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    From the album GlitchedNightmare's Glitchy Gallery

    A Mimikyu OC design I came up with yesterday. Unfortunately I don't have any information on her yet, and her backstory is a WIP. Hopefully I'll have some info up soon.
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    From the album GlitchedNightmare's Glitchy Gallery

    An artwork I done back when Pokémon GO was all the rage. I'm pretty sure some Facebook friends requested this from me, if I remember correctly. Here is the original lineart I drew on paper, for those curious:
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    From the album GlitchedNightmare's Glitchy Gallery

    Finally finished the starters for the Aussea region. These aren't finalised drawings, but the designs are complete. I hope you like them! FROGLER Type: Grass Height: 1'8" Ability: Overgrow Species: Flower Frog Pokémon LAMBLIT Type: Fire Height: 1'8" Ability: Blaze Species: Sheep Pokémon SPLIZARD Type: Water Height: 2'0" Ability: Torrent Species: Water Lizard Pokémon
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    From the album images

    Hey fellas! Looking for a mouth-watering gal with a pair of shells that just won't quit? Then the all-new genuine, bona fide (femininity exemplified!) female form of Samurott is one to keep those peepers on! From that glossy pink skin to that spiffy coral-red swimsuit, this Samurott's gonna have to fight off the boys with a broadsword! (Which this form of Samurott of course no longer has, being almost entirely unnecessary for feminine activities such as giggling and being pink.) Thanks to this fine work, gender equality has finally been achieved in this so-called "Pokeman" all the kids are abuzz about! And never has it looked so good, am I right fellas? Woof woof!
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    From the album Nove's Pixels

    Something I've been working on for the past week or so, this is just a Charizard done in my typical "gross long necked abomination" aesthetic. Why? Idk, Charizard is just a simple Pokemon who's design is fun to mess with. I've wanted to do something like this for a long time, and believe it or not, it's not even the first time I've tried my hand at a Charizard reimagining, though that picture is old and dated now and also just a boring profile, so I decided to give it another go, full body this time. I'm not too pleased with how the left wing and hand turned out, but as a whole, I'm pretty proud of how this turned out. It was a fun exercise in form and expression. For those curious, I did in fact make a shiny version, though for the sake of redundancy I probably won't upload it anywhere except here:
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    realism thing

    From the album traditional stuff

    my first attempt at realism came out reasonably okay!
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    From the album Art dumps

    It's mermay so here's my cute merboy prince Julius. <3
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    Stay positive!!

    From the album Pan's Art Dump

    Yaaay! Just trying to lighten up the mood a bit. I know, the leaves are a bit too small and it looks high, but hey, it's still cute.
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    Abra and Ditto

    From the album GlitchedNightmare's Glitchy Gallery

    Just an Abra and Ditto being best buds. Took roughly 1 and a half - 2 hours to draw.
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    From the album GlitchedNightmare's Glitchy Gallery

    Some more Fakemon I've created recently. I, like many other people, want a dolphin Pokémon really badly, so I decided to create one for my Fakemon region. Both of their designs are based on the Dolphin Fresco painting of Knossos. DELPHINI TYPE: Water HEIGHT: 4'11" WEIGHT: 120. 8 lbs ABILITY: Water Absorb or Synchronize (HA: Analytic) SPECIES: Dolphin Pokemon DELPHURA TYPE: Water/Psychic HEIGHT: 18'03" WEIGHT: 709.0 lbs ABILITY: Water Absorb or Synchronize (HA: Analytic) SPECIES: Dolphin Pokemon PS: Sorry for the rough art. It's only a quick sketch of them.
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    From the album GlitchedNightmare's Glitchy Gallery

    A Fakemon design I came up with yesterday. This is only a quick sketch of it (done in a rough Sugimori style), so the lineart and anatomy is probably a bit off. Type: PSYCHIC/NORMAL Height: 4'11" Weight: Ability: Inner Focus or Telepathy (HA: Adaptability) Gender Ratio: 50% Male / 50% Female Species: Foreseeing Pokémon So yeah, basically it is a Psychic sloth that can see into the future. That's all I have on it at the moment.
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    From the album digital stuff

    it doesnt really need attract to be cute C;
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    perty dargun

    From the album digital stuff

    made with sai!! (not made by isagonj ;P)
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    ~genesis nova~

