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I'm Roxanne. Nice to meet you!

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Today, I have joined all of you in becoming a member of Pokestadium. My real name is Roksana and I was born in Ukraine, but you all can call me Roxanne. I'm currently 25 years old and lived in the US since age 8. I love music, especially playing my piano and guitar. I play chess competitively, too. I am currently studying psychology at UW-Madison. As my username might suggest, I have been struggling with Anorexia for six years. The doctor said the average duration of anorexia is eight years so it would be really awesome if I get well soon! My profile picture is the gym leader Roxanne.

I'm fairly new to Pokemon. My only game is Pokemon GO, which my boyfriend introduced me to, but I have watched a large portion of the Pokemon show as a child. I enjoy viewing the gallery and the Pokecreations. Hopefully I will start making my own creations soon! I would appreciate any help to guide me through this website. Msg me!

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Welcome to Pokestadium! Trust me, try the console games, Pokemon GO is definitely only a side game. Ukraine is an interesting country, must be a really cool culture despite have only lived there for a few years. I hope the anorexia gets better soon, nobody likes dealing with food issues no matter what they are since they prevent us from eating the world's best foods like brussel sprouts whatever your favorite food it!


The website itself is pretty intuitive, but check out the Tutorials section to learn how to make creations (called spriting.)


Have fun here, there are a bunch of great people!

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