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  1. Is this the future you wanted?

    1. Sciz



      Welcome to Pokestadium!

      We are a Pokemon community that focuses on spriting. If you're new here, check out Pokecreations where you will find some of our work, as well as submit your own.

      If you create an account on Pokestadium, you can also catch and train your Pokemon. It also lets you to submit sprites and start socializing with like-minded people on the forums and in the chat.

  2. I just started how do I become a member and when and how long does it take for my post to upload? ×~×

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    2. B3N_MC


      @Big the Cat go to poke creations there should be a sprite named shayelebi but my content count his zero

      On my profile

    3. B3N_MC


      @Big the Cat then wut does? ?_?

    4. Primal


      Posts on topics such as the ones you see at the top right of the forums

  3. Hey[pause in speech] You got demoted to the member rank?

    Also, why are there rumors saying your a boy?

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    2. Primal


      I've been in voice calls with him, so I can confirm. 

    3. Kibbeh


      Same as what Prim said, I've been in a voice call too.

      But yeah, they aren't rumors, they're true. :P

    4. Kaps



      power of voicecall


  4. Weren't you an admin?

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    2. Nisa


      Lmao, well unless I spoke to him in person or he said, theres no way I wouldve known. Lmao ecksdee

    3. Kaps



      wut are these rumors

    4. Nisa


      They aren't rumours OwO

  5. Can't do anything about it. Talk to someone else
  6. Less Republicans, more waifus


    1. Kaps


      You have my vote

    2. PolarAspect87


      More liberals?


