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Big the Cat

I ring the doorbell to my house. My dad answers the door. 

"Hey Dad!" I hug him and he lifts me up.

"Hi Copper. How was your day at school?"

"It was pretty good."

"Well, that's good. You're certainly happy today," he sets me down and looks at Brass, "So who's this? A friend of yours?"

"Yeah, this is Brass."

"Hi,  it's nice to meet you, Mr. Tiger." Brass says happily, extending his paw. My dad shakes paws with him. 

"Well,  it's nice to meet you too, Brass."

We walk inside, Brass following me closely. My dad asks us, 

"Are you two hungry? I just finished cooking."

"Yes." I answer

"Yes, sir." Brass says. We enter the kitchen.

"Copper,  can you help me with this?" my dad asks. I nod and walk over to him. Brass sits at the bar, staring at us. My dad hands me two plates. He puts a slab of meat on each, as well as on his plate on the counter. I grab the silverware and give Brass his food.

"Thank you, Mr. Tiger!" He smiles and starts eating.

"You're quite welcome, Brass." my dad replies. I sit down next to Brass.

"So Dad, where's Mom?"

"She's working overtime....again..."

"Oh, okay."

"...So, Brass, how did you and Copper meet?" My dad asks.

"Well, some guys were bullying him, so I decided to help him."

"I-if he hadn't stepped in when he did, they would've beaten me up..." I add.

"Well, thank you for helping out my baby boy."

"Dad, I'm not a little kid anymore!!!!" I groan.

"It doesn't matter how old you get, you'll always be my baby boy," my dad smiles, ruffling my hair, 

"How do like my cooking, Brass?"

"It's delicious! You're the best cook, sir!"


After we finish eating, I ask,

"Umm, Dad, you mind if I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it, Copper?"

"Umm, well....would you mind....if Brass....stayed here with us?" 

"What?! We barely even know him!!" his whiskers stand on end.

"Y-yeah... I know... B-but he doesn't have anywhere else to go..."

"Brass, where're your parents?

Brass swallows a lump in his throat.

"They--they kicked me out..."

My dad looks both shocked and uneasy.

"But, why would they do something like that?"

"W-well, it's--it's because they found out that I'm gay..." Brass looks down sadly.

"Oh, well that's just horrible. Folks and their prejudices..." My dad crosses his arms and shakes his head.

I look at him pleadingly,

"Dad, please?? He has nowhere to go. We can't just let him stay on the streets. Think of what could happen to him..."

"....." he deliberates.

"Dad, pleeeease?!" I beg him.

He sighs, nursing his forehead,

"Copper, just...give me some time to think about it..."

"...Okay...," I whine and look at Brass,

"Come on Brass, let's go to my room..." He nods and gets up. We go upstairs. I open the door to my room and close it behind us. Brass looks around cheerfully.

"Copper, your room looks so cooooool!!" he exclaims.

"Heh, thanks," I sit on my bed, in front of the TV. He plops down on my beanbag,

"You want to play video games?"

"Sure!" he replies happily.


After a few hours, I hear a knock on my door.

"Come in!," I answer. It's my dad,

"Oh, hey Dad...S-so, c-can he stay? I ask nervously.

"Well, Copper, I thought about it, and I asked your mother. Brass, you can stay here as long as you need to."

Brass's eyes glimmer,


My dad nods. Brass hugs him, crying,

"T-thank you so much, sir! You won't regret it!"...


Big the Cat

I look at Copper, somewhat ashamed,

"I-I'm sorry about your painting, I should've stepped in earlier..."

"Oh yeah, d-don't worry about it. I'll be fine," Copper says, looking up at the clock, "Lunch is about to end. What classes do you have after this?"

"I have Grammar, then Geometry." I answer.

"I'm going to Reading, then History." Copper replies.

"Oh, well then we're right near each other!" I say, cheerfully. 
The dismissal bell rings. Copper closes his lunchbox and gets up.

