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    Moth wings are hard to draw

    From the album Art dumps

    I've had a similar design to this in my sketchbook for a while and I decided to redo it digitally. I like how it came out <3
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    Krookodile girl

    From the album Art dumps

    My character design for an RP I'm writing, her name is Tina and as you can probably guess-- she's pretty punk.
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    So I'm addicted to Splatoon 2..

    From the album Art dumps

    ..and I can't stop playing it or drawing my inkling she's so cute what do I do
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    I drew these guys again

    From the album Art dumps

    It's been a while so I decided to sit down and draw them at my present skill level, I played around with their personalities too. I like Bonnie the most, he came out super angry lol
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    Daddy Dabi

    Genji's Drawing Request Thread

    Genji's Drawing Request Thread Thought I'd start up a drawing request thread to help improve my art. Feel free to make as many requests as you like. Please note that I'm only going to be drawings humans, or things that resemble humans, such as a Gijinka. Make sure to rush me if I'm taking long. Forms To-Do List
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    Look, I'm posting another doodle.

    From the album I like to draw.

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    I'm blue

    From the album Art dumps

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    Pokestadium New User's guide

    ( @Kibbeh was a part of making this as well so don't forgot to thank her as well!) Welcome to Pokestadium! Hello and welcome to Pokestadium! This guide will be here to help new members who have joined, older members who have returned, as well as those between. Questions about the forums will be answered here, but there will be general information about the forums too. As the name suggests this is a forum about Pokémon, but the forum is more diverse than that, as there are sections of the site where you can participate in matters unrelated to Pokémon. Although small, Pokestadium’s community is a very kind and friendly one so don’t be afraid to talk to anyone. Obviously there are always going to be people who have experience with something and others who don’t, the same applies to Pokestadium as well. There are a mix of people who have been on other forums and those who have not, however everyone will be treated the same regardless of their circumstances. Always feel free to ask for help when you need it, there are many people on Pokestadium that will be willing to help you. Please be aware of the rules as well. For the most part you shouldn’t have to worry about violating them, as common sense can help avoid most cases. However, in the case that you do get warned, most warnings are 0-1 points and won’t hurt too much. There should only be a major issue if the rules continue to be violated, which will lead to higher amounts of warning points and more severe punishment. As well as following the rules and such, if you think someone isn’t following the rules, press the Report button to file a report for the post in question and staff will get to it as soon as possible. The report button can be found in different places depending on what you are reporting. The report the button on posts and topics are at the top of said post or topic beside that date that they were posted, the report button for blog entries are at the bottom of the blog, the same applies to gallery posts as well, and if you want to report a status update the report button is next to the like button. Lastly if you’re unsure about anything feel free to contact any staff member or even a fellow member as stated before they will be willing to help you if you need it. We hope you enjoy your stay on Pokestadium. What should you do when you first join? -Read the rules and policies -Create a topic introducing yourself -Give yourself an avatar and signature -Familiarize yourself with the forums and the rest of the site -Ask about anything you’re unsure about with a staff member -Have fun! Pokestadium Staff Admins: Johan Johan is the owner of the site who takes care of the more technical parts of the site that require coding, such as the Pokecreator. Johan is not very active so chances are he will not reply to anything you send him, so please refrain from doing so and instead contact the other more active admins. The-Hydra Dash Legend Ekevinn Admins are the ones who manage, moderate, and oversee all sections of the forum as well as staff members. These are the people you should contact if you have an issue that other staff members cannot resolve, or if you have ideas for the site. Feel free to PM them. Global Moderators: Usually referred to as “mods” or “moderators” they are responsible for organizing the forums and making sure everyone is enjoying their time on the forums. They ensure that rules are not being violated, and sometimes prepare events for members to enjoy themselves. They are also the people to go to if you need to have a question answered, or if someone is bothering you. If there is any issue that you find happening on the forums feel free to pm them. Moderators also moderate the Pokecreations. Primal Genji Pepsi Man Isagonj Kibbeh Roleplay Moderators: These are the people who accept roleplays as well as reject the ones that do not follow the rules. They ensure that people are posting correctly and not being inappropriate as well. If you have anyway concerns about a roleplay, contact them. Sonic20 Poison NuVonde Gallery Moderators: These people take care of the Gallery section on the site, ensuring that no one spams images, steals, or posts anything inappropriate. They also make sure that things that don’t belong in the Gallery get removed. If you have a concern about a Gallery post or your own, feel free to contact them. Again, like the Pokecreator Admins and Mods can also manage the Gallery but the Gallery moderators do so the most. Big the Cat Nisa Hydralicious Yashu Kekleon Pokecreations Moderators: These staff members are responsible for accepting and rejecting sprites and Pokecreations based on the Pokecreator rules and requirements. If for whatever reason your sprite has been rejected you can contact the person who rejected it stating why you think it should have been accepted. If you are going to do this please be rational, and do not yell or treat them disrespectfully. While Admins and Moderators also have the ability to manage the Pokecreator, these people are the main staff members to do so. Master Caterpillar Panflam UmbreonRogue Kekleon Pokestadium Member Groups My Pokemon FAQ This where you can find answers to questions that are asked regularly. Most general things should be here but if you can’t find what you’re looking for try asking a staff member or someone else on the site.
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    Big the Cat

