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    please come along!!! it will be lots of fun : )


    Got up to chapter seven. There were a lot of .. . indecent rolls. we lost like 6 characters already. lmao.

    anyway, ill be back with the art stream soon!!


    Heya!! now we're streaming art. Please, come along: art stream


    we sadly didnt finish anything today since my back started hurting and i got increasingly unhappy with the state of the drawing as we went on, but hopefully we can fix that next time.anyway, thanks to everyone who came!!!!!!! if you did, please comment on this so i can keep a list of people who are still viable for rewards :) 

  2. (Inspired by @AethericDoom's neat Smash project) Now most of you should have seen the Infernape Headshot that I made recently (if not, you should take a look at my profile picture). So I'd thought I could start a little project here where I make something that represents each active member on Silk Paints. If you want to include yourself in this project, please fill out this form.






    Image of Representation:


    Final Details:


    So uh yeah, pretty simple imo. But I just wanted to start this just for a little fun (and to finally do something art related for the first time in a long while)



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    The CyberWar is really a name covering two different wars, the Second Cold War between the Soviets and the United States, and World War III, fought once again between the nations of the world from 2066-2077. It was won by the US after the dropped the first (Yes, the first, see spoiler below) nuclear bomb on the headquarters of Dominus - But who won isn't the reason you are reading. You want the story. The horrific account of what really happened.



    One event is different. One.


    The US never bombed Hiroshima or Nagasaki. They invaded instead. As a result, the Japanese were slaughtered and Japan became a US territory, becoming the 52nd state long after in the year 2029, preceded by Puerto Rico which entered the Union in 2012. Adolf Hitler was never seen again, and Germany had no choice but to surrender to the countries looming over it.

    Japan flourished. The great minds that survived WWII created advanced technology for the US, such as laser firearms, invisibility, compact jet packs, teleportation, and found a revolutionary way to store large items in small spaces through fractal molecular structures. But the Soviet Union, which has never dissolved, after the first Cold War, instead hiding out in Kamchatka, begin another war over data and technology. The CyberWar.



    Toby - A soldier in the US Military and  founding member of Binary,

    Toby is a master of quick teleportation and mastered the art of charming quick wit.

    Karlos - Toby's hulking, "intense" best friend, he mans a massive steel bo staff created by Chinese warriors and upgraded by Binary.

    Jasmine - A scientist working for the Soviets, Jasmine defects to join the United States with fluent English and Russian, and scientific skills, mechanically enhanced battle gloves. And maybe a little crush on Toby.

    Red - Only known to the heroes as REDACTED, Red for short, this man has contacted the team through computers only and provides tech support. Who he is remains a 


    Cy - Nobody really knows what side Cy is on. She had traded back and forth, and while on the US side now, seems to be in the game to win and will do anything to achieve that.

    Unknown Man - This hacker from Sweden worked on the side of the US, his murder marked the end of the Second Cold War and the beginning of WWIII.

    Bullet - This amalgamation is rumored to be an experiment gone wrong. He holds a giant, unwieldy machine gun with ease that seems to weigh as much as a car.

    General Arc - A sinister general piloting an invincible Soviet ship. He is only known to be cruel and evil to humans yet has an odd soft spot for animals.

    Commander Hydron - This despicable creature of a man wields a deadly, fine crafted sword. He is the puppet master of the Soviets and their allies and wears powerful armor and a mask.




    United States of America, NATO, the United Nations, other allies - The perceived good guys. They stand for justice, peace, and freedom, and will fight to protect human rights.

    Germany, Soviet Union, ISIS, allies - These groups do horrid things to people, and believe in fascist rule, dictatorship, and racism, and are against religious freedom.

    Binary - A secret group of technologically advanced warriors founded illegally by the US. Some say this group is the only hope for humanity.

    Dominus - The puppet master of the Soviets, Germans and Islamic State. These people want to rule the world like gods, and enslave others to do their bidding. The more religious believe that these are reincarnations of the devil himself.



    Army Base - A US army base. Toby and Karlos train here and Jasmine came here after defecting.

    Binary HQ - The home base of Binary. This used to be a laboratory until renovated by Jasmine.

    Dominus HQ - The "lair" of Commander Hydron. He plots his global conquest and controls the Soviets from here.


    The story will be released in bite sized, three to six paragraphs long "Logs." Perfect for quick reading!

    NOTE: For all you mentally unstable out there, (kidding) none of the characters are based on real life ones, and the events of the CyberWar are fictional.

  3. Hello and welcome back to the dark rising 2 nuzlocke. Let's get started:


    Armed with their mighty Dragonite and Fletchling, loser head to a place which I forgot the name of, which is full of baby Pokemon.


    Loser steps into the grass, and along comes an Elekid.


    Loser paralyzes it with Dragonite's Thunder Wave, gets its HP in the red, and starts with the Pokeballs.


    Loser: Pokeball go!


    Elekid: *pops out* Screw you.


    Loser: Pokeball go!


    Elekid: *pops out* I hate you.


    Loser: Pokeball go!


    Elekid: *pops out* Go die.


    Loser: Pokeball go!


    Elekid: *pops out* Haha you're running out of Pokeballs.


    Loser: Oh shoot I have.


    Elekid: Hahahahahahahaha






    What have I done? I caught Elekid and named it MASTERBALL so I would always be ashamed. Oh well, I need all the mons I can get.


    Loser: Right, time to progress with the story.


    (Enter annoying dad)


    Annoying Dad: I'm not leaving this room until your computer is off.




    The next day:


    So Loser beats up Galactic grunts and Rocket grunts until Cyrus is there and he's like "IMMA GONNA DESTROY ALL POKEMON". I'm like "NOPE", I go train up for a bit, Oh-Ho (which tbh sounds like something Mario would say) evolves, Spamuhell get Water Pulse of all things and MASTERBALL gets Shock Wave. Then he sends out Murkrow.


    *slow clap*


    One Murkrow, Sneasel and Gyarados later, Virizion says hi and I head out to a nice forest to catch a new Pokemon.


    I step into the grass and..





    (I read that starters have a 1-2% chance to show up so this is crazy)




    And of course there was only one name for it @Tega but without the @. This dude is a little bold Turtwig. And it has shell armour noice.


    Well thats it for today. Imma go train up this Tega for a bit and I will be back :)

  4. Oh jeez, well I guess this isn't Pokemon Sun after all. I've been hornswoggled, and now I have to face the consequences by (hopefully) lasting through this whole game. Maybe I'll find some inkling of good in this adventure?


    Probably not.



    Welcome back! Last time we inherited Grandpa's fortune and company, made plans of world domination, and got our first machine of malice and destruction!

