active throughout the year of 2015, you might remember these Q&A segments that  I used to post on my blog, and I've decided to bring them back, as I was looking over my profile recently,  I viewed my old blog entries and remembered how much fun I had with this series. Interacting with members through Q&A segments has always been a joy for me, and I love learning more about you guys as well as telling you all about myself.

     Some of you might have noticed the addition of ribbons over your profile picture when posting. Do not fret however, as I am just testing out the Ranking System that this board offers and this is not permanent, but if you guys would prefer for the feature to stay/be expanded upon then I'd be more than happy to keep it around. For those who do not know, the ribbon that appears above your profile is determined by the amount of posts you have. Below is a list of the ribbons you can possibly obtain:


    • Beginner - 100 posts Event Ribbon.png
    • Trainer - 250 Posts Green_Ribbon.png.fb2dcc6c20a505e18b2d34a
    • Ace Trainer - 500 Posts Red_Ribbon.png.1f44e7c19efbd671ea981fc94
    • Veteran - 750 Posts Blue_Ribbon.png.7fa83d5d6925517d49b388c4
    • Elite - 1000 Posts Souvenir_Ribbon.png.cb37cf036bed48932f6f
    • Champion - 2000 Posts Wishing_Ribbon.png.e5bbf37881bff4f4d75bc
    • Master - 5000+ Posts Royal Ribbon.png



     I'd like to receive any comments, thoughts, and suggestions you guys may have on the ribbon system. Should certain ribbon holders be allowed to participate in certain events/posses benefits? Should there be more ribbon tiers added? Should the system be removed completely? Be sure to let me know. Depending on the input I get from you guys, I'll keep/remove the system in about a week from now.


     I understand that many new amazing members have joined since my hiatus, I've talked to some of you and stalked your profile pages,  and you all seem like great members. So to the newer members of Pokestadium/the ones who aren't acquainted with me too well, I'd like to say thank you for your constant support and participation on the forums. It really makes me happy to know that we still have members joining and interacting around Pokestadium. It reminds me of when I first joined myself.


     Speaking of when I first joined, things really have changed since then!  Members have come and go, the type of content and humour is now different, and the forum looks completely different than what it looked like around 4 years ago. Do you want to know what Pokestadium was like back then? Well, this is what this blog is for! For my Q&A Blogs, I'll usually have a general topic for members to ask me questions on; so for instance, I've done Q&A's on myself, events on the site, and a forum update that we did around a year ago. For this entry's topic, I'll have it set on the following things:


    • Anything about me: ex.Favourite flavour of icecream? Favorite music genre? 
    • Ribbon System: ex.Can there be a _____ ribbon?
    • Pokestadium's past:  ex.What was the forum like 4 years ago? What kind of member was I? Who did I look up to?
    • Thoughts on Pokestadium: ex.How do you feel about Pokestadiums's current state? Do you agree with my opinion on _________?


    I'm really looking forward to answering as much as questions as I can, as well as getting to know some of you guys better.

    For anyone who has any detailed questions, suggestions, is seeking advice, or just wants someone to talk to/get to know better, please feel free to PM me.

    I hope everything is doing well with you guys, and I hope you all have a wonderful day at Pokestadium.

    Now, ask away!

     Answered Questions


  8. Hail's always been my favorite weather condition. And it's also been the worst, basically since it was introduced. In gen 3, the hail weather condition was added, likely in an attempt to make Ice types more viable. Now, Ice had always been an important type, but more as coverage on different types- the vast majority of ice types themselves have generally seen little use since genwun (where blizzard hit a lot more often and there was no pesky steel types) due to their horrible defensive matchups, being weak to three of the most common offensive types (also steel lol,) and having only one resistance. Now, to the main point, let's walk through a not at all brief history of hail:


    Gen 3:


    Hail exists, but isn't really used at all. It doesn't boost the damage of Ice type attacks (like sun with fire or rain with water) and while it does make Blizzard hit almost all of the time, this is only really worth it in doubles where it still requires too much setup anyway. Chip damage isn't enough to make up for lack of a damage boost, especially considering that the amount dealt by harmful weather such as sandstorm was lowered significantly from gen 2. Biggest weakness is glaring lack of useful abilities- no equivalent to Chlorophyll or Swift swim, and Snow cloak and Ice body are mostly worthless on a type meant to be on the attack.


    Gen 4:


    Hail is basically as bad as it is in gen 3. But, there's Abomasnow, and he's actually pretty good. (Well, niche use in OU, fairly big in VGC though, especially 2010 when Kyogre is the big threat.) However, Abomasnow's hail is basically just used to boost the accuracy of its own Blizzards, and replace opposing weather with hail (but mostly rain due to its grass typing.) Despite Abomasnow's usefulness, I'd still consider hail bad at this point because it's can't be used to support the team in any way (besides removing other weather conditions, but that role could also be played by the other two, so it's really more of a cloud 9 effect) so you basically still can't make a good "hail" team.