    From the album digital stuff

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    For simplicity's sake, instead of saying "Lugia and Ho-Oh" when referring to both of them, I will refer to them as The Bozos The Bozos mark the start of a special tradition for the pokemon series. Having a big ol exclusive legendary pokemon for each version to slap on the cover. The term for the legendaries chosen to go on the boxart are fittingly referred to as "box legends", and The Bozos stand out from the rest. They are dorks. While Box Legends are a forced encounter in their respective game they usually have some kind of, you know, power. Or at least a raw mysticism or otherworldly air about them. They also tend to be tied into the main plot of the game pretty heavily, but The Bozos being the first of their kind are just kind of put into their games with no real significance. Don't get me wrong, The Bozos are a cool encounter, but there isn't a reason for you to fight them and they lack any kind of "legendary" abilities. I know what you're thinking, that Ho-Oh can restore life as is hinted at with Suicune Entei and Raikou, but what does it ever do with it? Bring three dogs back to life? Its actually funny to think about, but I like to imagine Ho-Oh has literally no control over reviving things. Just a big ol bird with life-giving dust that falls on stuff sometimes. I can find no mention as to the reason Ho-Oh revived these three pokemon specifically, its not like they did anything heroic. They just died in a fire. A fire which Ho-Oh probably started being a fire bird and all. Ho-Oh has no confirmed relationship with these dogs after reviving them. It was speculated that they regarded Ho-Oh as a master of sorts, but this lacks any evidence. LIST OF HO-OH ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Accidentally revived dogs, made magic (has no idea that dogs exist) Impressive. Ho-Oh's pokedex entry is also just kind of not true. Every second entry literally just goes "Ho-Oh has wings that are seven colors." Except they never are. Not ONCE in ANY adaptation has Ho-Oh been depicted as having rainbow feathers. Just the regular yellow, green, red, and white. They never even try. Ho-Oh is based on the Phoenix, a mythical bird famous for dying in a burst of flame and being born again from the bird-ashes. This is evidenced by Ho-Oh's obvious resemblance, as well as the fact that Ho-Oh is caught holding an exclusive item know as the Sacred Ash. The Sacred Ash, when used, revives all fainted members of your party to full which is a clever nod to the inspiration. Ho-Oh also has the ability Regenerator which restores 1/3 max HP on switching out, another well implemented reference when it comes to the Phoenix. Unfortunately, an ability that encourages switching out isn't the greatest thing in the world when you are a / type in a meta over-saturated with Stealth Rocks. Despite this, Ho-Oh still manages to land in Ubers largely due to it having great defenses and a 50% burn chance with Sacred Fire, Ho-Oh's signature move. That Entei was given as well. Classy move Entei, stealing a signature move. While Ho-Oh has a solid base for a concept, Lugia leaves me baffled. What myth is it based on as a counter-part to a Phoenix? Nothing. Lugia resembles literally no myth I can find, let alone one as well know as the Phoenix. OK, so what real animal is it based on? None. It resembles literally nothing on planet earth, except for the beluga whale and even then in color alone. Unlike Ho-Oh who spends most of its time flying around, Lugia prefers to sleep at the bottom of the ocean which is a nice contrast. As far as I can tell, Lugia has never done anything. Even in its very own movie, the only noteworthy thing about Lugia is that it apparently has some authority over the legendary birds. However, much like Ho-Oh's dogs no real connection exists and it probably only intimidates them because its a bigger bird thing. Also of note, in one episode of the show Lugia was shown to have a child, raising the question of whether or not Lugia is a "true" legendary if it can reproduce. Obviously how much weight the show's canon has is debatable, but its still interesting. Luigia's / typing is a cause for confusion. It lives underwater and summons storms, so wouldn't it make sense for it to be part Water? Unfortunately I can't find any reasoning as to why it was denied Water typing. Lugia is never mentioned to use any vaguely psychic powers (except for in the show using telepathy, but again, dubious canon). OK so what are its powers? No source makes this clear, only mentioning that it causes long lasting storms by flapping its wings. Neat. This is pretty much all we know about it in game-canon. I like to think that Lugia doesn't actually summon the storms though. It could just be that it can tell when storms are coming and is only active during them, leading to the myth. As an aside, I thought I'd mention that Lugia is the fastest Box Legend at 110 speed. Those huge hands of theirs sure gets them where they want to be quickly I suppose. As for what Lugia is, I am completely blown away by all of the things it could be. You would think it would be obvious whether Lugia is a fish, bird, mammal, or some kind of advanced barnacle but the more I dwell on it the further I am consumed. It has these HUGE HANDS that make you think its a mammal, but it flies, but it also has the ability Multiscale which in every translation uses the word "scale" so Lugia does have scales. Then again, Ho-Oh is a bird and they are counter parts so it'd make sense for Lugia to be a bird as well, BUT Lugia has a very reptilian beak. wait I now realize what Lugia is based off of. PHEW, mystery solved, that's a load off my mind. Anyway, these Bozos are one of the very few Box Legends that don't fight each other at any point in any canon. Seriously I don't even think they've ever interacted. That's something others might see as a negative thing, but i digress. These two Bozos are tied for the highest special defense of any flying type (4th highest overall). They are both good buddies and neither has a clear type advantage over the other. Its almost as if they were both designed separately and then made the legendaries. The Bozos feel more like cryptids than actual mythical beings. Just big rare animals and I genuinely do love them. The idea that they are equals is further compounded by the fact that, competitively speaking, they are kind of even in terms of usefulness. Ho-Oh has the great burn odds with Sacred Fire and can really be an omnipresent force with Regenerator barring Stealth rocks but even then Ho-Oh is still bulky enough to hold its own. Lugia is a defensive MONSTER with Multiscale and roost. With Whirlwind and Toxic Lugia is a decent counter measure against offensive teams. Unlike Ho-Oh, Lugia has no held item at all which is an odd imbalance, but at the end of the day they're both giant birds. I think. In all seriousness, these guys are lame to the max. In equal seriousness I love them for it. Most legendaries, I feel, tend to go a little over the top with their powers and designs whereas The Bozos are really refreshing to look back on. Good stats, solid designs that instill awe at the first encounter, and no real malevolence behind them. Yeah, did you notice that? These guys are SUPER docile when compared to most legendaries who get ready to destroy the world when their mystic orb is stolen from its sacred perch. When encountered in Silver, Lugia looks super intimidating Noodle neck dork And Ho-Oh looks like pretty much like an upset bird He scream Their sprites don't get any scarier either; Funnily enough, if these guys WERE played as serious threats to the world or as super powerful or something I think I would like them less. Their mellowness and mysticism feels genuine, like they exude a kind of wild and unknown air. A huge wild animal that you've never seen before that is plain ol big. World destruction?? No thank you, they would much rather yell at shiny things.
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    From the album Nove's Pixels

    MalfaeThe Specter PokemonType: Ghost/FairyAbility: IllusionStats: 65 / 90 / 60 / 90 / 65 / 110Pokedex Entry: It appears to young children and unwary travelers as friendly domesticated Pokemon such as Skitty or Glameow, luring them into its maze-like lair. Those it takes mysteriously vanish, only to reappear weeks later emaciated and with no recollection of the event. --- I've been having trouble getting starter stuff done, so in the meantime I figured I'd post a small, cutesy one off Pokemon with no evos or pre evos. This was originally made for a friend, but I liked it enough to rework it a bit and post it as a spoooOOoOOoOoOooky Fakemon. Might change the name later, feels a little boring, but I guess I can't beat myself up too much in a series where names like Torchic and Talonflame are commonplace. I imagine them having variable, widely different sets of eyes depending on their mood and/or types of attacks used, kinda like the primids - hence the blank white stare in the "default" art - though I could only be bothered to do four though it's more like three since one just displays that it can have a blank face and I'm laaazy. They do have more, hypothetically infinite, though.
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    From the album Crawdad's Cancer Corner

