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  1. Psst. This account is pretty much dead. I don't think many people might care or think it matters that much anymore because you guys have other awesome staff here, but still. I kinda grew tired of PS and found much more enjoyment through music, drawing, gaming, reading, writing and photography. I still play Pokemon sure, but I don't think I'm as big of a fanatic as I used to be. I'll still be lurking in the shadows of PS from time to time, but I doubt I'd do much though. But I'll try to post some stuff, just to let people know that I'm still alive.


    SO! From the depths of the shadows of PS, I bid you farewell for now. We shall (probably) meet again somewhere in the future where VRMMORPGs actually exist.

    1. Petey Piranha

      Petey Piranha

      Oh Arceus,  now an admin's leaving. We're doomed! But anyway, even though I didn't get to know you too well, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu. *salutes*

    2. Heal
    3. Kaps


      *awkward silence*

  2. Ah yes. I remember this series. I remember being the very first person to finish every single Pokemon lol
  3. Oh hello there. I wrote this story while listening to music and I believe while watching some anime with time travel. I guess these stories inspired me to write it. i don't think I've proof-read this story, I wrote it last year so there may be errors in there somewhere. If you do find errors (or really cringey moments that really shouldn't be there) please do tell me. Critique is always welcome, even those mean ones. I put it in a pastebin because PS messes the spacing up. Plus, it saves space on the thread. Time Loop - One-shot
  4. Similar: Flow
  5. which should i play first, awakening, birthright or conquest?

    1. Kekleon


      i know you're not asking me but

      you should go

      awakening -> birthright -> conquest

    2. isagonj


      Any way you want, in my opinion. Birthright is more emotional after you've played conquest, conquest is more emotional after you've played birthright. Awakening is a good start, though.




    Hopy you all have a wonderful holidays!

    1. Legend
    2. Spamuhell


      Merry Strayan Christmas. Hope you enjoy yourself on your side of the country.


      Just have a great day in general, like everyone should on Christmas Day.

    3. Panflam7


      Merry Christmas from Germany, guys!!


      I hope all of you have great day and don't care so much about gifts - it's about being together with family!

  8. Without #genwun what Pokemon should be the mascot of Pokestadium? I’d say the best would be Cosmog

    “Nebby, get in the bag"

    1. Show previous comments  34 more
    2. Mewtwonite Z

      Mewtwonite Z

      Turn 1:

      Meloetta used Relic Song! PurpleDragon fell asleep! Meloetta transformed!

      Turn 2:

      Meloetta used Ice Punch! PurpleDragon fainted!

    3. Petey Piranha

      Petey Piranha

      How about a Wigglytuff for the genwuns? 

    4. Mewtwonite Z

      Mewtwonite Z

      Ice Punch is also super effective on Grass types. I’m keepin this spot

  9. i leik normel bc tauros and miltank are cool #genwun
  10. This is not abstract unfortunately, however I do find this artwork entitled "Participation Trophy" very aesthetically appealing and highly symbolic. I believe that this piece is a perfect portrayal of our life, which is idealised to be a bright, shining and rewarding experience. Although, this is the idealised portrayal of life. The negative space shown beside the trophy symbolises the unrewarded and the extra un-needed things present in life, and it may also symbolise the emptiness we feel is we do not obtain the reward. Overall, the artwork created by @Hydralicious is a brilliant piece, and is most certainly guaranteed to be a national treasure in the near future. Tl:dr 10/10, not abstact but more like an artwork where you find your own meaning in it
  11. I really want to see a Mega Mew because Mega Mewtwo Y looked like a beast, and IS a beast in-game. I was kinda hoping that Mega Mew would look similar to Mega Mewtwo Y with the arc at the top and the long hair/tail thing on its head. Plus, I'm also curious to see its stat increases because the thing is already pretty bulky as it is, and I think it can be both offensive and defensive at the same time. Where would the stats go?
  12. i leik my pekachu the pikachu from pogeymoon yellow #genwun
  13. Tfw your friend turns off her 4G to save battery and data and expects you to meet up with her.

  14. Best eeveelution

    (Also I am not a genwunner)

    1. Legend


      flareon best eeveelution #genwunlegend


      Real Legend talk, best Eeveelution is definitely Sylveon, hands down.

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