    Daily Driver's Ed Drawings

    From the album Big's Art Gallery

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    Shark Merman

    From the album Art dumps

    I have no idea where this came from but here you go. I like merpeople. I've been making an effort to draw some kind of background in my art these days, I'm not the best at it but I hope with some practise I'll be able to draw some real good ones :3
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    Lux's Bizzare Adventure (HG Randomizer)

    Anyone has probably seen sprites floating around my profile that aren't fusions. Those are Pokemon retypes, because I started a Heart Gold LuxLocke a while ago. A LuxLocke will be explained later, but I have been inputting these sprites in the game to make it more enjoyable. I have also been recording them and will post the videos soon. For now, take a look at my squad - A LuxLocke is like a nuzlocke, so these bois are prone to die. Let's just hope that doesn't happen. I'll update this post as I go and catch more Pokemon, so make sure you follow it. UPDATE #1 OMG GUYS MILKWEED DIED She will be missed, I took on the first gym too early and paid for it. I was confident towards the end and I guess that was the reason she died, but not to worry! Although I am getting more feely feels I'm making a tribute to her. Any fan art of her will be appreciated! Just post a picture of it below or provide a link. Moving on, I have 3 new friends! I hatched the Togepi egg and got a Water-typed Rapidash, which I named after a Rapidash I got in another randomizer. The others are a Dragon/Rock Charizard and a Rock/Water Machoke. Got those in Union Cave and its surrounding area. Next time, I'll train Aria and the rest of the team to a higher level and take on the Slowpoke well. UPDATE #2 ASDFGHJKL; JET DIED TOO I trained to 25 but he still died to a lvl. 14 Palkia. You wanna know why? Rollout. All I have to say is that for everyone to understand. RIP my lovely boi (I love you bby), so again tribute art is appreciated. I caught a lot of new Pokemon, so prepare for a huge spoiler. This will also include all of my current ones as well. The sprites that aren't edited are recent, so the next update should include them when they're edited. I'm in Goldenrod City but have not fought the gym yet. I'm focusing on getting everyone to level 30 so I don't fall behind. My current team includes Ema, Spike, Gaston, Aria, Pupperino, and Magi, but that might change at some point. That's all for this update, but feel free to comment any thoughts or if you have any questions about where I am in the game~ Let's hope there won't be any more deaths, my heart can only handle so much ; - ;
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    Lover of Inktale

    Tyrantrum owo

    From the album underloved pokemon

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    The Bulbasaur line, as do all Gen1 starters, showcases the progress of evolution without getting too complicated. With no clear real-world inspiration, Venusaur is simply a miscellaneous dinosaur, a rowdy reptile. Venusaur LOOKS an awful lot like a toad with its long mouth, spaced eyes, and lack of a tail. However amphibians have no nails, and Venusaur has quite the pointy digits. And ears. Take THAT hypothetical Venusaur-is-actually-an-amphibian-debater. Venusaur's greatly resembles the rafflesia, also known as the "corpse flower". It is large, red, and stinks of rotting meat. Venusaur probably reeks, and I suppose this explains it's poison typing. Stinky boy. A very pleasing feature of Mega-Venusaur is how jungly its flower looks. Its just so neat. Granted, the body could have stood to change a little more, but its teeth are bigger so that's something. Now you probably noticed that there are two Venusaur images above and are thinking I made a mistake. I can hardly blame you for not noticing Venusaur's gender variations. The difference lies in the yellow bulb on Venusaur's flower. The make variation is on the left, and the female on the right. This gender difference is lost in Mega-Evolution, both have no bud poking through the flower's center. An possible oversight. Or Venusaur briefly defaults to male when Mega-Evolving. Rapid gender-changes are far from uncommon in nature, bur that's a talk for another day (Maractus, I'm looking at you). Aside from being a flower toad, many would hesitate to attach one specific creature to Venusaur's concept. Too bad, I already overthought it. This good boy right here called a Kannemeyeria, an extinct herbivore from the Triassic period. If I was pressed to attach Venusaur's origins to a specific dino, it'd be this squat fellow, mostly for the leg structure. The actual Kannemeyeria was likely beefier than the one shown above, as most animals we only know from fossil records are inaccurately shrink-wrapped to their skeletons, but you can still tell that this is a very good boy right here. Venusaur on its own has a very solid competitive standing as a bulky Chlorophyll sweeper, but really shines with its Mega. Gaining Thick Fat gets rid of two weakness and a boost to all stats with the exception of speed. Throughout the generations Venusaur has been the most consistently reliable starter competitively. Since the beginning it has been a bulky and good boy capable of running whatever the hell it wants too. Now you're probably wondering why I have not gone into the ecology relating Venusaur. Its development in the wild, predators, prey, natural dilemmas that they would have to go through in order to survive as a species. Well, its hard to touch on these things due to the tricky nature of starter's and their place in the natural world of pokemon. Plain and simple, the incredibly rare nature of starter's implies that they don't exist in the wild at all. They seem to have numbers that are so small they can only be kept in captivity and given to up-and-coming trainers to "start" them off. They are only ever seen outside of this in the Friend Safari. which is, again, a controlled environment. Its entirely possible that Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle aren't even native to Kanto, and are instead outside species that were brought overseas. As a closing note, ever wonder what Venusaur looks like with a closed flower? Wonder no longer my good friend. Wonder no longer.
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    The Mimikyu Project

