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Big the Cat

I published early by accident.

I apologize if this thing isn't great in construct, it's a first attempt. The beginning's lacking in images a bit.


      I started out under the name Big, a bit of a trend-breaker, since I usually use the name Toad. When I met up with Shauna, Serena, Tierno, and Trevor, I went with the nickname Big the Cat (yes, very original) Given that I wasn't going to use my Starter, I chose Froakie,  and I lost the battle to Shauna on purpose.

      As soon as I got that out of the way and delivered the Professor's Letter, I went back to Aquacorde Town and bought 5 Poké Balls; just enough to be able to trade over my team. I caught 2 Pidgeys,  a Fletchling, Zigzagoon,  and Caterpie. Immediately after, I traded over the team I wanted, from X.


Of course, based on @Tega, @Taiiyo, @isagonj, @Kaps, @AethericDoom, and @Cookabeara. Given that Doom and Rin were particularly overleveled for that point in the game, I don't plan to use them until I get to Lumiose City. I went through the forest as quickly as possible, since I didn't plan on capturing anything.

     As soon as I arrived in Santalune City, I went to the Boutique to see if I could find a better hat. For now, I'm sticking with the Red Logo Cap and the Purple Button accessory,  with a white Logo T-Shirt and Brown Skinny Jeans. After that, I went to Viola's Gym. Thanks to Tega,  I beat the Roller Skater with ease. Going back into the Gym, I realize how blatantly simple its design is; I only battled against one NPC, the Lass that's right before Viola. I used Kaps against her Pokémon, because of type advantage.Finally, I faced off against Viola. I started out using Kaps against her Surskit, but because I didn't heal him between battles,  he fainted from Bubble. However, Tega was able to finish it off. When she sent out Vivillon, I decided to use Taiiyo. His type advantage made it easy,  but Infestation put him on the edge of fainting. Two Embers, and it was all over. I had secured my first Badge. 


     After earning the Bug Badge and healing my Pokémon, I left Santalune City and sped through Route 4. I didn't have an battles except a wild Fletchling and Gardener Grover (who took out KapsvTShj0Y.pngagain.) Those two NPCs, I can't remember their names, started to lead me to Professor Sycamore's lab. I kinda wish the game didn't hold your hand like this. I mean, there aren't many buildings you can access when you first enter Lumiose City. I went to to the Pokémon Center and used the PC to heal my Pokémon, then I went to Resturante Le Nah,  to level them up.


As such, I got Taiiyo to evolve! For the first two battles, I went over 2 turns,  so I got only 11 Tiny Mushrooms. Now to go to Sycamore's Lab. 

     I honestly forgot that I would battle Professor Sycamore, as well as the order of his Pokémon, so I had Tega in my first slot. I swapped him out for Taiiyo,  and his Ember OHKOd Bulbasaur. Next was Squirtle, so I sent Tega back out. One Razor Leaf and


Pop goes the Squirtle. Finally, the despicable Charmander. I'll relegate Doom for this


Pursuit it till it's dead! 



Yeah, three OHKOs. Doesn't come better than that. Now, to pick a Kanto Starter. 


Part of me just died. Well, it doesn't really matter.


I kinda always had this feeling about Lysandre, even before that ominous music in Cafe Soleil. Before I met up with Serena, I needed to get my hair cut. I can't stand having this long hair. 


I mean, it's not perfect, but it's as close as it's gonna get.


I'd agree with Lysandre,  if his viewpoint wasn't so superficial. Oh well. 


Umm,  get away from me, please. Korrina needs to keep her Pokémon under control. Not everyone wants a Lucario circling them.

     Time to try and evolve Kaps. Battling against the Twins should help. 


Since he only has Return and ThunderShock on the offense, I utilized Sweet Kiss. I mean, everyone loves confusion,  right? Combining that with Taiiyo's Mach Punch made it really easy. 




Oh hey, it's Tierno,  this should be fun. 


Wait, it's over already?? Aww,  manvTShj0Y.png


And with that, and a nagging mother, I'd say this is a good stopping point for the day.



If you have any suggestions for improvement, let me know. 