"Well, I guess I'll see you later, Brass..." 

"Heh, I guess I'll walk with you!" I smile. Copper looks dumbfounded.

"R-really? Are you sure?" he says, twiddling his fingers. I nod and grin. "B-but, why would you want to hang around someone like me? I mean, just look at me..." he says sadly, as we start walking.

"I don't know what you're talking about, heh, you look pretty cute to me."

"Oh, well, umm, thanks for that." he says modestly, blushing.

We make it to the Reading classroom.

"Well, I'll see you." Copper tells me.

"Yeah, I'll talk to you later." I respond, hugging him. He seems really surprised by it, but he hugs me back. He enters his classroom and I head towards my Grammar class.


My classes went by without a hitch, but I can't say I could focus very much; I was too busy thinking about Copper. Finally, the dismissal bell rings. The students exit like a stampede. I get my backpack. I see Copper walking towards the doors. I hurry to catch up with him.

"Heya Copper!" I slap his back happily.

"Oof! Oh, hi Brass, what's up?"

"Oh, nothing. I was just wondering if ya wanted to walk home together."

"Umm, okay, if you want to."

"Yay! Okay, lead the way."

"You're such a little kid." he chuckles.

"Am not." I pout.

"....Wait, won't your parents be worried about you?"

"Oh, n-no, my parents couldn't care less about me. They hate me..."

"I'm sure you're exaggerating."

"No, really. I mean, if they loved me, I don't think they woulda kicked me out..."

"W-what?! B-but, why would they do that?!"

"W-well, it's because I'm gay, and they didn't approve of that..."

"Oh...But, then, where do you live?"

"I live on the streets..."

Copper looks appalled. I sigh.

"Yeah...I have for two years now..."

Copper looks to the left.

"Umm, well we're here." he says

"Okay, well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Copper." I start turning to walk away, but Copper grabs my paw, "Huh?"

"Umm, maybe you could stay with me."


"Well, I'll ask my parents. They'll probably say yes."

My eyes start watering. I hug him tightly, nuzzling him.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, Copper!"

"D-don't mention it... can't....breathe!"....

Big the Cat

After ripping my painting to shreds, Nathan pulls grabs me by my bowtie, staring me right in the face.


"Heh, time for boxing practice!," Nathan says, clenching his fist. He gets ready to throw a punch.

I flinch in anticipation,

"No, please don't hurt me!!"


"Leave him alone, you jerks!!"


I open my eyes and see Brass, running to help me. He pushes Nathan, who lets me go. I look up at Brass; he's livid. He looks over at me,

"Get behind me, I'll handle them."

I nod and cower behind him.

"Well well, if it isn't the resident f@g." Dominick growls.

"You must really have a death wish to be picking a fight with us!" Alec comments.

"S-shut up! If you want him, y-you'll have to get past me first!," Brass says, trying to sound tough.

"Oh, well that's just adorable. What, is he your little boyfriend or something?" Nathan snickers.

"Well, if that's how you wanna be, then fine! More fun for me!," Dominick yells, slashing his claws at Brass. The slash rips his shirt, but otherwise he seems fine. Brass punches Dominick in the snout. He says condescendingly,

"Now scram, you stupid lizards!!"

"Lizards?! Why you little---" Nathan starts, but Alec interrupts him.

"Ugh, forget it. It isn't worth it. Let's go."

"Hrrmmmmm, fine...." Nathan snorts.

"I'll get you for this!!" Dominick says nasally, holding his snout. The three of them walk away.


Brass sighs and turns around. He asks,

"Are ya alright?"

"Yeah, I guess," I sniffle, wiping my face, "Thanks...for helping me out." I start picking up my books.

Brass helps me gather my papers,

"Don't mention it. Those three are a mean bunch. I should know, they used to pick on me all the time. I couldn't let them do the same to you," he says, smiling. We stand up and start walking towards the cafeteria.