    Hi everybody, this is Kilgrave here with an old project of mine. So, a while back I decided to make a bunch of Mimikyus to represent every Pokemon. However, since I'm not good at committing to things, it died quickly. However, when I finally decided to post them, everyone seemed to like them, so I figured I'd revive the project. I have worked hard for the last few days to make these: they've been a lot of fun to work on and I feel I've improved my scratch spriting because of it. And where better to put them than here? I really love the end results, so it just had to be shared: Hope you like them. I plan to continue the project and I will post updates as I go. Enjoy
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    Alphanine (Sketch)

    From the album Taiiyo's Tremendous Art Dump

    My charcoal pencil and I went to work the last couple of days. But just a sketch of one of my many fakemon. I do plan on coloring this in. Any suggestions to improve will gladly be taken!
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    Religion and my Religious School

    As an avid member of the Roman Catholic Church, I can't say that I agree with most of this entry. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that I don't respect your point of view, as I really do. I can definitely see why you see religion as well, how you see it. I have found myself questioning my own belief before. One thing I would like to point out is your statement of how religion has done nothing good for the world. While yes, many unnecessary acts of conflict and violence were influenced by religion, this doesn't mean it hasn't done any good for the world. I can see why you view it this way though, as many sources of media have a huge biased opinion towards religion all together. And with the media being a big factor in today's society, it can have a relatively large influence on someone's opinion. I'm not saying this where you got your point of view from, but I know a lot of people who have their opinions shaped by media based sources. But anyways, back to the subject at hand. I believe the majority of people, even avid members of a particular religion, are viewing religion incorrectly. You don't believe in something just to shove it in someone else's face, nor to show dominance or power. You see, Religion and Faith are tools. You don't have to necessary believe fully in your faith to use it towards your benefit. But how exactly can you use religion? Having faith can help accomplish your goals, and push you forward in life. Let's take, the Ten Commandments as an example. While you don't have to really believe in the punishments for breaking them, you can certainly use them as a practice of discipline. Anyways, I could go on all day, but I still respect your opinion, even if it doesn't correspond with my own. I'm particularly glad that you had confidence when expressing your opinion.
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    D&D Miniature: Illunis Feyspell

    From the album Actual art stuff (not memes)

    Recently I got a friend of mine to 3d print a custom D&D miniature for me, and I finished painting it just yesterday. For my first time painting at such a small scale, I think it turned out really well, and I'm hoping to maybe do more in the future ~
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    Big the Cat

    Purple Dino

    From the album Big's Art Gallery

    I painted this for my younger cousin.
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    1,000 likes yeeee

    1,000 likes yeeee
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    Oh hello there!

    ~Let the awkwardness commence~ So as you can see, username's angelbeast111, but any nickname is fine. I found this site a good while back and have used the sprite search many a time as a resource for sprites to fuse, recolor, retype, all of that fancy stuff. I never really made an account though. After seeing the forums were pretty active and I got a sort of rekindled want to sprite, I figured I may as well join since this place is focused a lot on the spriter community. If you've read this far, you're extra awesome and you get to learn a tiny bit about me before I make an actual about me on my profile. So other than pokemon, some games/series I like to play or watch others play are Animal Crossing, Kingdom Hearts, Mario, Mega Man, classic Spyro (I mean like on PS1), and a bunch of indie games. Pretty much if it's got any coverage on it, I've heard of it, watched it played, or played it myself. Other things I like are drawing (even if I'm not that good), listening to music of nearly any genre/subgenre, watching things on youtube, and every now and then going outside.
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    Aegis Cave

