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  2. The end is nigh.


  3. what art program did you use for this? it's beautiful <33333
  4. Is this the future you wanted?

    1. Sciz



      Welcome to Pokestadium!

      We are a Pokemon community that focuses on spriting. If you're new here, check out Pokecreations where you will find some of our work, as well as submit your own.

      If you create an account on Pokestadium, you can also catch and train your Pokemon. It also lets you to submit sprites and start socializing with like-minded people on the forums and in the chat.

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  6. congrats


    congrats to sciz also, our overlord and savior

  7. what happened while i was gone

    1. Kibbeh


      only the best changes in the entire history of ps

    2. Tega


      okay then 

  8. downvotes instead of upvotes? genius

    this is truly the pinnacle of PS

    making sciz admin is something we should have done long ago

  9. Some sprite work I didn't bother uploading to Pokecreations.

    Bargardicle (N).png

    Magarbok (N).png

    Ectomuk (N).png

  10. Type Combinations, Weaknesses & Resistances: Charizard X (ph.attacker): Typing: Fire/Dragon Weaknesses: 3 x2 (rock, dragon, ground x2) Resistances: 3 1/2 (electric, bug steel 1/2) 2 1/4 (fire, grass) Immunities: None. Charizard Y (sp.attacker): Typing: Fire/Flying Weaknesses: 2 x2 (water, electric x2) 1 x4 (rock x4) Resistances: 4 1/2 (fire, fighting, steel, fairy 1/2) 2 1/4 (grass, bug 1/4) Immunities: Ground. Set Ups: Charizard X: Dragon Dance (lv. 1/egg move) Charizard Y: None. STAB Moves: Charizard X: (physical moves) Level up: 5 On Evolution: 1 Egg Moves: 3 TM/HM Moves: 6 Tutor Moves: 0 Total:15 Charizard Y: (special moves) Level up: 9 On Evolution: 0 Egg Moves: 1 TM/HM Moves: 3 Tutor Moves: 2 Total:15 Abilities: Charizard X: Tough Claws- Boosts contact moves. (in short;makes physical moves stronger) Charizard Y: Drought- Creates harsh sunlight. (in short;makes STAB/fire moves more power and Solar Beam charges in 1 turn.Water moves are weaker) Base Stats: Charizard X: HP:Low ATK:Very Good DEF:Good SP.ATK:Very Good SP.DEF:Low SPD:Good Charizard Y: HP:Low ATK:Good DEF:Low SP.ATK:High SP.DEF:Very Good SPD:Good Weaknesses Advantages: Charizard X: Char X is part dragon type, so the only thing it can counter is Dragon. Charizard Y: Water moves would do a little bit less damage because of Drought, i believe it lowers water attacks, Drought also makes Solar Beam go in one turn which would easily kill the water types.Electric isn't a problem as long as you have Earth moves, such as Hidden Power Ground, which is Special.So boom, 2 advantages out of the way.Only thing is the Rock, which you can use Hidden Power Water for it.It's a special move. Honestly, i think Charizard Y won.It can learn moves that have an advantage over all of it's advantages which is really amazing.Charizard X can do the same thing too, but it's ability AND it's stats are only for physical moves unless you're some idiot who made it a special attacker.
  11. You got it @FrogBoyHops, I'll get right on it! Here you go @FrogBoyHops, Black Kyurem with my own design! I gave the dark and light grays a nice blueish tint, and made the blueish gray a cool (get it?) icy blue. And finally, I made the yellow crest and eyes a nice lime green. Lemme know what you think! I can change anything you don't like.
  12. Pokemon: Kyurem Zekrom fused form Type of Shiny: Own design Make it look cool I guess
  13. I personally think a Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash RP would be a lot of fun, there is a lot to explore as the anime only had one season but left us asking a lot of questions. So I'm thinking of a class based RP where everyone has come from our world to Grimgar and has little memory of their past lives and are the next wave of people after Haruhiro's (the MC of the anime) group arrived.
  14. (won't really call it a sweep, she/he forfeited lol.)
  15. 99 i will not have this loss
  16. From the album Random Stuff, but Mostly Pokemon Galaxy

    And Knuckles Basically I challenged myself to come up with a better version of Sonic Boom. This is the result.
  17. Nisa Nisa Nii
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