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  1. banned because fairies beat dragons somehow
  2. banned because Espeon is better
  3. *whispers* I know, I'm just lazy
  4. @Mewtwonite Z Dark Otter - 7 the head tail thing is just pasted on the head like a gangster wears his cap, and the eye color clashes with the white. Icelance - 7 the arms/hands and the feet look flat and fat, but is to be expected with free drawing. (also looks like frozen gingerbread man, so +1 good noodle star) Crysnow - 10 small and simple, nothing wrong with that
  5. @MalcamooDraftitoed-9.5 lower back fin isn't right @PanlocoFeralamo-o, Driflarill, and Polinfisk are all 10s! @KaoticMEGA MAX Blastoise-9 wings are poorly spliced Raredos-9.5, cheek fins look off Twinning Dragoons-7 the second head is poorly spliced and the primary head flame is also poorly spliced. (also would've liked to see more Water Type, but no deduction)
  6. hey, I'd like a cool trainer fusion! trainer (if possible): pokemon: Chespin, normal and shiny geel free to take some liberties with your sprite! and thanks!
  7. the day has arrived! @rioulu890 mermerry-8.5 the concept is great, but the lines around the hair, cheek fins and the tail could be better @The-HydraGyarakia-10 im just overjoyed with the outcome if this sprite @Scott HendersonAzumabok-10 great sprite! @NoonzAzucune-9.5 seems like the sprite is enlarged, but if not, 10! @Abdul Wasay champSea Gaurdian (Guardian*)-7.5 spelling error, and poor trident as well as clashing colors sorry for my lateness, but I have to do this on my phone since my laptop is dead (completely)
  8. Hi I love your profile picture 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nkinkxinksans


      Reasons plus your kinda making me "claw"starfobic kit

    3. NotchoCheese


      now I'm "feline" blue

    4. Nkinkxinksans



      your vary pawswasev about this

  9. I would love to judge!
  10. 57c7883a1d4af_TypeEnergy.png.755a93294b2

    Here are energies for all Pokémon types!

    Top half is real, bottom is fake. In total, 25 types!


    In order:

    Bug, Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fairy

    Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Grass

    Ground, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic

    Rock, Steel, Water


    Air, Ancient

    Cosmic, Cyber, Light

    Nuclear, Sound



    Pokémon that Change types:

    Air- Swablu line, Drifloon line, Castform, Rayquaza

    Ancient- All Fossils, Original Genesect, Baltoy line, Yamask line, Magearna

    Cosmic- Cleffa line, Solrock, Lunatone, Deoxys, Jirachi, Teddiursa line, Lunala, Elgyem line, Munna line, Beldum line, Cresselia, Solgaleo, Starmie

    Cyber- Porygon line, Magnemite line, Klink line, Rotom, Plasma Genesect

    Light- Ampharos, Arceus, Volbeat, Volcarona, Solrock

    Nuclear- (species of pre-existing pokemon exposed to radiation)

    Soundp- Igglybuff line, Meloetta, Kricketot line, Chatot, Chingling line, Whismur line, Noibat line


    List Pokemon you think should change types, or new types!

    1. NotchoCheese


      S̶o̶u̶n̶d̶p̶  Sound

    2. Eeveechu hatake

      Eeveechu hatake

      I like the new types I think espeon should be cosmic type!

  11. okay, every time I evolve Burmy, it turns back into Burmy the next day
  12. Because you can only tie a 10/10
  13. If you are on Team Rowlett, here you go! Put this on your signature and let everyone know what Starter you're picking in Sun&Moon!

    57c39d7af346e_TeamRowlet.png.4c4b07c4963 Save this Picture! #TeamRowlett

    Team Rowlet.png

  14. I know that, I did that for myself on my status update
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