    Gen 5:


    Flying types and Dragons are massively popular in both VGC12 and VGC13. Hail teams exist in any form yet? Not really. While choice scarf Vanilluxe saw some use in VGC12 to wipe away genies and dragons with Blizzard, this was seldom backed up with hail to to no users of snow warning being available in Unova. Abomasnow is an incredibly important Pokemon in VGC13, but again, it isn't used in conjunction with any other ice types and is mostly just used for spread ice damage and good matchup against dragons, genies and water. You didn't see any hail teams here either primarily due to there being no better ones than Abomasnow- there was Weavile for sure, but despite being Ice it doesn't benefit from hail. Because lol hail. And besides, using another Ice type along with Abomasnow would be begging to be knocked out unless you could immediately clear all threats on the opposing team from the field.


    Gen 6:


    Gen 6 wasn't far off from gen 5- there was a weather nerf, but that didn't have a huge impact (though it did have some) on VGC since you don't see the long battles there that you more often than not do in OU. I enjoyed using a hail team of sorts in gen 6, but since there was only two Pokemon (Abomasnow and Rotom-F) that even benefited from it (and their only benefit was blizzard and seldom useful chip damage) and the rest of the team was devoted to covering the weaknesses and making sure they could do damage. So yeah, it wasn't exactly a weather team in the sense that a Rain, Sun, or Sand team was. Ice-weak Pokemon such as the genies, Garchomp and Amoonguss are very popular in VGC14/15, but hail-boosted Blizzard is far from the only way of dealing with them. (also heatran basically needed to be dealt with consistently in vgc15 so that was annoying.) Aurorus, another hail setter, was added, but is way too slow and has none of the defensive merits of Abomasnow so it's basically not even there.


    Gen 7:


    I'd argue gen 7 has finally made Hail on par with other types of weather- it did this through adding some usable new hail setters, Vanilluxe and more notably Alolan Ninetales, the first ever Pokemon with an ability that can really get some use out of hail in Alolan Sandslash (and beartic I guess) with Slush rush, and another move that can only be pulled off in hail, Aurora veil (a highly useful combo of light screen and reflect.) With these new tools, you can actually build a team that really makes use of hail. Now, don't get me wrong, you probably won't be running more than two ice types, and they'll typically be the only ones who directly benefit from hail through abilities or moves, but that's standard of pretty much every type of weather team (besides rain in 6v6 singles.) It'll be interesting to see how hail strategies develop as the meta evolves and currently unavailable tools *cough*abomasnowwhen*cough* become legal for use.





    Ferdinand (Tapu Bulu) @ Choice Scarf  
    Ability: Grassy Surge  
    Level: 50  
    EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
    Jolly Nature  
    - Wood Hammer  
    - Horn Leech  
    - Superpower  
    - Stone Edge  

    Guts Man (Hariyama) @ Assault Vest  
    Ability: Thick Fat  
    Level: 50  
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD  
    Adamant Nature  
    - Fake Out  
    - Close Combat  
    - Poison Jab  
    - Stone Edge  

    SONIC (Sandslash-Alola) @ Life Orb  
    Ability: Slush Rush  
    Level: 50  
    EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
    Adamant Nature  
    - Icicle Crash  
    - Iron Head  
    - Earthquake  
    - Protect  

    unintimidated (Milotic) @ Leftovers  
    Ability: Competitive  
    EVs: 236 HP / 140 Def / 132 SpA  
    Modest Nature  
    - Scald  
    - Ice Beam  
    - Recover  
    - Protect  

    BY KROOK OR KROOK (Krookodile) @ Darkinium Z  
    Ability: Intimidate  
    Level: 50  
    EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
    Jolly Nature  
    - Crunch  
    - Earthquake  
    - Rock Slide  
    - Protect  

    TAILS (Ninetales-Alola) @ Focus Sash  
    Ability: Snow Warning  
    Level: 50  
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe  
    Timid Nature  
    IVs: 0 Atk  
    - Aurora Veil  
    - Blizzard  
    - Freeze-Dry  
    - Protect  



    Please do share any ideas or questions regarding our new king hail o3o

  9. Sonic Advance (GBA)




    Sonic Advance is everything Sonic the Hedgehog 4 should have been. High-paced yet precise sidescrolling. Physics that rival the original trilogy. Characters that provide new levels of fun. It's tragic that the Advance series as a whole has fallen into obscurity. 

    The story is very much standard for the old-school 2D Sonic games. Eggman has captured a bunch of animals, and has decided to take over the world. Why? For plot convenience, of course. It's not the most interesting story, but

    it's a Sonic game, and gameplay takes priority. 



    The gameplay is almost as if it was ripped from the Genesis games themselves. The physics are pretty much perfect, and the level design is, for the most part, enjoyable. There are a few levels where trial and error are involved, but this is true of all 2D Sonic games. After playing it through once or twice, you'll know where to control your speed, and you will do absolutely fine. 


    The game features four playable characters; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and most interestingly, Amy. All play in a unique way, offering different paths and speeds. Sometimes these differences will benefit you, and at other times, you'll wish you picked another character. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles play as they did on the original Genesis games, albeit with a few extra moves, such as Tails' (useless) tail swipe, and Knuckles' (useless) punches. This game introduces Amy as a playable character for the first time in a 2D Sonic game. Amy is most certainly the most enjoyable character to play as- She offers a whole new level of depth to the game, requiring you to master your timing, as she lacks the ability to curl up. Instead, she can use her hammer to attack, which is actually advantageous in many situations. For example, she can jump higher using a special move, and has a longer range than Sonic's insta-shield. She can even defeat certain bosses easier than the other three, as her range far exceeds the others. It is a common complaint that Amy is "not fun" and "too hard", but to that, I say, unironically: Get good. These characters introduce a large amount of replay value, as well as fun, new ways to play.