    Promotional art for the upcoming "Lets Talk About Grass Type Starter Concepts", where I will give an overview of all current grass-starters and their concepts! This does not mean that I won't ever do a separate "Let's Talk About" for any of them in the future.
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    From the album Crawdad's Cancer Corner

    "Lets Talk About Lugia and Ho-Oh" is out now! Check it out here if you're so inclined.
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    From the album Crawdad's Cancer Corner

    Promotional art for an upcoming "Lets Talk About" featuring the least important box legendaries Lugia and Ho-Oh. Are these two the worst WHILE ALSO being two of my favorite legends? Yes
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    From the album GlitchedNightmare's Glitchy Gallery

    Some more Fakemon. This is the Pseudo-Legendary line of the region I'm currently working on (Aussea). They are based on vintage airplanes (specifically those from around the WW1 era), and also the pilots of those planes. AVIATILE Type: DragonHeight: 2'00"Weight: 35.2 lbsSpecies: Aviation Pokemon Ability: Levitate or Defiant (HA: Lightning Rod) AVIAGON Type: Flying/DragonHeight: 3'11"Weight: 140.5 lbsSpecies: Aviation Pokemon Ability: Levitate or Defiant (HA: Lightning Rod) DRACAERO Type: Flying/DragonHeight: 9'11"Weight: 305.8 lbsSpecies: Aviation Pokemon Ability: Levitate or Defiant (HA: Lightning Rod)
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    From the album GlitchedNightmare's Glitchy Gallery

    I'll admit, I done this artwork a few months back, but I really wanted to share it with you guys. It took me roughly 3 and a half hours, due to having to draw it on a small phone screen (if I had done it via computer it would have been done a lot quicker). The hair was definitely the most time consuming part. Anyway, I hope y'all like it.
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    From the album Pan's Art Dump

    So I tried to paint something instead of doing Sugimori style, but I guess I didn't really paint it like I wanted to. I have to admit that I'm actually kinda proud of how it turned out. Too bad I can't do backgrounds.
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    From the album Genji's Art

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    Pepsi Man


    From the album BAD ART

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    Birb boy

    From the album Art dumps

    I dunno I just started going and this is where I got
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    From the album Kibbeh Draws Things

    I figured I'd put my most recent completed piece to start off things. This is a fire retyping of Roserade. Expect quite a few sketches because I'm bad at finishing things. Oh! By the way, constructive criticism is highly appreciated.
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    From the album Hydra's Doodles

    lately I've been pretty uninspired due to school and artist's block. However, I sorta accidentally drew this when I was trying out different art styles while doodling (this one was very disney influenced if you couldn't tell) I figured it was good enough to turn into an actual piece and now here it is. either way enjoy or something idk [Made some slight edits to the shading and extended the shoulder cause it was really messin with my OCD]
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    Welcome to The Spriter's School! Pokestadium was built on the foundation of spriting and @NuVonde and I wanted to share the art of spriting with everyone in the community! The purpose of the Spriter's School is to teach new and old spriters how to start off and perfect skills. We offer a variety of courses for every level of spriter, and would suggest taking them, even if you're no stranger to spriting. Of course, no course is required, but some skills are recommended to know for certain classes. All classes will begin on June 5th, so you have until June 4th apply. Once most classes are finished, another cycle will start and you can apply for more courses. (Max: 3 per cycle) We hope you have fun! How does this work? All Spriter's School classes will be taught by either fellow community member and moderator, NuVonde or me, Yashu. According to skill level, people will be placed into different classes with other PS members. The classes will be taught in group PMs and will be step-by-step. Classes with people who are more advanced will go faster, expected to know most of the terminology, and be familiar with their spriting programs in general. The designated teacher will start off with the first step, and people will have to start making their sprites. Once the majority of members have posted their progress on the step, they are free to ask questions and critiques. The class moves forward to the next step and so on. Posting progress throughout the PM is required for everyone, even if the individual does not have any questions so that the class can move on to the next step and so on. In total, the sprite may take up to 2-7 days, based on the amount of progress people have gotten through. Of course, you would work on the sprite little by little, so the work is much less overwhelming. Once the course has been completed, report cards will be sent out individually with helpful advice to improve on. Plus, you can earn a special Spriter's School Medal for the Medal Section of our profile once you have completed the class. (Inactive members who did not show their progress will not receive the medal.) ( Hey lookie here, @Legend was nice enough to edit the first post to show you people the medal <3 It's this thingo right here: ) Regarding skill-level Even if you're an expert spriter, I highly suggest taking these courses. For one, it's very fun to work on with other members, brush up on skills, and truly master it. (Plus you get that juicy medal) If you're a beginner, don't worry about holding up any classes, because you will be grouped with other beginners who have the same experience as you. All in all, no matter the skill level, there's a course for you to take and to have fun. Note that the suggested skill levels aren't mandatory to follow, but just to keep it in mind. Courses We Offer: Fusion/Splicing w/ 2 Pokemon - (Beginner) Fusion/Splicing w/ 3 Pokemon - (Beginner-Intermediate) Scratch Spriting - (Intermediate-Advanced) Revamps - (Intermediate-Advanced) Rainbow Animation - (Advanced) Light and Shape Dynamics - (Intermediate-Advanced) Trainer Sprites - (Beginner-Advanced) Beginner Tips - (Beginner) Again, don't feel constricted by the level suggestions. It's just to help understand the amount of effort you have to put in! Happy spriting!
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    An OC?

    From the album I like to draw.

