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  2. I rush in. I say, frantically, "Guys, we've got a problem!!..." I take a few seconds to catch my breath, "...With that most recent tremor, apparently Shadow Pokemon are invading the village! We gotta do something!"
  3. Granted but the mailbox is stuck shut so it's useless. My friend wishes for anime to be real.
  4. Yeah, but those whiskers help convey the whole samurai vibe, as does the armor. I mean, It's a samurai otter, there's not much to it. Arguing complexity for a Starter doesn't make much sense because ALL of them are quite simple in concept. The difference between Samurott and Primarina is that even with that mustache, it's still pretty gender neutral. It falls moreso on the side of slightly masculine, but at least its gender ratio recognizes that, unlike Primarina. Oh yeah, let's not forget about BRIONNE. Brionne is feminine-looking too, as opposed to every other middle starter. What about Pignite? Pignite isn't very masculine, unless you consider a chubby pig with fur that resembles a spandex leotard to be masculine. Incineroar, though it is quite masculine in appearance, isn't on the same level as Primarina. I mean, when you look at it, it's arms and body are lacking in muscular appearance (its arms just look like really long cones.. ) I'm not saying Incineroar gets off scott-free, but that Primarina is worse. If it had pronounced muscles like Machamp, then it would be in the exact same boat as Primarina. Also, in most cases in Pokemon, Pokemon are pretty gender neutral looking, unless they are exclusively one gender. If they aren't fairly brutal, their gender ratios account for that. I'm not saying feminine things can't be male, obviously, only that it should be more often female then male. (just reverse the ratios, for the love of Arceus. ) Chesnaught is not very masculine at all, and it doesn't doesn't have an kind of mustache or beard, its facial fur is white, pretty common among animals. I already argued Emboar's case; it's only masculine because it has "muscles", though honestly, it's shaped like a brick.. It's really not that complicated (both its design and how it holds its seamitars), I don't remember which episode of the BW anime Samurott was in, but I'm sure it can move while wielding it's seamitars, (probably not too well though, in the vain of a dog walking on its hind legs) Also, dual-seamitars obviously isn't the most efficient thing for Samurott, but all the animations I remember had it generally only using 1, which leaves it a lot more balanced. I find Gen 5's to be among the better starters. Honestly, the lead memorable starters for me are Gens 2 and 4, and Gens 6 and 7 fall on the side of "meh" The only reason I can remember them is because of Greninja (not a good sign) and because Sun & Moon is new (when a few years pass, we'll see how they hold up) The only reason Gens 1 and 3 are so memorable is because of Blaziken, Charizard, and because Gen 1 was the first, is overrated and inescapable. Also, this topic is going into left field. We're gonna have to tone it down.
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  6. Genesect?? I honestly don't know lol.
  7. No 7) This Pokemon used to have a signature ability.
  8. No 8) The Pokemon has two types.
  9. No 9) This Pokemon learns Solar Beam by TM.
  10. Hmm, is it Houndour?
  11. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. Okay wow so I guess it's my turn. 10) This Pokemon is the first in an evolution line.
  13. Less Republicans, more waifus


  14. Sorry I am taking so long, I have school and it's really hard to do other requests. Please be patient.
  15. Banned for starting to fight
  16. Granted but you accidentally cut the wire till it's nothing more rip wire. I wish to have a mailbox .-.
  17. Has to be the empoleon line. Why? Because piplup's design is nice, same with empoleon. Empoleon is one of my favourite starter evolutions and will always be. But my favourite starter (even though he is bad when you have the mega stone for X) is charizard, I love dragons so much and charizard will always remind me of a fairytale dragon.
  18. He looked at the flasks. There was still some left, he explained to harry about what groudon is, saying it's a scary pokemon that thought kyogre 3,000 years ago. He got hungry by now and started to have a snack. He ate a small lava cookie and even though it almost burnt his tongue, it tastes amazing.
  19. Aw. I kinda like the gen 5 starters. But i still think sinnoh has better ones. Anyway, let's try not to get butthurt.
  20. And yet Samurott is still the best out of gen 5 starters (bad sign) Don't really think the gen 5 starters are too bad as Pokemon but as far as starters go I think you'd have to admit they're the most lackluster or among them
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