By the time we get to the cafeteria, lunch is halfway over. We sit at an empty table

"Umm, thanks again for helping me... What's your name?," I ask, pulling out a sandwich.

"My name's Brass, and you?"

"I'm Copper."

"Nice to meet ya, Copper!," he smiles, patting my back. He looks at the clock, "Dang, the lines are closed..." His stomach rumbles.

I break my sandwich in half and give him one.

"Thanks, Copper." he says, blushing.

And just like that, I wasn't on my own anymore...




Big the Cat

I'm Brass.  I'm a 14 year old bear,  and I moved from Metropolis to Moonside with Copper, my boyfriend.


I've lived on my own for a while, pretty much ever since my parents found out about my homosexuality. I knew I was gay at a fairly young age,  but I kept it to myself until I was about 10.


I had a small group of friends from school. We had gone to same school for years,  and I deeply trusted and valued...  I guess I trusted them too much... When I confessed to them,  they acted like they were disgusted with me and stopped talking to me altogether. I was distraught. I had just hoped they wouldn't tell anyone, but it spread throughout my grade level like wildfire (see,  I was fairly popular in elementary school).


I'd say it was worse once my parents heard.  They couldn't set aside their own prejudices and love their only son. They basically disowned me and kicked me to the curb. I couldn't take anything with me; they said I "didn't deserve to have anything". I haven't spoken to them since.... 


With nowhere else to go, I had to live on the streets, doing unofficial jobs in order to save up money. As much as I hated it,  I knew I had to stay in school in order to potentially have a better life. Luckily, after I got to middle school, I was mostly out of the spotlight. As a result, 6th grade went by with fewer problems. 7th grade went even better I'd say,  thanks to one special guy... 


I remember when I first met Copper. I was getting ready to go to lunch, when I heard the sound of textbooks hitting the floor,  then a familiar voice.

*sarcastically* "Oh, I'm sorry! Did I make you drop your stuff?!"

It was Alec,  a Deinonychus, and one of my former tormentors. As per usual, he was with his clique, a Velociraptor named Nathan, and a Coelophysis named Dominick. They were messing with Copper, throwing his papers all over the place. 

"Hmm,  what's this? A little painting?" Nathan says condescendingly

"Gimme back my painting!! I've been working on it for weeks" Copper whines,  trying to grab it. Nathan holds the painting up above his head, out of Copper's reach. 

"Yeah, I'll give it to you...if you do all our school work for us!" Nathan replies. 

"What?  I'm not helping you cheat!!" Copper yells. 

"Well, okay," Nathan says, ripping the painting up and throwing the pieces in the air,  scattering them everywhere.

"N-no, my painting!!" Copper scrambles about, trying to recollect the scraps. He starts bawling, "WHY ARE YOU ALL SO MEAN TO ME?!?!"

"Because it's fun!" Alec say

"Why're you cryin'?!" Dominick asks

"You wanna know why? Because you're a nerd,  a freak,  and a total wuss," Nathan answers, pulling Copper up by his bowtie "But hey, at least you make a good punching bag!"

No way was I gonna let them hurt him... 

Big the Cat

I'm Copper.  I'm a 14 year old tiger who moved to Moonside from Metropolis, along with my boyfriend, Brass. 


Before I met Brass,  my life was a living hell. I began attending Carbonic Middle School when I was 12, when my family moved to Metropolis. I hated it there,  and I was hated there. 

First off,  there was my appearance; due to residing in a highly industrialized area,  Scrap Brain Zone to be specific, the keratin in my stripes became infused with copper. Initially, my stripes were changed to brown,  but as I got older, they became light green. 


Secondly, there was my personality and intelligence. I'm pretty smart,  thanks to my parents' strictness. I'm also a notably weak guy overall,  because I can't defend myself well and I'm a coward. 


