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  1. Similar: Flow
  2. which should i play first, awakening, birthright or conquest?

    1. Yunn Goos

      Yunn Goos

      i know you're not asking me but

      you should go

      awakening -> birthright -> conquest

    2. isagonj


      Any way you want, in my opinion. Birthright is more emotional after you've played conquest, conquest is more emotional after you've played birthright. Awakening is a good start, though.




    Hopy you all have a wonderful holidays!

    1. Legend
    2. Spamuhell


      Merry Strayan Christmas. Hope you enjoy yourself on your side of the country.


      Just have a great day in general, like everyone should on Christmas Day.

    3. Panflam7


      Merry Christmas from Germany, guys!!


      I hope all of you have great day and don't care so much about gifts - it's about being together with family!

  5. i leik normel bc tauros and miltank are cool #genwun
  6. This is not abstract unfortunately, however I do find this artwork entitled "Participation Trophy" very aesthetically appealing and highly symbolic. I believe that this piece is a perfect portrayal of our life, which is idealised to be a bright, shining and rewarding experience. Although, this is the idealised portrayal of life. The negative space shown beside the trophy symbolises the unrewarded and the extra un-needed things present in life, and it may also symbolise the emptiness we feel is we do not obtain the reward. Overall, the artwork created by @Hydralicious is a brilliant piece, and is most certainly guaranteed to be a national treasure in the near future. Tl:dr 10/10, not abstact but more like an artwork where you find your own meaning in it
  7. I really want to see a Mega Mew because Mega Mewtwo Y looked like a beast, and IS a beast in-game. I was kinda hoping that Mega Mew would look similar to Mega Mewtwo Y with the arc at the top and the long hair/tail thing on its head. Plus, I'm also curious to see its stat increases because the thing is already pretty bulky as it is, and I think it can be both offensive and defensive at the same time. Where would the stats go?
  8. i leik my pekachu the pikachu from pogeymoon yellow #genwun
  9. Tfw your friend turns off her 4G to save battery and data and expects you to meet up with her.

  10. Beechworth. That's your word. #genwun
  11. Hey look, I can answer a question without being a #genwunner because my first starter was Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow. It was pretty fun playing with a yellow mouse that can't evolve and follows you around. So uhh, yeah. My first starter was a Pikachu in a totally legally downloaded ROM from the interwebs.
  12. i leik jynx bc genwun ice type #genwun Genwunner Legend aside, my favourite Ice Type pokemon would probably be Cloyster competitive-wise because Shell Smash Skill Link is awesome. I can usually never kill the thing without priority or a physical tank. Some people run I think Hydro Pump on it for physical tanks too. My favourite Ice Type pokemon in general would probably Sneasel/Weavile because they look cool and I like their in-game cry.
  13. 475. Man the guys suck at this game. #genwun
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