    However, there is of course, a catch, as is tradition for Sonic games. The special stages are absolutely horrendous. They're slightly reminiscent of Sonic 2, which is fine in itself, but it involves a 3D plane, which really doesn't work well on the Gameboy Advance. It's incredibly difficult to determine where to place yourself, and as a result, makes collecting Chaos Emeralds tedious and frustrating. Fortunately, they're not necessary to enjoy the bulk of the game. 



    The graphics are truly some of the best GBA games have to offer. Most of the environments are vivid, and the character animations are incredibly detailed. Sonic Team did an amazing job of the spriting. Even idle animations

    capture my attention, giving the characters a huge amount of personality. 

    The sound of this game is, as always, very memorable. Sonic games almost never get this wrong. However, whilst the tracks are memorable and the sound effects are great, it definitely suffers due to the limitations of the GBA sound card. This doesn't stop them from being catchy and appealing, though. 



    Overall, Sonic Advance is a brilliant game, and most certainly the best out of the trilogy. It keeps speed to a good pace, but isn't too fast, and also has 4 unique ways of playing. It's not without flaws, but it's still an extremely solid experience. I definitely enjoy them more than the Genesis games, myself. I'd give Sonic Advance a 9/10.






    (please tell me how you think this is, i've literally never written a review before and i'd appreciate feedback on the quality of the writing- I'd also be happy to discuss the game with you, if you'd like)

  10. "You want me to do what?" Nat said with shock in her tone
    "If we want to get the power back on, you need to wear me." Snaggletooth said with a nice calm soothing attitude voice.

    "Okay, first this sounds so disturbing, second, I AM NOT DOING THIS!"
    "If you don't... You most likely die trying to get to the generator. But with me on as a disguise, you could sneak past anyone who sees you. I don't mind it, it was how I was designed."
    A loud sound of metal being scraped across a wall and a mechanical low growl.
    "Open up." Nat said quickly and desperately. Snaggletooth stood still for a second and pulled his own eyes out of his head and rolled them around in his hand for a second before putting them back on the table he was sitting on. He shifted and let all the steel plates of his body open up with the sound of the metal splitting away from each other. The face plates split open and exposing a hallow skull lined with wires and copper parts. Nattily looked into it with fear and turned around, stepping into the suit and letting her body go limp inside the steel shell. Nattily opened her eyes looking at the face plates surrounding her face. She started to breath heavily but noticed that the suit itself was vacuum sealed around her. She couldn't breath, causing her to panic and disregard the need to conserve air in her lungs. Suddenly the face plates pulled apart and let in the musky air of this dark and dank underground tunnels, but it was air!

    "You can't breath inside of me for too long. I will open up the face plates when needed, but opening it up when one of them is near... Will cause them to kill you. But staying up will make them suspicious. They might look over the suit if you don't play dead. We must find the power start up switch, this will turn the power and overclock devices on." Snaggletooth explained to his user. Nattily was fearful of this who situation but proceeded on through the tunnels, looking onward into the darkness trying to find a switch. Occasionally stopping to get a breath of oxygen 

    "You know, this is the first time in along time since I have been used this way. I have been at other places before. I was moved around, sometimes I would have my suit and sometimes not. Sometimes they would put a different suit on me, and sometimes it was my original. I remember when I was first made, it was a big factory, with four others around me. I was the final prototype, I was suppose to be the perfect model, till someone used me. Then they made me shut down, till I was woken up by someone. He was forced into me... He was forced by people I knew. I could tell they wanted him out of their way. They pulled off my locking release... Now he is part of me. He was found, but he was never removed, he is still in here. Then, she came. She was killed by them as well, she was trying to find him. But she could not. Now she is somewhere, but she wasn't found, she is still there. She wants to help you as well." Snaggletooth monologued as the went along. Suddenly clanking came from down the hall and appeared to be a white faced clown. The clown had glowing white pupils in pitch black eye sockets looking around with it's white gloved hands in front of them. Wack then laughed out a line.

