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Move-sets, Pokedex entries, evolutionary lines, designs and concepts.


Some things in Pokemon are worth talking about.

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A personal favorite of mine!  If asked, I would say it is my current favorite pokemon after a lot of thought.  Just why exactly?  Lets talk about that.


As we already know, Corphish are exotic pokemon that were imported to Hoenn as pets and thrived.  Then they evolve into Crawdaunt which the pokedex describes as "extremely hard to raise" and are presumably released, which explains how you can encounter Corphish in the Hoenn.

When Crawdaunt moves into a pond (freshwater) they become desolate and lifeless, and Crawdaunt challenges anything that draws near.  Simply darling.

To be fair, its hard NOT to be a harmful invasive species in Hoenn, I mean look at the freshwater competition Crawdaunt has going-


Not really fair sport


There is a small contradiction in Crawdaunts pokedex entry for Gen4, namely that it says an old Crawdaunt has very scarred claws from years of battle, but also claims that Crawdaunt repeatedly molts its shell.  This would remove whatever scars build up.

So either old Crawdaunt stop molting, or they fight so often even in their old age to keep fresh scars.  I like the latter option.


Now in Gen4, there is no mention as to HOW Crawdaunt makes a pond desolate.  It was assumed that Crawdaunt just ate stuff until everything died, but the Gen5 dex states otherwise.

Apparently Crawdaunt doesn't eat a ponds population, or even bully things to death.  Instead it picks things up and throws them out of the pond.  I'm serious.  Just scoops em right out until all the other pokemon get fed up and leave.

Crawdaunt takes a whole pond for its nest and repels anything that draws near it by (guess what) giving em a nice pinch, and throwing them out.  This behavior isn't exclusive to males, and Crawdaunt instinctively beat each other senseless when two meet.  I guess this makes breeding hard, which explains why Hoenn isn't overrun by sofa-sized lobsters.


Now let's talk physiology, everyone's favorite.  At first it might be tricky to determine where exactly Crawdaunts mouth is-


The blue lines throw you off, as do the several jagged ridges that resemble teeth at the top and bottom.

However, removing them shows us what Crawdaunts actual moth looks like unobstructed-


Yup, its only the little hatch on top of the blue markings.

But why have such confusing face markings?  That's because Crawdaunt is one tricky and smart fellow.

Here;s how Crawdaunt wants opponents and threats to see his mouth-


How scary!  And intimidating!

But that's what Crawdaunt wants being the big bully that he is.



Building off of this intimidation tactic, Crawdaunt goes through a hard-to-notice change when evolving.

Specifically, Corphish has 2 claws and 6 legs, whereas Crawdaunt has 2 claws and 4 legs.

Though Crawdaunt appears to lose legs, they are in fact still present.  Observe-




The back two legs merge together to create a wider, stumpier leg.  This likely serves the purpose of letting Crawdaunt stand taller to better intimidate things on land.  Big mean fellow!!  So smart.

I genuinely don't know why Crawdaunt gains a star when it evolves.  Maybe because it looks taller that way??  Really not sure.


Competitively Crawdaunt is always a fun choice.  It has access to Dragon Dance (for some reason) as well as Adaptability which makes it more of a wallbreaker than an actual sweeper, especially with its sub-par speed stat.


Funnily enough, it was introduced in the same gen as another Dark/Water salt water pokemon Sharpedo, which we'll get into later.  Together, they bully both fresh and salt water, evicting nerds left and right.


Design wise Crawdaunt is a great example of a real life animal given a "pokemon charm" and something about it really speaks to me.




1. Favorite color:  the shadow of smaller things

2. Favorite musical artist/band:  "things that go crunch"

3. Favorite music genre:  bebop, followed by rocksteady

4. Have you ever been in love?:  one day you will know love, for what truly is.  on that day, you will not ask "Have you ever ever been in love?" but instead ask "How much love have you caught and crunched between your big strong claws?".

