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  2. Same! If you have any questions feel free to ask any mods or admins, or just plain old members like me!
  3. Luxiui coughed. Irelleth had ignored his request, but he couldn't exactly blame her, since the bard's captivating music brought back memories of travels and adventures. "Wow, great music," Luxiui said. He looked over at the bard's fast fingers and relaxed. Harps were quite nice. Soothing, perhaps.. . Maybe he'd ask for bow lessons.. . Another.. . Time.. . CRASH! Luxiui was jolted from his zoned out state. "What was that? Pay attention, there might be guards," Luxiui said. He stood on edge, his inky hawk skwaking on his shoulder.
  4. Psyshock is a weird move. It's special but attacks as if it's a physical move.
  5. Welcome to the nuthouse! I'm only kidding. Welcome to Pokestadium! Glad to have you! I hope you enjoy yourself here. If you ever need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask me.
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  8. Hello, My name is Mona Yona and I am new here. I just wanted to say hi.
  9. Awesome!
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  11. A spiriting contest with my favourite type? How could I refuse! Also Psyshock is a great move.
  12. From the album Big's Sprite Gallery

  13. Guess who's finally done with school


    Just kidding not me I've still got a class to finish up

  14. Irelleth let out a contented sigh as the music washed over her. "Th- That's beautiful[pause in speech]" she swooned. Irelleth shook her head. She turned to the irritated pair. "Can you guys please save your disputes until we're not at risk of being caught?" She huffed and crossed her arms. Then she remembered the song, having pushed it out of her mind whilst she'd snapped at the human and drow elf. Getting absorbed once again by the music, she blushed. This bard[pause in speech] His music is amazing. It's just like being back home[pause in speech] She let out a sob, as thinking of home had quickly led to her thinking of the Human attacks on her home. She scolded herself, while wiping a tear from her eye. Her feelings wouldn't help her get out of here.
  15. Contest Running July 1st - July 31st Don't submit ANYTHING to the main contest page until it starts. How to Join Reply that you want to join or PM me Contest Rules 1. You must create the sprite yourself 2. The sprites must be pixel art of Pokemon Fusions; normal sprites or overworlds 3. The fusion must include a Psychic-Type Pokémon. 4. Limit 3 submissions per person Judges and Scoring Judges will include myself and the first 4 people who state that they want to be a judge. Score is based solely on quality and apparent effort, not how much we like it. Points will be deducted for: 1. Breaking rules 2. Incorrect black outlines (black must be in shadow based areas, not facing the light) 3. Double pixelization 4. Poor splicing 5. Missing outlines 6. Black backgrounds Scoring is on a point range of 0-10, 1 being worst for art that isn't posted strictly for sardonic purposes The judges' scores will be averaged The contestants will be placed by weighted cumulative point average. Rewards At the end of the Contest, you will receive a medal for your place or for judging. If you have any questions, please let me know. If it doesn't affect you, don't object to it. And if you STILL object to it, put it in a status update or a PM. In order to verify that you read the rules, please type the text "Psyshock" when you join. Good luck, and have fun!
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  17. Nice shoppe you've got here Kaps. I like what you've got. Username: MrWynaut Pokemon to fuse: Vanilluxe and Entei Other: Make it delicious
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  19. Frederick stood up straight and puffed out his chest upon hearing Irelleth's voice from beside him, turning to look at her he gave her a confident wink accompanied by a toothy smile, "It'd be me pleasure, Milady~" he replied to her question. All of a sudden Frederick reached back and found his harp, holding it in his arm he gently plucked at the strings but not to loud as to not draw too much attention. As he did so he would stop and lift his fingers to the small metal screws which lined the top, twisting them slowly in order to tune the instrument after it had been thrown about. Once he was done he played a short melody, a soft one just to test out his tuning. Well-- it was partly to test his tuning but also partly to help calm the atmosphere between the drow elf and his fellow human. The last thing they needed was to start a fight amongst each other. Casually he hummed along with the tune, eyeing the couple of rivals out of the corner of his eye in hope that his song worked. If not it could certainly make it worse. He hoped that wouldn't be the case.
  20. ((K.O.! Regirock is down! This is why we need to keep track of the damage.)) : Regirock yelled at the top of his lungs (if he has lungs, hmm.), "NOOOO!! YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO BEAT ME!! YOU ALL WILL YOU FOR THIS.. YOU.. WILL.. PAY.." Regirock's eyes(? Whatever you consider those markings to be) turned black and the defeated golem fell dormant. Ziggy looked at Regirock, "It's.. It's over?? It's over! Guys, we did it! We beat Regirock!" He realized that few of them felt like celebrating; they were in too much pain. He remembered the note from Sceptile and pulled it from his vest pocket. He opened it up and began reading it "Dear Octillery, Doug, Oran, Ziggy, Turtlesoup, Sienna, Mental, and Zaccai,--" Ziggy paused and looked up, wondering how Sceptile even knew to include Zaccai. He shrugged and continued, "-- Wow, you guys really did it. You defeated Regirock. I'm so proud of you all. I knew you were the group of legend. I'm sure you all are tired, so I included a little something for you guys. Your next golem should be Regice. I wish you all the best of luck. Love, Sceptile P. S. Please reread this note after you defeat Regice." Ziggy smiled at the note and then proceeded to get the item Sceptile spoke of. It was a small capsule with a button on one end. Ziggy pressed it, and 10 Max Potions appeared from inside the capsule. Ziggy quickly waddled around to his teammates, spraying a Potion on each of them and recovering their HP. He then proceeded to help Gliscor, spraying the Fang Scorp. "There. Now let's celebrate our victory!!" Octillery:75/75 HP Ziggy:95/95 HP Sienna:70/70 HP Doug:100/100 HP Mental:68/68 HP Oran:78/78 HP Zaccai:60/60 HP Regirock:0/350 HP Sandslash:75/75 HP Gliscor:75/75 HP Camerupt:70/70 HP
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  22. Heyo! Greatly sorry if I wasn't communicating much. I was like, half-asleep throughout both streams. I'll come a bit more prepared for them next time. But it's fine if you didn't finish anything (sometimes you have those horrible setbacks. Working with Celica's hair looked fun). I am still really excited for the next streams to come nonetheless
  23. @  people who turned up to either of my streams, please comment on the blog entry so i can keep track of who is still viable for rewards : )

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