    "Come on out birthday girl, we have a big surprise for you! You get to meet Jax!" Nattily looked in horror but then played dead. She slumped against a wall trying to make herself look like a simple endoskeleton. She cut her breath as Wack the clown stepped past Nattily. She tried to stand up but then heard as Wack turned around. He felt against the wall trying to look for the 'birthday girl'. But Nattily noticed something... It can't see, considering it lacked any functioning eyes. Wack felt against the wall right above Nattily. Nat looked over the robot clown trying to hold her breath. Then.. her concentration broke and forced the face plates open with the sound of metal splitting and clashing. Wack looked down at Nattily hearing the sound, and keeled down. Wack stared blankly with a cheerful expression. Suddenly a voice came over the intercom.
    "WHERE IS SHE?" Yelled an aggressive Occulin. Wack raised his head and walked toward the sound giving Nattily the chance to move quickly away. She moved as silently as she could trying to avoid the clown. Nattily finally escaped from the ear shot of the sinister clown. Nattily walked through the halls once more, looking and looking for the switch. She then heard her guardian angel's voice
    "We are here, directly in front of you is manual power reset lever, quickly flip it on and we have to get out of here. Belladonna and Occulin are getting angry." Snaggletooth said with little too no emotion. Nattily grabbed a hold of the lever and pulled it down. The sound of a loud siren and lights flashing on. Nattily looked around with hope but then noticed a window to the right of her. Nattily peered through it, trying to see whatever is inside. Nattily looked close seeing an entirely different room, a place that looked to have been once another restaurant. She could faintly see what looked to be someone walking around in it, a woman to be exact. Nattily smacked the window yelling
    "Hey! What are you doing there!? Who are you?". The figure looked at the window with her body still darkness, as it stared with sweet blue eyes. The figure looked closely at the window and made it's way toward it. Suddenly Nattily's suit lurched away from the window, giving Nat a sense of confusion. The suit took a hold of itself and was heading toward the exit. They came to the entrance of this subterranean lair and Snaggletooth opened up and Nattily fell out.  Nattily fell to the ground breathing heavily and gasped. 

    "What the hell is wrong with you? I was trying to help that..."
    "That was no person... That was Jax... She saw you. She knows you are here. Listen, if you wish to continue your time here, I ask you for aide. I want your help, to keep us safe from her. You see Jax came her from her old location, somewhere called Circus Baby's pizza world. She was hidden in the back all the time for she was unfinished. Her maker abandoned her, left her to decay and rot. She did something to cause it, however. She was on stage before, but then she did something and she was put away. She did something wrong, something she was not suppose to do. She killed an adult, one who was watching her. Jax was filled with fear, hatred, and a desire to kill. She wanted revenge, but she was not like the others. She didn't have a soul, she was just built to kill and hunt who left her away. Jax wants to get out, but to do so she wants a new body, but she wants the perfect one. Occulin and Belladonna are working for Jax and forcing the others to work for them. We want her to stop before she takes us apart and use us as a body. We want you to stop her, but keep listening to the two, I will help you stop her soon." Snaggletooth explained. 
    Nattily sighed and left, with the sound of a clock ringing 6:00 A.M. Nattily headed home and sat on her bed within the big mansion that her grandparents owned, one of the advantages of having rich grandparents huh. She grabbed her remote and flicked through channels on the TV. She noticed the old show the Immortal and the Restless, the old vampire soap opera. She thought this show was so cheezy and flicked onto Professor How. She lied in bed thinking about what Snaggletooth said.... What if Jax did want to kill her and steal her body. This is going to be a long week.

  11. Seriously, all you people are Pumpkin Murderers. Then again, I've carved Jack O' Lanterns myself, so I'm no better. Oh well, our fantastic 'Ace Philosopher' tagged me, so here's my answers.


    1: What is your favorite thing about Halloween? Getting to invite friends over to go Trick or Treating
    2: Do you believe in ghosts? No
    3: Have you ever seen a ghost? No (I somehow think this would influence the last question's answer heavily
    4: When was the last time you went trick or treating? Last year
    5: Have you ever carved a pumpkin? Yee
    6: What is the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween? A Devil
    7: Do you like horror movies? If so, what is your favourite? Yeah, but not if they're too gory. I did like the Critters series though
    8: Favorite ghost type Pokemon? I'm not sure. Gengar would be the easy pick, but I'm probably gonna say Chandelure, just because I like both the concept and the typing
    9: What's your favorite Halloween-themed movie? I haven't really seen any
    10: What's your favorite Halloween song? I haven't heard any, as far as I know
    11: What is your favorite type of candy? Hard to pick. But I like sour things, like Lemon Sherbet
    12: What are your phobias?  Don't have any
    13: Would you rather be a witch or a ghost? Ghost
    14: Name one thing that always creeps you out. Gory details
    15: Do you have any plans for this Halloween? Not yet
    16: What's your favorite scary story/book? Don't really have one, as with movies and songs I haven't read any.
    18: When is the last time you were really scared? Yesterday. Jumpscares always catch me out, so watching Markiplier play Sister Location, yeah... I'll let you get the rest.
    19: How do you celebrate for Halloween? Depends if I organise something with friends. Last time we trick or treated, then played Dawn of War Soulstorm and Cards Against Humanity
    20: What is the first thing you dressed up as for Halloween? idek
    21: How excited are you for Halloween? Quite. It's a fun time of the year
    22: If you could transform into animal, what would you transform into? A Bear
    23: If you were a witch, what animal would you have as a companion? Probably an Owl. Dey cool

    24: Do you believe in magic? Nah


    Also, I'm just gonna tag people that I haven't specifically seen be tagged or do it. So @CP_ & @Poison. Since I can't think of more than two atm

  12. I thank @isagonj and @Panflam7 for tagging me in another procrastination event. I need to stop messing my life up o3o