5. Are you currently in a relationship?:  many parasites

6. Zodiac sign?:  that smarmy wench thought she could just wade her way into the property (TM) and take a bowlful of water to waltz off with.  foolish

7. Do you believe in ghosts?:  ignore ghost??  no, what if there is ghost and it ghosts at you?? BAD factor in possibility of ghost, that is wise.  if wrong, oh well, still ready.  if correct, then tasty ghost snack for efforts and readiness

8. Any tattoos or piercings?:  only a fool-fellow bemarks themselves through any means but GUNCHY COMBAT

9. Would you ever dye your hair?:  eat any hair you come across, an old habit o mine from whelphood.  developed the ol exoskeleton nice and early.  i suggest you pick up this habit

10. What color are your eyes?:  green ones taste best

11. What color is your hair?:  prefer sandy-brown, reminders of mud

12. The last bruise you got - where is it located?:  a hilarious, if offensive notion.  bruises are for those to weak to properly succumb to battle

13. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?:  live in them

14. A word you have trouble spelling?:  GUNCH.  whenever spelled, trouble follows

15. Celebrity crush?:  crush??  many celeries crushed, not one

16. Green or purple grapes?:  if you offer grapes, take both

17. Do you sleep with your window open?:  openings bad

18. Height?:  squat and surly, beef and burly

19. Are you afraid of spiders?:  tasty

20. Favorite movie?:  School House of Rock (Master's Edition)

21. Favorite T.V. show?:  Scooby

22. If you could announce something to the whole world, what would you say?:  remember you are weak, we are all weak

23. Ever broken a bone?:  taking serious questions only

24. How many concerts have you been to?:  illegal download

25. Play any instruments?:  ?? those are for mealtimes

26. Any internet friends? Who are you closest to?:  the collective

27. Favorite food?:  That Crunchy Stuff (TM)

28. Do you have any allergies?:  potatoes hurt the mouth, but are important food-things anyway

29. Last book you read?:  Hardy Boys Hilarious Tales (Very Tasty Edition)

30. Coffee or tea?:  slormp them up

31. Ever had a song or poem written about you?:  just now

32. Pet peeves?:  many companions, and dead and ate

33. How many languages do you speak?:  mine

34. Ever had a rumor spread about you?:  ask assistant;  under their jurisdiction

35. Define “art”.:  not food/food that tastes bad (no crunch)

36. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?:  someones nose, yes

37. Where is your best friend right now?:  dying for my cause

38. The last song you listened to?:  "Fever The Ghost"

39. Favorite Tumblr blog?:  CrunchyStuffs 

40. Top 5 ____?:  they are all crunch

41. Ever witnessed a crime?:  witness all, but yes mostly crimes

42. Favorite Ice Cream?:  eaty ones

43. Ever been in a physical fight?:  serious questions only

44. Ever glued your hand to something?:  funny story from hatchhood:  ate glue

45. Have you ever been easily amused by something?:  occasional crunchings elicit chuckles

46. Ever forgotten someone’s name?:  my own once at a birthday party

47. One of your bad habits?:  habits are in nature bad, and make up ones very being

48. Are you good at lying?:  proud to claim sleep once every cycle

49. Your favorite smell?:  brine and mud

50. If there was movie based on your life, what would it be called?:  "You Can't Gunch THAT! (Or Can You?)"  a film starring me

51. What makes you nervous?:  stocks.  just what are they??  (have never gunched one, cannot be certain)

52. Idea of a perfect date?:  ideally harvested in april or may.  this is when dates are at their most ripe, but moldy ones come second (love a tasty date)

