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  1. Do not minimod. There's a report button for a reason. Use it.
  2. Adding back in some of the rules from the old fourm because they're still relevant and enforcedGeneral RecommendationsThese aren't rules so won't get you penalized for minor infractions, although if they are repeatly violated, warning points may be given. Bumping old topicsIf a topic's last post was made more than a month ago, don't bump it unless in special cases when you have something that contributes to it. You are free to create a new and similar topic.MiniModdingYou're not supposed to publicly point out whether or not a topic or post is against the rules or not if you aren't officially a Moderator here. Either report the topic, or just let a Moderator handle his or her business.Stay on topicTry not to post in such way so that a topic is steered towards a whole different subject. If you want to discuss about a different subject, create such a topic or use the spam thread.
  3. Yuuko are you the only admin besides Johan

  4. 11 is close enough lol
  5. dabbing is like the dumbest thing that 12 years old do to look cool.
  6. Are you implying that BW isn't based on the US when it has a literal Liberty Island?
  7. ...

    Do you think I should quit the Stadium? 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Yuuko


      to be perfectly honestly, I really don't care. 

    3. AnonymousDoom



    4. Kaps


      He quit. Why? I think we all know.

  8. . . . This is literally just spam. Locked lol
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