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    Type Combinations, Weaknesses & Resistances:


    Charizard X (ph.attacker):

    Typing: Fire/Dragon


    3 x2 (rock, dragon, ground x2)


    3 1/2 (electric, bug steel 1/2) 2 1/4 (fire, grass)




    Charizard Y (sp.attacker):

    Typing: Fire/Flying


    2 x2 (water, electric x2) 1 x4 (rock x4)


    4 1/2 (fire, fighting, steel, fairy 1/2) 2 1/4 (grass, bug 1/4)




    Set Ups:


    Charizard X:

    Dragon Dance (lv. 1/egg move)


    Charizard Y:



    STAB Moves:


    Charizard X: (physical moves)

    Level up:


    On Evolution:


    Egg Moves:


    TM/HM Moves:


    Tutor Moves:




    Charizard Y: (special moves)

    Level up:


    On Evolution:


    Egg Moves:


    TM/HM Moves:


    Tutor Moves:






    Charizard X:

    Tough Claws-

    Boosts contact moves. (in short;makes physical moves stronger)


    Charizard Y:


    Creates harsh sunlight. (in short;makes STAB/fire moves more power and Solar Beam charges in 1 turn.Water moves are weaker)


    Base Stats:


    Charizard X:


    ATK:Very Good


    SP.ATK:Very Good




    Charizard Y:





    SP.DEF:Very Good



    Weaknesses Advantages:


    Charizard X:

    Char X is part dragon type, so the only thing it can counter is Dragon.


    Charizard Y:

    Water moves would do a little bit less damage because of Drought, i believe it lowers water attacks, Drought also makes Solar Beam go in one turn which would easily kill the water types.Electric isn't a problem as long as you have Earth moves, such as Hidden Power Ground, which is Special.So boom, 2 advantages out of the way.Only thing is the Rock, which you can use Hidden Power Water for it.It's a special move.


    Honestly, i think Charizard Y won.It can learn moves that have an advantage over all of it's advantages which is really amazing.Charizard X can do the same thing too, but it's ability AND it's stats are only for physical moves unless you're some idiot who made it a special attacker.

  1. While most of you reading should know this, I took a trip up to Myrtle Beach for a tournament there this past weekend. So the first thing I would like to discuss is how I did.


    So for this tournament, I competed in the Advanced level. There was around 16 guys competing in this one. They were competing at a very high level and have a lot of accomplishments under their resumé. Onto the actual tournament, we started off with the no-gi category. I easily went through my first 3 opponents, then it got to the finals. The guy I faced in the finals was physically, bigger than me. He was probably close, if not 6 feet tall. While I'm only 5'10, I had a bit more muscle in my arms and legs, so this wasn't some David v. Goliath like match. So the first thing I do once the ref gives us the signal, is check this guy out. What I mean by that is just observing how he walks, his physically defining features, etc. This dude has extremely long, but skinny legs. The leads for me to dive in and pick up one of his legs. Immediately he falls to the ground, awarding me two points. The rest of the match was basically me trying to control this guy, as he was pissed off once I put him on the ground. But near the final seconds, I passed his legs, but he ended up sweeping, which he then attempted for a last second choke. Thankfully I defended just long enough to give me the win. Next we go on to Gi. It was basically a repeat of no-gi, so I ended facing the same guy in the finals. The first move he makes is trying to take me down. That led me to grabbing his gi, and attempting a choke. Although I didn't successfully finish the choke, he gave up on trying to slam me down. Instead, he pulled me to the ground. This time I just grabbed and threw his legs to the side, which gave me 3 points. By this time, the match was over and I had swept my division once again. My prize was this samurai sword


    Which is very nice indeed. 


    But the best part about my sweep is that I qualify to compete at the highest level, Expert. In this particular skill level, you compete for the official championship belt, which looks dope. I saw some guys going at it today, they look like they wanna rip your arm off. I also qualified to compete in the Atlanta Open, which I believe is a qualifier for the U.S. Nationals. 


    Now, the quote I put in as the title of this entry, is something I feel really represents the situation I'm in now. But I am aware that I'm getting myself into something extremely tough. Those who just get an opportunity like this to prove themselves, just well, waste it often don't know what they are getting into by not training properly, or simply just underestimating the task at hand. 


    But anyways, thanks for reading. I have two more competitions coming this year, the Atlanta Open and another one which is giving away a $100 cash prize. So be on the look out for entries about those.

  2. This is a list of every Pokemon I have pronounced wrong and how I pronounced it. I am not including ones that I only pronounced wrong once.

    RattataWell, it's obvious, but I'm getting more used to it's correct pronunciation.



    GrowlitheGROW-lithe (instead of grow-lith)



















    PluslePLUS-ee (didn't realize it was an L)




































    I pronounce all these normally nowadays. 








  3. I can't see the results of this poll regarding equally popular characters being skewed in any way shape or form

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    I. Yeah, I don't know why I thought this was a good idea but I love typing random crap. So what better way to entertain myself than to do something as stupid as this?


    Ask any kind and any amount of questions you'd like - as long as they are appropriate. Questions I find too personal will be ignored. I'll make another blog post once I recieve enough replies :)



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  4. This is quite the opposite of my Ocean Blue Colorlocke, now that I'm thinking about it. That got resolved in five episodes, while I've barely done anything at episode two. Even more opposite: that game was good while this game is an audio and visual nightmare.




    Welcome back! Last time we learned, found some friends who I didn't remember, and fought some weird Nabisco dudes! Now we've gotta go to Libra Town so we can take down the king of the Nabisco crew, Bisco himself.




    Oddly, unlike Pokemon, you don't travel to other towns via routes. Rather, you travel on this red dashed road.

    Puck: Onwards, to Libra!




    Hello, Green Giant.

    NPC: Eat your greens! Also, welcome to Libra Town.

    Puck: Are you sure we don't have any sponsors?

    Ribbon: Can robots even eat?




    Sure, random dude I've never met before. Here, take my only companions!


    One hour later.


    Puck: Is part of the repair process painting flames on me and giving me a third arm?

    Ribbon: Or building a toaster onto my back?

    That's prooooobably normal.


    What exactly am I supposed to be doing here?


    mrsnXNg.png 8yNOTGp.png


    No, you embarrassed ME by not giving me that ice cream!

    Puck: Kib, were you seriously planning to allow a thievery?

    Ribbon: Yes. She was.

    See, the robot knows what she's talking about!

    Sean: Stop talking to your little toys and listen up, pipsqueak.


    UDXbMxH.png KZSdtoM.png YQZFast.png


    The whosy-whatsit?