53. Are you afraid of falling in love?:  a wise fellow fears all things and at the same time does them

54. Do you like the beach?:  heard good things from friend of mine, fear excessive birds

55. What’s something you really want right now?:  plum

56. Last thing you ate?:  plum

57. Sexuality?:  not last i checked

58. Are you a paranoid person?:  yesp

59. Favorite type of food?:  freshly crunched

60. Curly or straight hair?:  again with hair?? it is all tasty, should not matter

61. Favorite month/time of year?:  winter months of sleep

62. Last thing you drank?:  plum

63. If you could say anything to your crush right now, what would it be?:  hor hor i have crushed you

64. Least favorite holiday?:  feasting day

65. Favorite holiday?:  feasting day, 1876

66. Favorite kind of jewelry?:  ??

67. Makeup or no makeup?:  interferes with taste

68. Favorite mythical creature?:  they are all real all of them

69. Do you prefer to be in front of or behind the camera?:  behind to better gunch

70. Favorite type of soda?:  boysenberry

71. Nails painted or not?:  nails tasty, paint tasty in moderation

72. Play any sports?:  bloodsport

73. How many songs are on your current playlist?:  my favorites

74. Favorite kind of Gatorade?:  baja blast

75. What do you think of your handwriting?:  ?? i just tikity tak on the gomputer keyboard

76. Any pets?:  none mine, all eaten

77. What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?:  more will

78. Day or night?:  only mud here

79. If you had to wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?:  a healthy rusty glow

80. What’s your favorite word?:  crunch and gunch in equal measure

81. Least favorite word?:  feasting day

82. What is your opinion on “Blood is thicker than water…”?:  a fact, but blood sure tastes better and is worth thicker swimming

83. Who was the last person to hurt you?:  defeated now

84. Where is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?:  gunchy combat, all over the place

85. How many pillows do you sleep with?:  ??

86. Who was the last person you texted and what did it say?:  hor hor i have won this round spearmonger

87. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?:  hole

88. Choose one superpower.:  taller, to defeat spearmonger for permanent

89. Soft or firm pillows?:  neither is tasty, will eat anyway

90. What is one thing you constantly worry about?:  spearmonger

91. Dream career?:  retiring

92. Do you ever want to get married?:  never, unsafe.  friend told me so herself

93. Would you want to have kids?:  heard good things from uncle flapcake, that old dog

94. What’s one of your biggest fears?:  feasting day

95. What is the current time?:  only mud here

96. What time did you go to bed last night?:  only mud here

97. Twitter or Tumblr?:  both tasty

98. Dogs or cats?:  both tasty


having tagged myself, i now tag @Crab with afro


godspeed old friend




Image result for pokemon fishermanImage result for sinnoh fishermanRelated image


An strange bunch.  We've all seen them while playing a game for the first time, facing away from you causing you to think they aren't trainers.  However, the most effective predators never even need to chase prey.  Simply lie in wait.

Before you know it, BAM, that stout man you talked to hoping he would have an item turned out to have a full team of Magikarp.

Most of us fell for this trap, but was it really one?  While going through a route's mandatory battles, one is often jarred by the presence of another human being that does not demand immediate combat.  We stopped, wondering, WOULD this man fight us?  Why is he here?  And in so doing we are engaged in yet another battle, but the experience is shifted up and it feels less mundane than just forcing yet another trainer fight.

The psychological effect these trainers have is astounding, and yes, they ARE considered trainers.

And when you replayed the games, you still fought them for experience.  They always win.


Not to say they aren't a threat.

About midway through any given game their average team goes from looking like this:




To this:



Ah.  Well.  It sure was nice the first time this happened.  BAM three Gyarados.


Its pretty much stated that fishermen just use whatever pokemon they caught that day to fight you (with a few exceptions).

It would be really interesting if there was slight RnG when it came to what pokemon they used, like if they just had 3 random fish in the area.  Unfortunately, no region really has a diverse enough amount of fishing exclusive pokemon.


There seems to be far fewer fishermen in S&M, but maybe that's just me imagining things.  Beaches boardwalks and bays all feel a little emptier without their turned-around sentinels.




Corphish is a complete and utter Good Boy.


