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  1. I'm Brass.  I'm a 14 year old bear,  and I moved from Metropolis to Moonside with Copper, my boyfriend.


    I've lived on my own for a while, pretty much ever since my parents found out about my homosexuality. I knew I was gay at a fairly young age,  but I kept it to myself until I was about 10.


    I had a small group of friends from school. We had gone to same school for years,  and I deeply trusted and valued...  I guess I trusted them too much... When I confessed to them,  they acted like they were disgusted with me and stopped talking to me altogether. I was distraught. I had just hoped they wouldn't tell anyone, but it spread throughout my grade level like wildfire (see,  I was fairly popular in elementary school).


    I'd say it was worse once my parents heard.  They couldn't set aside their own prejudices and love their only son. They basically disowned me and kicked me to the curb. I couldn't take anything with me; they said I "didn't deserve to have anything". I haven't spoken to them since.... 


    With nowhere else to go, I had to live on the streets, doing unofficial jobs in order to save up money. As much as I hated it,  I knew I had to stay in school in order to potentially have a better life. Luckily, after I got to middle school, I was mostly out of the spotlight. As a result, 6th grade went by with fewer problems. 7th grade went even better I'd say,  thanks to one special guy... 


    I remember when I first met Copper. I was getting ready to go to lunch, when I heard the sound of textbooks hitting the floor,  then a familiar voice.

    *sarcastically* "Oh, I'm sorry! Did I make you drop your stuff?!"

    It was Alec,  a Deinonychus, and one of my former tormentors. As per usual, he was with his clique, a Velociraptor named Nathan, and a Coelophysis named Dominick. They were messing with Copper, throwing his papers all over the place. 

    "Hmm,  what's this? A little painting?" Nathan says condescendingly

    "Gimme back my painting!! I've been working on it for weeks" Copper whines,  trying to grab it. Nathan holds the painting up above his head, out of Copper's reach. 

    "Yeah, I'll give it to you...if you do all our school work for us!" Nathan replies. 

    "What?  I'm not helping you cheat!!" Copper yells. 

    "Well, okay," Nathan says, ripping the painting up and throwing the pieces in the air,  scattering them everywhere.

    "N-no, my painting!!" Copper scrambles about, trying to recollect the scraps. He starts bawling, "WHY ARE YOU ALL SO MEAN TO ME?!?!"

    "Because it's fun!" Alec say

    "Why're you cryin'?!" Dominick asks

    "You wanna know why? Because you're a nerd,  a freak,  and a total wuss," Nathan answers, pulling Copper up by his bowtie "But hey, at least you make a good punching bag!"

    No way was I gonna let them hurt him... 

  2. Ever wanted to---








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    We all love spam.


    Sorry Hydra.

  4. William worked long and hard, wasting away at his wooden stained table tediously adjusting and fixing his machines. His eyes become bagged from the lack of sleep, his hands sore and cut from moving and being butchered by the metal he tinkered on. He kept one thought going through his head that kept him going and going "It's almost done." he ran though his mind over and over like a broken record. He had Mozart playing around him to keep his mind and body at ease as he toiled long and toiled hard trying to finish his work. Wire after wire, screw after screw, it all connected and built up as he worked for what felt like weeks on his creation. Till finally a loud Snap of metal joints breaking from pressure. He yelled out in frustration

    "DAMIT I AM NEVER GOING TO FINISH THIS DAMN THING!" He screamed letting it echo throughout his workshop and he listened as it bounced against the walls and halls. He slammed his fist too the table and looked down at the remains of what he made. This metallic body that looked close to a human... almost an identical skeleton to that of the average man. He saw the joint was rusted and that why was it broke. He sighed and left the remains of his creation for tomorrow. As he began to pick up his tools and put them away he heard something down the echoing halls... He looked down the hall peering into the darkness trying to see what on earth could be down the halls. He ignored the sound as just the building or something along the lines of something just creaking. He continued to place each tool in their proper place then he heard something that sent a chill down his spine... A voice that he knew was oh so familiar too him.

    "Afton..." whispered a cold voice, almost like ice itself. William looked down the hall once more and yelled in a mix of frustration and fear. He was sick of this, every night it was these voices speaking too him. He knew this was most likely due too stress... But he does get sick of them just getting into his head. Once he finishes the project he will most likely get it all out of his head. Afton finished placing his tools in their tidy little spots and he began walk the walk out of his old workshop. Passing along wires and pipes. He then felt like something like was right behind... Something leaning and breathing down his neck. He turned his head and saw on the ground an old suit he had... It had been torn apart and was nothing more than fabric on metal after all the wear and tear William Afton had done ripping the old thing apart for parts. He continued down the hall not noticing the terrifying beast that had been ensnared and coiled with wires and electronics. 


    Afton came back down the elevator and was beating his fist against his head. 

    "How could I forget the blueprints... I swear this week has been nothing but me seeing things and just being a paranoid madman." He paced himself through the rusting corridors that reeked of mold and rotten water. He made it back too his work room but he had a weird feeling as if something had their eyes on him. He turned to the table and noticed something... There was some kind of animatronic on the table right next to his current creation. He slowly made his way to this creation and looked over. It was the severed head of an endoskeleton with long heavy cords protruding from it making it look like a octopus or something like that with it's many tendrils. William Afton took a hold of it and scoped over it. The head had several spikes protruding from the back of the head that were most likely for securing on the mask. The head was missing an eye and were it should have been it was leaking wires as if it was ripped out. William Afton looked close over it but did not notice one of the tendrils slowly making it's way around his ankle till SNAP. Afton fell to the ground and was helpless as the tendrils wrapped and coiled around his limbs and secured him. William looked upward to meet the wired assalant till he watched as it's mechanical jaws slowly opened revealing rather sharp teeth till...


    "You made us this way... so now you get to be one of us."

  5. To make it easier for other people to watch all the videos.


    Here is the link for the playlist


    Any advice, suggestions and comments are much appreciated.

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  7. Well I think it was about time I did this considering my most recent roleplay is more dead than the section and the site as a whole. So one may think when they read this that I am going to be calling out people specifically but that will not be at all how this goes. I am sorry if you think I am talking about you or someone else I am more speaking in a broad general sense.