These made for a toxic combination. Most of the other kids either ignored me or bullied me constantly. I couldn't go a day without getting my stuff taken, getting shoved into walls, getting beaten up;  this became my daily routine.


Eventually, I fell into a serious state of misery. My parents noticed the change in me,  but I couldn't tell them why;  the guys at school threatened to do worse to me if I did. Looking back, I probably should've said something, but I guess it was for the best, because if I had,  I probably would've have met Brass... 

Big the Cat

I'm Chip, a 15 year old beaver who resides in the town of Moonside. I was one of its island's original inhabitants, as well as one of Moonside's ten founders.


I met Aileron & his crew when Dig came to my dam on the lake, calling,

" Chip, I need your help for ssomethin' !"


I came out of my dam and answered,

"Dig, what's the problem? You lose your pickaxe again or something?"


"No, not this time. We got ssome new folkss on the island, and they need your help finding food."


One of the fellows, a purple cat, stepped up to me. I looked up at him. He was at least 2 times my size!

"Umm, excuse me, Chip, is it?," he asked.

I nodded and swallowed a lump in my throat.

"My name is Big, and this is my son Flare, Scallop, and Aileron. Pleased to meet you. I know you don't know us, but would you mind assisting us?"


I relaxed and smiled. Despite what his size might suggest, he's a really nice guy! I told him,

"Sure, I'd be happy to help. Our island has a very large array of resources. Anything in particular you want?"


"Bananas, if you don't mind." Flare answered.


"Apples are fine for me....Oh, and some mangoes for my buddy who's back at the boat." Aileron responded.


"I'm not awfully particular in terms of food --," Big said. I heard a ribbit come from his shirt pocket. He pulled out a green frog with a long, pointed tail, "--Oh, and some insects for Froggy here, but I'm sure there are plenty around here."


I nodded and looked at Scallop.

"Me? I'm good. I fish for my food. Though, my friend loves coconuts. He's also back at the boat." he answered.


"Well, we've got all of that here. Dig, take Flare and Scallop to the beach to get the bananas, coconuts, and mangoes." I told him.


"Ssure thing, bro. Come to the center of the island when you finish up. Well, come on, you big lugss." he said, as the three of them ran off towards the east side of the island. I turned around to the remaining three.

"Okay, the lake has a plentiful supply of bugs, so we don't have to worry about that. You could leave Froggy here. There are some apple trees near here, and we'll probably find some more food as we walk." I inform them, and we walk off towards the forest.....



Big the Cat

Hey! I'm a 15 year old gopher who goes by the name of Dig. I'm one of Moonside's original founders, and was one of the island's original inhabitants, the others being Chip, Barrel, and Syrup.


I discovered my fellow founders — or rather was discovered by my fellow founders – when someone fell into my burrow by accident. I was pretty startled, since I was sleeping when it happened. The stranger was a fluffy,  orange guy who looked about my age. 


He said,

"I'm so sorry!! I wasn't paying attention. You're not hurt, are you?!"


I rubbed my back and grinned. 

"Yeah, I'm fine.  You jusst sstartled me. "


"Oh no,  your voice has a lisp! I must've messed up one of your teeth or something," he frowned and squirmed a little.


I chuckled.

"Heh, no, no. My voisse iss alwayss like thiss. 'Ss becausse of my front teeth," I said l, showing him my large buckteeth,

"But anywayss, nisse to meet ya.  The name'ss Dig."


"My name's Aileron. Nice to meet you too," he said, extending his hand, which I shook promptly,

"A few of my friends and I just arrived here."


I heard a voice from above. 

"Hey,  Aileron, are you alright down there?"


He and I looked up. 

"Yes, Mr. Big, I'm fine. I'll be up in a second," Aileen looked over and asked me,

"Wait,  how're we supposed to get out?"


"Heh, I ussually don't have to worry about that, 'cuz no one ever comess down here,"

I sighed, 

"Come on, get on my back."


"Wh–what?! Are you sure? I mean, I don't want to hurt you or anything..." he said,  twiddling his thumbs. 