    There comes a day for every young Pokestadian to become a man. And in order to become a man, you will have to prove your manliness by going to the depths of the infamous Aegis Cave ruins. Many have tried, yet many have failed. But not our dear friend @Sciz. No, he went to prove his manliness not once, but twice. There is so much that we could all learn from him, so that is exactly what we will all be doing today. This is the legendary story of Sciz in Aegis Cave. ------------------ Why am I doing this? Sciz's thoughts echoed through his head. From the moment he had left the town, a dreadful feeling had started spreading from the inside of his stomach. He didn't want to be here, not again. A backpack rested neatly on his shoulders. A backpack filled with a couple of berries, drinks, orbs, and stones. Many stones. Stones shaped in almost all the letters of the alphabet. Why am I here again? He knew why. He knew it better than anyone. Reach the end of Aegis Cave once again, retrieve the treasure left behind. Nobody dared to, but Sciz just had to prove himself. "I'll get it then, seeing as you scrublords are too scared to go back." Too scared. Sciz himself couldn't be scared, he never was. Yet there was something oddly frightening about walking around in an ancient temple, torch in one hand, map in the other. The air was warm, humid and unmoving. Sweat drops on Sciz's forehead sparkled in the weak light of the flame. He watched the ever-changing map write itself as he moved on. His stomach growled. He had been walking around for hours, not once taking a break. He wanted to get out as soon as possible, treasure in his bag. Sciz smiled at the idea. He would be rich. Richer than the Guild, even richer than that undead owner of the bank. Sciz knew his deal. "I'll keep your money safe until your death. After that, it will be mine." Sciz had never handed him a single penny. He spotted another being. Clenching the map between his teeth, Sciz dashed forward, knocking the Unown back with a powerful punch in its eye. Thud. The Unown disappeared, dropping a single stone on the ground. Sciz picked it up. E. A faint smile climbed up his mouth. He only needed the letter S now. One more stone, one last step, treasure awaited him. The golems were gone. Vanished. Nobody knew what had happened to them after Sciz's team and Team Charm had explored the area. The last part of the temple was supposed to be caved in, but the treasure left behind should still be present. He put the stone in his bag, the weight on his shoulders increasing slightly. The only reason why he brought all these other stones with him was because they sold well. Grrr... He heard something not too far behind him. He quickly checked the map. A single red dot had appeared around the corridor. The ground shook ever so slightly as the dot came closer. This definitely wasn't an Unown. An Unown, he could handle. But anything bigger meant trouble. He only had his bare fists as weapons. Sciz had to get out immediately, no treasure was worth his life. He took a sprint, carefully watching the map at the same time. It was fast. Way too fast for Sciz's liking. It was as if with every step that he took, the dot in turn took two. The outlines of a room started to appear on the map as Sciz kept increasing his speed. A sigh of relief escaped his mouth between his short, rapid breaths. He could make it, but then what? It didn't matter, he had to make it first. Then, the room itself came in sight. The torch casted a weak light from which just the opposite wall could be seen. Sciz rushed in, praying to dear Arceus and Mew for anything that would let him survive this. He took the final step into the room and immediately scanned his surroundings. One, two, three walls, no exit. Safe for a rotting apple and a blue orb that shined mysteriously, the room was empty. He remembered the Escape Orb in his bag. But had he come this far, only to give up after one challenge? He simply refused to use it, not when he still had other options. The Escape Orb was meant for the very end, when there was no other means of escape. Sciz cursed. Desperation and panic crawled up to his mind. He didn't reconsider for a single moment before he dashed over to the orb on the floor, smashing it to the ground right before the enemy as soon as he reached it. The remains of the orb emitted a blue light for a second or two, and suddenly, it was dead quiet again. The dot on the map was gone. Sciz remained there, unmoving for a few seconds. A warp orb, something that had saved his life for the second time now. The quiet room quickly filled itself with Sciz's loud breaths. Though, he had no time to rest. Whatever it was, it was still close, and Sciz didn't want to risk overstaying his welcome. He had to move. Having calmed down, he made way back to where he came from. Then the realisation struck that he had no idea where the stairs were. He had thought that this was the last place he could check, but he was wrong. Sciz cursed himself for not having looked around better. But in the end, it wouldn't have mattered, he would have stayed until he had all the stones he needed. He began moving back. Back to where the stairs could possibly be, back to safety. There was no way he was going back up, not after all his efforts here. Not now he was one stone away from gold. Sciz's eyes were focused on the map again. Sweat drops rolled from his forehead. He would kill for a breeze right now. As he moved forward, a dot appeared again. There was no noise; just the usual Union. Maybe Sciz was lucky. Maybe this was the last letter he needed. He couldn't risk it. He sprinted over to the creature and gave it the same treatment as the one from before. Thud. Something had fallen, and it wasn't the Unown. Sciz hurried over and picked it up, and when he did, a wave of joy and relief went through him. It was the letter S. It took him all his focus to not just jump in the air and shout it out. He didn't want to draw all the danger to him, not now that he had the final stone needed to proceed. He checked the map again. There was only one place left where the room with the stair with the stairs could be, and it wasn't too far from here either. He put the stone in his heavy bag, and started moving again. The closer he got to the stairs the more ecstatic Sciz got. It was almost as if he could feel the treasure. He set every step with more anticipation than the last, until the stairs finally came into sight. He took a run for it, waking up a sleeping Unown in the process. Sciz didn't care. He was getting out, and only with the treasure in his bag. Sciz climbed the stairs, leaving the confused Unown behind on the dungeon floor he had grown familiar with. Not that he was ever coming back here after that. He laughed quietly. The room he returned to was brighter than the dungeon floors themselves, the torches on the wall giving a promise atmosphere. Sciz walked over the the monument that was placed in the middle of the room. It was missing five stones, stones that Sciz had been looking for the entire time he was here. He placed the stones needed to spell the word "steel", and stepped back. The structure began to rumble and glow, the light growing in intensity fast, being bright enough to illuminate the whole room in only a second. Then it stopped. A new staircase had appeared where the monument was standing moments ago. A smirk grew on Sciz's face. He was close now. If the treasure was there then he would find it soon. He walked down the stairs, careful not to trip on the old and shaky steps. Once he reached the bottom, he found himself in the same room where he and his team once fought Registeel. The golem itself was of course nowhere to be found. The metal that decorated the walls shimmered in the light of the torch that Sciz was still holding. He marched on. It took Sciz another few Unown-filled floors before he finally reached the last room of the dungeon, the room where they had fought Regigigas. It looked nothing like it did before. Walls had crumbled down, pillars had fallen over. Sciz wasn't even sure if there was any treasure, but he wasn't going to just give up and walk away now. Navigating his way through the wreckage, Sciz made sure to check in every last spot. He looked for what seemed to be hours, but hadn't found anything close to treasure yet. The middle of what was left of the room looked interesting though. Regigigas himself might have been nowhere to be found, but there was this oddly coloured tile on the floor. Walking over to it, Sciz wondered if he could just... lift it... up. He burrowed his fingers around the tile and lifted the surprisingly light tile with ease. He moved it to the side and casted the light of his torch inside the new open space that the tile had hidden. There seemed to be another staircase. This had to be it. Why would there be a hidden staircase if there wasn't any treasure? It simply had to be. Failing to hide his excitement, Sciz practically jumped down the stairs, nearly tripping over a piece of rock. Once he reached the bottom of it, he looked around. It seemed to be another room, although there was no exit. The walls were decorated with Unown letters, spelling out various ancient words that Sciz couldn't read. Although, were they really just decoration? Sciz shook his head. He didn't want to stay too long to figure out. What caught his attention however, was the large, shiny object that was standing in the middle of the room. Sciz felt every nerve in his body as he looked at what seemed to be a treasure chest. He carefully walked over in order to avoid triggering any traps. A smile could be found on his face. The chest didn't seem to have a lock on it, but it seemed as if it hadn't been touched in ages. Thinking of all the things he could do with the amount of money he would get from this, Sciz quickly and ecstatically opened the chest. Inside, there were hundreds and hundreds of... stones? Confused, Sciz picked up bunch of them and dropped them on the ground. Nothing other than stones. The exact same stones that he had found in the dungeons. His smile dropped, making way for an expression of anger instead. "... Are you kidding me?! That's it?!" He threw a bunch of stones on the floor in rage and frustration. "I'm done. I'm so done here," he said while grabbing the Escape Orb he had kept safe in his bag. "Good bye Aegis Cave. Until never again." ------------------ (So yeah I've been working on those 1860 words since October last year now because I'm a lazy butt. I asked some people what to write, and Sciz told me as a joke to write about him in Aegis Cave. So here it is. I hope you all enjoyed. Oh and criticism is always welcome of course.)
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    From the album Slightly Above Average Doodles