This impeccable specimen also holds a secret, that being no one actually knows what region Corphish originates from.  Nice try wise-guy, it isn't Hoenn.  Apparently they were imported form "overseas" TO Hoenn where, being the hardy boys they are, they quickly grew in number and now drive pokemon out of ponds and are OK with eating whatever.

The best part is the REASON they were imported to Hoenn in the first place: to be pets.  Yessir, these dog-sized crawdads apparently made great pets. I for one find the people within the pokemon universe suddenly a lot more relatable.

It can only be caught by fishing in the Gen 3 games, which makes sense.  Crawdads aren't exactly "floaty" to put it scientifially, so you'd never see one while using surf.  Despite its apparent common and invasive nature, Corphish is surprisingly not too prevalent of an encounter in Ruby and Sapphire, only appearing on two routes.  Maybe it just hides better in the other ponds.

Strangely enough, the Black and White games, but this time it can ONLY be encountered by surfing.  Fishing won't work.  This is likely for the more mechanical reason that B & W had EXTREMELY few different surfing encounters and Corphish was simply used to round out the numbers.  Here wee already a good varied balance of fishing encounters.


Most hilariously though, is how you encounter it in Diamond and Pearl.  It is found in exactly one body of water.  This one in Celestic Town.

Celestic Town

It isn't cut off by much, its just that small.  Corphish exists solely in this pond in Sinnoh.  Which is hilarious.


Corphish is more than just a charming face.  Having used one I hatched from an egg for an entire playthrough of Platinum (I traded for the egg early game) I can vouch for it's usefulness.  Hyper Cutter is an ok ability in-game.  Corphish doesn't lack decent moves either, learning them at an acceptable pace as you move through the game.  Crawdaunt is also a powerhouse, but he'll get his own "Talk About" don't you worry.  Though funnily enough, despite Crawdaunts constant rage, Corphish is never said to be aggressive in the slightest.


Corphishs name is a weird spot.  The "Cor" could come from "corps" given its apparent populousness, and "phish" simply comes from the fact that it is a crayfish.  His Japanes name means "Bad Habit Army Crayfish."  Beautiful.


Want a fun Corphish fact?  Trick question, all Corphish facts are inherently fun.  Corphish is the ONLY pokemon to date with a capture rate of 205.   Special fellow.


Image result for corphish serebii


Its also pretty great that Corphish has no real way of moving its claws.  The "arm" oh the claws is so short that it can only really hold them in a constantly confrontational pose.  What other pose is needed really?


Corphish lacks the dark-typing of its evolution, largely because while it is still a bitey and rowdy boy, they have not yet delved into full on ne'erdowell territory.  They share the same abilities though, Battle Armor and Hyper Cutter being the regular ones.  While fitting abilities neither is great, but ultimately the dream world ability is WAY better: Adaptability.  Increases STAB, and when combined with a high attack and defense stat as well as some really nice moves (Aqua Jet, Crabhammer, Knock Off, Swords Dance/Dragon Dance) Corphish cleans up pretty nicely in the Little-Cup as a decent wallbreaker.


The largest question left by Corphish is whether or not we will ever get to see its true home?  Maybe its a mystery best left unanswered.




Image result for gorebyss cardImage result for gorebyss cardImage result for gorebyss card


The fact of the matter is Gorebyss is weird and confusing, in all the best ways.  While there is no true one area it stands out in, lets start with the Dex descriptions.


While Gorebyss is the "South-Sea Pokemon", it lives at extreme depths similar to its counter-part evolution Huntail, which is actually the "Deep-Sea Pokemon".  Not sure what exactly the distinction there is.  The Dex also claims that since the body of a Gorebyss is built to withstand such extreme water pressure, that its body can also resist physical attacks.  This is a bit strange as Gorebyss doesn't have high (or even average) defensive stats, and has no abilities that relate to reducing damage.  In addition it had a pretty mediocre HP stat, so I don't know where all this "bulk" that the Dex talks about is hiding.  It wouldn't be weird, but the Dex goes as far as to say "This Pokemons body is unharmed by ordinary attacks", which is just plain ol malarkey.