    Puck: Malice? Destruction? That's not very nice! How about, uh, flowers and sunshine?

    We don't need flowers or sunshine where we're going, Puck! Onward, to victory!


    e3DCXhz.png 1QwMOGc.png


    Lady: May I interest you in converting to the ways of the Legends?

    What is a Legend?


    e7Bst5b.png tuaUKHe.png GwrZjnd.png


    Is this anything like Pokemon masters?

    Puck: Yeah, they're only the best and top-ranked people EVER! We should try becoming one of those! Wait-- Pokemon?

    Don't worry about it. Though, wait. Does this mean that other people use Robopon too? They're not destructive war machines that only my Grandpa can create?

    Puck: Of course not! Did you zone out when he said all that stuff about "Robopon are our friends" or something?

    Darn it, Gramps lied to me! I guess he's not a master of the dark arts after all! Well, maybe fighting these "Legend" guys should be our new plan.


    Wait, if he doesn't know the dark arts, then how did I get my gender swapped?! 


    QTGx8EA.png OdAdYPB.png


    Doctor Disc: Bla bla bla information, bla bla bla tutorial things nobody cares about, bla bla bla Robopon bla.




    That was very useful and I didn't glance over it at all! Thanks for the Robopon mister!




    Oh no. Something horrible's happened.

    I actually find it cute.

    Alright, I'm naming this weird robot Ribbon. Because, y'know. Originality.

    Ribbon: Greetings. I am Ribbonbot v2.2, reporting for duty. What is it you request of me?

    Puck: Welcome to the team, miss! I think we're going to be great friends!

    Ribbon: Hmm. Identifying specimen as "Sunny." Are you my master?

    Puck: Wha? I don't know what you mean, but sure I guess? By the way, my name's not Sunny, it's Puck.

    Ribbon: Master Puck. I see. I shall fulfill your request of becoming "great friends" to the best of my ability.

    Hey wait a minute, scrap-for-brains! You're supposed to listen to me!

    Ribbon: My commander is already set in stone. This filthy human does not understand how I operate.

    Fine, let's go.




    Good for you? I don't know who those people are.


    s1CzgGk.png SfHlSYx.png


    Life isn't fair, kiddo.

    Puck: Kib, we need to get it back! Don't be so rude!

    Don't you remember the saying? Nice guys don't get free ice cream.




    Yeah it does! Hey, David, let's share that together and leave this random kid in the dust, shall we?

    Kid: I'm standing right here!

    David: This ice cream is essential to our plans, so no. You get no ice cream.


    Eyn7fqu.png II94NL6.png


    What's this about a Nabisco? Whatever, you've messed with the wrong technomancer!

    You can steal this kid's ice cream, but when you won't give me any that's when I get angry!




    I choose y-- I mean, I pick you.


    And you call me rude? Though, you're not wrong.




    Is this thing just a screw with legs?

    Ribbon: Yes.




    Puck: Wowie, my first battle! That was pretty easy, though.

    Ribbon: It is a screw with legs, did you expect it to put up a good fight?

    Puck: Good point.




    Do I know you?

    Lisa: What are you talking about? We've been best friends for 8 years!

    Well, I've never seen you before. Maybe you should've tried being more memorable.




    Stimy: My sprite is black, like my soul.

    Ribbon: Exterminate. Exterminate. Get this mohawk baby filth out of my sight.


    IXPLUqT.png VHcfQWv.png


    Seriously, what's this about Nabisco? Nabisco is delicious, not an enemy!

    Puck: Is this a sponsor?


    P19Vm8e.png 2DPErhX.png


    Good! If the masses are uneducated, maybe then I can actually take over the world!


    U1BXKfS.png KmxzMxY.png


    Because all you people are forgettable?


    0NfjX7c.png FlhbKVp.png pA2iVjD.png


    Lisa: The school should be somewhere around Libra Town!

    Hey, that's my zodiac sign.

    Lisa: What? That's not the point! Go there and help, you absentminded fopdoodle!

    Puck: Oof, that's harsh.




    Well, I guess we're off to Libra Town. However, we'll be saving that for the next episode! See ya!

    Puck: Farewell!

    Ribbon: Powering off.

  5. I published early by accident.

    I apologize if this thing isn't great in construct, it's a first attempt. The beginning's lacking in images a bit.


          I started out under the name Big, a bit of a trend-breaker, since I usually use the name Toad. When I met up with Shauna, Serena, Tierno, and Trevor, I went with the nickname Big the Cat (yes, very original) Given that I wasn't going to use my Starter, I chose Froakie,  and I lost the battle to Shauna on purpose.

          As soon as I got that out of the way and delivered the Professor's Letter, I went back to Aquacorde Town and bought 5 Poké Balls; just enough to be able to trade over my team. I caught 2 Pidgeys,  a Fletchling, Zigzagoon,  and Caterpie. Immediately after, I traded over the team I wanted, from X.


    Of course, based on @Tega, @Taiiyo, @isagonj, @Kaps, @AethericDoom, and @Cookabeara. Given that Doom and Rin were particularly overleveled for that point in the game, I don't plan to use them until I get to Lumiose City. I went through the forest as quickly as possible, since I didn't plan on capturing anything.

         As soon as I arrived in Santalune City, I went to the Boutique to see if I could find a better hat. For now, I'm sticking with the Red Logo Cap and the Purple Button accessory,  with a white Logo T-Shirt and Brown Skinny Jeans. After that, I went to Viola's Gym. Thanks to Tega,  I beat the Roller Skater with ease. Going back into the Gym, I realize how blatantly simple its design is; I only battled against one NPC, the Lass that's right before Viola. I used Kaps against her Pokémon, because of type advantage.Finally, I faced off against Viola. I started out using Kaps against her Surskit, but because I didn't heal him between battles,  he fainted from Bubble. However, Tega was able to finish it off. When she sent out Vivillon, I decided to use Taiiyo. His type advantage made it easy,  but Infestation put him on the edge of fainting. Two Embers, and it was all over. I had secured my first Badge. 


         After earning the Bug Badge and healing my Pokémon, I left Santalune City and sped through Route 4. I didn't have an battles except a wild Fletchling and Gardener Grover (who took out KapsvTShj0Y.pngagain.) Those two NPCs, I can't remember their names, started to lead me to Professor Sycamore's lab. I kinda wish the game didn't hold your hand like this. I mean, there aren't many buildings you can access when you first enter Lumiose City. I went to to the Pokémon Center and used the PC to heal my Pokémon, then I went to Resturante Le Nah,  to level them up.


    As such, I got Taiiyo to evolve! For the first two battles, I went over 2 turns,  so I got only 11 Tiny Mushrooms. Now to go to Sycamore's Lab. 