Big the Cat

treecko.png: I liked it when Ash's went into a dancing frenzy in Pokémon: Gotta Dance! 

torchic.png: She's good enough

mudkip.png: Do you like Mudkips? I know I do! I chose him in Sapphire and Omega Ruby. I named him Kipper. 

marshtomp.png: He always wavers between being adorable looking and goofy looking.

swampert.png: My second favorite Water Starter. 

poochyena.png: Cute little puppy!

wurmple.png: I don't really like that I can't control its evolution, but it's cute. 

beautifly.png: Umm, I'm just gonna ignore that entry about it drinking the body fluids of its prey..

cascoon.png: Umm, it's good.

lotad.png: Brock's Lotad was so adorable!

lombre.png: How much I like Lombre is dependent upon the way it's drawn. I don't like how it looks here. 

 ludicolo.png: Dance, dance, Ludicolo dance! 

linoone.png: I love this guy, but I feel so bad for him, with him constantly losing his prey because he can't make 90-degree turns. I used one in Sapphire and Omega Ruby, I named him Linny. 

silcoon.png: It's decent, nothing special.

grovyle.png: Oh, Explorers of Sky Grovyle, I love you.

sceptile.png: It's my second least favorite Grass Starter, after Decidueye. 

combusken.png: It's got a pretty cool design among its line.

blaziken.png: Overrated fighting chicken.

mightyena.png: I love this guy's design. I used one all throughout Omega Ruby. I named him Cyeno. 

dustox.png: Jessie's Dustox,  why you gotta go making me cry??

seedot.png: It's cute, but doesn't match up with its evolutions very well. 

nuzleaf.png: He's a really cute little guy. I didn't know it could remove that leaf from its head, though.

shiftry.png: I really don't like this thing's design

latias.pnglatios.png: They're cool enough, Latios is my favorite.

regice.pngregisteel.pngregirock.png: They're pretty cool and have some great cries. I like Registeel most. 

duskull.png: He's cute AND good at running a bank! 

dusclops.png: I feel like Dusclops worked better before Dusknoir existed. It sticks out like a sore thumb now. 

tropius.png: It loves the fruit so much, it grew on its neck. Okay, but it can't even reach the fruit.

chimecho.png: James's and Explorers of Sky Chimecho are so great! 

absol.png: He's so misunderstood.

glalie.png: Fff, the Crobat face!

spheal.png: He's so cute!!

sealeo.png: He's even cuter!! I generally give him an Everstone. 

clamperl.png: I don't get its evolution at all. 

huntail.png: I like him more than Gorebyss. 

gorebyss.png: Umm.. 

luvdisc.png: It's cute, though I usually end up stealing Heart Scales from it. 

bagon.png: He's cute

shelgon.png: What're you talking about? Your shell's not gone, it's right there! He's my favorite in his line. 

metagross.png: I wish they would've actually utilized the combination evolution, but no.. 

armaldo.png: Master Armaldo!! 

feebas.png: It's okay.

milotic.png: I don't really like this thing, but I understand why others do. 

castform-snowy-form.png: It's pretty cute, and Weather Ball is fun to use in Rumble. 

kecleon.png: I like the purple one and the one from Pikachu's PikaBoo!.

wynaut.png: My life is a lie.

snorunt.png: He's cute, shiver shiver. 

shuppet.png: I like him. I caught a Shiny one in Black. 

banette.png: It's cute, and kinda sad. I wish he utilized the pins. That could be a great gimmick.

salamence.png: It's okay, I guess. I used to like it more.

beldum.png:I wish they would've actually utilized the combination evolution, but no.. Such a missed opportunity..

metang.png: The ones from PMD just never die!! 

groudon.png: Pretty cool Legendary Pokémon.

kyogre.png: I will always pronounce it as Key-O-Gree. 

walrein.png: It doesn't have the same charm as Sealeo.. 


And we've only just begun!