    Puck: Whoa now, gentlemen. We can settle this like mature adults, sit down and have a friendly chat, and resolve this peacefully.

    Alright, fight me, scrublords. I've got machines with capabilities ranging from mass destruction to making delicious toast-- I can take you any day of the week!

    Ribbon: She's done for.

    David: Toast? What're you gonna do, launch toast at us til we die? What a loser!



    SRXZsX9.png 7bYmqEw.png


    Puck: Thank goodness you're here! Wait, what was that about junk?!

    Great observation, Bisco. Truly a work of genius.

    Bisco: I can leave and let you numskulls continue your fistfight, you know. I have plenty of other important things to do.


    ELaL3dc.png FTJiDrF.png


    You know, I feel like I should be offended by this in some way, but I'm failing to find the a reason why.


    Rq5QoFk.png FZ02ao7.png


    (note: I think there was a fight here but I honestly can't remember. also I forgot to take screenshots. just imagine something really funny or cool happening here.)

    Puck: Hey Kib, who are you talking to?

    Uh, nobody! Nothing!


    MxObmSm.png oitmXEW.png


    Good riddance!

    Ribbon: "Beef-up?" Is this going to require attaching more electrical appliances to my body?




    Oh, what a joy! Maybe he's sent me some hexes to cast on my enemies!




    Aloha? I guess this is more like Pokemon Sun than I thought.




    That's never a good sign. Well, it's apparently it's behind the assistant's desk, but the only problem is that I have no idea where that is. Seriously, I checked where the assistant is, and I can't even go behind the desk.

    Ribbon: Excuse me, Kib. Were we not supposed to head to the school?

    By jove, I think you're right!


    A while of backtracking to find Grandpa's supposed interesting thing later.


    Teacher Guy Person: It's about time you got here! Anyway, you need to fight these teachers. Once you do, you get a Participatory Badge.




    Stamps for beating opponents? Man, this really IS like Pokemon Sun!

    .. .. ..

    I think I'm just lying to myself, honestly.


    More backtracking and general looking around later.






    Ribbon: Not even I know.








    OH NO-- Wait, give me something? Maybe a way out of this game?

    Weird Cupid Man?: Hehehe! Sure, why not? Off you goooo! Toodles!

    Oh you're serious? Can't we talk about this fiiIIIRRRRSSTTTTTTTT-




    Minutes, possibly hours later.




    What on earth? What's going on?

    Puck? Ribbon?

    What kind of weird place is this? Why are the graphics and the music suddenly decent?

    Weird Cupid Man?: Welcome to Robopon Ring Version!


    Oh, for the love of Arceus. 




    See you guys next time.


    (hey you should read this really cool spoiler down here)




    Just a quick fourth wall break to say something. While you may be mad at me for switching the game, or mad that this episode is likely to be shorter than the others, it was either I change to something less terrible or I never finish this. I intended to complete this Sun episode, I had the screenshots and everything, but here it's been sitting in half done in my tabs for weeks or possibly a month now. I couldn't bring myself to work on it further. And more than that, I just didn't want to play the game anymore. Because yeah, it sucks. A lot. Maybe a game that supposedly decent and has more dialogue could respark my interest in doing this?


    Beats me. No guarantees, though I'll certainly try.



  5. “GO!” Shots rang out in the vast shooting range. Everything from AK-47’s to HL-800 laser blasters fire at the dummies. One man, a tall, lanky kid, fires off perfect shots consecutively into the dummy’s head.


    “Woo! Hey Karlos, did you just catch that?” Toby said. It was he that had shot with such pinpoint accuracy. He stared at his beloved hard light pistol, the newest weapon out there, and admired the shining yellowish-white surface. These things used energy cartridges instead of ammo, and each one lasted ages. Thanks to Tyler Einstein, who was only born twenty years ago – 2057 – technology had gone through an insane leap in only ten years. You’re reading this right, Tyler invented a prototype teleporter at age 10!


    “Yep. My turn,” Karlos grumbled. Karlos was a huge brute of a man, with immense strength but a soft heart. He hoisted his huge, heavy firearm and rapid-fired a load of bullets into the dummy’s body. The thing teetered and fell, and heads turned from across the range.


    “Hey buddy, can I get a blast at that?” Karlos looked down to find a short, slithery-looking creep of a soldier staring at him. He wore his uniform like a slacker, sleeves cuffed incorrectly, buttons undone. It reminded him of some sort of snake.


    “Nope.” Karlos stared at him.


    “Oh, really? Then I’ll just take it myse—“ Whack! The kid fell to the ground. Even though Toby didn’t have much reason, the soldier looked like and probably was a punk. He was only looking out for Karlos like Karlos had done for him that one time back. The commanding officer turned to scold him, maybe beat ‘em up, but instead a siren rang out:




    Then the explosions started.

  6. Welcome back to another episode of Taiiyo's Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke! In this episode, we start to wind down a bit from all the battles, and enjoy the ever peaceful Floaroma Town! As always, I hope you enjoy. Without further ado, let's get started.


                 Gym Badges: 1 (Coal Badge)

                       Deaths: 0



    Me: Ooo flowers! 


    Me: Flowers EVERYWHERE! But *ahem*, sorry, lost my dignity for a second there heh heh. But let's explore this mighty fine place. Actually, before we do that, we'll head right over to the Pokemon Center.



    Me: Alright, now we're full of energy!



    Me: Oh yeah! They can change Shaymin's forrrrr..


    Me: That's such a mediocre fact compared to what I was about to say, but you're correct.




    Me: Huh, I'll be sure to take a look into it, right after I pay a visit to the Poke-Mart!


    *5 minutes later*


    Me: Alright lets see what we got here. 5 Super Potions, and 5 Potions! This will most definitely get us through for a while. Oh hey, look at what we have here.


    Me: Oh uh, with no price to pay? Sure why not.


    Me: Wow, these people just leave these things around with no concern of someone stealing them. Heh heh, this is too easy! Anyways, let's check out this little berry/plant shop.


    Me: I'm telling you, this is way too easy!


    Me: And I get a Sprayduck too? This day just keeps getting better and better! Well, I guess it's about time we see what's going on with Team Galactic this time..



    Me: Aha! Your plans are foiled now!



    Me: Any assignment given by Cyrus, is a lot worse than "Decent".


    Me: I'm disappointed. You fools have yet to recognize our awesome presence! So uh, I guess they only way to go is East.



    Me: Alright, let's see what's going on here.



    Me: Ha, more berries. Team, I can guarantee you one thing, we aren't going to be starving!



    Me: Huh? Listen kid, I can't battle right now..