         I honestly forgot that I would battle Professor Sycamore, as well as the order of his Pokémon, so I had Tega in my first slot. I swapped him out for Taiiyo,  and his Ember OHKOd Bulbasaur. Next was Squirtle, so I sent Tega back out. One Razor Leaf and


    Pop goes the Squirtle. Finally, the despicable Charmander. I'll relegate Doom for this


    Pursuit it till it's dead! 



    Yeah, three OHKOs. Doesn't come better than that. Now, to pick a Kanto Starter. 


    Part of me just died. Well, it doesn't really matter.


    I kinda always had this feeling about Lysandre, even before that ominous music in Cafe Soleil. Before I met up with Serena, I needed to get my hair cut. I can't stand having this long hair. 


    I mean, it's not perfect, but it's as close as it's gonna get.


    I'd agree with Lysandre,  if his viewpoint wasn't so superficial. Oh well. 


    Umm,  get away from me, please. Korrina needs to keep her Pokémon under control. Not everyone wants a Lucario circling them.

         Time to try and evolve Kaps. Battling against the Twins should help. 


    Since he only has Return and ThunderShock on the offense, I utilized Sweet Kiss. I mean, everyone loves confusion,  right? Combining that with Taiiyo's Mach Punch made it really easy. 




    Oh hey, it's Tierno,  this should be fun. 


    Wait, it's over already?? Aww,  manvTShj0Y.png


    And with that, and a nagging mother, I'd say this is a good stopping point for the day.



    If you have any suggestions for improvement, let me know. 

  6. Alright lets get down to this. Most of you should know this if you read the status, but today, I got up at 5:00 am to take a 2 1/2 hour trip to Charlotte, NC. So, here's how I will do this: I will first, go over the Points and Tourney System. Then I will share my results.


    Points and Tourney System 


    In BJJ, you don't just fight standing up like in many other martial arts. Instead, if you are able to bring someone to the ground, you continue the fight on thr ground. And there are many different positions to get from the ground. For now, I'll just show all of you what positions and actions effect your total points in a match.




    These will take one point away from your total score. The only possible ways of scoring a penalty are by conducted illegal moves such as an eye-poke, punch, kick, stomping on your opponent while you're standing, etc. Later, I'll explain why losing a point can be very influential with the outcome.




    These don't actually play a role while the match is going on. However, these do act as tie-breakers in the case where well, you have a tie in points. Advantages are primarily obtained through submission attempts (Joint-Locks and Chokes). 




    Takedowns are worth 2 points when successfully completed. Basically just putting someone from their usual standing position, on to the ground for 3 seconds.


    Sweeps: Very similar to takedowns. Sweeps can be used when you have basically any type of guard (guard is when you use your legs to not allow someone to get on top of you). Just basically putting their back on the ground and establishing a dominant position for 3 seconds.


    Knee on Belly: Just putting your shin on their stomach to obtain control, when around their guard of course.


    Guard Pass:


     The only move that's worth 3 points. Guard pass is simply, getting around the opponent's legs and establishing control.




    Worth 4 points, mount is mainly obtained while passing an opponent's guard. It's almost like sitting on the person as you have your two legs on each side of the opponent's body, which are of course, higher than their legs.


    Back Grab:


     Just jumping onto an opponent's back, while getting hooks in. Hooks are when you lock your legs with your opponent's legs. This is worth a total of 4 points.


    Results: Alright so, in case you haven't looked at the title, I went undefeated today. I placed first in both gi and no-gi. I am officially the champ in North Carolina for my divison (14 yrs old, Intermediate/Advance, 90-99 lbs). I know, I'm light as hell. But I actually cut weight, like a lot of fighters do. Listen, if you ever decide to cut weight, do not cut over 20 lbs. That is just outright unhealthy for your body and can get you hospitalized. I cut about 10-15 lbs, which is usually considered a safe zone for cutting weight as you can eat back the nutrients to bring you back up to your normal weight. Anyways, I won my championship match in no-gi via rear naked choke.


    (Exactly how it went if you exclude the punches) 

    Won my Gi championship match by points. I got 7, my opponent got 2. I was actually in huge trouble at the very beginning. The guy dropped and hip tossed me over to the ground. He had dominane with knee on belly, but I was luckliy able to escapr quick enough to get my guard back and sweep. Got mount after that and just kept my dominant position for the last minute. My awards were a Samurai Sword (**Ahem**, Handcrafted in China), which is to commemorate some of the initial practitioners of Jiu Jitsu, the Samurai. I also obtained the Gold Medal for my division (I'll put pics of them soon). Thank you for reading this entry (props to whoever read this word for word). Any questions/suggestions will be addressed!

  7. I always knew that Gampa wuz a lil' wacky, but I never knew he would go this far. Ya see, he was concerned that a family treasure, the Phoenix ruby, wuz hidden somewhere in his backyard. Now, I ain't sayin' that my Grampa wuz nutty, nosiree. There wuz actually some evidence pointin' towards it, but it all seemed so silly, ya know? Anyhoo, decided that he wuz gonna find that treasure if it took everythin' he had, and he wanted me to help him. With some of the dough he had, he brought two neat lookin' shovels fer us to dig with. Grampa would always say, "Remember, don't tell anyone what were lookin' fer, alright?" And I would jest nod my head. One fine day, the 87th day we were lookin' for that treasure, Grampa hit somethin' with his shovel. It was a box, and he carefully took it out of the brown soil. "This is it, Billy," he whispered as he opened the box. We were pretty sure that we had found the treasure, but when we looked into the box, all we found were some black an' white photos of my Grampa's childhood days. As he looked through the small pile of photos, tears streamed down his wrinkly face. I took a quick peek at his face, and I saw the happiest smile I'd ever seen from my Grampa. Memories started to reconstruct themselves in Grampa's mind, and he started to remember who he was once again. He found a small note at the bottom of the pile, and on it said this: "Congrats, ya found the Phoenix ruby." Grampa smiled, looked at me with one of his wrinkly, happy face an' said, "Thanks, lil' buddy, for helpin' me find this treasure worth more than any gem in this world.


    THE END!

  8. 3jCGAVq.png

    So the main conferences of E3 2017 are good and done. So I wanted to compile my thoughts somewhere, so feel free to discuss with me if you'd like. 




    Microsoft's big thing this E3 was the Xbox One X. Guess what? It does 4K! Microsoft wouldn't shut up about it.


