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More Polling, This Time For Pokémon

Big the Cat


Pokemon Drawing   12 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose One of the Following

    • Watchog (M)
    • Vigoroth, Noah (M)
    • Lopunny, Loretta (F)
  2. 2. Choose One of the Following

    • Tyrunt (M)
    • Bagon, Barry (M)
  3. 3. Choose One of the Following

    • Ledian (M)
    • Girafarig, Jill&Jenna (F)
    • Komala, Meghan (F)
  4. 4. Choose One of the Following

    • Kangaskan, Matthew (M)
    • Shiny Magmar, Elisa (F)
    • Ambipom (F)

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This is for the next Series of Pokemon OCs I plan on making. The Ms and Fs correspond to gender, and if there is a name with them, that's their respective name.

If you have any ideas on what to name the few I didn't, please let me know.B)


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