    Me: Not to worry little girl. My amazing team of Big, Bungus, Doom, Spambra, and Tega will crack down on this tragic incident!



    Me: Woah hey, easy on the merchandise pal! Well, we are going to have to find another way..



    Me: Like this way! Aha, found ya! 



    Me: Listen dude, you have two options.

    A. You can let me pass through without any conflict whatsoever.

    B. You can earn yourself a serious beating.




    Me: 'B' it is.




    Me: Alright Big, Rock Smash!


    Me: Once more! Let's go Big!




    Me: Woohoo! Excellent job Big!



    Me: Yeah yeah yeah, just tell your boss that I'm hunting him down with so far, the best team I've ever assembled.





    Me: You're right, more like the biggest idiot now.



    Andd that will do it! So sorry for the extra long episode. I hope you've enjoyed it nonetheless! We will most certainly be hunting down that key in the next episode! Questions, comments, or suggestions are always more than welcomed!


  7. Well, hello, and welcome back to the Blog-A-Log-A-Blog. Today, I want to cover a problem that I've only recently discovered.


    The best way to start this is by informing you of my religion. Or rather, my lack of religion. My family are Christians, but not devoted. They never go to Church and never really mention it at all. 


    My primary school was a Chrisitian school, we had to pray a lot and sing hymns every day and such. I didn't really mind all this because I was young and when you're young you don't really question your religion.


    However, when I moved away for a couple of years, I ended up in a Catholic school. It was the regular Christian school, but crazier. But once again I sat through it all for the exact same reason as before. 


    By the time I hit the first year of high school (which was also a crazy Catholic school) I finally realised that the world was probably not created by a higher being in a week. The more I learned about Christianity, the more I found to challenge it.


    It it was at this point that I decided that I didn't believe in this anymore. I believe that religion is the cause of all conflict in the world and has done nothing good for anyone. Every RE lesson now is me usually criticising the Bible.


    However, the fact that I was an atheist in a Catholic school didn't bother me until today. Our headteacher was leaving at the end of this year so the school held a Mass. I was pretty reluctant to take part, and I felt that although I was in a Catholic school, I had a right to not take part if I didn't believe in what they were trying to teach me.


    However, I knew I didn't have a choice, and I spent an hour of my life trying not to fall asleep. The priest went on and on and on about something, I couldn't even hear him, but it lasted what felt like forever. There were hymns and prayers and responses but I didn't join in, I don't have to if I don't believe in it, right?


    But if I learnt anything from that Mass, it's that Christianity (I don't know much about other religions so it would be wrong to judge) is like a wall. This wall was built by believers to hide the truth: that our world is boring. No God made it, and this planet was born like every other. I may be wrong, but if I thought I was I wouldn't be an atheist.


    What upsets me the most is that because I was put in a Catholic school I am now forced to believe in something I don't think exists. I have the right to think what I want and I don't want to be forced into a religion I don't believe in. I wish I could leave, but I've done 25% of my exams already and I have one year left, so it's too late.


    TL;DR I don't have a religion, but my school still wants be to worship Jesus anyway.


    But anyway, thanks for reading. My opinions may be a bit controversial depending on what you think of the topic, but it wouldn't share them if I wasn't confident in them. I don't know what to do. I might actually just ask my school to remove me from all religious practises, but I doubt I'd be allowed. Thanks for reading :) 

  8. Chapter 2



    Lucas’ eyes slowly began to lift up from being knocked out earlier. He felt a groggy feeling that felt like it was everywhere in his body as if someone had injected him with a sleeping serum of some sort. When he had gained full conciseness, he imminently began to take in his surroundings. First thing he noticed is that he’s tied up to a chair by rope. It was wrapped around him so tightly that it felt like his insides were about to burst. He let out a small sigh out of pain before he began to figure out a way of escaping. Lucas tried to sway the chair left and right, but with no avail as the chair was nailed down to the ground. With his first plain thrown out the window, Lucas started to form a plan B. The area that he was in is no longer room L-303, but instead was in a warehouse of some sort. Instead of desks, they were replaced by wooden crates and they seemed to go on forever as the warehouse went down pretty far. The stench of the wet wood due to heavy rain falls gave the warehouse a peculiar smell that has yet to take effect on Lucas. The warehouse itself was pretty unique in the fact that in one area it had a catwalk that allowed you to get to the second floor to that side only, somewhat like a stairwell that leads you up a Cliffside. There were window coming from the top of the roof to let in the sunlight, but by now it’s already dark and it casted the moon’s light instead of the sun. Given that little time Lucas had been able to survey, he could tell that this isn’t just some ordinary warehouse; it’s a place to hide something that someone wanted to keep secret. Lucas felt his eyes were getting heavy again and tried to fight it off, but with no avail he slowly blacked out again.

    “Do you think we went a little overboard with this?” a voice called out.

    “No it was the right thing to do, who knew what could’ve happened,” another voice stated. Lucas’ eyes slowly started to open again and this time he wasn’t alone in that big warehouse. There were others. In front of him was a group of people, the same as they were in class except there was two new people that Lucas just thought that he was seeing two of the same person. Coming to, Lucas noted that the person he thought he was seeing two people were correct as they stood next to each other side by side. “Oh look, he’s awake,” one of them said. All their eyes and attention went straight to Lucas. Lucas felt a little bit uneasy because of this. After all who would like it if complete strangers started to stare at you in a weird fashion as you’re bound to a chair? “Glad you’ve finally woken up,” said a familiar voice. Lucas looked in the direction of where the voice was coming from and it was the same girl from before, the one with brown eyes. Lucas never caught what her name was and for now he’s sticking with Brown Eyes. Brown eyes started at Lucas and Lucas stared at Brown Eyes. She gave a small head tilt to signify her confusion before making a gesture to the group. “We wait till they get here.” Wait? Wait for whom to get here? So many questions began to form in Lucas’ mind that it didn’t give him a chance to really concentrate and really ask the important question. Where in the hell is he.

    “Where am I?” Lucas asked Brown Eyes and as if on que someone else answered for her.

    “That is none of your concern.” The voice was cold and harsh as if it has never said the words ‘I love you.’ The voice carried such a deep echo that even Luca’s hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Out of the shadows emerged three figures. Two were students and the other was Mr. Burden. “What the hell is he doing here?” asked Lucas confused.