    Xbox One X


    So I thought Microsoft's conference was pretty cool. However, the amount of focus they put on the fact that the Xbox One X can do 4K was kind of annoying. I mean, I see why they did it, but it was like Buzzwords: The Conference. As for the Xbox One X, I may get one in the future to play Kingdom Hearts III on, given that it can do it at 1080p at 60fps (Not really a matter of whether it can, more of a matter of whether Squenix will.) The console itself is, as Microsoft would have you know, very very powerful. It's actually more powerful than my PC! Time for an upgrade soon I guess. I'm very impressed by the price point. £450? Very nice. I'm going to get a preowned one when Kingdom Hearts III releases in 2062. The fact that it is liquid cooled intrigues me.


    Notable games include Sea of Thieves, available for Xbone/PC, which I am interested in. Assassin's Creed Origins was announced, probably for XBone/PS4/PC, but I've never been interested in the series. And oh, guess what: MINECRAFT in 4K! So this is the power of the Scorpio[pause in speech] They also announced backwards compatibility for the original Xbox, which is pretty cool. The OG Xbox cannot be emulated on PC at this time, so I feel happy for fans of Xbox games. It's not huge for me though.


    Image result for LIS before the storm


    So, the big thing for me in Microsoft's press conference? Life is Strange of course. Like wow, hello! My reaction was essentially:


    "Square Enix, neat"

    "Wait is that-"



    Legitimately so excited for this game. I LOVED Life is Strange, and a prequel seems like a neat idea. I'd assume it's coming to Xbone/PS4/PC only, but I'd LOVE a Switch release. This is probably my favourite reveal at this E3.



    Bethesda was probably the only conference I slept through. S-Sorry Todd[pause in speech]

    From what I gather they announced a Wolfenstein game or something, nothing I'm interested in. I thought the Skyrim trailer for Switch actually looked really cool, and it has definitely won me over. I don't even like Skyrim that much, but the incorporation of Amiibo functionality and the ability to play it anywhere seems awesome. The motion controls also seemed[pause in speech] Interesting. The Legend of Zelda: Skyrim Sword anyone? The trailer was actually beautiful and running at 60fps, which I REFUSE to believe will be the case when it releases. Even Xbone/PS4 run Skyrim at 30fps. However, if the Switch version runs at 60, I will eat a Joy-Con. The music choice for the trailer felt really odd, but somehow I find it fitting for the Switch. It's enjoyable to watch. Short and sweet.



    LITERALLY nothing. Like literally. Nothing I was interested in. I gather Monster Hunter and some Uncharted game are coming, yawwwn. Sony is the true loser of E3 this year for me.



    Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle is real, as expected. Actually looks pretty neat.



    I'll get it. I really like the artstyle and the gameplay looks[pause in speech] Different. Obviously we've known about this for months and months now. Most hype part of this conference for me was when Miyamoto (lad) walked out on stage with a gun.



    Nothing else from Ubisoft really interested me though.



    Straight up: Rocket League. Neat! I'm not a huge fan, but I've seen a lot of people wanting it for Switch.

    Nintendo Switch



    Xenoblade 2 still on track for 2017 release, cool. Not my thing though. New Kirby game: Cool I guess? Kirby games are boring as hell though tbh. New Yoshi game: Okay[pause in speech]. CORE POKEMON RPG BEING DEVELOPED FOR SWITCH?! Thank God! Perhaps US/UM WILL be the last Pokémon games on 3DS!




    God damn it.


    Image result for BOTW Amiibo e3 2017


    MIPHA AMIIBO AAAAAAAAAH! Will get! The DLC comes out on 31st too, which is cool I guess. RIP my money.



    Not a huge fan of Mario games, but I'll get Odyssey, looks pretty good. This trailer confused the hell out of me at first though.


    Last 2 games they announced were 3DS games: Metroid 2 Remake and SuperStar Saga remake. I appreciate them keeping these out of the main presentation, and dedicating that to Switch.





    Kingdom Hearts 3: Release Date: Never Ever



    Sonic Forces has gone mega-edge. Some gameplay also emerged you can fish around for, I have to say it looks better than Generations but still not all that excited. Music is sweet though.



    So that's all I really have to say. This leaves me with the following purchases this year:

    Sonic Mania (August 17th(?)) (PC/Switch)

    Splatoon 2 (July 21st)

    Skyrim Switch (Fall/Holiday)

    Life is Strange BTS (August 31st) (PC, if a miracle happens and there's a Switch version, I'll get that)

    Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle (August 29th)

    Sonic Forces (Holiday) (PC, potentially Switch given it runs okay.)

    Mario Odyssey (October 27th I think?)

    Zelda DLC (June 31st)

    Potentially Rocket League Switch (???)


    Feel free to comment or whatever if you want to discuss stuff.

  9. AethericDoom
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    An Italian project where we had to invite someone somewhere (Tega did @Pepsi Man l). I messed up and forgot to insert conjugated "andare."


    I did mine to @Big the Cat, a.k.a. Petey



    Caro Petey,
        Vuoi andare al cinema per guardare un film con me? Un film è Ant-Man. Ramondo e Giuseppe possono con me. È alle tre e mezza sul sabato. Lino non posso, che peccato! A domani!
    Il tuo amico,


    In English:


    Dear Petey,


        Do you want to go to the movie theater to watch a movie with me? The movie is Ant-Man. Ray and Joseph can, with me. It is at 3:30 on Saturday. Liam cannot, what a shame! See you tomorrow!


    Your friend,



    (Of course I put my real Italian-ized name in the real one.)

    By the way, Ray (not Raymond), Joseph and Liam are some friends of mine in my Italian class. Guess which one is Tega.


  10. money12wolf
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    scrafty.gif4/10 He decided to wear green gear that doesn't look too good.

    jirachi.gif9/10 Even though it look simple, It still look good

    spinda.gif 1/10 Just no

    mesprit.gif 7/10 It look pretty nice in this color

    durant.gif 5/10 Just alright


    5.2 Average. I blame Spinda

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    SO, you guys might remember a bit ago I posted a status saying that I didn't have a computer and would be stuck on my phone. Yes, this is why I've more or less just been like spamming and lurking, seeing as how I can't do much else on a phone. Well today I may or may not have found myself in a more stable situation (hard to tell right now) and now have access to a computer. A terrible, terrible, infinitely forever terrible computer, but it is, in fact, a step up from mobile. So here I'm gonna elaborate, and maybe clarify some stuff? Idk I'm more or less just announcing that I have absolutely no idea what's going on.

