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  1. Why? He didn't use the given form. He just confirmed that he read the rules.
  2. I like your avatar! ;)

  3. Of course! I'd say a blog entry would better because it's more personal than a topic. (It's fine. It may take some time for me to draw something because I'm out of ideas) (And thanks for the follow by the way)
  4. I think that's a great idea! Then we can see your progress as an artist and how much you've improved. So I'd definitely want to see that. I don't want to rush you now, though, so take your time please. (Please don't upvote my comment everytime I compliment your art. It makes me feel like I'm just looking for attention or upvotes, which I'm obviously not)
  5. That's why I mostly draw Pokermans because their anatomy is weird. Also, maybe it's just me, but I think you've improved a bit.
  6. Pokemon Claim: Empoleon Shiny? (y/n): n Dex #: #395 Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): n Pokemon Claim: Zoroark Shiny? (y/n): y Dex #: #571 Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): n Pokemon Claim: Mega-Altaria Shiny? (y/n): n Dex #: #334 Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): n Thank you!
  7. I don't know if that means you're back, but if it does.. welcome back!
  8. nice avatar!

    who made that beautiful piece of artwork?

    1. Panflam7


      Thank you very much!

      I'm glad you asked. This is one of Van Gogh's modern pieces of art, which he painted yesterday to be exact. I had to buy this immediately since I'm a person who absolutely appreciates abstract art of any kind.

      Some say this looks like a Chimchar while others stated that it looks more like a Scrafty than anything.

    2. Kekleon


      you suck



    1. The-Hydra


      im sorry jon


      pls forgive

  10. Happy Birthday, OhJay! I hope you're having a great day.

    1. OhJay


      aye someone noticed thank you panny :P

  11. From the album Pan's Art Dump

    Hey look, it's another Fakemon. It's called Froglaze and it's a Water/Ice-type! I'm actually pretty proud of this one.
  12. The most important thing is to make sure that the sprites you use for fusing have a white background. When you use the bucket-tool to get rid of the black background, the black parts of the outline will be gone too and the sprite will end up looking messy. I suggest downloading a sprite sheet of all the existing Pokemon from the Generation 5 games (and other generations if you feel like it) instead of copying and pasting them into your program. This way you won't have a black background. Murkrow's beak on Natu seems a bit out of place because Natu is obviously not a crow, but that's just my opinion. Maybe make it a bit smaller so the beak isn't as big as Natu's body. Don't just shrink it though because it will look messy. You can shrink it but you would have to fix the outlines.
  13. Oh my god, I caught a Shrek once too! I thought I was the only one.
  14. A German Pokemon wiki states that Shuckle is based off an endolith and a tortoise
  15. Well, I would say that Girafarig is one of the real forgotten Pokemon. I wish it would've gotten a small stat boost in Gen 7, but sadly it didn't.
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