    Dr. Burden gave out a light chuckle,” We are in our base, Mr. Martelli, welcome to the Valiant.” Dr. Burden extended his arm out in a gentlemen way to show off his true English background. Everything in Lucas’ mind is going crazy, why was he kidnapped during detention, why is the principal here, and who the hell are these people? So many questions led to many more questions and it was just a never ending cycle of questions. It was broken up when Dr. Burden spoke, “Look I know things may seem weird, but please just bear with us.” He gave a reassuring smile to Lucas which made him uneasy. “What kind of sick people are you guys, tying me up after you guys kidnapped me? My mom is probably worried sick about me. The kid to Dr. Burden gave a harsh scoff to show his remark at Lucas’ words. Dr. Burden gave him a look and the boy threw his hands up in defeat. “There is no one here to fool Lucas. We know you don’t live with your mom anymore.” How do they know that? Lucas thought as he gave them a blank stare. These people are freakin crazy, they looked him up so they pretty much know everything about him and that idea made Lucas scared. “I didn’t give you permission to stalk me,” Lucas said dryly.

    “No you didn’t, but we did it anyways,” replied Dr. Burden. Lucas could tell that Dr. Burden is the one that these kids look up to, just like the kids at school do. “David untie him please.” The boy whose name must be David walked behind Lucas and untied him from his chair. Once David freed Lucas from his binds, Lucas gave a small sigh of relief now that he can move his hands again, and they were itchy. Itchy for fighting, and within seconds of being untied, Lucas turned around and punched David in the gut. Usually whoever makes the first move usually wins in a fight, but this is not the case. Upon hitting David’s stomach, Lucas felt his whole hand go numb in pain. Lucas falls to the floor as he cradles his numb hand with his good hand. Lucas felt like he had just punched a block cement and it completely broke every knuckle in his hand.  He looks up from the ground and can see that a couple of them a grin on their face. He looked back at David who gave a head nod before helping Lucas up. Lucas thanked him and again he just nodded. “Look I think you all are crazy so if you so kindly show me the exit, I’ll take it.”

    “Mr. Martelli please hear me out.”

    “It’s Lucas, just Lucas.” Dr. Burden gave his head a light scratch before correcting himself.

    “Lucas if you’d just listen,” everyone starts to form a circle around Lucas, something Lucas felt wasn’t going to end well. “Please…”

    Despite ignoring every feeling he had in his gut, Lucas decided to hear him out, “Make it quick.” Dr. Burden gave a sigh of relief and Lucas could tell that the whole atmosphere started to slowly calm down. “We have reason to believe that what happened today at the cafeteria that caused all the lights to go out was not by any means an accident and I think you are not what you seem.” Lucas could feel some sort of power coming from Dr. Burden’s tongue as if he’s commanding him to tell the truth, a way to bend others against their will. Not wanting to cause attention to him, Lucas gave a confused look, “What do you mean?”

    “What I’m trying to say is that you are the one that caused the power outage.” Lucas could feel the electricity flowing through his body pick up as Dr. Burden finished his sentence. They know. Lucas has usually been low-key about keeping this in check, but today it just slipped, and this is what happens when you slip up. “We know this isn’t the first time either, take Detroit for example, whole town went dark after an explosion hit a nearby hospital, or Denver where a huge lightning bolt hit the Botanical gardens. We even got photos.” Dr. Burden taped something on his wrist and a wall emerged from the ground with a whole computer and TV setup that would make any geek think they’re in heaven. On the screens were all the locations that he had named and others that he didn’t and everyone had one thing in common. Lucas was in every single of them. To the right of the setup was a bulletin board that had every location of where Lucas had been and what he was wearing. In the middle of the board was his picture with a big circle around it and above it was a nametag Heaven’s Tear. Lucas gave a small chuckle at the nametag, that’s what people have been calling the mysterious fellow who could summon lighting and cause a whole town to go dark and leave nothing but ruin behind. Granted the name really doesn’t suit him, but it still gives him a sense of pride that everyone is talking about him. Lucas gave a small clap in acknowledgement that they have managed to figure out who his, after all he did like to consider himself ‘hard to find.’ “Alright I have one question,” Lucas said as he stretched his arms across his body, “How’d you find me.”

    “Oh you were a tough one to find, but I managed to catch a glimpse of you a while back,” said a voice from behind. Lucas turned around and it was the same kid who he’d bumped into and the one who made him blackout. He was wearing a white tee-shirt with a huge black Cinco de Mayo skull across his shirt with black, skater jeans. He wore a black jacket over his shirt alongside a matching black hat that showed his bangs parted on one side. His ears were pierced with black studs and he had headphones in his ears. He’s a total skater Lucas figured. Lucas couldn’t believe he let this guy get the slip on him and as if he read his mind, the boy spoke up, “Don’t worry it wasn’t the time when you walked into school, I found you when I went to Denver, it’s kind of my job to find people with powers.” Lucas just nodded before giving his attention back to Dr. Burden, “So what do you want with me?”

    “We want you to join us Lucas, help us in our battle.”

    “What kind of battle is it exactly?” Lucas asked

    “A one for freedom, a way all of us powered can live in peace without anyone judging us.” Lucas began to ponder on the idea; he’s always had freedom so that part wouldn’t matter. They’d have to do something better than that to convince him to join. “That’s not good enough for me, try again” Lucas smirked as Dr. Burden looked at him strange. “Surely you didn’t think I’d join for a noble cause did you?”

    “Er-um well I thought you would,” Dr. Burden replied. After a moment of silence, Lucas figured that was his que as he turned his towards him and proceeded to walk away. David tried to get in front of Lucas, but this time he was prepared. Lucas snapped his finger and David went to the floor in a heartbeat. There was gasp from the crowd and they were ready to fight. On the floor, David couldn’t do anything but watch, he doesn’t know how he was able to be taken down, all Lucas did was snap his finger and boom next thing he knows he’s on the ground paralyzed. Lucas stepped over David before he stopped in his tracts. A pillar of earth stood in front of him, blocking his pathway. Lucas sneered and looked back towards the group. The boy next to Dr. Burden was controlling the ground with his hand. Lucas took into account of his power before proceeding with his next move. Before he had a chance to even think, a second pillar came from underneath and as if almost natural, Lucas back flipped off the pillar and faced the group. “You need to try better than that, If you let me leave, we can just pretend that this never happened,” as he cracked his neck. He noticed something was off because the boy was smiling at him. Lucas looked at him strangely before realizing what happened. Suddenly out of thin air, Lucas was trapped in a cell made out of the ground. They appeared as if they weren’t even there. Knowing there is nowhere to go, Lucas let out a sigh. “We’re not just gonna let you leave so easily, you’ve seen our base, so you either join us or die.” The voice didn’t come from anyone in the group already, it came from behind them. The group made room for her to get through them so she can talk to Lucas. He let out a chuckle when he found out whose voiced it belonged too. It belonged to the girl that Lucas might be attracted too. Lucas let out a sigh before giving the group a small grin, “So when do we start?”