    I tend to have a lot of strange dreams and one of them involved this dude and some sort of underworld. So, I drew him and I think he's a neat guy.
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    Eukaryote Form : Charizard

    From the album Art Dump

    - I know I really shouldnt have changed its chest colour to blue from peachy-yellow, but I wanted to make it look sea-like. Now it hardly looks like Charizard, but still looks p'cool. Also, should I do Shinies? I thought about it and a Black and Red one of these would look sick? Also, if you have suggestions or ideas post 'em below!
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    Lemon Stealing Wench

    From the album Kibbeh Draws Things

    wait I just realized wench is usually a female-related word oh well
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    Angry Shadow Doggo

    From the album Art Dump

    A quick drawing I made during free Maths class, relatively proud of it. I kinda like this style of Umbreon
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    A personal favorite of mine! If asked, I would say it is my current favorite pokemon after a lot of thought. Just why exactly? Lets talk about that. As we already know, Corphish are exotic pokemon that were imported to Hoenn as pets and thrived. Then they evolve into Crawdaunt which the pokedex describes as "extremely hard to raise" and are presumably released, which explains how you can encounter Corphish in the Hoenn. When Crawdaunt moves into a pond (freshwater) they become desolate and lifeless, and Crawdaunt challenges anything that draws near. Simply darling. To be fair, its hard NOT to be a harmful invasive species in Hoenn, I mean look at the freshwater competition Crawdaunt has going- Not really fair sport There is a small contradiction in Crawdaunts pokedex entry for Gen4, namely that it says an old Crawdaunt has very scarred claws from years of battle, but also claims that Crawdaunt repeatedly molts its shell. This would remove whatever scars build up. So either old Crawdaunt stop molting, or they fight so often even in their old age to keep fresh scars. I like the latter option. Now in Gen4, there is no mention as to HOW Crawdaunt makes a pond desolate. It was assumed that Crawdaunt just ate stuff until everything died, but the Gen5 dex states otherwise. Apparently Crawdaunt doesn't eat a ponds population, or even bully things to death. Instead it picks things up and throws them out of the pond. I'm serious. Just scoops em right out until all the other pokemon get fed up and leave. Crawdaunt takes a whole pond for its nest and repels anything that draws near it by (guess what) giving em a nice pinch, and throwing them out. This behavior isn't exclusive to males, and Crawdaunt instinctively beat each other senseless when two meet. I guess this makes breeding hard, which explains why Hoenn isn't overrun by sofa-sized lobsters. Now let's talk physiology, everyone's favorite. At first it might be tricky to determine where exactly Crawdaunts mouth is- The blue lines throw you off, as do the several jagged ridges that resemble teeth at the top and bottom. However, removing them shows us what Crawdaunts actual moth looks like unobstructed- Yup, its only the little hatch on top of the blue markings. But why have such confusing face markings? That's because Crawdaunt is one tricky and smart fellow. Here;s how Crawdaunt wants opponents and threats to see his mouth- How scary! And intimidating! But that's what Crawdaunt wants being the big bully that he is. Building off of this intimidation tactic, Crawdaunt goes through a hard-to-notice change when evolving. Specifically, Corphish has 2 claws and 6 legs, whereas Crawdaunt has 2 claws and 4 legs. Though Crawdaunt appears to lose legs, they are in fact still present. Observe- The back two legs merge together to create a wider, stumpier leg. This likely serves the purpose of letting Crawdaunt stand taller to better intimidate things on land. Big mean fellow!! So smart. I genuinely don't know why Crawdaunt gains a star when it evolves. Maybe because it looks taller that way?? Really not sure. Competitively Crawdaunt is always a fun choice. It has access to Dragon Dance (for some reason) as well as Adaptability which makes it more of a wallbreaker than an actual sweeper, especially with its sub-par speed stat. Funnily enough, it was introduced in the same gen as another Dark/Water salt water pokemon Sharpedo, which we'll get into later. Together, they bully both fresh and salt water, evicting nerds left and right. Design wise Crawdaunt is a great example of a real life animal given a "pokemon charm" and something about it really speaks to me.
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    From the album Actual art stuff (not memes)

    Wow I'm posting something Made this awhile back for the release of BotW Probably gonna go back to not existing after this CYA
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    Some Practice

    From the album Luxifer's Stuff

    This my OC Blaze, he has a history I'm too lazy to explain here, but basically he was forcibly turned into a demi-demon (Half human half demon)
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    From the album Pan's Art Dump

    I decided to make a pre evolution for Tropius and this is what I came up with.
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    Primal's Original Pen