    So, a lot of what's been going on lately is both too complicated and too personal to really go into detail here, but the TL;DR is that my dad is being awful, as always, and has decided to make everything a lot more blown up and complicated than it needs to be. What does this mean? Well for the past few days, it's meant that I've been house hopping trying to not get shipped off to California, and said houses didn't really have a computer, sooo yeah. I'm now at my (other) grandparents' house, though, which does have a computer!! It's slow enough cold molasses could outspeed it, but as I said, it's not a phone, and that's all that matters. UNFORTUNATELY, a lot of my files are still back on my old computer, which is inconvenient for a multitude of reasons, but the big issues are:

    I cannot finish @isagonj's art trade (really sorry babe it really sucks because I actually really liked where that piece was going)

    I cannot teach in Spriter's School for at least a good while (which is just as well, no telling if I'll drop off the face of the earth again any time soon and strand you all in the middle of a lesson).

    There is a chance I'll get access to these files again soon to send to myself and resume this stuff, but don't count on it. It's hard to tell how likely this even is. None of this, by the way, is factoring in how likely it'll be that I'll have to move yet again and lose access to a working computer. We'll see, I guess.

    There are a lot of you that aren't impacted by this at all, I realize, and that's fine, but for those of you who this does effect, I'm really sorry. This sucks huge ass and I wish there was some way to get out of this mess, but for now, I'll just have to deal. Thanks for reading all the same, and enjoy your summer (or winter, or whatever it is where you live. Just enjoy it)

  11. I forgot a lot of Alola Pokemon, paying attention to the main Anime characters, like the starters, Bewear, Rockruff, and stuff like that. Here are the ones I FORGOT.

    Crabrawler SM779: Crabrawler. Payed a lot of attention to the evolution. Forgot about this dude.

    751 SpriteAraquanid SM751 and 752: Dewpider and Araquanid. W-Why? Why did they make these? I mean, Araquanid's cool, but Dewpider is so ugly!

    755 SpriteShiinotic SM755 and 756: Morelull and Shiinotic. Morelull is cute, but Shiinotic is just plain weird, and almost startling. 

    759 Sprite Shiny759: Stufful. (sorry, couldn't find the normal sprite.) It's so adorable, loved it when it was revealed, and then the anime came out, and forgot about it.

    772: Type: Null (couldn't get sprite altogether) Ugh everyone only talks about Silvally! I don't even like Silvally! Appreciate its unevolved form!

    780 Sprite780: Drampa. If you are like, "How could you forget it?" think about it. Does ANYONE talk about this beast?

    And the unappreciated[pause in speech]

    Tapu Fini SMTapu Fini. I didn't forget about this, I'm just says it deserves a bit of appreciation. 


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    So yeah, this is your destination for the character screens in[pause in speech] pokesmash *exclamation points, muffled screaming cheering*


    woo amiright


    So, back to business!


    I will go through the list and @ every person on it. Once I @ you, please fill out the form below (If you'd like to participate in PokeSmash):


    Username (Will be used in screen):


    Render (Please link me one or upload one. If you are a custom character, it's up to you to make one, but I can use anything):

    Background Color:



    Have fun! First off is me, since I start with A!

  12. EDIT: If your comment isn't constructive criticism, or relevant, don't make it at all. This is my blog entry and I will delete it.

    So a couple of days ago, I felt very inspired, went on a spriting kick, and ended up spriting a handful of sprites for the first time in about a year and a half. Constructive criticism is very welcome, but again just keep in mind that this is the first time that I've sprited in a long while. Anyways, enjoy (also I am very open to name suggestions since I kinda just crapped the current ones out so I could post the sprites).





    Abilities: Naturalist "Powers up Grass type moves." Pressure.

    HA: Mold Breaker.





    Abilities: Emergency Exit, Moxie

    HA: Rock Head.



    Name: Phoxur

    Type: Fire/Fighting

    Note: Phoxur is actually a gift for @Big the Cat, I felt that Delphox's design wasn't gender neutral enough so I made Phoxur to replace it.

    Ability: Crotch Tuft: "Pokemon of all genders are automatically attracted to this pokemon."

    EDIT: I don't know what y'all's issue is, I genuinely made this as a gift, trying to give Delphox a more gender neutral design because I know that's a peeve of Big's (Starter's not having a gender neutral design), I did this to be nice and y'all are just being rude. 



    Name: Octalua

    Type: Water/Dark

    Abilities: Suction Cups, Prankster.

    HA: Dazzling 



    Name: Octursa

    Type: Water/Dark

    Abilities: Witching Hour: "Gains a special attack boost when hit with a dark or psychic type move"

    HA: Pure Power

  13. Poison
    Latest Entry

    This is just a short blog right now to explain and I guess apologise for being kind of off recently. 


    I've been a little dry with people, irritable and I haven't been on Discord for a week or so. It's mainly due to some rather inconvenient health issues I've been dealing with, I've been in and out of the doctors office for a couple of months now and it's taking it's toll on both me and the people around me.


    Now before people get worried or jump to conclusions; I'm not dying or anything nor am I going to leave the site. I'll still be here, I just felt like I should address my slightly bad mood and my total disappearance from the Discord.


    As for the Discord I'm going to keep my distance from it for a little longer, it's not because I don't like it, I actually find it fun being there and talking to everyone. I'm just stressed out from the issues I'm facing and I wouldn't like to accidentally bring that negativity there. I've made that mistake in the past >.<


    If you want to get a hold of me for any reason- PMs or even my profile are the best places to do that. But know that I won't talk about what's going on health-wise. I want to keep those details away from here if I can.


    Thankyou for reading~ Stay happy <3

  14. Wasabi 64
    Latest Entry

    Just for your info,everyone,my name is not Scratchy anymore.

    My name is Wasabi.

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    Alright, after seeing a thread about trying to add Alola sprites to the sprite searcher, I went for the next best thing.  Here is the compilation of most Alola Pokemon made by the spriters of Smogon.



    --I could not for the life of me find Necrozma.  I'll look through the thread where these were posted again, and I'll edit this when I do.  UPDATE:  Got a Necrozma sprite and edited the resource.

    --Not a big fan of the Salazzle sprite, but all I can do is watch the thread for when someone updates it, but I doubt someone is going to do it.

    --I didn't include Shinies and back sprites, except for Minior.

    Sun Moon Sprites.png


  15. lol

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    592dd09a355e5_rayquazaenpalkia.png.d75e7f1f45db2706735888d8a7016d9b.pngmy first pokefusion:smile:

  16. People's thoughts and reviews of Pokemon

    Bad, boring, bland design, very forgettable, horrible, please stop.



    thx for reading

  17. silcoon.gif Pretty cute, I suppose Metapod and Kakuna had done the idea before but it being part of one line with Cascoon makes it more unique I guess.

  18. staraptor.gifOne of the most annoying Pokemon ever.

    manectric.gif  Honestly, I don't know what to say for this one. 


    scizor.gif Overrated, overdone, overpowered, everything


    hariyama.gif Weird altogether, but it's pretty much the face that does it.


    garbodor.gifRIDICULOUSLY overrated, so much that I've grown to not even like it all that much.

