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The First Movie Review!

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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Blog-A-Log-A-Blog.


The first review is here! Since (most of) you wanted it, you've got it.


I'm a huge Marvel Cinematic Universe fan for so many reasons, so I figured where better to start than the movies I love most?


Today's movie is from 2008, and it's the one that started it all:


Iron Man


(probably put a picture in or something later)


Iron Man is a movie about a guy named Tony Stark who is in charge of a large weapons company who gets kidnapped by terrorists and escapes in a metal suit. This prompts him to make a better one, just in time to stop his partner or something (I honestly don't know) from throwing him out of his own company.


I'm going to say this straightaway, Iron Man is a good movie, however, because it is first in line, it doesn't hold that charm that the rest of the MCU movies have, and starts a couple of annoying trends.


Let's talk about the good and bad, starting with the good:


If there's one thing that I notice immediately, it's how great SOME of the characters are. Robert Downey Jr does a very good job as Tony Stark. I applaud whoever made that decision, as this was good for this movie and many to come.


The character of Yensin, who Stark gets put in a cave with, is actually quite interesting, and I feel sad when he sacrifices himself to let Tony escape, but hey, at least he can be with his family now.


But that's about it for the characters though. To be honest, Pepper Potts was just there really, and the guy playing Rhodes was replaced in the next movie, so I've never really formed an opinion on him.


However, I have huge problems with the film's main antagonist, Obidiah Stane. I'll talk more about why he sucks later.


Also, a small appearance from Phil Coulson is nice, as he is what ties the first MCU movies together.


I'll admit that the film is interesting throughout. There are no bits where it is incredibly boring and it even had a few funny moments: not laugh out loud funny, but a smile and a giggle funny. 


I like the movie's plot and pacing: the transition from an origin story to superhero is done right. The whole origin story is original, which is nice.


Also, the whole terrorists attacks in the movie have a modern relevance which I can appreciate. With the people in the town wherever that place were being attacked by the Ten Rings, it held a similarity to the present Syria and IS.


Now, for the bad:


Obidiah Stane. I'll be honest, I don't know anything about him because the film focuses more on making him to be the biggest d*head possible than giving us any sort of information on him. 


The film has so many opportunities to tell us more about him, but all it tells us is that he managed the company until Stark was old enough. THAT'S IT.


I like to root for villains, but he's such an a*hole that I want to slap him every time his face appears.


Also, the one quote he says, "You think that just because you have an idea, it belongs to you?" Clearly shows that he has no understanding of copyright and it's such flaws logic. I feel like somebody just put that in the movie because they thought it would sound cool. It's so bad I hate it.


Also, the movie tries to make it surprise that he is the villain, but he's such an a*hole that there is no surprise to it. It was obvious.


The side-villains, the Ten Rings, are kinda uninteresting. We don't know much about them, and tbh they kinda suck.


Also, for a movie about Iron Man there is not much Iron Man. But this movie didn't suffer from that, because the action scenes were great.


In my opinion, I think that Iron Man does well as a standalone movie, but in the MCU, it is forgettable, overshadowed by newer additions. That doesn't mean that I don't like it, I do, it just doesn't impact me much.


Many bad things in this movie would have been passable if it was just a standalone movie, but unfortunately it starts trends in the MCU which bug me, such as the 'hero and villain are equally matched cliché', and 'the MCU villain is terrible cliché'. It is certainly good, but not the best.


Rating: 3.5 / 5


And now, I leave you with a quote. The quote can be anything from the movie, funny, memorable or it just stands out. Here's the first quote:




Next time: A terrible sequel. A terrible movie. I'm kinda sad that I have to watch it, but I've seen worse.


Anyway, see you all soon :) 

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