    The roleplaying section right now is... A barren waste, with I think only two active roleplays and one of I think is dying. My Four lords roleplay I hoped would try to be the revival the section needed only for it to crash and burn like the Hindenburg. I think I should point out the biggest issues I have with the current state of things and the issues that what used to be my favorite part of the forms. It may be offence and I am by no means trying to be rude but I am just going to be saying what I think needs to be said about how things are. Now lets start most roleplayers are facing with right now

    Issue 1: motivation 

    Motivation is the thing that drives us. I have heard so many times this year and last that "Hey I am going to post a roleplay soon." but soon ends up being never considering that whenever one looks upon the once great section all they see is empty space. I look back at the roleplays from time to time to perk my spirits up and see how much people loved doing the stuff. Now when I look on the section I just kind of loose any hope of being able to put anything there without it dying of starvation or if people will like it or not. I feel like any sense motivation is ripped away from someone who wants to post a roleplay gets torn apart when they see the lack of motivation anyone else is giving it. This may not go for everyone but but it certainly does for me.
    Issue 2: People saying they will join when they don't
    Okay this may just be my thing but how many of you roleplayers propose your idea for a roleplay and get everyone hyped and people saying that they will join and what not then when you post it there will literally be no one joining. Maybe like one or two people but never enough to ever start the damn thing. This really hurts people's confidence to roleplayers thinking that the thing the wrote did not meet up to the viewer's standards and it lowers their confidence to post a roleplay again. Honestly if you want to join the roleplay but then you are unable to join it, the creator of it instead of leaving them hanging. It really hurts them as a creator and a roleplayer.

    Issue 3: Roleplays feeling too much like forum games 

    I am sorry but I am going to have too talk about the current roleplays that are currently in the section. I have looked at two and it feels slightly more like a forum game. If one were to do that then whats the point of putting it into a roleplay when it can go in the games. I see one that feels like one of the classic roleplays and and I know I am going to get hate but I am saying it. I get that the current ones are more for new people getting into the roleplay life and it is much simpler to write for but at the same time there needs to be a least a few bigger more complex roleplays for people to join who are more vets to the game and maybe get some of the new ones to try the the big leagues.

    Issue 4: Advanced section

    It was dead at the start of it, its dead now. I think there was one successful roleplay there but I understand one never posted there. It felt like that was were mediocracy was not allowed in that plane and people were scared to even try to trek that land when they thought it was impossible to make a good one there. So I am not saying it was bad but it was just something that needed some love.

    Issue 5: Rp mods (And no I am not saying they are the issue)

    Roleplay mods right now most likely feel they just got a purple title and that is it. They don't get to do much and I am best friends with one who feels like her job is pointless at this point. All the roleplay mods do right now is just review over a roleplay and tell the poster what needs to be fixed. I think they should be given more things to do instead of just feel like normal members who occasionally check a roleplay out. Maybe make them gallery mods as well, But that is a rant for another day.


    Well that is my 2 cents on the roleplay section as a whole if you can think of anything else be sure to tell me.

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    Welcome back my bros. My name Jeff. Now after several months of sitting on my rear it's time to cyberbully 8 year olds who made pokecreations 4 years ago.


    4 years ago
    Thick Fat
    Ups resistance to Fire- and Ice-type moves (Should've been changed to Thick Fact. You did a bad job and you should feel bad).
    Snorfaqs is a Snorlax who loves facts and trivia. He likes to make his way onto Forums and sneak into peoples signatures. He especially loves faqs pages, but hates GameFaqs because he watched Chuggaaconroy's some nerd's Super Paper Mario walkthrough and heard what they said to him when he was younger (This reference is definitely not overly specific and if you don't get it you're probably in a special class in you're local "school", as your parents prefer to call it). His favorite food is Bulbapedia's Trivia NSFW sections. 
    Overall, Snorfaqs is a bad idea. But I am excited for the sequel creations that Doctor Flygon promised me in DMs, which include and are limited to: FAQpras, FAQicate, PsyFAQ, DigiFAQ, SnorFAQs Ash form, and Unknow FAQ.


    A/N - I haven't played the Danganronpa games so I went into this anime completely unfamiliar with the material it was based on. I have no idea if the anime follows the game nor if it uses any aspects from the game other than the characters. These are just my thoughts about it which I thought were interesting.





    It's a big title considering the cult following the games have and I went into it expecting something awesome and pretty gruesome since I knew the basic premise of it. However what I got was something a little more tame than I expected. The deaths particularly. Some deaths had more impact than others on me, both the murders and the punishments.. But I'll talk about those a little later.


    First of all let's talk about the basic premise of the show; Danganronpa: The animation follows a highschool boy Makoto Naegi who has been accepted into the Hope's Peak Academy by sheer luck through a raffle. Hope's Peak is a supposed school for the elite, only the very best students in their own fields were approved to attend but as soon as the students step into the school grounds they're knocked out and wake up inside. A total of 15 students are inside at first, each of them have their own personalities and strengths which depend on the reason they were accepted into the academy in the first place. Here is where they meet Monokuma, a strange bear who claims to be the headmaster of Hope's Peak and also tells them that if they want to leave the school and 'graduate' they must commit murder without getting caught by the rest of the students.


    The premise itself is really interesting, pitting the students against each other not only to kill but to pull off the perfect murder. This isn't an story like that of Battle Royale or the Hunger Games which is mostly about the deaths and the emotional impact on the characters; Danganronpa is about the mystery as well. WHO killed WHO? The biggest threat is that if they don't manage to find out who it was who committed the murder.. the innocent students will all be punished and executed, leaving the murderer to go free and graduate. However if they do find the murderer, they will be the ones executed instead.



    This brings me onto the murders themselves. At first the murders are very well done and you really don't expect a lot of the twists and turns the story throws at you. The artstyle is particularly odd in this respect however, for some reason the studio chose to make the blood which surrounds a corpse a neon pink instead of the normal red. I'm not sure if this was the case in the manga or the games, but I will say that after I got used to the pink being the blood it did add some affect to the deaths, the blood stood out much more on the dim colours of the school and their usually rather dull coloured clothes making the introduction to murders all the more jarring.