  7. Locking the the comments for this image given the aggressive tone of the comments and the minimoding.
  8. Things might be different if the rest of us were on-board with the project, but it was really just something KF did without asking anyone else about. To be honest, I don't really see the benefit in the system overall, especially given that amount of time investment need from the admin staff given that all the medals have to hand inputted into people's pages and don't have the easiest formatting. Also considering the way that Kf set it up means that we have to maintain three topics, two of which require the admins to go into admincp to maintain, means that it isn't the easiest thing to keep around. While I'm not fully board with the claim a pokemon thread that Kf set up, given the option I'm way more willing to keep that alive than medals given how much easier it to keep running. And honestly, if I have time to spare on projects on ps, which I don't btw, there are plenty of projects I want to do rather than medals which don't require the continual maintenance that medals do. Things like maybe polishing a proper theme or finishing the postbits or redoing the wording of the rules. Those are all things that can be done over medals and don't require maintenance and die as soon as the admin leaves. tl:dr if I had the time, I have other projects to do.
  9. 1. Favorite color: Royal Navy Blue. 2. Favorite musical artist/band: Not my favourite, but Daisuke Ishiwatari is a god. 3. Favorite music genre: J-rock 4. Have you ever been in love?: Of course. Would you expect anything else from an admin this lewd. 5. Are you currently in a relationship?: No, but I'm single and looking for a date 6. Zodiac sign?: Libra 7. Do you believe in ghosts?: No, but you can never be too sure, so the salt barrier stays up. 8. Any tattoos or piercings?: No, no plans on getting any either 9. Would you ever dye your hair?: Yeah no. It doesn't work with my hair without alot of bleach 10. What color are your eyes?: Dark brown 11. What color is your hair?: Super black 12. The last bruise you got - where is it located?: Who knows honestly 13. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?: I have two pairs of shoes. . . 14. A word you have trouble spelling?: consciously 15. Celebrity crush?: None, but John Boyega is fresh as hell 16. Green or purple grapes?: Either really 17. Do you sleep with your window open?: When it's not a frozen hell outside 18. Height?: 5'9 19. Are you afraid of spiders?: I only enjoy watching them burn 20. Favorite movie?: Depends, Your Name is godly so I don't know 21. Favorite T.V. show?: Ranma 1/2 22. If you could announce something to the whole world, what would you say?: "Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God"- Alex Jones 23. Ever broken a bone?: No 24. How many concerts have you been to?: Quite a few actually 25. Play any instruments?: Guitar mostly 26. Any internet friends? Who are you closest to?: Yes. I don't know about closest. Maybe @Primal or @Pepsi Man 27. Favorite food?: Sushi 28. Do you have any allergies?: I don't think so 29. Last book you read?: No idea 30. Coffee or tea?: How about neither 31. Ever had a song or poem written about you?: Dude that would super weirddddddddd 32. Pet peeves?: People that refer to themselves in third person. Talk about pretentious 33. How many languages do you speak?: To make this clear. I was a english second language student who only knew english 34. Ever had a rumour spread about you?: Probably. 35. Define “art”.: d = vit2+2at 36. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?: No way, but if I could it would be very lewd 37. Where is your best friend right now?: At home, I hope? 38. The last song you listened to?: Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2's theme 39. Favorite Tumblr blog?: Mine <3 40. Top 5 ____?: Top 5 Mtg Modern Decks 1. Bant/Naya Chord 2. Lanturn Control 3. Grixis Delver 4. Boros Burn 5. Jeskai Control 41. Ever witnessed a crime?: Maybe <3 42. Favorite Ice Cream?: Strawberry 43. Ever been in a physical fight?: No really I guess 44. Ever glued your hand to something?: Yes? 45. Have you ever been easily amused by something?: Sort of like right now lol 46. Ever forgotten someone’s name?: The real question is when do I remember anyone's name 47. One of your bad habits?: Procrastinating like now 48. Are you good at lying?: Depends 49. Your favorite smell?: Strawberries or bacon 50. If there was movie based on your life, what would it be called?: How Lewd 51. What makes you nervous?: People 52. Idea of a perfect date?: Warm hugs and cuddles <3 53. Are you afraid of falling in love?: Never 54. Do you like the beach?: But of course. I am lewd 55. What’s something you really want right now?: Piece of mind 56. Last thing you ate?: Chicken and rice 57. Sexuality?: Girls <3 58. Are you a paranoid person?: Probably 59. Favorite type of food?: Fish 60. Curly or straight hair?: Dead Stright 61. Favorite month/time of year?: Winter break 62. Last thing you drank?: Milk <3 63. If you could say anything to your crush right now, what would it be?: Hug me <3 64. Least favorite holiday?: Ones where I don't get a day off 65. Favorite holiday?: Christmas! 66. Favorite kind of jewelry?: Pendants 67. Makeup or no makeup?: I mean do I have a date or not 68. Favorite mythical creature?: Angels. Cute ones of course 69. Do you prefer to be in front of or behind the camera?: Behind 70. Favorite type of soda?: mmmmm probably ramune 71. Nails painted or not?: No 72. Play any sports?: Does fighting games count 73. How many songs are on your current playlist?: 286 74. Favorite kind of Gatorade?: Blue or green 75. What do you think of your handwriting?: Badddddd 76. Any pets?: Nope! 77. What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?: I wish I was cuter 78. Day or night?: Night 79. If you had to wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?: Black 80. What’s your favorite word?: Genesis 81. Least favorite word?: Like 82. What is your opinion on “Blood is thicker than water…”?: But man milk is thicker than either 83. Who was the last person to hurt you?: myself <3 I'm clumsy 84. Where is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?: In a place I shouldn't talk about 85. How many pillows do you sleep with?: Six. Two normal, 4 Body pillows 86. Who was the last person you texted and what did it say?: My mom 87. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?: Tokyo 88. Choose one superpower.: Change my appearance 89. Soft or firm pillows?: Soft and fluffy fufu 90. What is one thing you constantly worry about?: Literally everything 91. Dream career?: Something well paying? 92. Do you ever want to get married?: But of course. I am lewd 93. Would you want to have kids?: But of course. I am lewd 94. What’s one of your biggest fears?: Insects 95. What is the current time?: 10:55 pm 96. What time did you go to bed last night?: Too late 97. Twitter or Tumblr?: Tumblr 98. Dogs or cats?: Cats cause their pawsitive! @Legend and @Dronagon
  10. Hi yuuko

  11. Heya, welcome back!
  12. Locked for now. Artwork is really meant for showcasing your art and asking for criticism. Even if you're asking for a opinion on your idea, you should have already a relatively fleshed out idea of what you want to write about to a point where people can discuss and criticize the idea, definitely more than two sentences worth of detail going to your idea. If you're just looking for interest in your story, make a status update or blog post.