    Uh, hello there to however is reading this. This is basically gonna be part of a series of blog posts that I'm going to be making over the course of high school to show off some of the stuff that I make in my tech classes. So yeah, that's about it for this intro. So the project I'm going to be talking about is a pen that I made in manufacturing (While I'm only in grade 9 my school lets us try out all the tech courses in one course that's really just there so we get a taste of everything before having to chose another tech course for 10 if we want, without going into it blind) So while the pen wasn't the first project I made, it's the only one I have pictures of so out of laziness I'm doing it first. So during manufacturing we had to make a pen out of aluminum rods. We used this machine called a lathe to make the pen. Basically the lathe spins whatever object you insert in it so you can file is down or drill holes. This is really all we did but it was still fun. In order to get those bands in the shaft of the pen we used these things? I don't what they were called, but they were some kind of sharp things that you would move the along the pen as it spun around in the lathe. For the grip the teacher used some tool that had several wheel looking things on it that had whatever pattern that you could chose from on it. Obviously it was as moved along the pen as it spun. The last thing which is on the end of the pen a spiral, I think the same tool as the one that cut the bands was used but I'm not entirely sure. The teacher did this one as well, what they did was move the head of the tool down along the pen but in a different way then with what you do for the bands. Basically there's a whole bunch of knobs and switches that move the tools differently which in turn will give different effects. Other than making the pen and adding the patterns there was the shining and smoothing out which was probably one of my favorite parts, besides getting my hands all oily. I actually had to do this project twice. What happened was when I was cutting the bands on my first pen the pen ended up snapping in 3, which was odd because most of the time they snap in 2. So I had to come back on the special days my school has where we get to pick what courses we have that day to catch up and redo my pen. That's it really, there's not much else to say. I had lots of fun for this project, which is why I'm taking manufacturing for grade 10, so expect some more metal objects by yours truly. Byeee
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    so, er, this is kinda odd, but since it's been a while (to say the least), i guess introductions are in order. hello. i'm mostly known as "slick" (my "nickname" if you can call it that) on the internet these days, but i guess i go by doctorflygon around these parts. why? 'cause 11 year old me was obsessed with flygon for a brief period of time that didn't even reach up to several months, that's why. some of you "veteran users" may or may not be familiar with that name from a good few years ago, and if you are, all i can really say is "yo, sorry for what i did when i was a kid, i've calmed down a bit and i'm hopefully less of a pain in the butt these days". short story short, i came online after thinking about this place a fair bit recently and also seeing certain mentions of it on places, aaaaand i tried to log in and it let me so i guess everyone who got banned years ago got unbanned which is neat because i kinda miss the good old pokecreator and stuff. and i could use a place to get away from stuff, and this seems to still be fairly active for a pokemon forum. that's about it i believe, hope to see ya around.
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    I've wanted to do an "every Pokemon review" after finishing Bogleech's attempt at the format and recent conclusion for awhile now. Unfortunately, 800+ is a lot, and I never bothered because the only ways I could think to do it would take months of writing or clogging up the blog section. So after seeing a Youtube video in a similar format like the filthy thief I am after some ingenious brainstorming, I came up with a solution! I still be doing this review in chunks, based on generation, but 7-8 blog entries is way more manageable than literally hundreds. Obviously, my true opinions of these Pokemon usually have a lot more depth and nuance to them than a short sentence, but this is an easy was to sum them up quickly. So, what better way to start with generation I? Bear in mind these are subjective opinions. If you like a Pokemon I dislike, or vice versa, cool, keep feeling that way, but don't get riled up trying to tell me why me or other users are wrong. --- #001 - Bulbasaur - 7/10 A great way to start the Pokedex! #002 - Ivysaur - 8/10 Angsty teenage Bulbasaur is best Bulbasaur. #003 - Venusaur - 7/10 Serviceable, but I don't like the direction it took Ivysaur in. #003 - Venusaur Mega - 6/10 A few good elements, but wasted potential overall. #004 - Charmander - 6/10 Boring fire lizard. Cute enough, I guess. #005 - Charmeleon - 8/10 Tragically lives in its brothers' shadows despite being great : < #006 - Charizard - 7/10 A bit overhyped for a generic orange dragon, isn't it? #006 - Charizard Mega X - 4/10 A subpar attempt to shoehorn the Dragon type onto Charizard. #006 - Charizard Mega Y - 7/10 Not very different from regular Charizard. It's okay I guess. #007 - Squirtle - 6/10 Smol, but not very interesting. #008 - Wartortle - 9/10 NOBODY EVER REMEMBERS THIS GUY. HE'S A GOOD TURTLE BOI : < #009 - Blastoise - 8/10 Gun turtle is pretty dope, especially with cat ears. #009 - Blastoise Mega - 3/10 Ew, an awful mockery of gun turtle. #010 - Caterpie - 5/10 Literally just a caterpillar. Points for accuracy I guess? #011 - Metapod - harden/10 *ERECTION JOKE* #012 - Butterfree - 4/10 Eh, it's a butterfly. Not much to say. #013 - Weedle - 4/10 Not as literal as Caterpie, but not as interesting, either. #014 - Kakuna - 6/10 They somehow made a pupa menacing? #015 - Beedrill - 7/10 Pretty standard wasp creature, but more interesting than Butterfree. #015 - Beedrill Mega - 9/10 SLICK AS HELL STABBY BUG. #016 - Pidgey - 7/10 As cute as it is ubiquitous! #017 - Pidgeotto - 7/10 Let's be honest, this is just a bigger Pidgey. #018 - Pidgeot - 6/10 Let's be honest, this is just a worse Pidgeotto. #018 - Pidgeot Mega - 7/10 A novel direction to take a somewhat boring bird. #019 - Rattata - 7/10 Cute, underrated li'l mouse. #019 - Alolan Rattata - 9/10 Very smol burglar mouse! #020 - Raticate - 5/10 More like a capybara. Lacks the charm of real rats. #020 - Alolan Raticate - 8/10 Such an improvement, should have been this way all along. #021 - Spearow - 8/10 I really like the reptilian features of this feathery nuisance! #022 - Fearow - 4/10 Absolutely none of the charm Spearow had. What a waste >: I #023 - Ekans - 6/10 Purple looks a bit odd, but a good snake-o nonetheless. #024 - Arbok - 6/10 Not awful, but not a very interesting cobra, either. #025 - Pikachu - 7/10 Decent enough for a series mascot. #026 - Raichu - 8/10 Literally just a better Pikachu. #026 - Alolan Raichu - 3/10 Amazing concept! Garbage execution[pause in speech] #027 - Sandshrew - 6/10 Forgettable, but cute when I remember it exists. #027 - Alolan Sandshrew - 7/10 "Sandshrew but an igloo" is as cute as it sounds. #028 - Sandslash - 7/10 Lacks some of Sandshrew's charm, but still wicked. #028 - Alolan Sandslash - 4/10 Kinda awkward and clunky design. I don't get the hype? #029 - Nidoran♀ - 6/10 A cute enough reptomammal, but should just be one Pokemon. #030 - Nidorina - 8/10 A cute sister, uh[pause in speech] lizard I guess? Dog? Bear? #031 - Nidoqueen - 7/10 Alright, but not as good as Nidorina. #032 - Nidoran♂ - 6/10 A cute enough reptomammal, but should just be one Pokemon. #033 - Nidorino - 7/10 Rightfully one of Pokemon's most iconic monsters. #034 - Nidoking - 8/10 Pointy dino monarch! 10/10 would hug if less stabby. #035 - Clefairy - 8/10 Still salty pink star friendo isn't the mascot of Pokemon >: < #036 - Clefable - 10/10 Don't even know why I love Clefable, I just do. #037 - Vulpix - 7/10 Eh, a decent enough fox mon. #037 - Alolan Vulpix - 7/10 Cool (GET IT?) but GPX+ did it first. #038 - Ninetales - 6/10 Really boring interpretation of the kitsune, or foxes in general. #038 - Alolan Nintales - 7/10 Slightly better, but still barely above a 6. #039 - Jigglypuff - 6/10 Points for being iconic, but otherwise, eh. #040 - Wigglytuff - 7/10 Better than Jiggly, but mostly just gets 7 for PMD #041 - Zubat - 8/10 If you can get over the encounter rate, it's neato. #042 - Golbat - 6/10 Sadly doesn't do much with Zubat's quirky design. #043 - Oddish - 5/10 It's a generic plant monster and[pause in speech] that's it. #044 - Gloom - 6/10 Slightly less generic plant monster I guess? #045 - Vileplume - 5/10 Oh wait nope it's generic again. #046 - Paras - 7/10 A good zombie buggo. #047 - Parasect - 6/10 Far less aesthetically pleasing than Paras, but cool concept. #048 - Venonat - 7/10 Again, ew, unfitting purple. Still cute, at least. #049 - Venomoth - 8/10 Butterfree's slick as hell cousin. #050 - Diglett - 5/10 Boring design, but interesting implications. #050 - Alolan Diglett - 2/10 Diglett[pause in speech] BUT WITH HAIR. OOOH. #051 - Dugtrio - 7/10 I inexplicably like this more than it probably deserves. #051 - Alolan Dugtrio - 1/10 Poorly slapped on hair does not a good mon make. #052 - Meowth - 8/10 A cute maneki neko! #052 - Alolan Meowth - 7/10 Not as cute as Kanto Meowth, but still serviceably smol. #053 - Persian - 6/10 Where'd my maneki neko mon go? : < #053 - Alolan Persian - Nermal/10 (psst, Gamefreak, you can make a fat cat not hideous) #054 - Psyduck - 7/10 Who told Gamefreak they could base a Pokemon on me!? #055 - Golduck - 7/10 Not really a "duck" but I'll take it. #056 - Mankey - 6/10 Weird interpretation of a "monkey"[pause in speech] I like it! #057 - Primape - 8/10 Dat Sun Pokedex tho #058 - Growlithe - 8/10 It's a good dog, Brent. #059 - Arcanine - 9/10 F L O O F #060 - Poliwag - 5/10 Blue cartoon tadpole. All there is to this one. #061 - Poliwhirl - 4/10 Boring blue humanoid. #062 - Poliwrath - 4/20 Angry boring blue humanoid. #063 - Abra - 8/10 Cute magician of ambiguous basis. #064 - Kadabra - 8/10 More controversial than Jynx for some reason? #065 - Alakazam - 7/10 My #1 satanist! #065 - Alakazam Mega - 7/10 Beard feels kinda dumb, but otherwise cool. #066 - Machop - 6/10 Uh, mildly novel I guess? #067 - Machoke - 5/10 "Buff lizard man" disappointingly not as great as it sounds. #068 - Machamp - 6/10 Four arms saves this design from complete mediocrity. #069 - Bellsprout - 7/10 Eat your heart out, Peashooter; Bellsprout was here first. #070 - Weepinbell - 4/10 Not my preferred flavor of dorky. #071 - Victreebel - 10/10 Now THAT'S what I call a pitcher plant mon! #072 - Tentacool - 6/10 Ah, Tentacool[pause in speech] the Zubat of the sea. #073 - Tentacruel - 7/10 Lives up to its name. #074 - Geodude - 4/10 It's a rock with arms. Creativity abounds. #074 - Alolan Geodude - 5/10 Slightly more interesting rock with arms. #075 - Graveler - 4/10 More arms=more creative, right? Right!? #075 - Alolan Graveler - 6/10 Some semblance to an interesting design is somewhere in here. #076 - Golem - 5/10 A mediocre boulder[pause in speech] lizard? #076 - Alolan Golem - 3/10 Those arms tho[pause in speech] #077 - Ponyta - 5/10 It's a horse[pause in speech] but on fire! #078 - Rapidash - 6/10 Somehow made a "fire unicorn" bland and generic. #079 - Slowpoke - 7/10 Stupid, cute, and stupidly cute! #080 - Slowbro - 8/10 Slowpoke's even dopier brother is also even cuter. #080 - Slowbro Mega - 3/10 Could have been great, but just looks clunky and awkward. #081 - Magnemite - 7/10 Surprisingly cute for a magnetic robot cyclops! #082 - Magneton - 4/10 Doesn't really work as well as Dugtrio. #083 - Farfetch'd - 7/10 A good ducko whose stats do it no justice : < #084 - Doduo - 6/10 A kiwi with two heads. Okay. #085 - Dodrio - 7/10 Finally, a "trio" Pokemon with some semblance to creativity! #086 - Seel - 5/10 Kinda goofy, but forgettable. #087 - Dewgong - 6/10 Neat enough, if you can be bothered to remember it. #088 - Grimer - 6/10 Sorta standard slime in hideous purple, but could be worse. #088 - Alolan Grimer - 6/10 A significant improvement, but still not my cup of tea. #089 - Muk - 7/10 Slightly cooler Grimer. Lost the goofy expression, though : < #089 - Alolan Muk - 7/10 Slightly better Muk, not much else to say. #090 - Shellder - 8/10 Gives me a new appreciation for oysters! (THAT PURPLE THO) #091 - Cloyster - 5/10 Tried to make an oyster badass. Failed. #092 - Gastly - 7/10 Poison gas ghosto is