    But nah, I love these things though. Thanks owo


    foFWRCS.png What is your favorite thing about Halloween? Maid co-- I mean scary people knocking on the door threatening me for candy

    yN8OWra.png Do you believe in ghosts? Nope

    BZ3Cmm0.png Have you ever seen a ghost? Nope

    foFWRCS.png When was the last time you went trick or treating? Once, when I was like 12. I got so much candy that I decided to try it again. Too bad my costume didn't fit me anymore...

    yN8OWra.png Have you ever carved a pumpkin? Nope. How do you do that o3o

    BZ3Cmm0.png What is the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween? idk, can't be bothered trying to remember haha

    foFWRCS.png Do you like horror movies? If so, what is your favorite? I haven't watched that much horror movies. But playing horror games is a different story.

    yN8OWra.png Favorite ghost type Pokemon? Atm, Mimikyu <3

    BZ3Cmm0.png What's your favorite Halloween-themed movie? uhh...I don't remember the title. It had books and monsters coming out of books though.

    foFWRCS.png What's your favorite Halloween song? I know nothing.

    yN8OWra.png What is your favorite type of candy? It's got to be something cadbury.

    BZ3Cmm0.png What are your phobias? I'm not irrationally afraid of anything. I don't think so at least. Although, I feel really uneasy when walking through a pitch black tunnel, with only a flashlight, and trying to reach the end. I can't see much even with a bright flashlight, I always see this black void in the middle.

    foFWRCS.png Would you rather be a witch or a ghost? I'm probably going to be a ghost, if they exist.

    yN8OWra.png Name one thing that always creeps you out. It's definitely going to be that black void in a tunnel, even with a flashlight on. I hate not being able to see things in an enclosed space.

    BZ3Cmm0.png Do you have any plans for this Halloween? Pfft, Exam revision. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.

    foFWRCS.png What's your favorite scary story/book? I don't like reading.

    yN8OWra.png Do you decorate for Halloween? Nope. Too expensive to buy pumpkins and spoopy cobwebs to put outside your house.

    BZ3Cmm0.png When is the last time you were really scared? I last got really scared yesterday, when I found out about my fear of not being able to see things in the dark.

    foFWRCS.png How do you celebrate for Halloween? Gimme dem Cadbury

    yN8OWra.png What is the first thing you dressed up as for Halloween? Like I said, dunno o3o

    BZ3Cmm0.png How excited are you for Halloween? Excited for diabetes day, woo! As long as I get my chocolate I'm good owo

    foFWRCS.png If you could transform into animal, what would you transform into? It'll most definitely be an aquatic animal, because I can't swim.

    yN8OWra.png If you were a witch, what animal would you have as a companion? Probably a black widow/redback spider. Because you know, those things are poisonous and it scares lots of people.

    BZ3Cmm0.png Do you believe in magic? No. Screw you magicians and your illusions. I believe nothing unless you guys "magically" turn me into a millionaire o3o


    I don't know who's been tagged. I'll edit this once I fix the tagging thing.


    Feekst eet.

    @Yashu @Yunn Goos @Dash

  13. 1: What is your favorite thing about Halloween? i'm not entirely sure because i never do anything on halloween 

    2: Do you believe in ghosts? not really but i'm not going out of my way to prove it because. if they ARE real im gonna die of a heart attack

    3: Have you ever seen a ghost? once i saw this really pale kid at my school and i thought he was a ghost at first

    4: When was the last time you went trick or treating? like, a few years ago

    5: Have you ever carved a pumpkin? yes but i wasn't good at it

    6: What is the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween? i cannot remember

    7: Do you like horror movies? If so, what is your favorite? i love them. i actually have a favorite series called "2016 presidential debates"

    8: Favorite ghost type Pokemon? gonna have to say giratina, he's great

    9: What's your favorite Halloween-themed movie? nightmare before christmas is the best

    10: What's your favorite Halloween song? i. have no idea

    11: What is your favorite type of candy? chocolate or fruity

    12: What are your phobias? uhh i used to have a phobia of choking on food but. i dont have it anymore so i have none as of current

    13: Would you rather be a witch or a ghost? uhh ghost. witches can't possess people can they? no.

    14: Name one thing that always creeps you out. unexplained noises. like, noises i'll hear and i have no idea where they came from. that and isolation. i don't like being alone and if i am i prefer to have electronics or something of the like

    15: Do you have any plans for this Halloween? as of now no because i never do anything lol

    16: What's your favorite scary story/book? idk

    17: Do you decorate for Halloween? nope

    18: When is the last time you were really scared? i don't actually know

    19: How do you celebrate for Halloween? i don't

    20: What is the first thing you dressed up as for Halloween? a SPOOKY SKELETON

    21: How excited are you for Halloween? on a scale of 1-10 i'd say a 0

    22: If you could transform into an animal, what would you transform into? bald eagle. 1) apex predator 2) hunting is illegal in america 3) 'murica

    23: If you were a witch, what animal would you have as a companion? i. uh. a cat?? i guess?

