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  1. Some sprite work I didn't bother uploading to Pokecreations.

    Bargardicle (N).png

    Magarbok (N).png

    Ectomuk (N).png

  2. You got it @FrogBoyHops, I'll get right on it! Here you go @FrogBoyHops, Black Kyurem with my own design! I gave the dark and light grays a nice blueish tint, and made the blueish gray a cool (get it?) icy blue. And finally, I made the yellow crest and eyes a nice lime green. Lemme know what you think! I can change anything you don't like.
  3. Welcome to my Shiny Redesign Shop! Just request a shiny you want redesigned (I will use sprites from Generations 3 to 5, nothing retro or 3D) and what colors you want me to use on what parts of the Pokemon. I will post them when finished, in a style of Normal, Original Shiny, Your Shiny, as seen below in some of my example artworks. I can also do my own colors if you have no preference, such as invert colors (oricorio style), "when in doubt, gold/pink/green it out", or my own design. I can do a whole evolution line, megas, Alolan forms, alternate forms, primal forms, or all of the above. Just give me an order and I'll get on it. It is first come, first serve, so if there are multiple requests before you, I will do those first. Try to keep orders to one Pokemon, or to one line of Pokemon, don't overload me with orders in the same message, because some people might be waiting patiently behind you. Picture Format: (Normal) (Original Shiny) (New Shiny) (Type of Shiny) Order Form: Pokemon: ___________ Evolutionary Line?(Y/N) Mega/Primal? (Y/N) Alternate Form/Alolan Form? (Y/N) Type of Shiny: ____________ Inverted Colors+Own Design Own Design Pink Shiny Gold Shiny (Line) Green Shiny Own Design(Line) Own Design(Line)
  4. banned because fairies beat dragons somehow
  5. banned because Espeon is better
  6. Hi I love your profile picture 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nkinkxinksans


      Reasons plus your kinda making me "claw"starfobic kit

    3. NotchoCheese


      now I'm "feline" blue

    4. Nkinkxinksans



      your vary pawswasev about this

  7. 57c7883a1d4af_TypeEnergy.png.755a93294b2

    Here are energies for all Pokémon types!

    Top half is real, bottom is fake. In total, 25 types!


    In order:

    Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fairy

    Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Grass

    Ground, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic

    Rock, Steel, Water


    Air, Ancient

    Cosmic, Cyber, Light

    Nuclear, Sound



    Pokémon that Change types:

    Air- Swablu line, Drifloon line, Castform, Rayquaza

    Ancient- All Fossils, Original Genesect, Baltoy line, Yamask line, Magearna

    Cosmic- Cleffa line, Solrock, Lunatone, Deoxys, Jirachi, Teddiursa line, Lunala, Elgyem line, Munna line, Beldum line, Cresselia, Solgaleo, Starmie

    Cyber- Porygon line, Magnemite line, Klink line, Rotom, Plasma Genesect

    Light- Ampharos, Arceus, Volbeat, Volcarona, Solrock

    Nuclear- (species of pre-existing pokemon exposed to radiation)

    Soundp- Igglybuff line, Meloetta, Kricketot line, Chatot, Chingling line, Whismur line, Noibat line


    List Pokemon you think should change types, or new types!

    1. NotchoCheese


      S̶o̶u̶n̶d̶p̶  Sound

    2. Eeveechu hatake

      Eeveechu hatake

      I like the new types I think espeon should be cosmic type!

  8. okay, every time I evolve Burmy, it turns back into Burmy the next day
  9. If you are on Team Rowlett, here you go! Put this on your signature and let everyone know what Starter you're picking in Sun&Moon!

    57c39d7af346e_TeamRowlet.png.4c4b07c4963 Save this Picture! #TeamRowlett

    Team Rowlet.png

  10. Some more PokeCreations I made:



    57c1c73e2e0c6_SuncolonelSanders.png.0390Suncolonel Sanders-Grass/Fire



    Also, Panloco made some sprites for me, here they are!





    Go check out -(+)- Panloco's Gorgeous Shop -(+)- to see his other sprites and request one for yourself!


    1. RainbowDerpLord777


      Possessed Rattata - Ghost, Normal

      Possessed Raticate - Ghost Normal

      Ability - Bravery: Gives immunity to common fears such as Ghost, Bugs and Dark

      Posessed Rattata & Raticate.png

    2. NotchoCheese


      That is great spriting!

  11. fusions requests

    (I love it <3) Name? Pilobluzz? Also. Final Challenge! Pokémon: Electivire, Reshiram, Infernape, Chespin, Chatot, and Darkrai Base: Any other than Palette Palette: Chespin Other: Infernape's Head Flame and Electivire's Wires Good Luck
  12. So far, in the Chlorophyll Sprite Contest:

    Bulberupt.png.9f385c942f1456c72f89489ae0-Bulbarupt - Average Score: 10/10!

    Torbily.png.f5bec830b41efc0976d34e4a7135-Torbily - Average Score: 8.7/10!

    57c06b1f079c8_MegaTropius.png.2cde02bdd5-Mega Tropius - Average Score: 6.7/10!


    Total Score: 25.4/30!


    Hope Bulbarupt carries me to victory!

    PokeStadium Chlorophyll Sprite Contest!

  13. fusions requests

    The challenge for today! Pokémon: Electabuzz, Piloswine, Swablu. Base: Piloswine Color: Electabuzz Other: Swablu wings
  14. fusions requests

    Very good on Pesadierna! Let me think of another challenge for you for tomorrow
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