  19. Previous entries: III

    Looks like I'm back, in an actually timely manner this time! Not much to say, except, if you plan to do one of these yourself, please do it in blog form, okay? It's pretty spammy in topic format and loses any kind of individuality when everyone just does it via a reply to a topic.

    Bear in mind these are subjective opinions. Friendly discussion about ratings you disagree with is fine, but don't get riled up trying to tell me why me or other users are wrong. This series isn't made to persuade you to agree with me, just to share how I specifically feel.


    Treecko#252 - Treecko - 8/10
    Captures the spirit of a gecko well. Also adorable.
    Grovyle#253 - Grovyle - 9/10
    Would get another 8/10, but PMD.
    Sceptile#254 - Sceptile - 8/10
    Could have been better, but still great.
    File:254MMS.png#254 - Mega Sceptile - 4/10
    A little too garish and clunky for my tastes.
    Torchic#FF - Torchic - 7/10
    Simple, straightforward, and cute - the traits of a good starter.
    Combusken#256 - Combusken - 8/10
    Has special sentimental value to me, and all around cool.
    Blaziken#257 - Blaziken - 7/10
    Not as appealing as Combusken, but still solid.
    File:257MMS.png#257 - Mega Blaziken - 4/10
    Not a fan of the flame patterns or color scheme.
    Mudkip#258 - Mudkip - 9/10
    i liek mudkipz
    Marshtomp#259 - Marshtomp - 6/10
    Kinda clunky, but charming enough.
    Swampert#260 - Swampert - 10/10
    My precious muddy boi.
    File:260MMS.png#260 - Mega Swampert - 10/10
    Poochyena#261 - Poochyena - 8/10
    bork bork!
    Mightyena#262 - Mightyena - 7/10
    Not as mighty as name implies. Still a good boy.
    Zigzagoon#263 - Zigzagoon - 7/10
    Probably the best regional "rodent" (even if it's not really)
    Linoone#264 - Linoone - 7/10
    A good… racoon? Badger? Thing?
    Wurmple#265 - Wurmple - *butt joke*/10
    Ha! Look at it! Look at its dumb butt face!
    (I'm a child)
    Silcoon#266 - Silcoon - 2/10
    As boring as cocoons come.
    Beautifly#267 - Beautifly - 5/10
    Basically just a less boring Butterfree.
    Cascoon#268 - Cascoon - 2/10
    Why are you back, Silcoon? You can't be two Pokemon!
    Dustox#269 - Dustox - 7/10
    An alright moth. I like the funky eyes.
    Lotad#270 - Lotad - 7/10
    So simple, yet so bizarre.
    Lombre#271 - Lombre - 8/10
    It's hard not to love this dreary little water goblin.
    Ludicolo#272 - Ludicolo - 3/10
    Crushes Lombre's wonderful aesthetic. A complete mess.
    Seedot#273 - Seedot - 6/10
    Acorn kid is alright.
    Nuzleaf#274 - Nuzleaf - 7/10
    Sadly obscure beyond lending its name to Nuzlockes.
    Shiftry#275 - Shiftry - 7/10
    Slightly less appealing than Nuzleaf, but still good.
    Taillow#276 - Taillow - 6/10
    Pretty standard bird mon.
    Swellow#277 - Swellow - 7/10
    Pretty slick regional bird, but still middle-of-the-road.
    Wingull#278 - Wingull - 8/10
    A good gull.
    Pelipper#279 - Pelipper - 2/10
    Ruined my precious gull child >: <
    Ralts#280 - Ralts - 5/10
    Pretty standard humanoid, but I like that weird bowlcut/helmet.
     Kirlia#281 - Kirlia - 6/10
    Just cute enough to put it above Ralts.
    Gardevoir#282 - Gardevoir - 9/10
    Would be 8/10, but bonus points for tasteful gender ratio.
    File:282MMS.png#282 - Mega Gardevoir - 2/10
    Lacks Gardevoir's ethereal, organic look. Gaudy and hideous.
    Surskit#283 - Surskit - 5/10
    Not terrible, but incredibly forgettable.
    Masquerain#284 - Masquerain - 5/10
    Wants to be good, but painfully dull execution.
    Shroomish#285 - Shroomish - |:</10
    Endearingly grumpy.
    Breloom#286 - Breloom - 8/10
    I don't know what Breloom is, but it's great.
    Slakoth#287 - Slakoth - 5/10
    Fairly underwhelming for our first and only sloth mon.
    Vigoroth#288 - Vigoroth - 8/10
    Actually charming! Doesn't fit well between Slakoth and Slaking, though.
    Slaking#289 - Slaking - 6/10
    Kinda goofy, but that's all it has going for it.
    Nincada#290 - Nincada - 7/10
    A neat cicada mon, but not much else (yet, anyways)
    Ninjask#291 - Ninjask - 8/10
    Still disappointed it doesn't SCREAM AND SCREAM like real cicadas.
    Shedinja#292 - Shedinja - 9/10
    Absolutely brilliant concept, haunting execution.
    Whismur#293 - Whismur - 6/10
    Cute eyes help an otherwise completely unremarkable design.
    Loudred#294 - Loudred - 6/10
    Neat enough, but back to boring regular eyes : <
    Exploud#295 - Exploud - 4/10
    A pipe organ mon really deserves better than this.
    Makuhita#296 - Makuhita - 4/10
    Not my preferred flavor of humanoid.
    Hariyama#297 - Hariyama - 3/10
    Interesting, but that doesn't save it from being godawful.
    Azurill#298 - Azurill - 7/10
    Adorable, if extremely unnecessary.
    Nosepass#299 - Nosepass - 7/10
    Charming, it its own weird, magnet golem way.
    Skitty#300 - Skitty - me/10
    Am… am I even allowed to review Skitty?
    Delcatty#301 - Delcatty - 8/10
    Pin cushion cat is best cat.
    Sableye#302 - Sableye - 10/10
    Goblins don't come any sleazier or cuter than this.
    File:302MMS.png#302 - Mega Sableye - 10/10
    A simple, but eye catching and well executed twist.
    Mawile#303 - Mawile - 8/10
    I can dig this metal youkai.
    File:303MMS.png#303 - Mega Mawile - 9/10
    A bigger, badder, better Mawile.
    Aron#304 - Aron - 7/10
    I've been overusing the term "cute," but… LOOK AT IT.
    Lairon#305 - Lairon - 8/10
    Aron, but cooler. All there really is to Lairon.
    Aggron#306 - Aggron - 10/10
    Some Pokemon are just plain and simple inarguably badass.
    File:306MMS.png#306 - Mega Aggron - 6/10
    Some good elements here, but could have been better.
    Meditite#307 - Meditite - 4/10
    Boring, kinda gross humanoid.
    Medicham#308 - Medicham - 9/10
    I don't know what, there's just something great about Medicham.
    File:308MMS.png#308 - Mega Medicham - 3/10
    Just a worse, disjointed version of Medicham. Cool concept wasted.
    Electrike#309 - Electrike - 7/10
    Quirky, iconic doggo.
    Manectric#310 - Manectric - 7/10
    The pointier the better!
    File:310MMS.png#310 - Mega Manectric - 2/10
    Plusle#311 - Plusle - 6/10
    Red Minun is an okay Pika-clone.
    Minun#312 - Minun - 6/10
    Blue Plusle is an alright Pika-clone.
    Volbeat#313 - Volbeat - 5/10
    Sadly lacks the charm of real fireflies. Boring type, too.
    Illumise#314 - Illumise - 5/10
    This is supposed to be a firefly?
    Roselia#315 - Roselia - 7/10
    Would be forgettable, but those intricate roses are respectable.
    Gulpin#316 - Gulpin - 7/10
    Gross and pathetic, in the best possible way.
    Swalot#317 - Swalot - 5/10
    Not my favorite, but I see the appeal.
    Carvanha#318 - Carvanha - 6/10
    Surprisingly menacing for a first stage!
    Sharpedo#319 - Sharpedo - 7/10
    Almost an 8/10 but the back end is so stupid.
    File:319MMS.png#319 - Mega Sharpedo - 4/10
    Feels too disjointed and busy.
    Wailmer#320 - Wailmer - 5/10
    Unremarkable beach ball.
    Wailord#321 - Wailord - 7/10