    24: Do you believe in magic? not really


    honestly i have no idea who's been tagged so work it out amongst yourselves because i'm too lazy to find people who haven't been tagged

  14. Tagged by @Gir and @Hydralicious, but I've never celebrated Halloween so these answers will be pretty dull


    foFWRCS.png What is your favorite thing about Halloween? -

    yN8OWra.png Do you believe in ghosts? Nah

    BZ3Cmm0.png Have you ever seen a ghost? No

    foFWRCS.png When was the last time you went trick or treating? Never

    yN8OWra.png Have you ever carved a pumpkin? Negative

    BZ3Cmm0.png What is the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween? nothing (this is starting to get a little depressing)

    foFWRCS.png Do you like horror movies? If so, what is your favorite? I don't really watch them, I'm not really good with gore or any of the sort and I don't get how people can find enjoyment out of it

    yN8OWra.png Favorite ghost type Pokemon? jellicent !! 

    BZ3Cmm0.png What's your favorite Halloween-themed movie? No idea honestly

    foFWRCS.png What's your favorite Halloween song? How many Halloween themed things do you have in America 

    yN8OWra.png What is your favorite type of candy? Strawberry creams <3

    BZ3Cmm0.png What are your phobias? Too embrassaring //

    foFWRCS.png Would you rather be a witch or a ghost? Probably a which tbh

    yN8OWra.png Name one thing that always creeps you out. Noises at night

    BZ3Cmm0.png Do you have any plans for this Halloween? Nope. Homework maybe.


    foFWRCS.png What's your favorite scary story/book? Honestly, I'm not all too sure. 

    yN8OWra.png Do you decorate for Halloween? Nah.

    BZ3Cmm0.png When is the last time you were really scared? I get scared a lot, honestly.

    foFWRCS.png How do you celebrate for Halloween? Nothing?

    yN8OWra.png What is the first thing you dressed up as for Halloween? Nothing, haha

    BZ3Cmm0.png How excited are you for Halloween? On a scale of 1-10, 1

    foFWRCS.png If you could transform into animal, what would you transform into? Birb. Maybe a swan or a brown eagle.

    yN8OWra.png If you were a witch, what animal would you have as a companion? Probably a classic cat, or maybe a snake.

    BZ3Cmm0.png Do you believe in magic? Not really.


    sorry this was so dull, haha.

    i tag @Petey Piranha, @Legend and @Noonz

  15. Gruffin77
    Latest Entry

    1: What is your favorite thing about Halloween? EVERYTHING SPOOPY!
    2: Do you believe in ghosts? Yep... I guess
    3: Have you ever seen a ghost? Maybe... the sock theif ghost 
    4: When was the last time you went trick or treating? Last year... Sort off
    5: Have you ever carved a pumpkin? YES! I NAMED IT STEVE
    6: What is the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween? Nightmare Fredbear
    7: Do you like horror movies? If so, what is your favourite? YES SIR! That title goes to the blair witch project! 
    8: Favorite ghost type Pokemon? Mimichyu dude... It just wants to be loved
    9: What's your favorite Halloween-themed movie? Everyone has said it already... NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMANS
    10: What's your favorite Halloween song? This is Halloween
    11: What is your favorite type of candy? Suckers
    12: What are your phobias? Auntomophobia 
    13: Would you rather be a witch or a ghost? Ghost... So I can haunt people's bathrooms...
    14: Name one thing that always creeps you out. Dolls, clowns, and clown dolls.
    15: Do you have any plans for this Halloween? Dress up... and scare people
    16: What's your favorite scary story/book? All the King horror
    18: When is the last time you were really scared? Like... yesterday
    19: How do you celebrate for Halloween? Dress up... And scare people... I'm not original
    20: What is the first thing you dressed up as for Halloween? Like a dinosaur or something
    21: How excited are you for Halloween? THIS MUCH! You can't see my arms but they are outstretched
    22: If you could transform into animal, what would you transform into? Most likely a Snake or something...
    23: If you were a witch, what animal would you have as a companion? Warlock... Most likely like a bat.
    24: Do you believe in magic?RAVENCLAW FOR LIFE BOY! But yeah magic would be cool. Science has yet to explain a lot of things so why not?

    I tag @Dash @Sonic20 and @Poison

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    No introduction because nobody reads these.


    1: What is your favorite thing about Halloween? -

    2: Do you believe in ghosts? Yes I do.

    3: Have you ever seen a ghost? I've not seen one, but I think I heard them doing things.

    4: When was the last time you went trick or treating? About 5 years ago? I can't remember.

    5: Have you ever carved a pumpkin? I have not and I don't know if I ever will.

    6: What is the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween? I think I was dressed up as a ghost.

    7: Do you like horror movies? If so, what is your favorite? 

    8: Favorite ghost type Pokemon? I really like the Litwick line (especially Chandelure), but Mimikyu is awesome too.

    9: What's your favorite Halloween-themed movie? Tim Burton's A Nightmare before Christmas.

    10: What's your favorite Halloween song? I have no idea, actually.

    11: What is your favorite type of candy? Probably gummies.

    12: What are your phobias? Arachnophobia and achluophobia.

    13: Would you rather be a witch or a ghost? A ghost because why not?

    14: Name one thing that always creeps you out. Spiders.

    15: Do you have any plans for this Halloween? I'm probably just going to wait for kids and give them some sweets.

    16: What's your favorite scary story/book? I read some creepypastas, but I can't decide which one is my favourite.

