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  1. OMG YASHU I LOVE IT!! Not much to nitpick here too, it's beautiful!!
  2. 10/10 I can't believe people don't like Fomantis as much as I do. Fomantis and Lurantis are both awesome. I remember having lots and lots of troubles with Lurantis Totem bc I chose Popplio, and I had no fire types or flying types, so I said yeap gonna get me one of those. I just love it. So cute too <3
  3. I mean, I'm an admin. That means all my posts here are technically a 10. That means we win. Or if you want me to not abuse my power, then it's 1 :c
  4. 10/10 Bisharp is an awesome Pokemon, both competitively and design wise. I remember bringing Bisharp out once in VGC against intimidate and that was what gave the opponent a hard time. Sucker Punch was such a good move back then, and Knock Off was boosted a lot. It's basically a 140 base STAB move on the first time against a Pokemon. Plus an intimidate boost from Defiant, it's pretty good. I also love its design, it looks really on point and cool.
  5. Omg people slurping spaghetti. Like, why do you do that?? You don't slurp spaghetti!! I forgot to mention another one, thinking of something but forgetting it completely a few seconds later.
  6. - Crumbs on the ground or table. Keep the bloody place clean! - A big pile of crumbs in one place. KEEP THE BLOODY PLACE CLEAN! - Crumbs falling off when you eat bread/crackers/chips. KEEP THE BLOODY PLACE CLEAN! - People who don't like Pineapple on Pizza. - People who say colour isn't the right spelling. Same with flavour. - Games released for platforms I don't own. - Not getting my daily dose of chocolate and KFC wings.
  7. Oh yes, Triangles are hard to get out of. It took me lots of getting choked to be able to not get submitted in a triangle. The golden rule is both arms in or both arms out. And if you are caught in a triangle, make sure you keep your posture up, look at the ceiling. Then you can slowly work your way to get one arm in or out.
  8. Lol @Taiiyo Our dojo does things differently. We warm up, spar for a bit with a partner, then out of nowhere the higher ranks start grabbing onto you and you have to try submitting them. Man, that was an absolute pain. You have like 2 guys taking your back and getting a choke in, then some other people pull from in front of you and put you in a triangle. Not a fun experience. Been a long time since I last trained though...
  9. 10/10 #206 is a god. No need to explain any more than that.
  10. 9/10 Dragonite is powerful. Too bad stealth rocks is a thing, but if stealth rocks isn't a thing it would definitely murder a whole bunch of pokemon. Hey @The-Hydra when is Acrobatics/Dragon Ascent Dragonite happening in Stadium Mons? Me and @Spamuhell are waiting
  11. Nice!! It would be cool if you had both forms on both sides but this is still pretty neat!
  12. I don't think people made a tiny sprite for it yet, so I don't think you can claim it just yet. I'll make sure no one else claims if from you though if you want @AethericDoom. Other than that, Heatran is now your claimed mon. Also rip the primals, they're not yours anymore.
  13. What would happen to the Kaps we know if Cosmog never existed?
  14. US/M Solgaleo and Lunala are like B/W Zekrom and Reshiram. Looks like we might be having a new use for the DNA Splicer. I didn't watch the direct bc I was too lazy to sit down and do nothing but listen to it. But I watched a shorter advert kinda thing on YT. The new Pokken looks neat, too bad the Switch costs a lot still. I'm not buying it until they have at least 20 or more good games available to play on it. I don't want to buy something that costs $400 and only own 2 or 3 games snd never play it again. Still waiting for Pokken in the 3DS and a Sinnoh Remake. Or maybe an entirely new game with Lillie/Hau as the main. Or maybe a new Mystery Dungeon.
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