    I totally didn't mean for the pencil to fit almost perfectly in his hands lol Anyway i just felt like sharing this with you guys.
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    A bunch of alternative Mimikyus have showed up on Pokecreations lately, and it reminded me that I made some too a while back (February to be exact): I think it was some of my best work, and I'd love to continue the project.
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    Master Caterpillar

    Cosmic Tsareena

    From the album Cosmic Things

    Tsareena, but cosmic.
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    Religion and my Religious School

    Personally I'm not religious but I was brought up literally living on a road named "Church Street" and went to a christian school just as you do. My small town area as a whole in the west of England is home to a few religions such as Muslim, Methodist and Catholic. It's taught me a lot about religion as a whole. While I understand where you're coming from having to sit through an hour listening to something you don't believe in (and I agree you shouldn't have to join in with hymns and responses); I do think that it's better for you to respect their beliefs while you're in that school or end up being part of a mass. 'When in rome do as the romans do.' as the cliche goes. If you're in a religious situation such as a mass and you are asked to pray, be respectful and close your eyes, lower your head. Things like that. You don't have to actually pray or believe in what you're hearing, you don't even have to say 'Amen' -- But by doing those small things you're showing that despite your differing beliefs you still respect theirs. In RE you certainly should try not to criticise the bible. You're in a class called 'Religious Education' -- they're not asking you to believe it they want you to learn about and understand it. And if there are people there who are christian they most likely won't enjoy you prying into every loophole that the most important book in their lives has.
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    Chicki Chicki

