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  2. There was a reason for the friend killing himself. You see, he had a lot going on. His parents yelled at him. His siblings beat him in private. Social media biased against him just because he's new and they dont like him because of that. No one was fair to him. Mr.Hydra, I wasn't being disrespectful, Tifarall just chose a friend who wasn't stable, thats all
  3. guys, this is the OFFICIAL Scratchy3607 fanclub, and yet all you're doing is making crass jokes regarding the excellent Tifarall I'm going to have to ask you to be respectful or keep to yourselves
  4. Commemorate - reward for actions (basically)
  5. It's a shame I don't know what commemorate means
  6. I think I'm getting pretty good at fusing NO I don't want any roasts and toasts.

  7. Oh wowzer a 10 outta 5. I'm gonna commemorate u
  8. 10 out of 5
  9. Alrighty then I'll just post something too. Tifarall was very lonely He decided he was gonna get a friend. That friend killed himself. The end.
  10. Nice man keep up the good work
  11. Today
  12. What is the best designed Pokemon in your opinion, and from which generation? *Please Do Not Bash People's Opinions*. Mine is Nidoking. I love his claws and the edges on his body. The color on his body is very well coloured. The purple is a perfect purple. Generation 1.
  13. Nice Ice Dragon

    1. Jussik


      Thanks Petey:)

  14. @Julie 1st @Naomi: Predicted Completion Date: 3/28/17 2nd @AnonymousDoom: Predicted Completion Date: 3/30/17 3rd @arawak: Predicted Completion Date: 3/31/17
  15. What, how? I never really started this game, Ill start with the side of the boys. I just wanna win. But how Doom. How. 95
  16. To the previous game: I didn't look at the previous guesses, and I would've assumed it be able to be obtained in HGSS Liepard?
  17. Shoot my things never load and I did one from a while ago ;-; Ill go from the original tail Trail
  18. Request for Julie

    From the album Petey's Art Gallery

  19. Thanks! It took a lot of effort!
  20. Spoiler

    got you


    1. Kaps


      Dangit ya got me there

    2. Tega_Morterra
  21. I like it!
  22. I just like tagging you it's fun
  23. He you got me on green Hydra I'll do the gif for you 10. This Pokemon can learn Taunt.
  24. Why are you mentioning me man, I get notifications for topics I create... I saw them, I just didn't say anything. It's not like I'm gonna turn you down.
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