Gorebyss is also omnivorous which is unexpected.  Apparently the purpose of its proboscis is to reach into gaps between rocks and seaweed.  The other more noteworthy use of its long pink honker is to slip it inside of prey and drain its body fluids.  The exact process is kind of breezed over, minus the fact that the Dex calls it "cruel",so its unknown whether or not Gorebyss violently skewers prey or acts more as a leech and drains fluids while sedating prey.  If I had to speculate though, I would guess that the process is brutal and lethal to the victim, as Gorebyss is 6 feet long and can hold a lot of fluid with its tube-like body.  Additionally the dynamic shape of the fins near the Pokemons head seem to be designed for puncturing, and its oddly shaped body implies strong muscles capable of a corkscrew motion which would assist in attaching to prey.

The last interesting note to be found within the Dex would be that Gorebyss apparently turn a vivid pink whenever they finish eating, and during the Spring they stay pink until Summer.  No other comment is made on this, so we cannot properly infer what exactly this means.  Again, if I absolutely HAD to guess, it sounds like a mating thing.  Am I wrong??  Maybe, but a seasonally brought on vivid change of color seems like an "attract a mate" thing to me.  The vivid coloration after feeding would inform a potential mate that the Gorebyss in question is capable.  It would probably be super hot.  To like another Gorebyss though.  Pure speculation.


With the strange biology of Gorebyss out of the way its time to address the elephant in the room.  You saw it coming.  The evolutionary chain.

Image result for gorebyss evolution chain

The part about Gorebyss that people tend to harp on the most.  Clamperl evolves when given either a Deep-Sea Tooth or a Deep-Sea Scale and is then traded.  How exactly this process could possibly occur in the wild beats me.  Both evolutions can be either male or female, and Huntail and Gorebyss can be bred with their own species. 

While I can't comprehend the method of the evolution, I can take a stab as to WHY a clam can become two eels.  The clam in this case could be a separate being from what is truly Clamperl (the pink ball in the middle) which simply lives off of the clams protection until it matures.

Even if this explanation doesn't satisfy you, there is also the fact that both evolutions of Clamperl could still be mollusks, that have simply shed their shells (in other words, they're the soft stuff inside of a clam).  Regardless I suggest you choose at least one of these explanations regarding evolution or you will be driven mad if you think about it further.


Now I know what you're thinking: "Gee this is all great, but WHY is it called Gorebyss in the first place??  What does that mean??"

Gorebyss is most likely a combination of "gorgeous" and "abyss" all things considered, as does live in the deep-sea.

When I first realized this I was pretty disappointed though.  At first I thought it It was a mix of "GORGE" and abyss, as its Dex descriptions love bringing that detail up, but alas, its just not that likely that was the intention.

One of the few Pokemon where the inspiration for its design plays no real part in the naming.


Speaking of design, it would appear that Gorebyss is based on either a snipe eel or a pipe fish, or some combination of the two.

Its a god contrast as Huntail is undoubtedly based on a gulper eel.

gotta cover all those deep sea eels man.  You gotta


Move wise Gorebyss gets pretty mush what you expect any pink fish Pokemon to get (a bunch of water type support moves) wit hone notable exception.

Shell Smash.

Why Gorebyss retains this move from Clamperl I'll never know, but when combined with the fact that it also gets Baton Pass it can lead to some fun sweeps.  And lost games.  It can lead to those too.  Its just a shame it has two lackluster abilities in Hydration and Swift Swim.  Performs best when wet, like most fish I guess, but it seems like a wasted opportunity.

Also I hope I'm not the only one who realizes that the placement of Gorebyss' "shells" are really unfortunate since it learns Shell Smash.  We're all thinking it.  Just saying it.




Ultimately Gorebyss is a great Pokemon with a lot to talk about.  Though I can't see it swimming as gracefully as the Dex claims with a body in that particular shape with no evident locomotion assisting fins. 

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