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  1. After several months of no legendaries, I finally catch Raikou #3 and legendary #20!

    1. Gir


      Lucky! I still have no legendary safe for Phione who doesn't even count half of the time.

    2. Yashu


      A Ho-oh appeared for me in catch today, but I don't really want to catch it haha

    3. Sylveona


      Haha, sitting at exactly 19 for several months after having gone through a small burst of legendary catches was a minor annoyance. And yeah @Gir Gamefreak has never been clear on whether or not Phione counts as a legendary and has even contradicted itself a few times on that I think. I suppose different members of the staff themselves have varying opinions on it? I'm not sure what Phione is classified as in the catch feature on here either.


      @Yashu I always catch any legendary that comes up in catch, regardless of how much I like the legendary in question. I typically don't catch any Pokemon unless a legendary pops up these days too, so I have plenty of coins stashed away. I make an occasional exception if a Pokemon I happen to really like shows up, but only if no legendaries pop up alongside it. Gotta make some sacrifices to keep up that legend hoard of mine.

  2. I'm at college right now, so sadly I do not have access to my collection of no Kuni no Alice CGs to assist in making a witty remark. So just have a plain reset I guess?
  3. I find it quite a nice change of pace that so many people in this thread like history, in most threads like this on other forums I have seen it seems like history is only considered slightly better than math. It is pretty distressing honestly, because a decent knowledge of history helps prevent bad ideas from being repeated. Chances are, if a very similar idea did not work a decade ago it won't work today either. At least not without significant changes. That little bit over, you've probably already guessed my favorite subject. I'm also a history major in college, so I suppose it is a given. I love history with a passion and have my entire life. I find it very interesting to learn about how past cultures and civilizations worked and what sort of effect they had on modern society. Have you ever wondered where a certain cultural norm originated from? History can tell you. Things don't just crop up overnight, they came from something else. 'Text language', for instance, has been around for centuries and is used in everyday speech without people knowing it. 'Goodbye' is an example of this as it originated from the phrase "God be with ye", which is what people in Christian Europe used to say farewell way back when and has since then been shortened into our 'goodbye'. Some may not consider this 'text language' as it happened long before modern texting even became a concept, but it still shows that shortening phrases into more convenient words didn't originate with teenagers on their cellphones as their ancestors had already been doing it centuries before. I think this is a pretty clear example of how studying the past can help you better understand the present, and I feel that it is very important for someone to know the full scope of things and their impact before forming an opinion rather than, as The-Hydra said, "based off of my own limited experiences". Aside from history, I also enjoy the social sciences such as psychology and sociology. My least favorite is math, which is very common. I just have a very hard time wrapping my head around concrete concepts, which is entirely what math is based around. AKA, numbers and letters mixed together that should always equal out to the same thing no matter who is solving the problem hurts my feeble brain. I've gotten better at it in recent years (having to study only math for a couple of months so I could get my GED helped with that), and I'm doing well in Math for Liberal Arts thus far. I'm pretty sure I would not be doing quite so well in College Algebra or some other more advanced college math though.
  4. No one. Us staff members roam wild and free. (Though the snake pit we keep in the living room may have something to do with that...)
  5. I'm afraid there is a stumbling block in your path.
  6. How dare you try to start a rebellion as soon as my wi-fi goes out! Take this zero as punishment.
  7. I don't mean to rain on the parade here, but... Oh wait, that is totally what I will do regardless. Carry on, from the top preferably.
  8. Glad to see that the best pokemon ever made the top 5, and that its pre-evolution made the top 12. One of my favorite legendaries made the top 3 as well, so that is cool. I've never really understood the greninja hype personally, but congrats to those who do like it on it being the most popular pokemon, ahead of even the likes of pikachu. I'm honestly surprised pikachu is only number 4. I wonder how these rankings will be affected as more gen 7 pokemon are announced? If they decide to do another poll after they are finished announcing new pokemon/SM versions are released, that is.
  9. Hello! I'm not here to ask for for my name to be changed colors or anything, but I was hoping to get my post count updated if possible. I have a screenshot of my 'community stats' taken from right before the original forum shut down that has been sitting in my files since then. I took it for nostalgia purposes back then (along with images of what the forum home page looked like and my last status update), so it is nice it can finally be put to practical use. Here it is: Thank you for making this an option available to some of the long-term users around here.
  10. Alright, I got cable back now! However, I likely won't be active for a little while. I'm taking a May Mini course so I won't have a whole lot of time on my hands. Sorry about that. I'll likely start being more active again once I complete the course.

  11. Ok, to anyone who may have noticed I have been gone for around a week there is a reason for that. A bad storm hit my area- trees down everywhere type. My family is safe but there were some houses that got hit by trees nearby. I didn't have electricity at all for the first two days and even though we have power back now we still don't have cable, so no TV, home phone, or internet. I'm posting this from a college computer. I have no idea when we will be getting cable back. It could be today or tomorrow or it might not be until next week. Sorry for any problems this causes, but I'll try to get online once we have cable again so I can tell you guys I'm back.

    1. purpledragon24


      Ooh - that sucks. Don't worry about it at all, no one is going to get worked up if you're gone for a bit, I mean whatever happened sounds terrible.


  12. I like the pink myself (a given considering pastel pinks are my favorite color) as well and don't have a problem reading it, but if other people are finding it too bright to read without straining their eyes then I think that is an issue. All the same I hereby vouch for Gir's system. Especially on the rainbow for banned members and not to mention the ensuing chaos when members start to think the RP mods have suddenly become global mods.
  13. The local long-time vocaloid fanatic enters the scene! @Eeveechu hatake I skimmed through my playlists and picked out the following songs based on whether they are 'happy sounding' or not. If you want a specific vocaloid or genre though I'll be happy to dig deeper.
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