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  3. : I look at the Fearow. "Yeeeeah, no. Not while I'm here. " [Christian used Ice Beam! It's super effective! The wild Fearow became frozen!] "Phil, move, if you want to live. Heh." I tell him, wiping my mouth with my sleeve.
  4. Banned because you're one of the only people not insulting my Sprite. Thank you!
  5. No you do need 200.
  6. Btw what is jello? ;-; Is it the American way of saying jelly (because, guess what, Im not American )
  7. Pokemon be real? You dont have to catch them to own them. Look at Team Rockets Meowth as an example. Wyr have your favourite Pokemon in real life for only a day, or a random Pokemon for life
  8. Pole
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  10. I'm pretty sure Silvally was made to be like Arceus, and that's why it can change its typing.
  11. Do not minimod. There's a report button for a reason. Use it.
  12. Adding back in some of the rules from the old fourm because they're still relevant and enforcedGeneral RecommendationsThese aren't rules so won't get you penalized for minor infractions, although if they are repeatly violated, warning points may be given. Bumping old topicsIf a topic's last post was made more than a month ago, don't bump it unless in special cases when you have something that contributes to it. You are free to create a new and similar topic.MiniModdingYou're not supposed to publicly point out whether or not a topic or post is against the rules or not if you aren't officially a Moderator here. Either report the topic, or just let a Moderator handle his or her business.Stay on topicTry not to post in such way so that a topic is steered towards a whole different subject. If you want to discuss about a different subject, create such a topic or use the spam thread.
  13. 5 days, guys! FIVE MORE DAYS! FIVE5FIVE5FIVE5FIVE more days!
  14. Suddenly, the Fearow zooms at Phil at an alarming speed! @AnonymousDoom, will Phil:Try to run away, or duck?
  15. Horrible life because if I was immortal 1. All my friends would die anyway 2. I would have infinite time to turn my life around and build myself from the ground up Wyr have Pokémon be real but not be able to catch any or have Pokémon not be real but you also couldn't catch any
  16. Hee hee Also lol Yuuko is the reason Mew Z quit
  17. Nintendo Switch (There could possibly be Pokémon Stars and Blastoise is a Pokémon)
  18. Wow puns. This makes me want to eat CELL-O.
  19. PHIL "Okay, we have a problem, Christian. A Bidoof who won't tell us his name, a Feariw staring at us like he's the devil, and a big tremor half an island away." Phil stared far away, a stare that reflected how he truly needed to find who he was. Maybe someone here could help him. Just not the Bidoof. Anyone but the Bidoof.
  20. ((The way things are going, I can't wait to write how Issac will react when the truth comes out.)) Issac smiled at her, a soft chuckle escaping his lips. "I could say the same to you. You're the best looking one here by far you know." He said, looking at her longingly. "I'm excited to see how well you do. Hell we might even end up in the finals together, you never know." He smiled, enjoying the feeling of her hand on his. "But still we shouldn't judge these guys to early, even if they are just some ugly lugs." Issac smirked. Soon he felt the bus turn a corner, following the other busses and in the distance, one could see the large building. It was then everything began to feel real, so much more than before. He let out a soft sigh, sitting up right and taking a deep breath. "You wanna stick together when we get there?" He asked, turning his attention back to her.
  21. >tfw you have a math test and lose your calculator the day before

    1. Luxifer


      My calculator started breaking down in the middle of a test

    2. LuxLuxray
  22. Silvally is better than Arceus. 

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