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  1. The shading and especially the pillows look pretty good, in my opinion.
  2. I see red "circles" but I don't see any ghosts.
  3. You guys should read the rules. And @rioulu890 if the Username is a part of the form, you should enter your username. Anyways, I'll request something because I haven't done that in eons! Username: Panflam7 Name: Please think of one! Pokemon 1: Bayleef Pokemon 2: Sylveon Type: Grass/Fairy
  4. Blue is the best.
  5. The good old colouring with pencils days.. I don't miss them. I only "colour" with grey nowadays. It looks great nonetheless! so much blue!!
  6. Quality poster of the year: Definitely @The-Hydra Spriter of the year: I'd say @LuxLuxray and @Yashu Artist of the year: @isagonj @Yashu @Poison @Yurisaurus @PCTheSkitty and so many more (basically everyone from the gallery) Role-player of the year: Uh, I don't know. Writer of the year: That I also don't know. Forum gamer of the year: I haven't participated often in forum games, so I don't know. Battler of the year: @isagonj is pretty good Most interesting status updates: I don't know Most helpful: @isagonj and @Yashu for giving me some tips for drawing and stuff Funniest member: @Yunn Goos can be pretty funny at times Most positive of the year: Everyone who hasn't been negative, obviously New member of the year: -blank- (lovable) Troll of the year: We have trolls on Pokestadium? I didn't even know..
  7. I don't see any eyes. Do you?
  8. Nevermind.
  9. What eyes?
  10. Could it be.. Relicanth?
  11. Is it Wingull?
  12. Necrozma

    From the album Pan's Art Dump

    Too tired to think of a description. Took me like 7 hours or more.
  13. Let me help you with the Carvanha! I'll send you a PM.
  14. Aw, Mimikyu found a quite adorable Shinx cloth. Very nice drawing!
  15. ; )
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