best ghosto. #093 - Haunter - 8/10 Just glad the purple FINALLY fits for once. #094 - Gengar - 9/10 Simple, but concise and unique. A good ghosto. #094 - Gengar Mega - leg day/10 What am I even looking at? An awful, messy design. #095 - Onix - 7/10 Take notes, Geodude. A "just sentient rocks" mon done right. #096 - Drowzee - 8/10 A gross, creepy, dream snatching tapir - what's not to love? #097 - Hypno - 10/10 This is[pause in speech] this is a kid's game, right? #098 - Krabby - 4/10 A crab. Cool. #099 - Kingler - 5/10 A bigger crab. Double cool. #100 (NOT THAT IT DESERVES SUCH A PRESTIGIOUS NUMBER) - Voltorb - 2/10 Mimics are cool. Lazy mimics are not. #101 - Electrode - 3/10 VOLTORB BUT UPSIDE DOWN. WOWEE. #102 - Exeggcute - 7/10 The egg theme is confusing, but endearing in its randomness. #103 - Exeggutor - 10/10 Absolutely insane concept, spot on execution. #103 - Alolan Exeggutor - 35ft/10 If my entire aesthetic was embodied by a single Pokemon. #104 - Cubone - 8/10 :,< #105 - Marowak - 7/10 Pretty cool, but could have been better. #105 - Alolan Marowak - 6/10 Why so skinny? Eat a burger, Alolan Marowak. #106 - Hitmonlee - 7/10 I like the weird mothman vibe. #107 - Hitmonchan - 6/10 Meh. At least the "clothes" look natural (Sawk and Throh >: I) #108 - Lickitung - 7/10 Forgettable, but cute. #109 - Koffing - 8/10 What an adorable naval mine! #110 - Weezing - 10/10 Oh god, that look of utter anguish[pause in speech] I love it. #111 - Rhyhorn - 7/10 Surprisingly intricate for a Pokemon. #112 - Rhyhorn - 10/10 First Pokemon is also one of the best. Go figure. #113 - Chansey - 8/10 A cute, original take on the axolotl! #114 - Tangela - 7/10 Weird and off putting - respectable traits indeed. #115 - Kangaskhan - 10/10 My favorite ambiguous reptomammal of gen 1! #115 - Kangaskhan Mega - 10/10 What an adorable, creative Mega! #116 - Horsea - 6/10 Otherwise forgettable, but cute tube mouths are always welcome. #117 - Seadra - 6/10 A pointy Horsea. Eh, I could do without. #118 - Goldeen - 6/10 Kinda cute, but also kinda bland. #119 - Seaking - 7/10 Not even that bad, but somehow always evades my memory. #120 - Staryu - HIYAH/10 Literal ninja star. #121 - Starmie - 7/10 Some spooky implications going on here, I'll give it that. #122 - Mr. Mime - 3/10 Not creepy or gross, just poorly designed (it's just[pause in speech] balls) #123 - Scyther - 8/10 Slick dino-bug. #124 - Jynx - 2/10 (gen 3 and beyond) 7/10 (gen 1) Looked miles better in gen 1, even with purple skin. #125 - Electabuzz - 5/10 An unremarkable electric monkey. #126 - Magmar - 9/10 Anyone who complains about Magmar's "butthead" misses its charm entirely. #127 - Pinsir 4/10 Yonic mouths are always cool, but Pinsir isn't a favorite. #127 - Pinsir Mega - 5/10 Mildly interesting, but doesn't do much with the concept. #128 - Tauros - 5/10 Even with three tails and armor, it's just a bull. #129 - Magikarp - splash/10 Endearingly pathetic. #130 - Gyarados - 7/10 The "Samus was a girl" of Pokemon. #130 - Gyarados Mega - 6/10 Kinda boring, anticlimactic direction to take Gyarados. #131 - Lapras - 3.50/10 I AIN'T GONNA GIVE YOU NO TREEFIDDY, LOCH NESS MONSTER (I really wanted to do a serious review of this great mon, but[pause in speech]) #132 - Ditto - 6/10 The implications are more interesting than the mon itself. #133 - Eevee - 6/10 It's cute enough, but I don't get the obsessive hype? #134 - Vaporeon - 7/10 A neat enough interpretation of an aquatic mammal. #135 - Jolteon - 5/10 Eevee, but pointy and yellow. Eh. #136 - Flareon - 4/10 Diet Arcanine. #137 - Porygon - 7/10 The original "digimon." #138 - Omanyte - HELIX/10 PRAISE BE TO HELIX #139 - Omastar - 8/10 A true god among men. #140 - Kabuto - 6/10 Evil horseshoe crab is best horseshoe crab. #141 - Kabutops - 7/10 Possibly the most brutal horseshoe crab to ever grace media. #142 - Aerodactyl - 7/10 A good rock birb. #142 - Aerodactyl Mega - 2/10 Aerodactyl, but with random extraneous rocks all over it! A+ #143 - Snorlax - 8/10 Paradoxically both smol and a huge fat lard. #144 - Articuno - 7/10 Neat enough, if a little generic. #145 - Zapdos - 5/10 Triangles: the Pokemon #146 - Moltres - 4/10 Somebody left their chicken in the oven too long[pause in speech] #147 - Dratini - 7/10 Cute snake-o! #148 - Dragonair - 7/10 Elegant snake-o. #149 - Dragonite - 5/10 Somehow a less interesting dragon than Charizard. #150 - Mewtwo - 9/10 Genetic abominations never fail to amaze. #150 - Mewtwo Mega X - 2/10 What does this even have to do with Mewtwo? #150 - Mewtwo Mega Y - 3/10 Head tail is the only cool thing about Eggplant-hands. #151 - Mew - 6/10 Not as cool as "omnipotent psychic cat fetus" entails. --- [pause in speech]oh, you're still here? Well welcome to the bottom! That's it I guess (for now anyways ; >) Or is it? Did you guys enjoy this? Would you like to see more entries like this one? How far do you want to see me take my inexplicable obsession with monsters designs for children? If you have anything you'd like to say or suggest, feel free to comment!
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    Take the hint. If Gallery Mods keep hiding your work, there's probably something wrong with it. (Read the rules!)
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    KF came and introduced these medals without really consulting his fellow admins, which is fine- however, it was a poor choice on his part to introduce such a project then vanish shortly after. To put it bluntly, it's a bad idea to introduce something out of the blue without doing much consulting with the only people who can help you with it, then skedaddle (and expect them to pick up the sizable amount of work related to the project you've left behind?) I'm not trying to portray KF in a bad light as he's a rather swell dude, but his communication on this was far from ideal, and this wasn't the best time for him to introduce such a thing if he wasn't going to stick around to see it through. I've got unfortunate life stuff I have to do, and even just other things I enjoy spending my free time on besides PS- so when I'm going to be putting in time towards something on the site, I prefer it to be something that brings out what I really like seeing from the community, like Daily Pokemon Opinions. tl;dr I don't care much for medals
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    Another Doodle