    17: Do you decorate for Halloween? Not really.

    18: When is the last time you were really scared? Oh, just a few weeks ago when my small room was haunted by big spiders.

    19: How do you celebrate for Halloween? I don't celebrate Halloween anymore, but the children dress up as spooky things.

    20: What is the first thing you dressed up as for Halloween? A ghost.

    21: How excited are you for Halloween? Not that much. I'd give my excitement a 5/10

    22: If you could transform into an animal, what would you transform into? Probably a bird of some sort.

    23: If you were a witch, what animal would you have as a companion? 9 out of 10 people would say a cat, so I'll have an elephant.

    24: Do you believe in magic? There's no reason not to believe in magic!


    I'm going to tag @isagonj , @Dronagon and @Legend

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    1: What is your favorite thing about Halloween? buying sweets to pretend i did something for once
    2: Do you believe in ghosts? no
    3: Have you ever seen a ghost? no
    4: When was the last time you went trick or treating? 3 years ago
    5: Have you ever carved a pumpkin? no
    6: What is the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween? superman
    7: Do you like horror movies? If so, what is your favourite? no
    8: Favorite ghost type Pokemon? dusknoir
    9: What's your favorite Halloween-themed movie? none really
    10: What's your favorite Halloween song? spooky scary skeletons if that counts
    11: What is your favorite type of candy? starmix
    12: What are your phobias?  frogs
    13: Would you rather be a witch or a ghost? ghost
    14: Name one thing that always creeps you out. frogs
    15: Do you have any plans for this Halloween? no
    16: What's your favorite scary story/book? none
    18: When is the last time you were really scared? yesterday probs
    19: How do you celebrate for Halloween? by staying in and playing overwatch when the Halloween update comes out
    20: What is the first thing you dressed up as for Halloween? a skeleton
    21: How excited are you for Halloween? not very
    22: If you could transform into animal, what would you transform into? a lion or something
    23: If you were a witch, what animal would you have as a companion? a lion or something

    24: Do you believe in magic? no



    i tag @Luemas @Pepsi Man and @Scratchy3607

  16. Yurisaurus
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    1: What is your favorite thing about Halloween? everything, man
    2: Do you believe in ghosts? no
    3: Have you ever seen a ghost? no
    4: When was the last time you went trick or treating? last year
    5: Have you ever carved a pumpkin? nah ;w;
    6: What is the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween? last year I was Peridot from Steven Universe XDD
    7: Do you like horror movies? If so, what is your favourite? I’ve never really watched one
    8: Favorite ghost type Pokemon? Rotom, Pumpkaboo, or Aegislash
    9: What's your favorite Halloween-themed movie? Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
    10: What's your favorite Halloween song? come with us and you will see, this, our town of halloween (THIS IS HALLOWEEN THIS IS HALLOWEEN)
    11: What is your favorite type of candy? mm i like chocolate
    12: What are your phobias? I have none.
    13: Would you rather be a witch or a ghost? yes
    14: Name one thing that always creeps you out. flickering lights
    15: Do you have any plans for this Halloween? oh yeah man I’m trick-or-treating with my friends again this year
    16: What's your favorite scary story/book? idk. I used to love reading Goosebumps when I was younger.
    18: When is the last time you were really scared? last night I made the mistake of watching Sister Location before bed aha I’m a big baby.
    19: How do you celebrate for Halloween? uhh...get spoopy?
    20: What is the first thing you dressed up as for Halloween? how am I supposed to remember xD
    21: How excited are you for Halloween? very :3
    22: If you could transform into animal, what would you transform into? either a cat or a bat
    23: If you were a witch, what animal would you have as a companion? bUNNY
    24: Do you believe in magic? bippity boppity no


    @Pepsi Man, @Sonic20, @Icywolf tag ur it


  17. Gir
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    Ahh these are cool! I love tags because I love talking about myself. Thanks @Yashu for tagging me lols.


    1: What is your favorite thing about Halloween? The overall mood and atmosphere. October in general is a great month, everything is slowly getting colder here and everything looks and smells so nice. I also like how Halloween is always just a thing that PS does, you know? It's sad that Halloween isn't really a big thing here where I live, so it's great to see PS really go along with the Halloween mood.

    2: Do you believe in ghosts? Nope, I used to though, and I was always scared that they'd go and eat my face at night or something. But one day I just stopped believe in them somehow and I wasn't scared anymore either.

    3: Have you ever seen a ghost? No, otherwise I'd believe in them haha.

    4: When was the last time you went trick or treating? Ooh uhh when I was 9 or so? That was the only time too and me and my friends were practically the only ones who did in town. A lot of people didn't have candy at home anyway. ;p

    5: Have you ever carved a pumpkin? Nope, I'd love to try it though.

    6: What is the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween? Nothing. :(

    7: Do you like horror movies? If so, what is your favourite? I love horror movies. A lot. I don't really have a favourite but one I enjoyed a lot was The Orphan. Would You Rather and Hide And Seek were both great too though. ^^

    8: Favorite ghost type Pokemon? Uhhhhh no idea honestly. I'd say Dusknoir is pretty rad though.

    9: What's your favorite Halloween-themed movie? I don't think I've ever watched one of those whoops. o3o

    10: What's your favorite Halloween song? Read 9 lols.