    Author's Note: I've been doing a lot of traveling lately so the chapters have somewhat been delayed and I tried to publish chapters 2 and 3 at the same time, but no luck with that, that's too much work. I'll try to get chapter 3 finish by next week, but no promises. Hopefully the story is getting somewhat interesting now that I've introduced more characters and shed a little bit more light on Lucas and what he has been up too.

  9. Chapter 2: Hello There. 

         "OK gang, lets split up and look for clues!" Timmy said jokingly as he searched around the area. "No seriously we need to find some tools." He said as he made a straight face. Nothing but rocks and buildings here. No birds singing, no cars driving, no sound but the wind howling. Strange. Before the bomb dropped, this place was as busy as an underpaid office worker who needed to put bread on the table. 

         "Hey! That workshop must have tools in there somewhere!" Sandy screamed as she pointed to a beat-up workshop that looked like it was about to fall apart. 

         "SSHESHSHSHHSHESH!" Sydney whispered loudly. "There might be someone here with us!" 

         "Sydney, we couldn't hear anything when we walked here. Nobody else is here. Just the 8 of us. Probably should've been 6 of us. Billy and Sandy should've stayed back at The Shelter." Phoebie stared at the two of them. "They couldn't possibly fend for themselves just in case something happened." 

         "We can too!" Billy and Sandy said loudly. "We'll show you." They walked over to the workshop. They got all the tools they could possibly carry. Shiny and new, state of the art. Too good to be true? Billy took a wrench and Sandy took a trash can lid and a metal ladle and they both started banging on walls. *BANG* *BANG* "Come and get me! OOOOHOHO! LOOKIEE MEE I--" 

         They were cut off by motorcycles and armored trucks. Everywhere. 4 armored trucks and 2 motorcycles all together. The 4 trucks were surrounding the motorcycles, blocking the view of who's on them. Suddenly they were surrounded They heard one of the people on the bikes say "Too easy boys, too easy." 

         Someone stepped off the motorcycle. A Japanese guy, with a short beard that wrapped around his jawline. He also had a mustache, not going further than the end of his lips. Straight and simple. Angular features, with long eyebrows and black hair with a streak of white tied up into a bun. (This is basically the only man bun that looks good. No offense) Shiny black leather jacket with a mustard yellow scarf. Navy jeans and Timbs. There was a .44 magnum in a brown leather holster hanging off his belt. In a sheath on his back, was a long katana. No need for a rifle, he had tons of weapons in the back of the trucks. Accompanied by 5 others dressed the same way except no yellow scarf and Timbs. Those are for the high class. They were carrying assault rifles, probably only for intimidation. 

         "Hello there." The Japanese guy spoke in[pause in speech]a Japanese accent. "I'm Sho. Now get in the van." He let out a hearty laugh. "Nah just kidding. Get in the back of the trucks." 


  10. So a few days ago I finished the True ending Persona 5. I spent 120 hours on this game and I don't regret it. This game is probably my favourite game of all time right now. Like after the goodbyes and the credits I was in tears because of how much I enjoyed this game. It was such a fulfilling experience to go through. Persona 5 is such a well made game, from the stylish menus and game play to the beautifully designed cities and dungeons, this game is such a masterpiece. Atlus really went all out with this game. The characters in Persona 5 feel so real and have their own problems that are relatable. I felt like they were actually my friends while playing this game. Even the characters who weren't part main story characters had depth and personality. That's why I felt so emotional at the end of the game, I felt like I was saying goodbye to people I actually cared for and didn't to leave. The story in Persona 5 is great too, it's about teenagers rebelling against corrupt adults by sneaking into their palaces; a cognitive realm where the person's twisted desires form. Palaces are basically the dungeons in this game, however unlike many rpgs the Palaces aren't randomly generated. The palaces are hand made with their own unique designs and themes. After completing a place and locating the treasure you have to send a calling card to who is the owner of said palace. You then go into the palace the next day and defeat the boss and then wait for the palace owneer to have a change of heart. The game and story is basically this rinse and repeat however since each palace is completely different from each other it never really gets boring, and as the story progresses you meet and gain new teammates and then by the end of it you defeat god with the the power of friendship. In the end this game is wonderful and my little ramble about it does it no justice. Seriously get the game yourself and play it, you won't be disappointed by it. Normally  I don't do ng+ but Persona 5 is going to be an exception. 

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    Im leaving this site, I have moved on to a different kind of game, So,Here are my last words[pause in speech]





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  12. Interesting, yeah. But also serious. If you're not a fan of talking about drugs then I would advise you not to read this. After this happened to me (I didn't take drugs don't worry) I felt like I should post it somewhere just to tell people what to look for if they think that someone they know has taken something they perhaps shouldn't have or didn't even know they were taking in the first place. I'm obviously not going to use real names here to protect the innocent. Treat this with respect and maturity.



    Last night at around 2am I got a call from my younger sister who was out with her friends on a camping trip. They had rented a caravan in a pretty nice holiday park close to the sea around 2 hours away from where I live. Naturally if my sister is calling me at 2am I'm going to assume that something is wrong; luckily I was just about to go to bed and was still dressed after the day at home. My sister sounded panicked and confused on the other end of the phone, she told me that her 17 year old friend Bee was acting strange and they didn't know what was happening to her. I told her to stay on the phone with me and describe how she was acting.


    Bee was unusually energetic, paranoid, aggressive and confused. My sister told me that she had been constantly wiping her nose, sniffing and spitting, it all sounded very outside of Bee's natural character as a careful but nice girl I had met a few times before. I went to my computer and typed in all of this stuff, the first thing that came up was freaking cocaine. I told myself that it was too crazy for a 17 year old girl to have gotten her hands on cocaine and looked elsewhere for something else, perhaps a slightly less illegal drug? But I found nothing which fitted the description so perfectly. Everything I looked at pointed to that 17 year old girl snorting cocaine. And I was sure that she had snorted it too, the sniffing and spitting were signs that it was still in her nose from not taking it 'correctly'. I told my sister to sit Bee down and try to make sure she sobered up, being sure that she didn't run off and hurt herself before the drug was out of her system.


    That didn't work.


    Another hour later and I got another call from my sister; this time, she was in full panic mode, screaming, telling me that there was blood everywhere. I got her to calm down and asked her what had happened. Apparently Bee had smashed a glass due to her intoxication and fallen down on a large shard, slicing her leg rather badly in the process. My sister told me that Bee didn't feel a thing and was laughing about it, probably due to the drug.