    Actually an alright whale boi. I like the zeppelin aesthetic.
    Numel#322 - Numel -7/10
    A novel take on camels, and adorable to boot!
    Camerupt#323 - Camerupt - 7/10
    Not really a proper "camel," but a good mon nonetheless.
    File:323MMS.png#323 - Mega Camerupt - 3/10
    I could do without the flared "skirt" and hideous face.
    Torkoal#324 - Torkoal - 9/10
    Nothing I'd change about this tortoise babe.
    Spoink#325 - Spoink - 6/10
    Interesting and subtly creepy, but not outstanding.
    Grumpig#326 - Grumpig - 7/10
    Actually pretty well designed. I like it.
    Spinda#327 - Spinda - 8/10
    Painfully cute, with an interesting, but not distractingly so, gimmick.
    Trapinch#328 - Trapinch - 6/10
    Kinda disappointing for an antlion, but still smol.
    Vibrava#329 - Vibrava - 8/10
    A great bug that is also not a bug.
    Flygon#330 - Flygon - 6/10
    Had potential, but poor payoff for Vibrava.
    Cacnea#331 - Cacnea - 7/10
    A cactus jack-o-lantern! A… jack-o-cacturne, if you will.
    Cacturne#332 - Cacturne - 8/10
    You'd be hard pressed to find a spookier cactus.
    Swablu#333 - Swablu - 8/10
    Altaria#334 - Altaria - 8/10
    Beyond having a great name, this dragon bird looks amazing.
    File:334MMS.png#334 - Mega Altaria - 5/10
    I appreciate the effort, but misses the mark.
    Zangoose#335 - Zangoose - 8/10
    Great and all, but… "Cat Ferret" Pokemon? You mean… mongoose?
    Seviper#336 - Seviper - 5/10
    Some cool ideas here, but ultimately falls flat.
    Lunatone#337 - Lunatone - 6/10
    SpooOOooOOooky moon, but not much else.
    Solrock#338 - Solrock - 5/10
    Solrock is similarly intriguing, but underwhelming.
    Barboach#339 - Barboach - 5/10
    An unremarkable grey fish.
    Whiscash#340 - Whiscash - 7/10
    Namazu are always welcome with me!
    Corphish#341 - Corphish - 6/10
    A nice balance of realistic, stylized, and appealing.
    Crawdaunt#342 - Crawdaunt - 7/10
    Weird biology, but in a good way.
    Baltoy#343 - Baltoy - 6/10
    Like Spoink, neat and a little weird, but forgettable.
    Claydol#344 - Claydol - 8/10
    "…Oh, Claydol, Claydol, Claydol
    I made you out of clay…"
    Lileep#345 - Lileep - 8/10
    An adorable crinoid! Especially those cute, spooky eyes peering out.
    Cradily#346 - Cradily - 8/10
    "Barnacle" Pokemon? Really? Who's classifying these anyways?
    Anorith#347 - Anorith - 8/10
    As wonderful as I'd expect a Bug fossil to be.
    Armaldo#348 - Armaldo - 9/10
    An odd take on Anomalocaris, but a great one nonetheless.
    Feebas#349 - Feebas - 7/10
    Milotic#350 - Miloic - 8/10
    Really captures the spirit of an ethereal, deep sea fish.
    Castform#351 - Castform - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)/10
    Castform resembles 3 things, and they all start with B.
    Kecleon#352 - Kecleon - 8/10
    10/10 would kek again.
    Shuppet#353 - Shuppet - 7/10
    A sheet ghost done right.
    Banette#354 - Banette - 8/10
    Petty voodoo doll is best voodoo doll.
    File:354MMS.png#354 - Mega Banette - 7/10
    I like the idea, but could have been executed better.
    Duskull#355 - Duskull - 7/10
    The grim reaper's cutest incarnation yet.
    Dusclops#356 - Dusclops - 8/10
    One of the few genuinely creepy Pokemon. Would still hug.
    Tropius#357 - Tropius - 9/10
    Has a bizarre absurdity I wish we'd see more of.
    Chimecho#358 - Chimecho - 8/10
    Everyone always forgets about the smol wind chime : <
    Absol#359 - Absol - 9/10
    I love this doombringer sphinx, edginess be damned.
    File:359MMS.png#359 - Mega Absol - 2/10
    Get out of my Pokemon game, Sephiroth!
    Wynaut#360 - Wynaut - why?/10
    Snorunt#361 - Snowrunt - 7/10
    Not much to say except it's just plain cute.
    Glalie#362 - Glalie - 5/10
    I kinda like the aesthetic? Otherwise, meh.
    File:362MMS.png#362 - Mega Glalie - 3/10
    We could have gotten a Froslass Mega, but instead… 
    Spheal#363 - Spheal - 7/10
    Everything's better in sphere form, including and especially seals.
    Sealeo#364 - Sealeo - 7/10
    Actually pretty great for an obscure middle evo.
    Walrein#365 - Walrein - 7/10
    Could be better, but I appreciate some its better aspects.
    Clamperl#366 - Clamperl - 5/10
    A mildly interesting bivalve, but Shellder has it beat.
    Huntail#367 - Huntail - 7/10
    Another great abyssal serpent. Those eye spots, especially.
    Gorebyss#368 - Gorebyss - 5/10
    I love the juxtaposition going on here, but mediocre design.
    Relicanth#369 - Relicanth - 9/10
    By far one of my favorite fish mons.
    Luvdisc#370 - Luvdisc - 4/10
    Not outstandingly bad, but uninspired and boring.
    Bagon#371 - Bagon - 7/10
    Bagon is filled with DETERMINATION.
    Shelgon#372 - Shelgon - 8/10
    Everything's better in sphere form, including and especially dragon pupae.
    Salamence#373 - Salamence - 8/10
    Why aren't ax-wings more common among dragons?
    File:373MMS.png#373 - Mega Salamence - 8/10
    "It’s been dubbed 'the blood-soaked crescent.'" HAS IT NOW?
    Beldum#374 - Beldum - 6/10
    Bonus points just for the sheer absurdity.
    Metang#375 - Metang - 7/10
    Pretty neat looking, a well executed "multiple" Pokemon (COUGHMAGNETONCOUGH)
    Metagross#376 - Metagross - 5/10
    Respectably imposing, but not my cup of tea.
    File:376MMS.png#376 - Mega Metagross - 2/10
    Looks like a poorly cobbled together mess of spare parts.
    Regirock#377 - Regirock - 8/10
    This faceless golem is a wonderful rock mon.
    Regice#378 - Regice - 9/10
    You could almost say this legendary is… cool (NO REGRETS)
    Registeel#379 - Registeel - 6/10
    My least favorite of the golems, but still pretty nice.
    Latias#380 - Latias - 9/10
    A lot of nice concepts playing into each other.
    File:380MMS.png#380 - Mega Latio- er, I mean, Latias - 1/10
    There are so, so many terrible things going on here.
    Latios#381 - Latios - 9/10
    Bit of a Latias reskin, I'll admit, but still great.
    File:380MMS.png#381 - Mega Latias… wait, this one is Latios? - 1/10
    Whose idea were these crimes against God, anyways?
    Kyogre#382 - Kyogre - 8/10
    Orca god is best god.
    382PMS.png#382 - Primal Kyogre - 6/10
    Some neat ideas here, but subpar execution.
    Groudon#383 - Groudon - 8/10
    Looks kind of like a lobster, but that's cool.
    383PMS.png#383 - Primal Groudon - 4/10
    just an uglier, unnecessarily complicated Groudon.
    Rayquaza#384 - Rayquaza - 7/10
    The most problematic name since Feraligatr. Good snek, though.
    File:384MMS.png#384 - Mega Rayquaza - 8/10
    Lack of red hurts the design, but otherwise solid.
    Jirachi#385 - Jirachi - 10/10
    Without question my favorite regional mythical.
    Deoxys#386 - Deoxys (Normal) - 10/10
    One of my favorite fictional monster of all time.
    Deoxys#386 - Deoxys (Attack) - 8/10
    My least favorite Deo form, but that's not saying much.
    Deoxys#386 - Deoxys (Defense) - 10/10
    I love the bizarre, organic "space suit" going on here.
    Deoxys#386 - Deoxys (Speed) - 9/10