    NOW let's talk about the part I like the most in the anime. PUNISHMENTS HEHEH


    Punishments are the extravagant executions Monokuma thinks up in order to punish those who have been found guilty for murder, they're animated in a completely different style to the anime itself and I have to say that while I loved them, I did think that they slowly diminished in creativity and brutality as the story progressed. The first (and best in my opinion) punishment shows a person being hit by hundreds of baseballs being fired at them from a pitching machine at point blank range. He was essentially being STONED to death while the rest of the students watched in horror.. Once the deed was done the gates opened, leaving the punishment hanging on a long scene of the silhouetted corpse surrounded by baseballs and the other students. It's fantastic and harrowing, you really feel the despair the students feel as they watch and the sudden realisation that what their doing is real. The music is also very intense but somewhat playful as if Monokuma is treating it all like a game.



    The punishments are slightly goofy from the beginning however to me they get slowly more and more goofy as the show goes on.. The punishment following this shows a student being put onto a motorcycle, forced into a ball of death (y'know the metal spherical cages which motorcycle daredevils go in?) which gets electrocuted and turned into butter? wut? How did we go from such a harrowing scene of a corpse surrounded by horrified students to someone being turned into butter and put on pancakes?


    It broke the barrier into 'too goofy' territory for me and it took all of the weight from the scenes. I'm watching someone DIE and yet I don't feel uncomfortable and disturbed like I did with the first punishment. The other punishments go the same way to having someone burn to death on the stake (which got my hopes up for a more serious punishment) only to be squished by a firetruck seconds after, once again removing the weight from the scene, and a COMPUTER being smashed... The computer did contain an AI which carried some kind of character but did we really need to have a punishment scene for.. a laptop?



    The ending to the anime is pretty... meh. I didn't really like where it went with the whole conclusion of who the 'mastermind' was behind everything and there was really nothing to clue the viewer in on who it actually was. It felt like they had to think of something quickly and forced a conclusion which doesn't make much sense on a second viewing. Once you know who's behind it you really do see the plot holes.


    The characters are by far the best part of the anime for me. The character designs are amazing and unique, their personalities (while a little cliche at times) are vibrant and I really enjoy all of them when they're on screen. Naturally the most boring is Naegi, being the main character he has to have that element of self-insert for the viewer, I can look past it. My favourite character is Sakura Ogami, the huge buff girl with the long white hair. She literally could snap most of the characters in the show like twigs, not to mention her maturity and [SPOILERS]


    death which really does suit her. Ogami commits suicide in order to prevent further fighting within the group, even going as far as to write a will which installs a new strength to the other students.



    Overall I really did like this anime. It's very well done but it does have it's flaws.. I feel like it could have benefited from a few more episodes to set up aspects of the overarching mystery and even some of the deaths. There's a death every episode or so which is why it only boils down to around 12 episodes in total, leaving it lacking on any character development for those who die very early in the series.


    However there are some moments in the show which are genuinely funny, Monokuma is very sinister but also goofy at the same time, most of the jokes are around him being either bullied by the students or appearing out of nowhere to ruin their plans. While he sounds like he might be annoying he's a good villain and I enjoyed a more light-hearted kind of foil to the characters who are feeling very emotionally drained most of the time. 


    Go watch it if you feel like you may enjoy it. I certainly did despite it's problems~



    Last note - The Funimation dub is hilarious. If you want to laugh at something go watch it.

  10. This isn't some big philosophical debate i'm making or a way to divide the forums into groups, I'm just wondering, which generation did you begin with, and why? 

    Mine's no secret, I began with Generation 4. Diamond was my first Pokemon game, and the first game I actually finished. Sure it was with a god awful team that used nothing but the most powerful moves available, but even a 7 year old can win with enough revives at hand. My favourite Pokemon game is also a gen 4 title, being Heart Gold, which reminds me; is it Heart Gold or HeartGold? The space probably doesn't matter but it's something i've never been able to make my mind up on. Anyway, I've gone on about my favourites many times before, so I'll keep it short here. I'm a gen 4 kid through and through, and to me, Game Freak have yet to make a better Pokemon experience than the one available in Heart Gold and Soul Silver (though Sun and Moon got very close). So then, where did you start out?

  11. zW8YtQ1.png



    Welcome to the finale of Pokemon MS Paint Version! Pokemon MS Paint is a five-part series which involves drawing a randomized Pokemon in MS Paint. Each user will be given a maximum of fifteen minutes to draw each Pokemon. The viewers, which are all of you, will vote on who you think has the best drawn Pokemon. The results have been added up from all five episodes and the winners have been declared!




    First off, I know that Legend, Isagonj, and I had a really great time doing this challenge. It was nice to get out of our comfort zone and try something just for pure fun. We didn't have to make anything look as perfect or extravagant as we would normally intend to do, so this was a pleasant experience as a whole. In the end, whoever comes out on the top doesn't really matter (but let's get real, bragging rights are the best kind of prize). And of course, thank you to the audience for voting. It's been a little under a year since we started this series, so the long-awaited results are in!


    In First Place,



    In the beginning, I didn't think I would make it very far, so this was surprising! :PI'm very clearly better than both Legend and Isabel and blew this competition out of the water. In all seriousness, I think that both Isabel and Legend did far better than me, but again, it doesn't matter who came out on top. (It's not rigged I promise)


    In Second Place,



    I commend Isabel for her unique styling and vibrant color pallets throughout this competition. I'm sure she doesn't care too much and she's probably in some kind of wormhole playing Fire Emblem. In any case, congratulations!


    In Third Place,



    The saying "last, but certainly not least" definitely applies to Legend. To let you in on a little secret, Legend uses a Mac Computer and didn't have access to MS Paint. He actually used Aseprite the whole time, but was restricted to MS Paint-only features. He's somewhere, lurking around PS. #ResurrectLegendFromTheDead


  12. There's been quite a bit of talk recently about Pokemon and eSports- how Pokemon is an eSport, why it is or isn't, how it could take steps to become more seriously considered as one. So, might as well get into my stinking heap of opinions-


    Pokemon is not an eSport.