    I told her to call an ambulance and call me again once they got to the hospital before jumping in my car immediately and driving for 2 hours to get to where they were. While I drove I got another call from my sister who told me that the paramedics had arrived and were taking them to the closest hospital, she also told me that Bee had started to feel the pain which was a sign that she was beginning to sober up. My sister gave me the hospital's address and I made my way there, getting a little lost on the way but I eventually found it 2 and a half hours after they had got there in the ambulance.


    By that time it was around 6am and I had gotten no sleep at all, my anxiety was killing me and I was just about ready to drop. I eventually found my sister and her friends, Bee having stitches in her leg and unfortunately still acting odd. Apparently the pain was temporary and she had gone right back to being hyperactive once they had gotten into the ambulance. The nurse there asked me if I was their closest thing to an adult guardian (which I was because the other girls were too afraid to call their parents), and asked me if Bee had taken anything. Of course I told him that I suspected she had taken cocaine, although I wasn't completely sure since I wasn't present at the time, and the nurse nodded, telling me that she wouldn't get in trouble for it and thanking me for being honest.


    Cut to now and I'm finally back home after everything, Bee is fine, her leg is mending slowly and she managed to sober up on the drive home. I'm not her mum, so I have no right to shout at her for what she did-- I trust her parents will give her enough of that once she's told them what happened.


    Drugs are freaking dangerous. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that. SO since I trust that you're all smart enough not to take something stupid-- take this advice from me. If you ever have a friend who you think might have taken drugs and gets themselves hurt, make sure to tell the doctor/nurse what you think they've taken. Google their symptoms if you're not sure and check multiple websites to be as accurate as possible. Stay calm and call someone who you trust like an older sibling (if you have one) if you're worried about your parents like my sister was.


    Bee wasn't in any life threatening danger.. But she could have been. Most drugs like that aren't as noticeable as you may think, they don't kill you or cause crazy health issues right away so they're difficult to spot sometimes.


    So.. Stay safe out there guys.

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    (I already posted this but ended up doing it wrong so I'm doing take two)

    And now the text is grey? Not sure why and not sure how to fix it so please excuse that:)

    Hello, bonjour, and insert the ASL sign for 'hello' here as well. So[pause in speech] I decided to check in? Honestly, I'm not sure what impulsed me to log on, I was doing homework and the name "Pokestadium" jumped into my head. So here's a little update, inspired by my good 'ol chap @mishear


    Before I get started, I suppose I should state some basic and general things: my name is Josephine but you can call me by my username or Josi if you want, I first made this account 6 years back in 2011, my original username was MilesX, then CommanderPink, [pause in speech]what else? My favourite colour is muted/pastel orange-toned red and maroon, and finally, I'm a train wreck.


    General Life Updates

    One of the first things I did when I logged on the other day was look through my old posts because I was curious, and I know the word "cringe" is, in fact, a cringey word, but I have never cringed more. So I can definitely say that I've matured over the past 3 years, that being said, my birthday just passed a month ago!


      I've been studying at an arts school, as I have been for the past 4 years and for the next 3 as well! I major in visual arts but I am very very intrigued by communications, mainly the digital and cinematography aspects of it. I've also been studying Français and ASL (sign language) as of the past 2 years. I'd say I'm pretty fluent in ASL, and French is most natural for me as I grew up in an Italian/French/American household with a native tongue of French. Bonjour, je vais dire quelques mots aléatoires en français pour la confusion, pourquoi? Parce que c'est passionnant: pomme, l'amour, il y a un fan rose à côté de moi, une crise existentielle. D'accord, j'ai fini. So I guess my academic life is going pretty good. Life has been extremely hectic as of lately and honestly it's hard to keep up, now I won't bore you with specific details but in the most broad way I can say it: I'm confused. From personal aspects to the people around me, it's just generally strange. I have my close circle of friends who ground me, and I wouldn't give them up for the world <3. I've actually stayed close to a few members on this site which is nice! My sister, @Mugbug who is no longer on this website, used to be an extremely active user. As well as my oldest friend TangrowthJelly who I'm still in contact with! Reading this whole paragraph over, I must say that this sees like a very idealistic and positive outlook on my life, which I don't have (boohoo) however I don't really fancy the idea of blabbering about my life. 


      I think I was more-or-less known as an active RPer and social person back when I was very active on the forums. Honestly I've been sneaking a bit around the role play section and a few stood out to me, and I might join one or two? Not exactly sure yet, but as of now during my summer break I've had lots of downtime with not much to do. As stated above, I scrolled through my old posts and GARÇON OH GARÇON do I regret that! I read through an old RP that I was extremely invested and it was[pause in speech] interesting. I could not BELIEVE how horrible my grammar was! I used hyphens so often and commas in places that they didn't belong in[pause in speech] Yikes.


    So I suppose that's it: a optimistic and generalised outlook on my life as of the past few years. 

  13. bulbasaur.pngivysaur.pngvenusaur.pngvenusaur-female.pngvenusaur-mega.png

    The Bulbasaur line, as do all Gen1 starters, showcases the progress of evolution without getting too complicated.  With no clear real-world inspiration, Venusaur is simply a miscellaneous dinosaur, a rowdy reptile.  Venusaur LOOKS an awful lot like a toad with its long mouth, spaced eyes, and lack of a tail.  However amphibians have no nails, and Venusaur has quite the pointy digits.  And ears.  Take THAT hypothetical Venusaur-is-actually-an-amphibian-debater.

    Venusaur's greatly resembles the rafflesia, also known as the "corpse flower".  It is large, red, and stinks of rotting meat.  Venusaur probably reeks, and I suppose this explains it's poison typing.  Stinky boy.

    A very pleasing feature of Mega-Venusaur is how jungly its flower looks.  Its just so neat.  Granted, the body could have stood to change a little more, but its teeth are bigger so that's something.

    Now you probably noticed that there are two Venusaur images above and are thinking I made a mistake.  I can hardly blame you for not noticing Venusaur's gender variations.  The difference lies in the yellow bulb on Venusaur's flower.  The make variation is on the left, and the female on the right.  This gender difference is lost in Mega-Evolution, both have no bud poking through the flower's center.  An possible oversight.  Or Venusaur briefly defaults to male when Mega-Evolving.  Rapid gender-changes are far from uncommon in nature, bur that's a talk for another day (Maractus, I'm looking at you).

    Aside from being a flower toad, many would hesitate to attach one specific creature to Venusaur's concept.  Too bad, I already overthought it.