I smirked. 

"Don't worry, I'll be fine. Jusst do it."


He paused for a second, then got onto my back, wrapping his arms around me. I took off my gloves, and began climbing up the walls of my burrow. Though I had to stop a few times to catch my breath, I was able to carry Aileron out of the hole. There were 3 others who gathered around Aileron.


He told them,

"Guys, don't worry, I'm fine, thanks to this guy right here. Scallop,  Flare, Mr. Big,  this is Dig."


I was still breathing somewhat heavily, but I smiled and said, 

" meet you all..."


Scallop asked, 

"Umm,  Dig,  I presume you're native to the island?"


"Yep....I ssure am!"


"Well,  do you mind helping us find some food?"


I nodded and told them, 

"Ssure, I've got a buddy who'ss great at foraging. Follow me, and'll take you to 'im." 


I led them to a nearby lake and yelled, 

"Chip, I need your help for ssomethin'!"....



This is how Dig's speaking voice is supposed to sound exactly.


Big the Cat

My name is Swirl.  I'm a turtle, I'm 15 years old and I live in Moonside, being one of its ten original founders. 


After more than a day of our on-and-off venturing, we finally arrived at the island. After diverging, Scallop told me,

"We're gonna go search for some food."

I looked over at Spring. He was still unconscious.

"I'll stay behind and take care of Spring. When he wakes up, I'll come and find you guys."


Scallop nodded, and the four of them walked off. I hoisted Spring onto my back and walked over to a palm tree. I set him down in the shade. I noticed he was kicking at his feet. I guess his shoes were making him uncomfortable, so I took them off and set them aside. I sat down, leaned against the tree, and closed my eyes...


About an hour later,  Spring woke up. I yawned and looked over at him. 

"Oh! You're finally up! Ya feelin' alright?"

He nodded and looked around.

"Good. You're probably wondering where the others are. They're out looking for food.  Now that you're awake, let's go find them."

Spring put his shoes back on and got up. We began walking – well,  walking and hopping – inland.


After a bit of walking, Spring and I found the rest of the group. They were building a small structure. I asked Flare, 

"What're you guys doing? Did you find any food? "

"Yeah,  we sure did!  We're building a safehold for our stockpile," he opened the door to the safehold. It was completely full!

"How did you  get so much?!"

"Oh,  we had a little help from some new acquaintances. They're over there," he pointed to the left. I looked and saw a beaver and a gopher, who walked over to us,  chuckling. The beaver introduced himself,

"Hey,  nice to meet you. I'm Chip, and this is Dig."...

Big the Cat

I'm Spring, a 15 year old frog and a founder of Moonside


Mr. Big and I didn't particularly get to contribute much once we were in the ocean; saltwater is harmful to my health, and Mr. Big isn't too good a swimmer. The best we could do was row and be lookouts. The speed the raft was going was nauseating to me. My vision was blurring and my stomach was churning. I almost fell over, but Mr. Big caught me. He must've seen my acting funny, so he told me that he'd take over while I rest. I nodded, gave him my oar, and sat in front of him, gripping his belt. A few minutes later, I fell asleep...

By the time I regained consciousness, we had already made it to the island. I was laying in the shade of a palm tree. Swirl -- I guess he was watching over me -- looked over and said,

"Oh! You're finally up! Ya feelin' alright?"

I nodded and smiled. I looked around. None of the others were around.

"Good. You're probably wondering where the others are. They're out looking for food. Now that you've woken up, let's go find them."....

Big the Cat

I'm Flare. I'm a 15 year old cat who lives in Moonside, a town on a small island in the Atlas Ocean. I'm one of its ten founders, the others being Aileron, Spring, Scallop, Swirl, Dig, Barrel, Buff, Syrup, and Chip.