    11: What is your favorite type of candy? Anything containing chocolate probably.

    12: What are your phobias? I don't really have any, except maybe some arachnophobia (fear of spiders). They really creep me out but I think in a battle of life and death I'd probably win. Unless it's one of the nasty jumping venomous ones.

    13: Would you rather be a witch or a ghost? Tough one, being a ghost seems really cool. I'd just go around and scaring people and things like that. But witches get potion-making skills and magic, which is also pretty rad. Know what, I'll go for being the ghost of a dead witch.

    14: Name one thing that always creeps you out. Spiders lol. Other bugs too.

    15: Do you have any plans for this Halloween? Not really, except spooking around on PS.

    16: What's your favorite scary story/book? I'm not a big fan of horror books, because you gotta be really really good to make a good book, since you're unable to get away with just a bunch of jumpscares. So nope, wouldn't know.

    17: Do you decorate for Halloween? Nope.

    18: When is the last time you were really scared? Two days ago when watching a playthrough of Sister Location hahaha. The jumpscares got to me unfortunately. Good thing I easily like got out of that state again haha.

    19: How do you celebrate for Halloween? Spooking around on PS. ;P

    20: What is the first thing you dressed up as for Halloween? Nothing, again. :(

    21: How excited are you for Halloween? Eh, could be better if it was a bigger thing here. But I'm fairly excited, it's my second favourite holiday. o3o

    22: If you could transform into animal, what would you transform into? Ooh probably a bird. A big predator one like a buzzard or an owl.

    23: If you were a witch, what animal would you have as a companion? Having a big bird myself would be pretty cool actually.

    24: Do you believe in magic? I mean of course, everyone's at least seen Harry Potter right? How do you explain all that? They were all using magic!


    Okay then, I'll tag @Joker, @Rinneko and @Petey Piranha :))))

  18. It's been a while since we had another tag, so I thought I'd make one to get into the Spookathon and Halloween spirit! The rules are simple, just copy and paste the questions listed below in a blog post and answer them with your own answers. In the end, tag an unspecified number of people and look out for their answers! Keep in mind that you do not have to be tagged if you want to post your set of answers.


    1: What is your favorite thing about Halloween? Probably the candy :P

    2: Do you believe in ghosts? Not sure about this one

    3: Have you ever seen a ghost? Nope

    4: When was the last time you went trick or treating? I think five years ago?

    5: Have you ever carved a pumpkin? Though I failed horribly, yes.

    6: What is the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween? I believe I was demigod from Percy Jackson. bookworm alert

    7: Do you like horror movies? If so, what is your favorite? I haven't seen any horror movies, but I love the TV show, Scream Queens.

    8: Favorite ghost type Pokemon? Mimikyu, for sure.

    9: What's your favorite Halloween-themed movie? I haven't really watched that many Halloween movies, but I think I watched the Charlie Brown Halloween special.

    10: What's your favorite Halloween song? THIS IS A MONSTER JAm

    11: What is your favorite type of candy? If we're going for Halloween candy, the small Hershey's bars.

    12: What are your phobias? I really dislike large fish. Not sure why, but they make me terrified.

    13: Would you rather be a witch or a ghost? A witch; I would like to be alive please.

    14: Name one thing that always creeps you out. Serial killers I guess?

    15: Do you have any plans for this Halloween? I'm one of the hosts of this year's Spookathon, so I guess my plans are planning some contests and jazz.

    16: What's your favorite scary story/book? Would Harry Potter count?

    17: Do you decorate for Halloween? Unfortunately, no. However, if I ever got a chance to, I would love to.

    18: When is the last time you were really scared? THERE WAS A HUGE ⚠ROACH LAST WEEK AAAAh

    19: How do you celebrate for Halloween? I eat candy.

    20: What is the first thing you dressed up as for Halloween? Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

    21: How excited are you for Halloween? 8/10

    22: If you could transform into animal, what would you transform into? A CAT

    23: If you were a witch, what animal would you have as a companion? A CAT

    24: Do you believe in magic? indeed. How can you explain Ash not aging? Magic.


    I apologize for my boring answers, but hopefully yours will be better!

    I tag @Panflam7, @Gir, @The-Hydra, and @Hydralicious.

  19. -Lettie
    Latest Entry

    Alright, full team update AND status update right now. Two for the price of zero !!


    Abrazo / ♂ / Combusken / lv. 18 / Scratch, Peck, Ember, Double Kick

    Icee / ♀ / Poochyena / lv. 12 / Ice Fang, Howl, Sand Attack, Bite

    Eevee / ♂ / Eevee / lv. 11 / Helping Hand, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip

    Neo II / ♀ / Skitty / lv. 12 / Attract, Tackle, Foresight, Sing

    Nutty / ♀ / Nuzleaf / lv. 14 / Beat Up, Harden, Growth, Razor Leaf

    Nincada / ♀ / Nincada / lv. 7 / Scratch, Harden, Leech Life



    - Caught a TON of pokemon !!
    - Evolved my Torchic and Seedot !!

    - Beat the first gym !!

    - Sail to Dewford !!

    - Started fighting the second gym !!