Big the Cat

sunkern.png: Even if it's weak, it's cute! And an athlete!

ledian.png: Pretty charming design, but I never really used it.

girafarig.png: Clever palindrome name. Better hope that tail doesn't bite you. I wonder if males use them to fight. 

murkrow.png: That Murkrow from GSC/HGSS though. 

remoraid.png: I like this cute little guy. 

jumpluff.png: One of the cutest Pokémon.  I used one in X. 

quilava.png: Cute little middle stage, but I don't like this Dream World image. It looks better when it's quadruped.

smeargle.png: I love Smeargle; it's an adorable, useful, kinda forgotten Pokemon. I'd generally name it something like Vincent.

swinub.png: This thing looks better when you can see its feet. It's still pretty cute though.

magcargo.png: This thing is hotter than the sun.. How can anyone be near it? How does it not cause climate change?

furret.png: It's so long! I have to say, I like slinky weasel/ferret type animals. 

bellossom.png: Oh Arceus, that Bellossom Dance from Pikachu's Rescue Adventure was my childhood!

flaaffy.png: It's so fluffy, but it would probably shock me. It's pretty rubbery.

entei.png: Dan Green! Dan Green! 

meganium.png: My second final form Starter.  She's not horrible, and that flower's pretty.

magby.png: Unlike most folks, I actually like Magby. I find him pretty cute. 

xatu.png: What can I say about Xatu. The one in Explorers of Sky is cool, and helpful.

misdreavus.png: It's kinda sad that it feeds off of fear, because it's pretty cute.

togetic.png: I really like Misty's Togetic

shuckle.png: I never really used it, but it's quirkily cute. 

quagsire.png: Punish those evildoers, Quagsire! 

pineco.png: I don't hate it. 

chinchou.png: I don't particularly like those plus eyes, but it's strangely cute. 

feraligatr.png: Ah,  the first final form Starter I ever had. 

hoppip.png: It's so cute. Also, reminds me of my childhood, being one of the first Pokémon I regularly drew,  and also JWittz. 

kingdra.png: A cool evolutions of Seadra. At the same, it doesn't have the same charm that Seadra's design does. 

unown-u.png: The epitome of gimmick Pokémon, but they actually have a purpose in PSMD! 

cleffa.png: Also one of the first Pokémon I ever drew. It's so cute! 

suicune.png: No matter what anyone says, I'm always pronouncing this thing as (Sue-Ick-Oon) 

delibird.png: Ah, the lovely Santa Bird. I don't hate him as much as other people.

sentret.png: It's so cute! I like how it stands on its tail to be a sentry.

skiploom.png: Again, one of the first Pokémon I drew.  I like those floppy ears. I remember there being one in the anime that owned Jessie's Yanmega. 

celebi.png: I like the pink one from Explorers of Sky. She and Grovyle were cute together.

Big the Cat

chikorita.png: Cute enough Starter. I chose her in HeartGold. I named her Chika. 

dunsparce.png: Cute little snake and I absolutely love him. 

aipom.png: Good enough monkey..

pupitar.png: Why does Larvitar turn into a pupa though? I love this thing a lot more than Tyranitar. 

porygon2.png: Where Porygon is cute in a quirky way, Porygon2 is cute in a cute way. 

cyndaquil.png: Cute little mouse! I used him in HeartGold, but he wasn't my chosen Starter. I named him Cyndo. 

elekid.png: Plug head! I loved this guy in Pikachu's Rescue Adventure.

raikou.png: See, they aren't Legendary Dogs! I like its cry. Why didn't it get its own movie?

wobbuffet.png: Wooooobbuffet!! How do people hate Wobbuffet? I use him in my Team Rocket Double Battle Team. 

typhlosion.png: Umm, this is not a badger, stop suggesting it. He's a decent final form Starter.

granbull.png: He's so cute!! Granbull is basically my second favorite Pokémon now. Timothy is my beast!

stantler.png: I will always love you.

espeon.png: Okay, I guess?? 

ledyba.png: It's pretty cute. Nothing very special about it to me.

togepi.png: Togepi is pretty cute. Misty's Togepi, and Togebo certainly swayed my opinion.

qwilfish.png: It's pretty cute. Porcupine fish! 

ho-oh.png: This thing is a lie. 

azumarill.png: Too cute!!!

croconaw.png: He looks goofy, with that underbite,  but I like me some underbites. 

snubbull.png: I don't like him as much as Granbull, but he was cute in Pikachu's Vacation.

