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  1. I never used Skuntank or Stunky ever. I never tried catching one of them lol. I like the pink-ish colour though. Somehow, it's tail reminds me of Lycanroc-Midnight. Idk maybe it's just me. Other than that though, I don't have much ti say about it. I give it a 7/10. Pink is an auto-high score for me lols, it's not even my favourite colour.
  2. 8/10 I loved Croagunk in DPP as well as in Pokemon Online ( the simulator before Pokemon Showdown ) I love it's unique typing and the way it sucker punches almost everything in its path. When gen 5 came out it was a staple to any Drizzle team along with Kingdra before it got banned. Great switch in against a water type, hurts quite a bit against its weaknesses and sunny teams but still a good Pokemon. I wish it was still just as good as it was before.
  3. I associate it with a lightly fried fish fillet
  4. Granted but those people are the ones you made up in your mind. I wish for an incorruptible wish
  5. The ned of the world comes, but it's only the end of your world because lots of tragic things happened in your life that traumatises you, yet you cannot do anything. I wish I can make money from gaming. ( Wait, I kinda did that already lols )
  6. @Cookabeara I've been there once too, it really hurts knowing you won't be able to be the one for her. It hurts even more if you find out someone else is going out with her before you told her how you feel about her. Trust me, don't let this go on for a long time, because not only will it be unbelievably awkward between you two ( I mean, okay I liked this one girl for a long time too, but everything between us became super awkward after a while ) but the cluster of emotions inside you will just build up. All those happiness, sadness, regrets and other emotions will eventually break you down. Now that I think about it, I have no idea why I liked that girl anymore. These days she just seems really weird and annoying to talk to lol Anyway! Point is, you won't get anywhere if you don't do anything. Try to find the courage to speak up, and even if she says no then at least a burden is lifted from your chest. On another note, please do share some other SFW stories you have. My stories are definitely not safe for work. Maybe only one or two of them.
  7. Is there some sort of writing event going on? There's a lot of stories in the blogs area.

    1. Cookabeara


      not that I'm aware of

    2. AethericDoom


      Nah I've just had sudden and intense inspiration 

  8. So, @Cookabeara who's this girl you're writing about? Is she cute? Was this a message you sent her? Teasing aside, this is a pretty neat narration! Even though it's short, I can feel how attached the character is to this girl. Maybe because I also felt the same way once, but still. If you have the full story please do share (unless you feel embarrassed sharing romance stories, which you shouldn't by the way!)
  9. Granted, your Bugatti Veyron Hotwheels toy, with broken wheels, has been given to you. I wish for someone to notice me
  10. Love your photos @Hydralicious!! I hope you continue taking photos of memorable places and whatnot <3
  11. Granted, but all those wishes can only be bad/stupid wishes. I wish I'm better at playing a guitar c:
  12. Recently I've noticed lots of poor behaviour from our under 13 members. So quick update is quick: I'm bringing back the Age Rule: - You may be under 13 on the forums, but you must behave yourself and follow all the rules placed. If you are found to be breaking rules constantly and are underage, your account will be banned. You can make another account though, when you turn 13 that is. (Temporary ban until your Birthday) So from now on, our younger members have to learn how to behave themselves in the forums. Actually, please start by reading The Rules. Thanks! Oh yeah, by the way. Members under 13 will ONLY be banned for being under 13 if they are consistently not following the rules. Break the no spamming rule once or twice is fine, if we already warned you not to do it again. But if you constantly do it, you'll get banned. Have a lovely easter everyone! Don't eat too much chocolates or else your teeth will start hurting! c:
  13. Granted, but your copy of Persona 5 doesn't work. I wish I could paid a lot of money as an artist
  14. Granted, but your food is the weird furries that you granted me >=( I wish I can get enough money for university
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