    Of course, treating it like a revelation is somewhat obnoxious, though a lot more people seem to refer to Pokemon as an eSport (or a developing one) without really giving what qualifies it as one much thought. When asked to explain what makes Pokemon an eSport, people typically point to it meeting the most loose and vague definition of it- "a multiplayer video game played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers." VGC is undoubtedly multiplayer, competitive, and in more recent years watched by spectators. Case closed, right? Well, no, not really. By this logic, any group of people who get together and stream Mario party are participating in an eSport, which we can all agree Mario Party under no circumstance is. But what makes Pokemon more like Mario party and less like something along the lines of League of Legends? Time for some funnerific discerning!


    doduo.pngNon-Pokemon teams


    Basically every big eSport has two teams consisting of several players in a given match- this is important, as it's the one of the central reasons we even have the term "eSports" as two teams consisting of several skilled players is the main parallel between an actual physical sport and one that's entirely virtual. In Pokemon, it's the individual against... everyone else with Pokemon who wants to win, basically. In VGC, there's no group of players that are somehow working towards the same goal. Players can work together in some regards by sharing sets and thoughts on the meta, but ultimately each person is the only one directly contributing to their success, which is pretty uncharacteristic for an eSport.



    shellder.pngHm? Skill?


    A defining aspect of an eSport is the level of devotion put in by players, who have typically spent hours upon hours perfecting their skills and teamwork at a said game. Pokemon doesn't really require skill, however (don't worry, not gonna make the highly flawed "10% chances ruin everything" argument.) All Pokemon requires is a decently put together team and a good understanding of the meta and what people use. It still takes time to build a team and gain this knowledge of course, but doesn't require any of the intensity or nearly as much time any other professional eSport player would need to prepare. The only aspect of competitive Pokemon and VGC that could even somewhat be labeled as skill are the prediction aspects (your opponent's leads, move choices, switches, etc.) but considering that you can't really train your prediction skills (you could consistently find that people make certain choices in certain situations and then predict appropriately, but hey that falls under knowledge accumulation then) and is mostly just based on your gut feeling I wouldn't consider it. Not to say those who have won VGC world championships and whatnot aren't undoubtedly excellent players, but rather that being a great player requires a different, simpler type of ability than do other eSports.


    bulbasaur.pngAnybody can throw a ball with a monster inside of it


    This point's somewhat similar to the last one, but hey it's my blog so most of you have probably stopped reading now and I get to type whatever I want now. Watermelon's horrible. Anyhow, once given a team and some knowledge of the meta, basically anyone can be a successful Pokemon player. Copying and pasting teams is also pretty popular, so then you're already halfway there. Of course, typically the players with more slightly more original variations on things and put in the most time are the ones that ultimately succeed, but you get the idea- basically anyone can succeed at a high level even with relatively very little preparation, simply due to the game not requiring any lightning quick reflexes or even extensive mastery of a certain Pokemon or team, which takes out a lot of the usual "you gotta admit how amazing these players are" factor that any sport usually has going.


    clefable.png Follow me?


    The way VGC tournaments are structured (swiss) sometimes make who moves on and who doesn't somewhat confusing, but also the general way they're handled/streamed makes it pretty hard to follow any one individual. Usually, the only way one gains notoriety among VGC players is by doing well at a regional or some other event with an team that uses an unusual Pokemon or strategy. (players that do well will generally still be looked to for sets and ideas, but almost never followed or discussed.) Not only is it hard to follow players that you find interesting or noteworthy, interactions between players are mostly non-existent- it's not usually a huge thing in eSports, but you still do see rivalries and/or friendships forged between players now and then, which is always interesting and adds an extra layer to the whole thing. Now, I'm not saying Pokemon VGC would necessarily become an eSport if it was like Wrestling, with storylines and personality gimmicks for players (it would just be the best thing ever.) But yes in short the visibility for these kind of things would need to be greatly improved.


    meowth.pngVGC Players used Pay Day! But it failed!


    So, this one's pretty big- despite cashmoneymoolah not typically being used in definitions of eSports, I'd say it's actually quite defining- the main reason anybody even cares about these things enough to start agreeing upon a term for them is because there's money involved, which is essentially what makes eSports different from big flashy video game tournaments. Sure, very recently (2016 or perhaps 15, I believe it was) The Pokemon Company replaced the scholarship prizes they typically gave out to the final winners of VGC formats with an actual cash prize, but that's basically the beginning and end of where money gets involved in competitive pokemon battling. Nobody's getting paid, there's not really any sponsors, nothing along those lines (not necessarily even saying that they should, as I doubt any money is really made off of VGC tournaments by the Pokemon Company.) I suppose placing such emphasis on paying players in some way would call into question the legitimacy of something like college basketball, but of course that's faulty as it's sportlike in basically every other way (and though whether or not it's enough is controversial, players are undoubtedly still being compensated in some manner.) In short, the general lack of compensation/sponsors really makes something a hard sell when trying to consider it as an eSport.



    I suppose a lot of the motivation behind this was simply an overreaction on my part, just getting annoyed with how frequently competitive Pokemon gets referred to as an eSport without a second thought by the VGC community. But words and especially terms made just for rather new things like eSports have specific meanings (insert original political joke here lololol,) anOhd using them without actually thinking about it can often lead to a shared distortion of reality going on in people's heads. Oh, and one last thing before I close this mess out-


    Pokemon shouldn't try to become an eSport.


    I'm not sure if Pokemon being more like an eSport would actually make it much more enjoyable for players, and certainly would remove the core, more philosophical ideas behind what Pokemon should be that still exist in its competitive scene. I think it's great that basically anybody can become good at playing competitive Pokemon, go do some VGC stuff, and not have to worry about putting in too much time and effort to train, finances, or anybody else being extremely invested in their failure or success. It's seems a lot more, you know... fun. 


    and on that note, I'm gonna close this out and go drink some doritos


    please do share any commentsthoughtsideasetc.etc.etc.



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    This is my first entry within in my blog, So I thought I would have some rules!