    From the album Slightly Above Average Doodles

    (Sorry this isnt the Doug one i said) This is just a rough drawing i made of Chikorita. Thought i would share it with you, im really proud of the way the features look. I use it as a bookmark now. It serves it's purpose.
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    Do you have an appreciate for pokemon that are also crustaceans? Are you among the many who want to belong to something better and ALSO greater?? Does each moment of your life that does not include a crustacean feel wasted and meaningless??? Like it's impossible to go on without a higher, crustacean based calling????? That's because it is! Up until now I didn't realize what I was missing in my life. But one day I spoke to my local Krab Priest and he told me what I needed to do to fill the void. That's why I founded the KRAB KLUB! I know what you think inside your skull. How do I join, and is it possible to rewrite history so that I can make myself have been a member since before I was born? Haha yes To join, simply submit a sprite that is a combination of a crustacean based pokemon and another not-crustacean pokemon. the following are considered crusty boys -Krabby -Kingler -Corphish -Crawdaunt -Crustle -Dwebble -Binacle -Barbaracle -Clauncer -Clawitzer -Crabrauler -Crabominable -Wimpod -Golisopod -Kabuto -Kabotops -Anorith -Armaldo Backstories ARE NOT TO BE GIVEN. Do not presume to know the past of the Krab. That is for Krab Diviners to know. Names?? don't even think it. Here are a two examples: Submit yours today to hopefully get approved to the Krab Klub! As president of the Krab Klub I can assure you that my rule will be vast and just, as I will soon surrender my brain to the great KRAB MIND.
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    Remember Hige

    Wow I can't believe this. Honestly it looks like all the moderators are gone. But my username was Hige. I've been on this site since October 2010 so that was back in 7th grade? And I was 13 at the time. I was on this site about everyday and it became quite an unhealthy obsession. Eventually a lot of us seemed to leave the site and everyone added me on my old facebook. For those who do remember me I'm happy to see you guys again. I'm not back permanently, maybe just popping in every now and then. I was laying in bed last night and was thinking about this site. Well anyways, figured I'd update you guys on where I am. - I had a lot of personal things happen to me that I feel are well more- 18+ rated (just health issues and housing situation). For anybody who did know me I'm fine talking about it, it's not a place for me to talk about here. - I graduated high school back in May and now I moved up into my own apartment up in NC's state capital and I attend college. - I'm a 2nd quarter student majoring in film (My college is different, we don't have freshman-seniors. It's you graduate in 12 quarters. We just finished this quarter and Jan 10th I'm coming back for my second quarter) - I went through a big spiritual journey (for anybody who knew, I was extremely religious). I'm not religious anymore and don't identify at all with religion. - I actually came through terms with my sexuality. Surprisingly, my first girl crush was a girl on this site I used to roleplay with. I guess that's what sparked it. But yeah, I go around on dating sites looking for a wife (I don't date for fun, I date to find a life partner). - I have an adorable fur child named Salem, I adopted him when I moved up here in August (he's 7 months old now!) Honestly I can't think what else. I mean, for those who were friends on my old facebook you caught up for a bit. I left my facebook when I turned 18 due to stress of religion and family and now I'm more of myself. If anybody remembers me, I give you all of my love and affection. Like I said, I'm popping around the site and seeing what's going on. I've noticed we have A LOT of new admins and moderators. (Um, what happened to Johan?) From what I've explored a bit on here a few minutes ago looks like he hasn't popped up. I figured he sold the rights of the website to somebody else due to the new admins I see. Anyways, if you want to talk to me or something I'm free. (If you just simply say "hi" to a PM, I will not answer.)
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    Moon Shadow is displeased.