    In conclusion,
    Whatever you may think of it, you have to at least admit Gen III was miles more interesting than Gen II, and it paid off. You'll notice there were a lot more 8's, 9's, and 10's this time around, and that seems just about right. Gen III took a lot more risks than Gen II did, and while that naturally leads to Pokemon I more strongly dislike than Gen II had, it also leads to a lot more Pokemon I really like, as well. Even ones I wasn't a fan of, like Hariyama or Ludicolo, were creative and quirky enough that I can at least see why other people do like them. Gen III was the transition when Pokemon went from "magical animals, but still basically just animals" to "wild, sleek monsters in every shape and form." Take that as you will, I know there are plenty of people who prefer the more simple, organic look of older gens, and I can understand that, but I myself prefer these more interesting mons. I do admit, though, I'm not the biggest fan of the "plastic toy" trend that a few of these Pokemon start and would reach a fever pitch in gens VI and VII, and I wish we still had some more rugged, natural Pokemon like Rhydon or Nidoking to balance out the smooth, streamlined ones like Delcatty or Whiscash, but I can't complain too much. They still have their own appeal to them that I can appreciate.

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    I remember a long time ago (2013? 2012? 2010? 1978?) there was this incredible nuzlocke blog hype. I'd love to do one of those, but I haven't been seeing any, and I remember there being some debacle about them not being allowed when the forums rebooted or something. So like, is it still allowed, and are people even interested in that sort of thing? And if so, what game should I nuzlocke? (definitely one of the Gen III games, since all others are a pain to screenshot). Also I guess people could take this opportunity to be named and all that fun stuff that used to spam the comment section on these types of blogs.


    This blog feels a little short, so I'm going to continue by adding random nonsense in this paragraph so it looks like it has more content. A little extra for those that actually read through the whole thing, y'know? I always feel like people just skim through longer posts so this is like a little easter egg for those that have some patience and don't give up so quickly. You are my favourite type of people. Go screw yourself if you're not reading this. Then again you wouldn't know since you're not reading this, are you now? That's a paradox on it's own. By now, this paragraph feels long enough, so thanks for reading this as far as you did by now. Still reading? Dang, you're committed.


    Yours truly,





         This is Earth. Except in 40 years. As I told you, there are 8 characters. Timmy, Mikey, Jimmy, Billy, Sydney, Phoebie, Sandy, and Lily. All of them are survivors of "The Blasts from 'Round the World". The group has to learn to hunt, scavenge, and kill.

         Just 93 days ago, the United States had launched a gigantic nuclear bomb at Russia, North Korea, and the Middle East. All of them are the big starters of WWIII. In return, Canada had nuked the entire West of the U.S.A, from the left edge of Tennessee onward, 62 days ago. WWIII, a war full of bombs. Every country has been wiped out, and the government ha fallen. People have taken shelter underground and have raided gun shops and pharmacies. Gas masks are rare. The real treasure and good finds lie in "The Radiated", the areas with high levels of radiation.

         But they're just kids. They aren't as strong as the adults who survived and most of the weak died off. That leaves only the strong. There are rumors of other teenage groups amongst the shelters they visit time to time. But in the end, only the most robust group will prevail[pause in speech]


    Short, I know, but I think it's not that bad

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