    Rule #1: Look,Im only ten,i don't need people cursing in the comments, So please don't.

    Rule #2: Please don't be rude to anyone in the comments.

    Rule #3: YOU MUST LOVE MEMES xD (not really).

     So that basically is all I have for my first entry!


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    So I wrote an edgy poem a couple months back and I wanna show you all how edgy it is.
    also @Kibbeh co-wrote this with me, so creds to her
    And without further ado here is the edgy poem 

    As I walk through the forest…


    All by myself…


    I feel an unpleasant breeze of darkness…


    Something wraps itself around me…


    Suffocating me as it speaks…


    “Don’t worry” it says…


    My skin starts to bleed as if I were ⚠ed by a rose…


    Drops of crimson descend like petals, soaking the snow below me...


              It’s grip on me tightens…


    My sight becomes hazy as my mind fades away…


    Soon, I feel my soul trickle out of me…


    I lay there…

    Shrouded in darkness...


  13. Potatomon
    Latest Entry

    Man a lot of crazy stuff happened at the park

    So first I saw a total of three dead things (pigeon, fish?, and duck) and later my mom lost her car keys even tho she swears she put them in her purse and then couldn't find them, and so she sent me to get the spare keys from our house and drove home using those

    Really weird how they just disappeared from her purse and her friend guarding it said no one went near it and her other friend who already went home said she didn't grab them

    Something is off here

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    Welcome to the very first installment of "Hydra Vs. The Community." In these types of blogs, I'll ask you guys for opinions on various Pokestadium-based ideas projects endeavors jamborees etc. The issue before us today, of course, is the next Pokestadium Communitylocke. For those among ye who have no idea what I'm talking about, the originals can be found here and here and here. Before starting a third one of these puppies, I think it's important that we attempt to improve some things (if the consensus is in fact that things need improving.) Here's a not at all quick list of bullet-points I'd love to get some thoughts on:


    -The Points system in general, is it useful and fun, or pointless and distracting? It definitely shows I was big on having the points system and declaring a winner with the initial communitylocke. However, now, I'm not so sure of it- the main reason I'd want to bring them back for a third round is so it would be easier to tell what things should be logged in the trainer journal- we would probably still rack up totals when we get to the end, but I personally wouldn't plan on making a big deal out of the winner unless that's what you guys want.


    -How about those Clauses? Should we even have them? Points or no points? For a long time now, I've regretted giving point bonuses for clauses. It was way too clunky to ever work well, with some being easier than others (and thus being basically mandatory for a shot at winning.) I wouldn't be against bringing the more basic ones back (set clause, no in-battle items clause, etc.) but using them should just be a way for more experienced nuzlockers to have a better time.


    -Game availability? This one might not even seem like an actual problem at first, but if memory serves several members from the last two communitylockes couldn't participate simply because the games selected for nuzlocking weren't available to them, as they didn't own them/weren't familiar with emulators. Solutions to this are tricky- the only ones that come to mind are having experienced members help out those who aren't aware of emulation methods, or focusing on games that are more widely possessed among users (I guess DS or 3DS games?) 


    -Minimizing dropouts? With previous communitylockes, oftentimes a good majority of participants eventually end up dropping out around the second or third gym. Interestingly, this is around the same time most nuzlocke comics/blogs etc. tend to fizzle out- the reason for that typically being that the excitement involved stops being worth the amount of time and effort it takes. So, perhaps one way we could solve this is by simplifying how your progress is updated, which I'm definitely all for. But of course, hard to say whether or not this is even the main source of the problem, so whatever you guys think would be helpful.


    -Awards and whatnot? Would you like to see awards given out at the end of the communitylocke for things like "Most Pokemon Evolved" and "Least Deaths," or even some sort of recognition given out on a weekly basis? Or do you think individual awards like this aren't helpful and detract from the main point of the communitylocke being a group effort?


    -The Game lol? Oh, and of course, what game we're going to be playing is highly important as well. There's no poll on this blog for it though (and won't be one in the main topic) as those kind of polls are so easy to vote on they can often be influenced by people who ultimately don't even end up joining in, so please do leave your game preference in a comment on this blog (and ideally with reason why) for your voice to be counted. Basically any mainline games (besides Sun and Moon for countless evident reasons) can be used, so give it some thought.


    Alrighty then, so please do give your opinion on any of the matters presented above, and of course ideally some suggestions as well- most of this post is just attempting to improve old things, but ideas/questions for new ones are enthusiastically welcomed as well o3o




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    "My head..." Miva rubbed the back of her head with her barely being able to move. She tried to open her eyes with being able to faintly see. Her eyes began to adjust and saw the massive monster that had attacked her before, struggling and trying to lift itself off the ground with its arms scrambling and tearing at the ground leaving scratches against the stone floor. Miva looked at the beast's struggle and looked to see it's legs were in shambles, one being nearly gone. The golem struggled as it beckoned in pain. Miva held close the hammer that the other being used and struggled to pull herself up. She herself was sore from the fall and was shocked how she even survived. She slowly limped across the room and heard the roar of the golem. She looked toward it to be hit by it's massive stone arm. Miva slid across the room and growled as she had felt her body has been mashed. She looked at the monster that raised it's arm to smash her down before Miva raised the hammer and closed her eyes in fear. No arm came upon her and she looked up to see the beast staring at her, waiting and watching. Miva looked up and down the fallen giant and smirked.

    "Hmph, not so tough are you big buddy, well see you around boulder head." She began tracking through the ruins, looking to see odd deposits of stone. A thought then swept across her mind, she had left that massive sentinel, and she had the exact thing that could manipulate it, is that not what she came here to do? Capture the sentinel. She pondered about this as she studied these strange rock deposits. She noticed that it looked to be same material the Sentinel back there was made of. Miva looked at the hammer in her hand and felt something in her and she swung down on the stone and getting some pieces for herself. She collected the shards of stone and put them away. The continued roaring of the golem echoed through the halls of the ruins. Miva came back to where the golem lied and was annoyed by it.

