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  1. I'm pretty sure I don't have to explain this to you, but using other people's work and then recoloring it or whatever so you can sell them and call your "own" creation is called theft. You are not allowed to alter the sprites you find on Pokecreations in any way. Don't do it.
  2. Hello Hamster, how about no.
  3. Fusion/Splicing (3) Skill level: I wouldn't consider myself good, but not bad either. Example of work (not required): Questions/comments/suggestions?: No. Scratch Spriting Skill level: Same skill level as above. Example of work (not required): Questions/comments/suggestions?: Nope. Light and Shape Dynamics Skill level: Um.. a tad better than a beginner? Example of work (not required): None Questions/comments/suggestions?: I don't think so.
  4. This OC has a lot of things I like: A mask, a cloak, a magic staff and wings(?). So basically he's perfect. Great job!
  5. -insert first world problems meme- Just get over it, guys. It's just a filter.
  6. Maybe do a Eukaryote Form of Dunsparce next?
  7. Slowly but steady. Your drawing looks very good, Rin.
  8. From the album Pan's Art Dump

    I decided to make a pre evolution for Tropius and this is what I came up with.
  9. So.. did you program anything yet or are just going to show us the same pictures you did about half a year ago and call it your "game"?
  10. Why not make a blog where you name your top 10 worst and best shiny Pokemon of all time instead of creating two topics, since this is just your opinion?
  11. Heyo Panflam! Just wondering, did you remove the 7 in your username? If so, I thought you liked it.



    1. Panflam


      "It is time for change. All good things must go, and new life must be reborn." - status update from April 28th

  12. It kinda reminds me of Opa-Opa.
  13. From the album Pan's Art Dump

    So I tried to paint something instead of doing Sugimori style, but I guess I didn't really paint it like I wanted to. I have to admit that I'm actually kinda proud of how it turned out. Too bad I can't do backgrounds.
  14. disliked. too adorable.
  15. edgy doggie.
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