ursaring.png: When I remember it exists, I really like Ursaring. 

yanma.png: He's a cute little dragonfly!! 

smoochum.png: I don't really like Smoochum, even though I love Jynx. 

slowking.png: I love him it Pokémon the Movie 2000. That voice. 

blissey.png: She's good enough, but Chansey's design is a bit more charming. 

scizor.png: This thing is kinda overrated. I don't really use it, and its Mega looks silly.

donphan.png: I like how he turns into a wheel. I have to say, I like most characters that turn into wheels. Also, cool cry. 

houndoom.png: It's alright, but I prefer Houndour. 

octillery.png: I got a Shiny one in Black and transferred him to X. I named him Remmy Koopa.

wooper.png: It's cute, but how does it punch?! Axolotl!!

mareep.png: It's so fluffy!!

hitmontop.png: I love this guy's concept and he's my favorite of the 3.

marill.png: He's cute, but how were kids so silly to think he and Pikachu were related?? 

umbreon.png: My least favorite Eevee evolution.. I sense triggering.

bayleef.png: It's okay enough, but sticks out like a sore thumb.

Big the Cat

Okay, so this is associated with Doom's PokéSmash project. 

I've volunteered to do the movesets.

All I need from you all, as the members/subject matter, is to have a basic description of the character you want to represent you.

This may be an official character, or you own character, just provide a basic physical description of who you want to represent you.


Basically, just fill out this form;



Basis of Abilities (weapons/skills/etc.):

Size (small/medium/large): 

Weight (light/average/heavy): 

Speed (fast/average/slow): 

Strength (weak/average/strong): 


Up Special:

Side Special:

Neutral Special:

Down Special:



Username: Big the Cat

Character: Big the Cat 

Basis of Abilities (weapons/skills/etc.): Fishing Rod and Physical Strength 

Size (small/medium/large): Large

Weight (light/average/heavy): Heavy

Speed (fast/average/slow): Average

Strength (weak/average/strong): Strong


Up Special: Lobbing Cast (tether recovery: casts fishing line in an upward arc)

Forward Special: Fire Knock (Big knocks his teammates (spontaneous appearance of Cream or Amy)  away as fireballs from the ground)

Neutral Special: Battering Ram (A triple punch combo that targets a single foe)

Down Special: Body Press (A full-body slam onto the ground or enemy)


Big the Cat

sunflora.png: Oh my gosh! I love her so much in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky!

igglybuff.png: Baby form of my favorite Pokemon. How can I hate him?

piloswine.png: I have to say, I liked Dawn's Piloswine. Plus, its eyes are almost always covered. Cute.

slugma.png: Cute enough little Pokemon. I don't know how someone could be close to it though. I mean, it's made of magma.

crobat.png: I like its Shiny form. I used Shiny Crobat in the post game of X.

politoed.png: How do people hate this guy?

noctowl.png: Hoot, owl. Owls are cool. Also, first legitimate Shiny in the anime.

houndour.png: Cute little hellhound

heracross.png: I like how Ash's couldn't keep itself off Bulbasaur. That's pretty cute.

natu.png: It's a pretty cute Pokemon

tyrogue.png: It kinda sticks out among its evolutions, being lavender, but I like it.

ariados.png:: Pretty cute and cool spider-type thing, but I never understood why it has legs on its back.

lugia.png: Good Legendary, good movie, good design, that's what I like.

steelix.png: A cool improvement on something that was already cool. 

phanpy.png: Cute little cyan elephant. I like the complementary colors

ampharos.png: He's so cute!! I used him on in the entire main game of Black 2

sudowoodo.png: Cute Pokemon, cute name, clever name, I like Brock's

corsola.png: It's so cute!! Never thought I'd like a coral Pokemon

teddiursa.png: Cute little bear, I like the one from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

sneasel.png: I like the way this thing looks, I really do.

forretress.png: What is it with Brock making me like these Pokemon?

mantine.png: I love manta rays! I like that they wouldn't screw the pooch with the evolution requirement.

pichu.png: I prefer it over Pikachu.

larvitar.png: Umm, it's cute enough.

hoothoot.png: The name is so silly, and for years, I thought it only had one foot.

miltank.png: I actually like Miltank! Please don't hurt me!

totodile.png: Great water Starter, he used to be my favorite. I chose him in SoulSilver and Crystal

gligar.png: Stop sticking your tongue out at me!! It's too cute!

lanturn.png: I prefer it greatly over Chinchou

skarmory.png: I don't like it as much as others. How does this thing fly?

spinarak.png: Gives spiders a good name.

tyranitar.png: It's decent enough, but not very appealing to me.