When I had told Scallop about Aileron's fatigue after using his tail, he told us he had a plan, but I had no clue his plan would be so....interesting. He told us there was an island about 2000 miles away. He told Aileron he could increase his muscular strength and endurance....He and Aileron decided to fuse together! The end result was a bit taller than both of them, with yellow and white fur, and two long tails. I found the fusion oddly familiar. When I looked over at my dad, he had tears in his eyes. I asked him what was wrong. He told me that the fusion reminded him of an old friend he used to travel with.

We dubbed the fusion Scail, because Scallop and Aileron --it just makes sense. He...they(?) got out of the raft, held onto its side ropes, and started spinning their two tails, like what Aileron did before, only it was a bit faster than before; about 65 mph. Swirl also helped out by using his swimming, increasing our speed to 70 mph. I looked over at the two of them. I figured that if the two were so willing to help someone they barely knew, I should stop being dead weight. I stuck my tail up so it wouldn't get wet (because my tail has a constantly burning flame), turned my Star Shoes on, and carefully put my feet over the edge of the raft, barely skimming the water. The telekinetic pulses emitted from them helped push us along even more, which left us going at about 80 mph...


Big the Cat

I'm Scallop. I'm a 15 year old resident of Moonside and one of its ten founders as well. Before I lived in Moonside, I spent my time meandering in the Atlas Ocean along with my fellow seafarer, Swirl. As to be somewhat expected for a turtle and an otter,  on a regular basis, Swirl and I travel throughout the Atlas Ocean, fishing and assisting those trying to cross it.


One day about a year and a half ago, I was scouting out the surrounding areas. I do this by standing on Swirl's shell. Everything was going as usual when I heard something speeding in our direction from behind. By the time I turned around, it had already run into us. The impact sent me flying forward.


When I looked up from the water, soaking wet, I saw that it was a large cyan raft. Its crew was a frog, two cats and this fox-looking guy (turns out he's a Tasmanian devil). They apologized immensely to us. Apparently they hadn't seen me. I was a little irritated (I mean, who wouldn't be when they get an unexpected bath), but I was moreso confused on how they were moving that quickly to begin with. The smaller cat, Flare, told me their pal Aileron was using his tail to make them move faster, because they were trying to get to East Island. 


I was stoked to meet someone else who could use their tail like that, though I usually use it as a propeller. Aileron looked pretty exhausted. It must've been from using his tail so much. It also looks like  they've wolfed down most of their food supply. It would barely last 5 days, let alone the two weeks it would take to get to East Island. They needed to stop at an island in order to restock,  but even that would take them moving at a breakneck pace to make it to the closest one. 


I had a hunch about what we could do to speed them up,  even if it would me look like such a nerd... The Fusion Dance... I asked Aileron if he knew how to do it,  and surprisingly, he did! So I asked him if he'd try it with me. They didn't have many options, so he said yes. The end result was a success! Our body was a little bit taller, with yellow-orange fur, like Aileron,  and two long tails, like mine.

Big the Cat

Hi! My name is Aileron. I'm a 15 year old Tasmanian devil and I live in Moonside. In fact, I'm one of the 10 founders of Moonside.


I'm originally from Emerald Hill Zone, as are my best friends, Spring and Flare. We've known each other since we were about 5. We loved Emerald Hill Zone, but once I became 14, I began to yearn for some new scenery. I asked Spring and Flare what they thought I should do. Spring suggested that I go on an adventure and create a new place to live. The idea exhilarated me! 


I decided that so long as my parents approved,  I'd give it a shot. That being said, my parents were pretty relaxed about me experiencing new things,  so getting their permission was pretty easy. I told them not to worry and assured them that if I needed anything, I'd come home. 


Spring came with me without a second thought, and though Flare was a little anxious about leaving, he said he'd support me till the end. He told us he'd get his dad to come with us. Sure,  this may not seem very extraordinary, but that couldn't be any more false. Flare's dad is none other than Big the Cat! And his experience in adventuring is amazing!


