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About this blog

Hydra asks the rest of Pokestadium (could very well include you) for their opinions on extremely crucial matters, and will try as best he can to ignore the parts where they disagree with him.

Entries in this blog


I thought it might be nice to change up those Lucario forum markers that every section of the forum uses with some additional Pokemon sprites. There are some clear advantages to this:


-The Pokemon used would help to get across the purpose of a forum section

-Would make the standard forums look more varied in terms of color and design


of course, there are potential downsides:


-Lucario is the mascot, no need to confuse things

-It'll look dumb


This is why I leave it to you, the people, in a blog post, and not in an actual topic, or announcement, to more accurately reflect, the mostly insignificant, but still totally vital, nature of this issue.


I eagerly await the will of the people


Welcome to the very first installment of "Hydra Vs. The Community." In these types of blogs, I'll ask you guys for opinions on various Pokestadium-based ideas projects endeavors jamborees etc. The issue before us today, of course, is the next Pokestadium Communitylocke. For those among ye who have no idea what I'm talking about, the originals can be found here and here and here. Before starting a third one of these puppies, I think it's important that we attempt to improve some things (if the consensus is in fact that things need improving.) Here's a not at all quick list of bullet-points I'd love to get some thoughts on:


-The Points system in general, is it useful and fun, or pointless and distracting? It definitely shows I was big on having the points system and declaring a winner with the initial communitylocke. However, now, I'm not so sure of it- the main reason I'd want to bring them back for a third round is so it would be easier to tell what things should be logged in the trainer journal- we would probably still rack up totals when we get to the end, but I personally wouldn't plan on making a big deal out of the winner unless that's what you guys want.


-How about those Clauses? Should we even have them? Points or no points? For a long time now, I've regretted giving point bonuses for clauses. It was way too clunky to ever work well, with some being easier than others (and thus being basically mandatory for a shot at winning.) I wouldn't be against bringing the more basic ones back (set clause, no in-battle items clause, etc.) but using them should just be a way for more experienced nuzlockers to have a better time.


-Game availability? This one might not even seem like an actual problem at first, but if memory serves several members from the last two communitylockes couldn't participate simply because the games selected for nuzlocking weren't available to them, as they didn't own them/weren't familiar with emulators. Solutions to this are tricky- the only ones that come to mind are having experienced members help out those who aren't aware of emulation methods, or focusing on games that are more widely possessed among users (I guess DS or 3DS games?) 


-Minimizing dropouts? With previous communitylockes, oftentimes a good majority of participants eventually end up dropping out around the second or third gym. Interestingly, this is around the same time most nuzlocke comics/blogs etc. tend to fizzle out- the reason for that typically being that the excitement involved stops being worth the amount of time and effort it takes. So, perhaps one way we could solve this is by simplifying how your progress is updated, which I'm definitely all for. But of course, hard to say whether or not this is even the main source of the problem, so whatever you guys think would be helpful.


-Awards and whatnot? Would you like to see awards given out at the end of the communitylocke for things like "Most Pokemon Evolved" and "Least Deaths," or even some sort of recognition given out on a weekly basis? Or do you think individual awards like this aren't helpful and detract from the main point of the communitylocke being a group effort?


-The Game lol? Oh, and of course, what game we're going to be playing is highly important as well. There's no poll on this blog for it though (and won't be one in the main topic) as those kind of polls are so easy to vote on they can often be influenced by people who ultimately don't even end up joining in, so please do leave your game preference in a comment on this blog (and ideally with reason why) for your voice to be counted. Basically any mainline games (besides Sun and Moon for countless evident reasons) can be used, so give it some thought.


Alrighty then, so please do give your opinion on any of the matters presented above, and of course ideally some suggestions as well- most of this post is just attempting to improve old things, but ideas/questions for new ones are enthusiastically welcomed as well o3o




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