    From the album Art Dump

    Smug Moon Shadow isn't impressed.
  33. 3 points

    Moon Shadow

    From the album Art Dump

    Heeey I haven't uploaded here in a while. Heres the most recent things I've created. - I've been working on her for approximately a month now, messing around with her design, figuring out what I should keep and what-not, and this is my end result! This is mainly just a reference for her with all the colours and a standard pose, in future I'm going to attempt a variety of poses for her, no idea how Ill do this though. - But throughout her process theres been many changes, namely her mane, I originally created it to form a crescent shape around her head, however it looked off, so I made it more natural and let it hang off her shoulder. - She also used to have a light-blue colouring around her muzzle, though I removed that, for no reason I guess, guess it made her face look too clustered. - And speaking of her face, I was originally going to make it where it were more like a horses head, so the sort of outline of her skull thingy around her eye was slightly visable (thats really the best I can describe that part as). - And she was originally gonna have a chestpiece. Removed that because, in the end I wanted her to look more neautral. And nearly done, but she used to have a light-blue gradient going down to her hooves. - And LAST of all, her bat-wings used to be COMPLETELY different, they used to be fully curved and had diamond-shaped things on the end of them. Yep. - Thats alot of changes to her. Also I think her mane was more gradient than solid colour. Moon Shadow WAS just a filler name for now, but I grew on the name and, yep, thats her name. Still cant decide who I prefer, Moon Shadow or my other OC, Plasma Heart. :shrugs: Welp. Hope ya like her~<3
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    While most of you reading should know this, I took a trip up to Myrtle Beach for a tournament there this past weekend. So the first thing I would like to discuss is how I did. So for this tournament, I competed in the Advanced level. There was around 16 guys competing in this one. They were competing at a very high level and have a lot of accomplishments under their resumé. Onto the actual tournament, we started off with the no-gi category. I easily went through my first 3 opponents, then it got to the finals. The guy I faced in the finals was physically, bigger than me. He was probably close, if not 6 feet tall. While I'm only 5'10, I had a bit more muscle in my arms and legs, so this wasn't some David v. Goliath like match. So the first thing I do once the ref gives us the signal, is check this guy out. What I mean by that is just observing how he walks, his physically defining features, etc. This dude has extremely long, but skinny legs. The leads for me to dive in and pick up one of his legs. Immediately he falls to the ground, awarding me two points. The rest of the match was basically me trying to control this guy, as he was pissed off once I put him on the ground. But near the final seconds, I passed his legs, but he ended up sweeping, which he then attempted for a last second choke. Thankfully I defended just long enough to give me the win. Next we go on to Gi. It was basically a repeat of no-gi, so I ended facing the same guy in the finals. The first move he makes is trying to take me down. That led me to grabbing his gi, and attempting a choke. Although I didn't successfully finish the choke, he gave up on trying to slam me down. Instead, he pulled me to the ground. This time I just grabbed and threw his legs to the side, which gave me 3 points. By this time, the match was over and I had swept my division once again. My prize was this samurai sword Which is very nice indeed. But the best part about my sweep is that I qualify to compete at the highest level, Expert. In this particular skill level, you compete for the official championship belt, which looks dope. I saw some guys going at it today, they look like they wanna rip your arm off. I also qualified to compete in the Atlanta Open, which I believe is a qualifier for the U.S. Nationals. Now, the quote I put in as the title of this entry, is something I feel really represents the situation I'm in now. But I am aware that I'm getting myself into something extremely tough. Those who just get an opportunity like this to prove themselves, just well, waste it often don't know what they are getting into by not training properly, or simply just underestimating the task at hand. But anyways, thanks for reading. I have two more competitions coming this year, the Atlanta Open and another one which is giving away a $100 cash prize. So be on the look out for entries about those.
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    BACK Tired as hell rn. I'll post what went down probably around monday. Just gonna enjoy my two days in Myrtle Beach by staying up late, crashing, and also hanging out at the boardwalk. Peace my dudes.
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    This accurately represents how I look 80% of the time
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    Big the Cat


    From the album Big's Art Gallery

    Just a character created for RPing in Craze and Flames.
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    like what I stated on the post of your other humanoid character, I'd recommend practicing more human anatomy. the primary issue is that the legs are way, way too short. they should take up around half or a little less than half the body. though this can be adjusted somewhat for chibis and cartoons, the legs should be about as tall if not taller than your upper body in that sort of case. another thing you've done that I see a lot of other artists do is hide the hands behind the back. it looks unnatural when you do that (it can work but only if you do it well, and the rest of the body doesn't imply him being nervous so him hiding his hands wouldn't make much sense), and it's only preventing you from practicing hands, which will come back to bite you later. also little thing but the white hair shine on every single streak looks a bit odd, and you'll find hair doesn't really do that.* I'd use actual hair as a shading guide if you struggle with that, you can find plenty of hairstyles online with some google searching. just some of my thoughts, other than those issues and the other little thing it looks good. particularly like the bandana, because hot dang those wrinkles are good. the colors, as per usual, are eye-pleasing though perhaps a tad light. *except in special cases such as the light being bright and the hair being very smooth. however that doesn't go on every single piece most of the time, and is pretty rare in more male-oriented and shorter hairstyles such as the one on your character (at least from what I've seen).
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    can we bring back the ps family tree so i can be married to @Kibbeh and @Primal :))))))))
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    Pokemon Nebula Soundtrack

    If you're really serious about making a game, I'd like to say a few things. I don't intend to do this to make you quit, but it's something to consider before you start asking people for assets. Without any ideas or concepts besides just "a new type," you seem to be getting a bit overzealous here. Essentially, you've asked people to do 80+ percent of the game for you, while also not giving any ideas or direction of what you want. You need something to draw people in before you just expect people to do these things for you. Maybe a demo of this game, some concept ideas, or examples of past work. Making art, whether it be music or spriting or drawings or whatever, takes a lot of effort and time. I'm not saying doing collaborative projects are a bad thing, but it seems like you're expecting people to hand you everything you need while calling it your own game. I think you should demonstrate your ideas, or even that you have the capability to do something like this. I see a lot of people saying they want to make fan games, but they quit early on because they don't have the devotion or ideas for it. Just give us something more before you expect people to help you, please. I don't mean to come off as rude, I'm just advising you to get a clearer and more solid direction if you want this game to be good or even be made in the first place.
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    Brian is my dream daddy =w= <3