    "Shut up! What do you want me to do!?" Miva said yelled at the golem and noticed the hammer was vibrating. She raised it up and something magical happened with splitting open and a strange screen appeared showed the golem with a red symbol near it's right leg. The leg that was shattered in the fall. She was confused but out of sheer risk she pressed the red symbol. Something tugged from within her satchel, the shard she collected flew from her bag and toward the golem. They started to expand and grown and built for the golem. The shards grew and crafted themselves into a brand new leg for the giant. The golem observed and once the magical moment was over, the golem shook its leg. It looked around and pushed itself up, slowly lifting itself off the ground. The golem looked over itself and slowly took a step to test its legs. The fierce being slowly began its trot and looked to Miva, as if it was waiting orders.

    "Alright... I suppose you will be the one I will take with me. But... i got to name you... Giga. That works." Giga looked and responded to the name with a low hum. Miva shook her head and pointed the hammer to incite Giga to go forward. He began his march forward and Miva lead.

    So begins the two's trek though the god forsaken ruins of the Sentinels 

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    1. has been banned like 8 times

    2. provides no useful discussion topics


    3. he is a priest but he gambles


    4. he pretends to be 7, but he is actually 59 years old


    5. stole scratchy and petey's name

    6. he has about 15 accounts

    7. he wants to EAT me



    8. he is rude.


    9. he is not banned. mods. please ban.

    10. his community reputation lies about his personality



    in conclusion, i made this before primal could


    please ban mr. scratchy piranha, @Yuuko @ekevinn @Dash @The-Hydra








  14. Callout post for@The-Hydra


    1. Not a furry (which you really should at least try to be, in these modern days and times)


    2. Stole sprites in 2011 because he was kind of a dim kid and didn't know what MS paint was or how to access it- sometimes not even actually pokemon sprites, both Ice wolf from mother 3 and the Black mage from final fantasy were submitted as Pokecreations (ah, the days before an approval system)


    3. Has not yet banned sciz for himself, what is essentially the only way any PS staff member can prove their worth


    4. Probably stole username from @Hydralicious, a member who is hard at work bettering the site via snarky comments and callout posts for dark forces and doesn't need this unnecessary confusion


    5. Embraces the kind of negative stereotypes that have kept the US a third-world country for centuries


    6. Sometimes he uses colors just because he remembers he can


    7. Failed to make a Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter solstice or Cotton candy day friendly version of the PS advent calendar, revealing that he doesn't think you're worth jack if you're not of the same creed as him


    8. Took him way more tries than it should have to remember how to spell Hanukkah-  also uses "Der-Hydras" as his Showdown username. Coincidental? Up to you.


    9. has two brothers ( @Master Snivy  and @Contract_Crawdad) who somehow have even more crude senses of humor and are probably just puppets here so he can funnel coins to his offshore bank account on Alola or something


    10. Never really got into Splatoon despite owning the game


    11. Along with Pepsi man was the only user to be made into a non-forum member by Johan for some (likely justified) reason, and was probably only unbanned form the forums due to him temporarily shutting down the site lol


    12. He takes great joy in writing paragraphs upon paragraphs about competitive Pokemon, editing and updating FAQs/guides, reading posts by sciz and other things no human-hearted person should enjoy


    13. has been known to be slightly less inhibited and self-controlled on other communication platforms 


    14. Has a comic that requires the artistic skill of a 5-year old and yet seldom adds new installment, leaving @Yunn Goos to starve of humor in the streets like an animal


    15. Is creating a silly pointless callout post for himself rather than doing his job and working on containing developing crapstorms on the site


    in conclusion this was pointless but fun, I tag person who's original username I can't recall  @Primal for the next one



  15. Callout post for @Sonic20


    1. furry

    2. steals art

    3. steals stuff in general


    4. wants to assault people



    5.  Threatened a member because he wanted to steal their profile



    6. Hates pokemon and thinks it’s broken 



    7. Is a robber


    8. Curses and attempts to summon Satan on what is supposed to be a family-friendly, Christian site

    wh8vI3Y.pngInsert other media


    9. Robs people


    10. Is homophobic



    11. Likes Sonic slash fics



    12. Hates nintendo



    13. Steals art from artists


    14. Threated me on multiple occasions when I demanded that he not steal art anymore






    15. Is an ART THIEF


    16. Has an alt-account called Petey Piranha


    In conclusion we need to ban this monstrous art thief #BANSONIC



    Q&A #4

     Hey Pokestadium! It's ya boi ekevinn, one of the admins, here for a long awaited blog!!! Yes, it has almost been a year since I've lasted posted a blog on Pokestadium, and after an on-and-off hiatus throughout 2016, I'm glad to say that from now on I'll be trying to post more and work hard on Pokestadium as much as possible. Anyways, now onto the actual blog! For those of you who were active throughout the year of 2015, you might remember these Q&A segments that  I used to post on my blog, and I've decided to bring them back, as I was looking over my profile recently,  I viewed my old blog entries and remembered how much fun I had with this series. Interacting with members through Q&A segments has always been a joy for me, and I love learning more about you guys as well as telling you all about myself.

     Some of you might have noticed the addition of ribbons over your profile picture when posting. Do not fret however, as I am just testing out the Ranking System that this board offers and this is not permanent, but if you guys would prefer for the feature to stay/be expanded upon then I'd be more than happy to keep it around. For those who do not know, the ribbon that appears above your profile is determined by the amount of posts you have. Below is a list of the ribbons you can possibly obtain:


    • Beginner - 100 posts Event Ribbon.png
    • Trainer - 250 Posts Green_Ribbon.png.fb2dcc6c20a505e18b2d34a
    • Ace Trainer - 500 Posts Red_Ribbon.png.1f44e7c19efbd671ea981fc94
    • Veteran - 750 Posts Blue_Ribbon.png.7fa83d5d6925517d49b388c4
    • Elite - 1000 Posts Souvenir_Ribbon.png.cb37cf036bed48932f6f
    • Champion - 2000 Posts Wishing_Ribbon.png.e5bbf37881bff4f4d75bc
    • Master - 5000+ Posts Royal Ribbon.png



     I'd like to receive any comments, thoughts, and suggestions you guys may have on the ribbon system. Should certain ribbon holders be allowed to participate in certain events/posses benefits? Should there be more ribbon tiers added? Should the system be removed completely? Be sure to let me know. Depending on the input I get from you guys, I'll keep/remove the system in about a week from now.