Big the Cat

This is out of order, but I don't care.

chespin.png: This little guy is the second cutest first form Starter. I've loved him since his reveal. I chose him in X and PSMD

quilladin.png: I used to dislike him, but after playing PSMD, he grew on me

chesnaught.png: Badass final form, solid second favorite. He's cool and adorable at the same time.

fennekin-2.png: Ehh, I don't hate it, but it doesn't appeal to me. I chose him in Y.

braixen.png: Mediocre middle form, but my least favorite of the 3 middle stages.

delphox.png: I kinda like Delphox, and making an OC of it certainly helped.

froakie.png: Has never appealed to me, nothing else to say.

frogadier.png: Well, I like it more than Froakie..

greninja.png: Falls on the side of overrated, but its popularity is more justified than Charizard. I play as the bubblegum-flavored one occasionally.

scatterbug.png: Umm, it's okay enough.

spewpa.png: It's pretty unique among cocoon Pokemon.

vivillon-modern.png: Gimmick, gimmick, gimmick!! They need to do this for Arbok, too.

bunnelby.png: I like him enough in PSMD.

diggersby.png: I was meh about Diggersby, but using Doug in my Triple Battle team, coupled with the fact that so many people hate him, I love him now.

fletchling.png: Mediocre bird.

fletchinder.png: Decent enough

talonflame.png: I can see why people like it, but it's kinda boring to me.

carbink.png: Cute little guy, I prefer it over Diancie.

hawlucha.png: Cool enough bird Pokemon.

litleo.png: Kinda disappointing Fire Lion

pyroar.png: Disappointed in the fact that its mane isn't actual fire. It would've looked so much cooler.

flabebe-blue-flower.png: Gimmick, gimmick, gimmick!!

floette-blue-flower.png: Mediocre, gimmick, gimmick.

florges-blue-flower.png: I like the concept of it enough.

pancham.png: PSMD made me love this little guy.

pangoro.png: Cool enough. Why does't it have eyes??

furfrou.png: I like the gimmick and the natural form, but I wish the trims were more diverse. A tougher looking one wouldn't hurt. Poodles don't have to be girly.


honedge.png: I don't really like this thing too much, but I kinda like how its sheathed deign has the Crobat-type face. 

doublade.png: Two Honedges and then it loses it again. Great design choice..

aegislash-shield-forme.png: You stole Sacred Sword, how dare you. Also, this thing's ability works my nerves.

swirlix-1.png: Cute little cotton candy guy.

slurpuff.png: This thing is pretty adorable, but it kinda doesn't have the same charm as Swirlix.

spritzee.png: The heck is this thing? It's cute but weird.

aromatisse.png: This is such an extreme disappointment. I thought Spritzee would evolve into something interesting.

noibat.png: Mediocre bat thing. I prefer the other two bats.

noivern.png: I REALLY don't like this thing. 

goomy.png: Umm, this thing is kinda dull looking.

sliggoo.png: Its face is so silly! It's an improvement though.

goodra.png: It's decent enough on its own, but it kinda destroys the trend in the evolutionary line.. A Bug-Dragon would've been cool.

inkay.png: I feel like this should be Water-Psychic. I like the evolution requirement.

malamar.png: Actually shows Dark-Psychic. Pretty cool, but having an actual squid mouth would've been cooler, because it would connect with the evolution more

binacle.png: Umm. Okay??

barbaracle.png: Why does it have a hand for a face?? I feel like if it had that "thumb" on both sides of its face, it would look less silly.

clauncher.png: Cool enough, I suppose.

clawitzer.png:  I'm sorry, this thing just looks silly.

