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For those who have never seen me here, hello! The name's Vegeta or Esteban, I disappeared quite literally a year ago, but I'm back, and probably going to come back on here and stick around to have a conversation or two. I'm an artist of multiple mediums. I primarily draw, but I do sprite work, color manga, animate, and I do graphic design. I am 18, and headed off to college in September. I write fanfiction in my down time, as well as roleplay on Facebook. I love hard rock and Broadway musicals. My favorite animes are Dragon Ball and all it's spin-offs, Space Dandy, and Wolf's Rain. I regularly watch Comedy Central, and Toonami.

Feel free to send me a PM or anything if you wanna talk!



And for everyone that remembers me, yo! I'm probably gonna be back for a while, doing art and such. 

So updates on my life: 

I got accepted into my top choice college down in Georgia (U.S.A.)! 

I have a job at a small party store.

My dog passed back in February.

I am moving up to the adult league of Roller Derby after the 22nd.


I'll probably opening up a shop for drawing and such soon, once my life settle down and stops being so hectic. 

Nice to be back after a year.

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