    This good boy right here called a Kannemeyeria, an extinct herbivore from the Triassic period.  If I was pressed to attach Venusaur's origins to a specific dino, it'd be this squat fellow, mostly for the leg structure.  The actual Kannemeyeria was likely beefier than the one shown above, as most animals we only know from fossil records are inaccurately shrink-wrapped to their skeletons, but you can still tell that this is a very good boy right here.

    Venusaur on its own has a very solid competitive standing as a bulky Chlorophyll sweeper, but really shines with its Mega.  Gaining Thick Fat gets rid of two weakness and a boost to all stats with the exception of speed.  Throughout the generations Venusaur has been the most consistently reliable starter competitively.  Since the beginning it has been a bulky and good boy capable of running whatever the hell it wants too.


    Now you're probably wondering why I have not gone into the ecology relating Venusaur. Its development in the wild, predators, prey, natural dilemmas that they would have to go through in order to survive as a species.  Well, its hard to touch on these things due to the tricky nature of starter's and their place in the natural world of pokemon.

    Plain and simple, the incredibly rare nature of starter's implies that they don't exist in the wild at all.  They seem to have numbers that are so small they can only be kept in captivity and given to up-and-coming trainers to "start" them off.  They are only ever seen outside of this in the Friend Safari. which is, again, a controlled environment.

    Its entirely possible that Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle aren't even native to Kanto, and are instead outside species that were brought overseas.


    As a closing note, ever wonder what Venusaur looks like with a closed flower?  Wonder no longer my good friend.

    Image result for venusaur closed bulb

    Wonder no longer.



  14. wobbuffet.pngwynaut.pngwobbuffet.pngwynaut.pngwobbuffet.pngwynaut.pngwobbuffet.pngwynaut.pngwobbuffet.pngwynaut.pngwobbuffet.png

    We all know Wynaut and Wobuffet, right? Well, duh. We've known these strange Pokemon since the beginning of time. But are they actually as strange as they seem?

    Actually, yeah. They are. But today, I will be discussing these Pokemon's name origins, a weird theory I have, and the case about their strange tails. Cuz hey, Wynaut?

    So first, let's start with their name origins. From what I've seen, Wynaut's Japanese name origin means "Really". Yeah, it is kinda weird. Wobbufet's is "That's the way it is".

    And I'm not joking. "Really".wynaut.gif

    Now, for my strange and stupid theory about how Wynaut evolves into Wobuffet. Behold, my first ever original Pokemon theory!

    First, notice that lump on Wynaut's head.wynaut.pngMy theory is that during evolution, Wynaut's face is transferred into that bump, and the head be turned into a body.

    Like so:sgRjRE1.png During evolution, that lump is puffed up, making it the same size as it's new body, and you can see that the arms are taking place. It's two small feet will both split into two, making four feet in total. While this happens, the tail will evolve as well. It will gain another eye during the evolution, and the "skirt thing" will fall off, allowing the feet to stretch out, finally turning into the Pokemon we all know and love, Wobuffet!wobbuffet.pngAnyways, this is just a theory i came up with. It's probably not right. But hey, it has some logic in it.

    Now, onto the final discussion. What is it with that tail? With Wynaut, the only descriptions about it's tail says that it slaps it on the ground when it is angry. Here's an example from Ruby.

    WYNAUT can always be seen with a big, happy smile on its face. Look at its tail to determine if it is angry. When angered, this POKéMON will be SLAPPING THE GROUND WITH IT'S TAIL.

    I'm probably the only one who thinks this, but to me, that sorta seems like evidence that a Wynaut is careless with it's tail, and just drags it along like it was just any kind of tail. That's not the case with Wobuffet. According to a few descriptions, Wobuffet tries to conceal it's tail, as if a secret is hidden in it. But what is the secret? Actually, we do not yet know what that secret is. What we do know is that Wobuffet is VERY sensitive about it's tail, as shown in the descriptions below.


    Sapphire: WOBBUFFET does nothing but endure attacks - it won’t attack on its own. HOWEVER, IT WON'T ENDURE AN ATTACK ON IT'S TAIL. When that happens, the POKéMON will try to take the foe with it using DESTINY BOND.


    Emerald: Usually docile, a WOBBUFFET STRIKES BACK FEROCIOUSLY IF IT'S BLACK TAIL IS ATTACKED. It makes its lair in caves where it waits for nightfall.


    This is clearly evidence that there's something about Wobuffet's tail, but what? Nobody knows. Anyways, I suppose that concludes my essay. Thanks for reading!





    please come along!!! it will be lots of fun : )


    Got up to chapter seven. There were a lot of .. . indecent rolls. we lost like 6 characters already. lmao.

    anyway, ill be back with the art stream soon!!


    Heya!! now we're streaming art. Please, come along: art stream


    we sadly didnt finish anything today since my back started hurting and i got increasingly unhappy with the state of the drawing as we went on, but hopefully we can fix that next time.anyway, thanks to everyone who came!!!!!!! if you did, please comment on this so i can keep a list of people who are still viable for rewards :) 

  16. 3jCGAVq.png

    So the main conferences of E3 2017 are good and done. So I wanted to compile my thoughts somewhere, so feel free to discuss with me if you'd like. 




    Microsoft's big thing this E3 was the Xbox One X. Guess what? It does 4K! Microsoft wouldn't shut up about it.


    Xbox One X


    So I thought Microsoft's conference was pretty cool. However, the amount of focus they put on the fact that the Xbox One X can do 4K was kind of annoying. I mean, I see why they did it, but it was like Buzzwords: The Conference. As for the Xbox One X, I may get one in the future to play Kingdom Hearts III on, given that it can do it at 1080p at 60fps (Not really a matter of whether it can, more of a matter of whether Squenix will.) The console itself is, as Microsoft would have you know, very very powerful. It's actually more powerful than my PC! Time for an upgrade soon I guess. I'm very impressed by the price point. £450? Very nice. I'm going to get a preowned one when Kingdom Hearts III releases in 2062. The fact that it is liquid cooled intrigues me.


    Notable games include Sea of Thieves, available for Xbone/PC, which I am interested in. Assassin's Creed Origins was announced, probably for XBone/PS4/PC, but I've never been interested in the series. And oh, guess what: MINECRAFT in 4K! So this is the power of the Scorpio[pause in speech] They also announced backwards compatibility for the original Xbox, which is pretty cool. The OG Xbox cannot be emulated on PC at this time, so I feel happy for fans of Xbox games. It's not huge for me though.