helioptile.png: I don't understand this thing's typing at all. It's cute enough, but the typing is so strange.

heliolisk.png: Same thing applies to Heliolisk.

skrelp.png: This thing's face. We need an emoticon of it.

dragalge.png: What is with that random arch in its body?

tyrunt.png: Certainly took a while to get a T-Rex.

tyrantrum.png: Umm, invincible you say? Overpowered much? At the very least, it could be powerful, but stupid.

amaura.png: I like the ice age vibe.

aurorus.png: Aurora!! I'm surprised it took so long to get an Apatosaurus, but I love this design.

klefki.png: Umm. umm. I dunno what to say. I kinda like that it can destroy Dragons though.

phantump.png: I like this little guy's cry, but outside of that, meh.

trevenant.png: Evil tree! Evil tree! Its six root legs are kinda creepy, but it's certainly a good tree idea.

pumpkaboo.png: Pumpkin!! I like the concept of the different sizes

gourgeist.png: I like that it looks like a candle coming out of a Jack-o-Lantern.

bergmite.png: Umm, mediocre ice chunk. 

avalugg.png: I love this thing's design, but I kinda wish the top of its body was kinda spiked.

xerneas.png: Cool enough Pokemon. Mediocre Legendary

yveltal.png: Grim Reaper Y Bird! This thing is so morbid.

zygarde.png: I liked this thing more before Sun and Moon. I find all its other forms to be kinda stupid.

hoopa.gif: Decent enough thing, I suppose.

diancie.png: This thing did NOT deserve to get a Mega so quickly.

volcanion.gif: I have basically no exposure to this thing, so I don't have a definitive opinion on it.


Big the Cat

I'm trying to make a decision on what the next thing I draw will be, but because I can't make a concise decision on anything and I want to be a bit more diverse, I'd like some other opinions.


The Poll only allows for 5 questions, so I guess I'll just write the other 5 here, so just comment your answers, please; 


6: Please Select a Fourth Animal from the Following:

Tasmanian Devil, Platypus, or Kangaroo


7: Please select a Fifth Animal from the Following:

Bullldog,  Cat, or Fox


8: Please Select a Horned Animal from the Following:

Bull, Moose, or Gazelle


9: Please Select a Wildcat from the Following:

Panther, Lion, or Cheetah


10: Please Select a Rodent from the Following:

Rabbit, Hamster, or Mouse


Thanks again!

 (I'm probably gonna end up doing more often, hehehe)

Big the Cat

1. Favorite Color?: Cyan

2. Favorite Musical Artist/Band?: Does Nintendo count? 

3. Favorite Music Genre?: Video Game Music

4. Have you ever been in love?: Yes

5. Are you currently in a relationship?: No

6. Zodiac Sign: Gemini

7. Do you believe in Ghosts?: Nope

8. Any tattoos or piercings?: No, maybe I'll get a tattoo later 

9. Would you ever dye your hair?: Considering how I wear my hair, no

10. What color are your eyes?: Very, very Dark Brown. Some people just consider them Black.

11. What color is your hair?: Black. Like my soul

12. The last bruise you got - where is it located?: My arm

13. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?: Well, I have some camouflage sandals I wear in the summertime