     I understand that many new amazing members have joined since my hiatus, I've talked to some of you and stalked your profile pages,  and you all seem like great members. So to the newer members of Pokestadium/the ones who aren't acquainted with me too well, I'd like to say thank you for your constant support and participation on the forums. It really makes me happy to know that we still have members joining and interacting around Pokestadium. It reminds me of when I first joined myself.


     Speaking of when I first joined, things really have changed since then!  Members have come and go, the type of content and humour is now different, and the forum looks completely different than what it looked like around 4 years ago. Do you want to know what Pokestadium was like back then? Well, this is what this blog is for! For my Q&A Blogs, I'll usually have a general topic for members to ask me questions on; so for instance, I've done Q&A's on myself, events on the site, and a forum update that we did around a year ago. For this entry's topic, I'll have it set on the following things:


    • Anything about me: ex.Favourite flavour of icecream? Favorite music genre? 
    • Ribbon System: ex.Can there be a _____ ribbon?
    • Pokestadium's past:  ex.What was the forum like 4 years ago? What kind of member was I? Who did I look up to?
    • Thoughts on Pokestadium: ex.How do you feel about Pokestadiums's current state? Do you agree with my opinion on _________?


    I'm really looking forward to answering as much as questions as I can, as well as getting to know some of you guys better.

    For anyone who has any detailed questions, suggestions, is seeking advice, or just wants someone to talk to/get to know better, please feel free to PM me.

    I hope everything is doing well with you guys, and I hope you all have a wonderful day at Pokestadium.

    Now, ask away!

     Answered Questions


  17. Sonic Advance (GBA)




    Sonic Advance is everything Sonic the Hedgehog 4 should have been. High-paced yet precise sidescrolling. Physics that rival the original trilogy. Characters that provide new levels of fun. It's tragic that the Advance series as a whole has fallen into obscurity. 

    The story is very much standard for the old-school 2D Sonic games. Eggman has captured a bunch of animals, and has decided to take over the world. Why? For plot convenience, of course. It's not the most interesting story, but

    it's a Sonic game, and gameplay takes priority. 



    The gameplay is almost as if it was ripped from the Genesis games themselves. The physics are pretty much perfect, and the level design is, for the most part, enjoyable. There are a few levels where trial and error are involved, but this is true of all 2D Sonic games. After playing it through once or twice, you'll know where to control your speed, and you will do absolutely fine. 


    The game features four playable characters; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and most interestingly, Amy. All play in a unique way, offering different paths and speeds. Sometimes these differences will benefit you, and at other times, you'll wish you picked another character. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles play as they did on the original Genesis games, albeit with a few extra moves, such as Tails' (useless) tail swipe, and Knuckles' (useless) punches. This game introduces Amy as a playable character for the first time in a 2D Sonic game. Amy is most certainly the most enjoyable character to play as- She offers a whole new level of depth to the game, requiring you to master your timing, as she lacks the ability to curl up. Instead, she can use her hammer to attack, which is actually advantageous in many situations. For example, she can jump higher using a special move, and has a longer range than Sonic's insta-shield. She can even defeat certain bosses easier than the other three, as her range far exceeds the others. It is a common complaint that Amy is "not fun" and "too hard", but to that, I say, unironically: Get good. These characters introduce a large amount of replay value, as well as fun, new ways to play.

    However, there is of course, a catch, as is tradition for Sonic games. The special stages are absolutely horrendous. They're slightly reminiscent of Sonic 2, which is fine in itself, but it involves a 3D plane, which really doesn't work well on the Gameboy Advance. It's incredibly difficult to determine where to place yourself, and as a result, makes collecting Chaos Emeralds tedious and frustrating. Fortunately, they're not necessary to enjoy the bulk of the game. 



    The graphics are truly some of the best GBA games have to offer. Most of the environments are vivid, and the character animations are incredibly detailed. Sonic Team did an amazing job of the spriting. Even idle animations

    capture my attention, giving the characters a huge amount of personality. 

    The sound of this game is, as always, very memorable. Sonic games almost never get this wrong. However, whilst the tracks are memorable and the sound effects are great, it definitely suffers due to the limitations of the GBA sound card. This doesn't stop them from being catchy and appealing, though. 



    Overall, Sonic Advance is a brilliant game, and most certainly the best out of the trilogy. It keeps speed to a good pace, but isn't too fast, and also has 4 unique ways of playing. It's not without flaws, but it's still an extremely solid experience. I definitely enjoy them more than the Genesis games, myself. I'd give Sonic Advance a 9/10.






    (please tell me how you think this is, i've literally never written a review before and i'd appreciate feedback on the quality of the writing- I'd also be happy to discuss the game with you, if you'd like)

  18. Seriously, all you people are Pumpkin Murderers. Then again, I've carved Jack O' Lanterns myself, so I'm no better. Oh well, our fantastic 'Ace Philosopher' tagged me, so here's my answers.


    1: What is your favorite thing about Halloween? Getting to invite friends over to go Trick or Treating
    2: Do you believe in ghosts? No
    3: Have you ever seen a ghost? No (I somehow think this would influence the last question's answer heavily
    4: When was the last time you went trick or treating? Last year
    5: Have you ever carved a pumpkin? Yee
    6: What is the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween? A Devil
    7: Do you like horror movies? If so, what is your favourite? Yeah, but not if they're too gory. I did like the Critters series though
    8: Favorite ghost type Pokemon? I'm not sure. Gengar would be the easy pick, but I'm probably gonna say Chandelure, just because I like both the concept and the typing
    9: What's your favorite Halloween-themed movie? I haven't really seen any
    10: What's your favorite Halloween song? I haven't heard any, as far as I know
    11: What is your favorite type of candy? Hard to pick. But I like sour things, like Lemon Sherbet
    12: What are your phobias?  Don't have any
    13: Would you rather be a witch or a ghost? Ghost
    14: Name one thing that always creeps you out. Gory details
    15: Do you have any plans for this Halloween? Not yet
    16: What's your favorite scary story/book? Don't really have one, as with movies and songs I haven't read any.
    18: When is the last time you were really scared? Yesterday. Jumpscares always catch me out, so watching Markiplier play Sister Location, yeah... I'll let you get the rest.
    19: How do you celebrate for Halloween? Depends if I organise something with friends. Last time we trick or treated, then played Dawn of War Soulstorm and Cards Against Humanity
    20: What is the first thing you dressed up as for Halloween? idek
    21: How excited are you for Halloween? Quite. It's a fun time of the year
    22: If you could transform into animal, what would you transform into? A Bear
    23: If you were a witch, what animal would you have as a companion? Probably an Owl. Dey cool