    Image result for LIS before the storm


    So, the big thing for me in Microsoft's press conference? Life is Strange of course. Like wow, hello! My reaction was essentially:


    "Square Enix, neat"

    "Wait is that-"



    Legitimately so excited for this game. I LOVED Life is Strange, and a prequel seems like a neat idea. I'd assume it's coming to Xbone/PS4/PC only, but I'd LOVE a Switch release. This is probably my favourite reveal at this E3.



    Bethesda was probably the only conference I slept through. S-Sorry Todd[pause in speech]

    From what I gather they announced a Wolfenstein game or something, nothing I'm interested in. I thought the Skyrim trailer for Switch actually looked really cool, and it has definitely won me over. I don't even like Skyrim that much, but the incorporation of Amiibo functionality and the ability to play it anywhere seems awesome. The motion controls also seemed[pause in speech] Interesting. The Legend of Zelda: Skyrim Sword anyone? The trailer was actually beautiful and running at 60fps, which I REFUSE to believe will be the case when it releases. Even Xbone/PS4 run Skyrim at 30fps. However, if the Switch version runs at 60, I will eat a Joy-Con. The music choice for the trailer felt really odd, but somehow I find it fitting for the Switch. It's enjoyable to watch. Short and sweet.



    LITERALLY nothing. Like literally. Nothing I was interested in. I gather Monster Hunter and some Uncharted game are coming, yawwwn. Sony is the true loser of E3 this year for me.



    Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle is real, as expected. Actually looks pretty neat.



    I'll get it. I really like the artstyle and the gameplay looks[pause in speech] Different. Obviously we've known about this for months and months now. Most hype part of this conference for me was when Miyamoto (lad) walked out on stage with a gun.



    Nothing else from Ubisoft really interested me though.



    Straight up: Rocket League. Neat! I'm not a huge fan, but I've seen a lot of people wanting it for Switch.

    Nintendo Switch



    Xenoblade 2 still on track for 2017 release, cool. Not my thing though. New Kirby game: Cool I guess? Kirby games are boring as hell though tbh. New Yoshi game: Okay[pause in speech]. CORE POKEMON RPG BEING DEVELOPED FOR SWITCH?! Thank God! Perhaps US/UM WILL be the last Pokémon games on 3DS!




    God damn it.


    Image result for BOTW Amiibo e3 2017


    MIPHA AMIIBO AAAAAAAAAH! Will get! The DLC comes out on 31st too, which is cool I guess. RIP my money.



    Not a huge fan of Mario games, but I'll get Odyssey, looks pretty good. This trailer confused the hell out of me at first though.


    Last 2 games they announced were 3DS games: Metroid 2 Remake and SuperStar Saga remake. I appreciate them keeping these out of the main presentation, and dedicating that to Switch.





    Kingdom Hearts 3: Release Date: Never Ever



    Sonic Forces has gone mega-edge. Some gameplay also emerged you can fish around for, I have to say it looks better than Generations but still not all that excited. Music is sweet though.



    So that's all I really have to say. This leaves me with the following purchases this year:

    Sonic Mania (August 17th(?)) (PC/Switch)

    Splatoon 2 (July 21st)

    Skyrim Switch (Fall/Holiday)

    Life is Strange BTS (August 31st) (PC, if a miracle happens and there's a Switch version, I'll get that)

    Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle (August 29th)

    Sonic Forces (Holiday) (PC, potentially Switch given it runs okay.)

    Mario Odyssey (October 27th I think?)

    Zelda DLC (June 31st)

    Potentially Rocket League Switch (???)


    Feel free to comment or whatever if you want to discuss stuff.

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    An Italian project where we had to invite someone somewhere (Tega did @Pepsi Man l). I messed up and forgot to insert conjugated "andare."


    I did mine to @Big the Cat, a.k.a. Petey



    Caro Petey,
        Vuoi andare al cinema per guardare un film con me? Un film è Ant-Man. Ramondo e Giuseppe possono con me. È alle tre e mezza sul sabato. Lino non posso, che peccato! A domani!
    Il tuo amico,


    In English:


    Dear Petey,


        Do you want to go to the movie theater to watch a movie with me? The movie is Ant-Man. Ray and Joseph can, with me. It is at 3:30 on Saturday. Liam cannot, what a shame! See you tomorrow!


    Your friend,



    (Of course I put my real Italian-ized name in the real one.)

    By the way, Ray (not Raymond), Joseph and Liam are some friends of mine in my Italian class. Guess which one is Tega.


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    scrafty.gif4/10 He decided to wear green gear that doesn't look too good.

    jirachi.gif9/10 Even though it look simple, It still look good

    spinda.gif 1/10 Just no

    mesprit.gif 7/10 It look pretty nice in this color

    durant.gif 5/10 Just alright


    5.2 Average. I blame Spinda

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    SO, you guys might remember a bit ago I posted a status saying that I didn't have a computer and would be stuck on my phone. Yes, this is why I've more or less just been like spamming and lurking, seeing as how I can't do much else on a phone. Well today I may or may not have found myself in a more stable situation (hard to tell right now) and now have access to a computer. A terrible, terrible, infinitely forever terrible computer, but it is, in fact, a step up from mobile. So here I'm gonna elaborate, and maybe clarify some stuff? Idk I'm more or less just announcing that I have absolutely no idea what's going on.

    So, a lot of what's been going on lately is both too complicated and too personal to really go into detail here, but the TL;DR is that my dad is being awful, as always, and has decided to make everything a lot more blown up and complicated than it needs to be. What does this mean? Well for the past few days, it's meant that I've been house hopping trying to not get shipped off to California, and said houses didn't really have a computer, sooo yeah. I'm now at my (other) grandparents' house, though, which does have a computer!! It's slow enough cold molasses could outspeed it, but as I said, it's not a phone, and that's all that matters. UNFORTUNATELY, a lot of my files are still back on my old computer, which is inconvenient for a multitude of reasons, but the big issues are:

    I cannot finish @isagonj's art trade (really sorry babe it really sucks because I actually really liked where that piece was going)

    I cannot teach in Spriter's School for at least a good while (which is just as well, no telling if I'll drop off the face of the earth again any time soon and strand you all in the middle of a lesson).

    There is a chance I'll get access to these files again soon to send to myself and resume this stuff, but don't count on it. It's hard to tell how likely this even is. None of this, by the way, is factoring in how likely it'll be that I'll have to move yet again and lose access to a working computer. We'll see, I guess.

    There are a lot of you that aren't impacted by this at all, I realize, and that's fine, but for those of you who this does effect, I'm really sorry. This sucks huge ass and I wish there was some way to get out of this mess, but for now, I'll just have to deal. Thanks for reading all the same, and enjoy your summer (or winter, or whatever it is where you live. Just enjoy it)