14. A word you have trouble spelling?: I can't think of one. 

15. Celebrity Crush?: Do famous video game characters count? 

16. Green or Purple Grapes?:  What happened to Red grapes? I like all grapes

17. Do you sleep with your window open?: No,  I sleep with a fan on

18. Height?: 6'1"

19. Are you afraid of Spiders?: Very much so. 

20. Favorite Movie?: I don't really watch too many movies

21. Favorite T.V. Show?: Daria

22. If you could announce something to the whole world, what would you say?: Umm, I dunno 

23. Ever broken a bone?: No.

24. How many concerts have you been to?: Like 6-7

25. Play any Instruments?: The piano decently 

26. Any Internet Friends? Who are you closest to?: I'd say @AethericDoom

27. Favorite Food?: Anything and everything sweet! 

28. Any Allergies?: No

29. Last book you read?: A Thousand Splendid Suns

30. Coffee or Tea?: Taste-wise,  coffee

31. Ever had a song or poem written about you?: No

32. Pet Peeves?: Hypocritical behavior and kissing up. 

33. How many languages do you speak?: 2, English and some Spanish.

34. Ever had a rumour spread about you? Not that I know of.

35. Define "art".: Something that combines,  creativity, effort, imagination, and style. 

36. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? No,

37. Where is your best friend right now? Probably in his bed, or just getting up

38. The last song you listened to?: Exhibition Court

39. Favorite Tumblr blog?: Don't have one

40. Top 5___?: Top 5 Favorite Games

1. Super Smash Bros Brawl 

2. Kirby's Dream Land 3  

3. EarthBound

4. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

5. Mario Power Tennis (Wii) 

41. Ever witnessed a crime?: No.

42. Favorite Ice Cream?: Sea Salt Caramel

43. Ever been in a physical fight?: No

44. Ever glued your hand to something?: No

45. Have you ever been easily amused by something?: Yes

46. Ever forgotten someone's name?:


47: One of your bad habits?: Laziness 

48. Are you good at lying?: Sorta

49. Favorite smell?: The combination of cinnamon and vanilla

50. If there was a movie based off your life, what would it be called?: Umm, I don't know 

51: What makes you nervous?: Failing, especially in my art. 

52. Idea of a perfect date?: Anything really, so long as we're together, I'm happy.

53. Are you afraid of falling in love?: No

54. Do you like the beach?:  Yeah!

55. What's something you really want right now?: My crush 

56. Last thing you ate?: Cereal 

57. Sexuality?: Very much gay

58. Are you a paranoid person?: For the most part, no.

59. Favorite Type of Food?: Rice

60. Curly or Straight hair?: Umm.. I don't even remember, my head is always shaved, it only grows out for a week

61. Favorite month/time of year?: Summer

62. Last thing you drank?: Orange juice 

63. If you could say anything to your crush right now, what would it be?: You're my closest friend and my biggest supporter. You're always there when I need you and you put up with all my crap. Just being around you makes me go to the moon and back. Bro, I love you so much.

64. Least favorite holiday?: Umm, Valentine's Day? 

65. Favorite holiday?: Christmas, I guess

66. Favorite kind of jewelry?: Kukui necklace

67. Makeup or no Makeup?: No makeup, I'm a guy 

68. Favorite Mythical Creature?: Manticore, Chimera,  or Capricornus

69. Do you prefer to be in front of or behind the camera?: Behind I guess 

70. Favorite type of soda?: Pineapple

71. Nails painted or not?: Not, I'm a guy 

72. Play any sports?: Does Mario Tennis count? 

73. How many songs are on your current playlist?: 30

74. Favorite kind of Gatorade?: Frost Glacier Freeze

75. What do you think of your handwriting?: It's good when I take my time. It's also cursive,  and cursive is amazing

76. Any pets?: A hamster named Oreo

77. What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?: I guess my inability to express my feelings to those I love

78. Day or Night?: Night

79. If you had to wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?: Blue

80. Favorite word?: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

81. Least Favorite word?: I really don't care  

82. What is your opinion on "Blood is thicker than water..."?: No

83. Who was the last person to hurt you?: Myself

84. What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it? An iron fell over on my right hand, you can still see the holes! 

85. How many pillows do you sleep with?: 4, on a twin sized bed, overkill maybe.

86. Who was the last person you texted and what did it say? My crush., but the video directly. It was Movie Night that night!

87. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?: Lemme go back to Hawaii and Puerto Rico!

88. Choose one Superpower.: Ice breath or telekinesis 

89. Soft or firm pillows?: Soft

90. What is one thing you constantly worry about?: Umm, I guess what people think of my art.

91. Dream Career?: Professional artist

92. Do you ever want to get married?: Yeah

93. Do you ever want to have kids?: Yes, but,  umm,  circumstances.

94. What's one of your biggest fears?: Spiders

95. What is the current time?: 6:50

96. What time did you go to bed last night?: 10:00 pm

97. Twitter or Tumblr?: Ugh, no, get that away from me.

98. Dogs or Cats?: I..I guess cats, but pugs are absolutely adorable.


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