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  2. no 9-This Pokémon learns the move Earthquake by TM
  3. 451 ('u')
  4. Banned because I dont know 'which theater' you are talking about
  5. Map of usa Your word is Usa
  6. Art
  7. Fusion please Username: MirandaPoke Pokemon to fuse: Eevee, Lugia, and Shaymin (Sky Form) Type: Grass/Flying Other specifications: Nope
  8. Banner * Pokemon/Character: Eevee * Text: MirandaPoke Color Scheme: Maybe the colors of all it's Eeeveelutions. If not, then reds/purples are fine Other: Nope
  9. Similar: Styrofoam
  10. Mart
  11. c++ map Your word is map
  12. Banned for being stuck in a which theater
  13. 452 Hey, I'm back. Look at that. Almost forgot how this game works
  14. Anyone surprised to see me alive?

    1. Gruffin77


      I am more surprised that you made 10 notifications for me.

  15. Oy...I be rekt! <Lunala(SUCH DIFFERENT)Lunula>
  16. The-Hydropower. I don't know, lol.
  17. I was on a YouTube video and I honestly forgot what video it was, but me and some other people were having a conversation about how we liked Generation 5. Someone tuned in with "I am a Unovian" or something along those lines. I remember thinking "Wow... that sounds really cool..." and shortly after that I went here (before making an account I loved to use the sprite generators for some reason) and I wanted to upload a sprite. When I was making the account, the word "Unovian" was stuck in my head, so I just named myself Unovian after some conflict between "TheUnovian" or just "Unovian".
  18. Solgaleo for the win... sorry I had to. I already made my guess I don't know why I'm saying this lol
  19. Uhh hi! I'm still sorta new at sprite fusing and I was wondering if anyone could help me? I used to always fuse sprites but I don't do it much anymore, so I tried it again, and I guess I've gotten better? I just want some help... I was bored just now as well and decided to take up a personal challenge of mine and fuse Generation 6 sprites. It turned out okay for a first try...? Well, here's the two most recent sprites I did (One is the generation 6 one) <----No I don't know why I made that so large.
  20. With a bit of help I was able to beat the nameless king... Granted Lag sort of saved me a couple of times.

  21. Did Pokeman really die? Also Torracat?
  22. Does Nebby hate the bag? to find out, we asked Lillie, Oy! here is our response:
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