    From the album I like to draw.

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    From the album I like to draw.

    ...and the back is blank, fresh, and a perfect place for a doodle of your best girl. (ignore the hands ok thanks)
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    Hello I would like to enter. Spring Time Sprite: Types: Fairy/Fighting Pokémon Used: Ludicolo, Bellsprout, Dodrio, Gurdurr, Gyarados, Lickitung Pokémon Name: Lickilimistake
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    Aah, Cacnea. If you didn't play any of the Gen3 games, you can't be blamed for forgetting this little guy. Heck, even if you did play Ruby Sapphire or Emerald you can still only find Cacnea in a relatively short (if memorable) area. Cacnea appears as an Uncommon encounter on Route 111 (easy to remember). Route 111 is one of my personal favorite routes in all of Pokemon, for a slew of reasons that I'll probably get into in the upcoming "Let's talk about Route 111" but I digress. As you would expect for a pokemon that lives in a sunless, constantly sand-storming desert, Cacnea has a few interesting adaptations. As a Grass Type, Cacnea would normally be constantly damaged by the famous Route 111 sandstorm, but the ability Sand Veil (its only natural one) Cacnea is not only made immune to sandstorm damage, but receives an increase to evasion as well. This ability seems to be given most often to desert dwelling pokemon, and Cacnea is one of two pokemon that gets Sand Veil without already being immune to sandstorm damage, the other being the Helioptile. Also interesting is that the first time Cacnea (well, Cacturne) can be found OUTSIDE of a sandstorm is in Black 2/White 2, where it has access to its Hidden Ability (Water Absorb) which allows it to focus more on water absorption and less on navigating a sandstorm for prey. Neat! Cacnea stays completely motionless most of the time, and uses its flower to attract prey with its sweet smell. It then attacks by shooting spines from its arms. This ambush predator strategy seems like it would be most effective on bird and bug type pokemon, as then would be attracted to the smell and sight of the flower, and would be severely hindered by a spine barrage. But what exactly DOES Cacnea eat? The pokedex makes no specific mention, and none of the other naturally encountered pokemon on Route 111 seem viable as prey. Subterranean. Also, as a carnivore it wouldn't be interested in the flower lure. Heavily implied by the pokedex to be inorganic. Again, carnivorous. It is also strictly diurnal, and Cacnea is presumably only active at night. Extinct. Oh yeah. I mean, I'm sure Cacnea would love to try and eat this burly boy. But have you SEEN how hard it is to encounter?? No thanks This means that nothing in Cacneas native environment is viable prey. That can't be right, can it? Fortunately, I may have come up with a viable solution. Taillow are small birds that fly great distances in search of warm climates. I mean, it only stands to reason that some would pass by Route 111, a DESERT, for some sweet sweet warmth. Additionally, the Emerald pokedex makes specific mention of Taillow becoming significantly weaker if it grows hungry. To paint a more detailed picture, I'm implying that when Taillow stop by Route 111 when the sandstorm subsides for the warm environment, and the hungry and weak ones try to eat some sweet smelling desert cactus flower. Cacnea quickly overpowers the weakened bird with spines, grounding it, and presumably digests it over a long period of time. All sound so far! But wait. Why does Cacnea even need to hunt in the first place?? Its a pure grass type, meaning it should only need what a plant does to survive. The pokedex states that Cacnea can survive without water altogether for 30 days. HOWEVER, a completely plant pokemon would still need three things in order to survive independent of all other nutrient sources. Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide - check Water - check Sunlight - none That's right, we forgot that Cacnea lives in an environment that has the sun constantly blocked out by a sandstorm. This causes there to be a need for nutritional supplement aside from water for Cacnea to survive. As an aside, it would appear that Cacnea does not simply mimic a regular cactus, but could have completely replaced them as no regular cacti are seen in all of Hoenn. This is debatable though, as it lacks any substantial evidence. Cacnea has an interesting biological quirk that the dex seems to like harping on. That being the fact that Cacneas yellow flower blooms once a year. That's it. That is all we are ever told of this mysterious yellow flower. Now this isn't unusual in and of itself, many real world cacti do the same thing. The strange part about Cacnea's flower is that there is NOT ONE DEPICTION of it. In-game, anime, card game, mystery dungeon series, main games, pokemon rangers, or official artwork. None of them ever show us the flower in bloom. A darned shame. Cacnea certainly has a neat-o design, a particularly appealing feature being the face made of holes that evokes a sort of hockey mask. While charming, it also has a real world inspiration! Cacti often have homes made inside of them by woodpeckers, which leaves a gaping hole for an entrance to its nest. Cacti quickly heal over the damage a woodpecker causes with scar tissue, preventing water loss Now, am I saying that Cacnea is, in fact, fill to the brim with woodpeckers? Yes. Yes I am. I absolutely am. A nice round cactus boy filled with woodpeckers. Cacneas name is an interesting case, as the "CAC" obviously is taken from cactus, but what about the "NEA"? Where does that come from? For the answer, we have to look for Cacneas Japanese name, Sabonea. "Sabo" coming from the Japanese word for cactus and the origin of "nea" is explained. It comes from their word for debonair. For those unaware, a debonair is a confident, stylish , and charming individual. Cacneas name means "Handsome Cactus". People in the pokemon universe looked at Cacnea and said "Hey, that is one handsome cactus" and once again I find them immensely more relatable then I previously would have thought. As for competitive presence, Cacnea sure is a fun choice for the Little Cup! Not necessarily a good one, as it lacks both speed and bulk, but its varied attacking movepool combined with decent offensive stats Cacnea can pull its weight. At the end of the day, Cacnea is a good spiky boy that eats sparrows and is filled with woodpeckers and has a mystery flower. What else really matters in life? I think the world would be a better place and learned from Cacnea. You keep teetering on into the sunset little buddy. Keep doing you.
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    From the album Hydra's Doodles

    This was a quick drawing a did of a friend's story OC, so I am very aware of the problems with this drawing. Either way, enjoy.
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    Wartortle Turtle

    From the album Art Dump

    Yes, I know Wartortle is already a Turtle. I think it looks more like a Tortoise. But eh. I made it look more Turtle-y. Yay. To do next: Possibly Mew as a Horse or Mewtwo as a wolf? Unsure about these 2, post opinions, perhaps suggetions?
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    honestly judging by the amount of people that seem to randomly get promoted behind my back I'd say you have a good shot
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    Big the Cat

    Parallelism (Page 1)

    From the album Big's Art Gallery