After we stocked up on supplies, we left Emerald Hill Zone and began traveling east. After about a month of traveling, we made it to the Atlas Ocean. We had actually planned to CROSS the ocean to East Island. That left 2 options; by air or by water. I'm able to fly using my tail,  and Flare can use his Star Shoes to levitate, but Spring... umm, well, he can jump really high,  but he can't fly. So that left traveling by water. 


Mr. Big always carries his raft with him,  which (unsurprisingly) is REALLY big. So big that all four of us can fit in it with considerable space. We started by simply paddling, but despite the rhythmic motion of 8 oars,  we were moving too slowly. At that rate, we'd have run out of food a third of the way through. 


I moved to the back of the raft. Flare and Spring didn't really get what I was gonna do,  but it seems like Mr. Big did,  as he wrapped his arm around them and gripped the side of the raft. I started spinning my tail, like a fan,  and within about 30 seconds, we were moving at about 60 mph. Combining that with our rowing, we were at about 70 mph. 


Unfortunately, I can't use my tail for longer than about 30 min without suffering from fatigue. We started slowing down when the raft bumped into something. I heard a grunt and a splash in  the water... 

Big the Cat

Hey! How ya doing?  My name's Xeno. I'm a bull and I'm 16 years old. I moved to Moonside about a year ago from Green Hill Zone, along with my sister, Ink. 


In our family, when we become 13, we have to leave home and become self-sufficient. I didn't really feel like going,  but my parents literally kicked me out on my tail along with all of my stuff. I really don't know why Ink decided to come with me, but she insisted on tagging along.


Without the ability to go back, we left Green Hill Zone. We didn't have much money, and I don't know about you guys,  but I like to eat, so we found work at a farm owned by this seasoned old stallion. He had a son about our age named Ruga, who we with worked with. Over the course of the 19 months that we stayed there,  not only did we earn more than enough money to travel, we formed a loving friendship with Ruga. Also,  all that working made me RIPPED! 


When Ink and I finally decided to leave, Ruga joined us.  He told us that he had heard about a town named Moonside on a small island in the Atlas Ocean. I found it particularly fascinating, so we decided to search for it. Luckily, Ruga has his own plane!... Well,  it's a crop duster, but hey,  it flies...

I'm honestly surprised we made it to Moonside with it,  but I'm certainly glad it did. Ruga, Ink,  and I built our house in a field near the Serio River. Due to our limited experience and skills, we started an agricultural complex that we named Sugarcube Square (Ruga's idea). We grow everything from carrots to tomatoes to beets to meat trees. Yes, meat trees! 

I feel more successful than ever before, and I believe that's why our parents were striving for us to be self-sufficient, because it pays off greatly in the long run.

Big the Cat

My name is Liaan. I'm a 26 year old lion and I reside in Moonside. However, I formerly lived on the outskirts of Jungle Zone , along with the rest of my family.


About 2 years ago, my little brother, Leone,  decided to leave home and live on his own. I had just been appointed as supervisor of the South Island Ring Factory and distribution of Rings to and from South Island, but I was worried about my little bro. He's not the best in stressful situations. I decided to go with him so I could take care of him.


When we arrived at Moonside, it was still fairly primitive. We decided to build our home near the Konoko Forest. About 2 months after we finished construction, two more kids moved to Moonside; a lizard named Modo, and a dragon named Duffy. Though I didn't particularly know them,  after a few hours of pondering (and Leone's whimpering), I offered to let them live with us. 


I still have my job on South Island, but for the most part, I'm able to stay at home and watch over Leone, though I still have to leave to travel on a regular. I don't like having to be away from my little bro, but I need to keep this job in order to provide an ample source of Rings to Moonside and many other nations and cities.


I just hope I'm being a good big brother to Leone. Maybe I'll bring him with me to see the Ring Factory or on one of my flight routes. I just hope he knows how much I love him and that everything I do is for his benefit.

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