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Aussea Starters - Frogler, Lamblit, and Splizard

Finally finished the starters for the Aussea region. These aren't finalised drawings, but the designs are complete. I hope you like them!


Type: Grass
Height: 1'8"
Ability: Overgrow
Species: Flower Frog Pokémon


Type: Fire
Height: 1'8"
Ability: Blaze
Species: Sheep Pokémon


Type: Water
Height: 2'0"
Ability: Torrent
Species: Water Lizard Pokémon

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i think you did a fantastic job with these designs. seriously, almost every fanmade starter designs look off, be it they just look way too cutesy and happy (starters are almost always cute, don't get me wrong, but they're not all big, wide anime eyes and regular looking smiles - snivy, totodile, oshawott, are good examples, snivy's eyes aren't open fully, totodile's got a big snout being a crocodile, and oshawott's more shy looking and isn't smiling by default, and a lot of fanmade designs all look very same-y and just have the same overly cutesy faces) or just don't look like starters or even pokémon in general, but i think you avoided falling into the usual trappings of fanmade starter designs.


they're all cute in a likable way, distinct from one and other as well as existing 'mons (at the very worst lamblit's eyes and expression bear a SLIGHT resemblance to tepig, but it's not important), and in general feel unique and like things i could actually see game freak doing. the fact that the trio of grass frog, fire sheep/goat/etc., and water lizard are so overdone in fan concepts, yet yours aren't set back by it in the slightest and still feel fresh says a ton about how good these are.


not to mention, the art quality itself is damn good for a not-finalized drawing. great job.

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Thank you everyone for the positive feedback, it really means a lot to me :)

Hopefully I'll have the middle and final stages done soon.

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