    Brian is my dream daddy =w= <3
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    Master Caterpillar

    Cosmic Shantae

    From the album Cosmic Things

    It's Shantae. But cosmic. Holy frijoles, bois.
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    I did nawt hit her. I did nawt. It's bull. I did nawt hit her. I did naawt. Oh hai Mark.
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    Big the Cat

    Someone Help Me

    From the album Big's Art Gallery

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    Fan art of fan art!!! I'm gettin' somewhere!!
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    Project: Shadow Pokemon

    An announcement, not only to to this RP specifically, but to all possible future RP wrtiers and/or RPers who may be reading this, Due to recent inactivity in the RP section, it's become apparent that the rules are no longer being properly enforced, and enough has slipped through the cracks that this issue cannot be ignored any longer. In the interest of promoting quality posts and cleaning this hanging-by-a-thread section on Pokestadium, this will no longer be the case, and rules will from now on be much more heavily enforced with less leeway on what is and is not considered an acceptable exception to these rules. This RP, in particular, regularly violates rules #6 and #11 - No Scripting, and No One-liners, respectively. These traits in RPing are typically associated with fast paced casual RPing, often done in chat. They are not acceptable forms of RPing on the Pokestadium RP section, which is specifically geared towards slower, more detailed posts. These types of scripted, short posts are considered spammy in a forum environment and there really isn't an acceptable reason to be writing this way on here when you could do it in a chat of some kind and leave this section for the more detailed RPs it was meant for. Whether you prefer chat RPs or para-RPs is a matter of personal preference that I will leave up to you, but the bottom line is that PS is not the place for the former. If you would like to continue this RP in its current format, you will need to create a group chat and continue it there. If you would like to continue it here, there are a few things you will need to change before this is acceptable to continue on PS: First, the scripting needs to stop. That is to say, it needs to be written like a book, with paragraphs describing the environment, the characters, and their actions, not like a movie or play script with very minimal description, a heavy focus on dialog, short breaks to describe actions in a few words, and an extremely excessive amount of line breaks. There is also the matter of one-liners. Like I said earlier, forums are unlike chats in that they allow for slower, more detailed posts. If you prefer the chat format, that is perfectly fine, but if you do not want to use a chat and would rather continue RPing on PS, then your post content will need to reflect this environment. No, line breaking a bunch does not stop something from being a one liner if the content is still minimal. On PS we generally aim to have a minimum of 3-4 lines of text per post, or for those who have wonky monitors or are on mobile - so lines don't display properly - that is roughly 200 words. Line breaks do not count as new lines. This is still a rather small, reasonable amount, so I don't expect it to be hard to adjust. Also the extreme over-use of images contributes to the scripting issue and is generally very cluttered/spammy. The only real reason this isn't a concrete rule is because the RP staff team didn't really anticipate RPers to use so many images in one post so many times in a row. It is still requested that if you must use images, try to keep it to a minimum of one image per post. In the interest of not breaking the flow of this RP or having to immediately lock/delete it, and giving its players time to adjust to more heavily enforced rules, you will be given 5 days to meet these requirements. During that time you will be free to adjust at your leisure, putting these regulations into effect as immediately or slowly as you see fit, though be aware that if this kind of posting continues after said 5 days are up, consequences can and will be issued. To reiterate what I said at the beginning, this post is so large and comprehensive because it is directed at not only this RP specifically, but all current (few as they are) and future RPs as well. Its intention is to make clear that the RP section is being cleaned up and we are starting to have higher expectations. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact me or other RP staff via PM to discuss.
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    Big the Cat

    Hehehe, I just got my first paycheck.

    Hehehe, I just got my first paycheck.
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    Important Poll

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    scripters and spriters needed

    As I said to AwesomeJGaming in this thread (link): This somewhat applies to you, perhaps less specifically so since your request is less detailed. Please, before you ask people to do things for you, give at least some sort of direction or ideas (or more preferably some concept work) of what you want do to. Just saying "I need people who are good at something" without giving them any reason to do so isn't going to get people to want to work on your project. Most fan games at least start with a pitch. Though you might say "I need others before I can make a pitch," you don't. Even just being good at one of the skills you need (writing, art, music, etc) is good enough to make a pitch. If you're not good at any of those, and you truly have no ideas, then you may not be suited for making a fan game.
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    Pokestadium Community Showdown Team (Match 8)

    Crawdad gave me permission to update this so here goes Raichu was illegal with HA so replaced Surf with HP Ice o3o Match 8- "Faulty Wiring" http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-604683597 Raichu does a thing, Snorlax gets haxed, Venusaur is outraged by this, Xurkitree kills a few things, Krookodile finishes the job, Flygon wants no part in this nonsense and with that we're once again open to whatever new shenanigans you've thought of!