    24: Do you believe in magic? Nah


    Also, I'm just gonna tag people that I haven't specifically seen be tagged or do it. So @CP_ & @Poison. Since I can't think of more than two atm

  19. I thank @isagonj and @Panflam7 for tagging me in another procrastination event. I need to stop messing my life up o3o


    But nah, I love these things though. Thanks owo


    foFWRCS.png What is your favorite thing about Halloween? Maid co-- I mean scary people knocking on the door threatening me for candy

    yN8OWra.png Do you believe in ghosts? Nope

    BZ3Cmm0.png Have you ever seen a ghost? Nope

    foFWRCS.png When was the last time you went trick or treating? Once, when I was like 12. I got so much candy that I decided to try it again. Too bad my costume didn't fit me anymore...

    yN8OWra.png Have you ever carved a pumpkin? Nope. How do you do that o3o

    BZ3Cmm0.png What is the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween? idk, can't be bothered trying to remember haha

    foFWRCS.png Do you like horror movies? If so, what is your favorite? I haven't watched that much horror movies. But playing horror games is a different story.

    yN8OWra.png Favorite ghost type Pokemon? Atm, Mimikyu <3

    BZ3Cmm0.png What's your favorite Halloween-themed movie? uhh...I don't remember the title. It had books and monsters coming out of books though.

    foFWRCS.png What's your favorite Halloween song? I know nothing.

    yN8OWra.png What is your favorite type of candy? It's got to be something cadbury.

    BZ3Cmm0.png What are your phobias? I'm not irrationally afraid of anything. I don't think so at least. Although, I feel really uneasy when walking through a pitch black tunnel, with only a flashlight, and trying to reach the end. I can't see much even with a bright flashlight, I always see this black void in the middle.

    foFWRCS.png Would you rather be a witch or a ghost? I'm probably going to be a ghost, if they exist.

    yN8OWra.png Name one thing that always creeps you out. It's definitely going to be that black void in a tunnel, even with a flashlight on. I hate not being able to see things in an enclosed space.

    BZ3Cmm0.png Do you have any plans for this Halloween? Pfft, Exam revision. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.

    foFWRCS.png What's your favorite scary story/book? I don't like reading.

    yN8OWra.png Do you decorate for Halloween? Nope. Too expensive to buy pumpkins and spoopy cobwebs to put outside your house.

    BZ3Cmm0.png When is the last time you were really scared? I last got really scared yesterday, when I found out about my fear of not being able to see things in the dark.

    foFWRCS.png How do you celebrate for Halloween? Gimme dem Cadbury

    yN8OWra.png What is the first thing you dressed up as for Halloween? Like I said, dunno o3o

    BZ3Cmm0.png How excited are you for Halloween? Excited for diabetes day, woo! As long as I get my chocolate I'm good owo

    foFWRCS.png If you could transform into animal, what would you transform into? It'll most definitely be an aquatic animal, because I can't swim.

    yN8OWra.png If you were a witch, what animal would you have as a companion? Probably a black widow/redback spider. Because you know, those things are poisonous and it scares lots of people.

    BZ3Cmm0.png Do you believe in magic? No. Screw you magicians and your illusions. I believe nothing unless you guys "magically" turn me into a millionaire o3o


    I don't know who's been tagged. I'll edit this once I fix the tagging thing.


    Feekst eet.

    @Yashu @Yunn Goos @Dash

  20. 1: What is your favorite thing about Halloween? i'm not entirely sure because i never do anything on halloween 

    2: Do you believe in ghosts? not really but i'm not going out of my way to prove it because. if they ARE real im gonna die of a heart attack

    3: Have you ever seen a ghost? once i saw this really pale kid at my school and i thought he was a ghost at first

    4: When was the last time you went trick or treating? like, a few years ago

    5: Have you ever carved a pumpkin? yes but i wasn't good at it

    6: What is the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween? i cannot remember

    7: Do you like horror movies? If so, what is your favorite? i love them. i actually have a favorite series called "2016 presidential debates"

    8: Favorite ghost type Pokemon? gonna have to say giratina, he's great

    9: What's your favorite Halloween-themed movie? nightmare before christmas is the best

    10: What's your favorite Halloween song? i. have no idea

    11: What is your favorite type of candy? chocolate or fruity

    12: What are your phobias? uhh i used to have a phobia of choking on food but. i dont have it anymore so i have none as of current

    13: Would you rather be a witch or a ghost? uhh ghost. witches can't possess people can they? no.

    14: Name one thing that always creeps you out. unexplained noises. like, noises i'll hear and i have no idea where they came from. that and isolation. i don't like being alone and if i am i prefer to have electronics or something of the like

    15: Do you have any plans for this Halloween? as of now no because i never do anything lol

    16: What's your favorite scary story/book? idk

    17: Do you decorate for Halloween? nope

    18: When is the last time you were really scared? i don't actually know

    19: How do you celebrate for Halloween? i don't

    20: What is the first thing you dressed up as for Halloween? a SPOOKY SKELETON

    21: How excited are you for Halloween? on a scale of 1-10 i'd say a 0

    22: If you could transform into an animal, what would you transform into? bald eagle. 1) apex predator 2) hunting is illegal in america 3) 'murica

    23: If you were a witch, what animal would you have as a companion? i. uh. a cat?? i guess?

    24: Do you believe in magic? not really


    honestly i have no idea who's been tagged so work it out amongst yourselves because i'm too lazy to find people who haven't been tagged