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  1. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/future-gen7customgame-511 I'm actually loving Specs Primarina in this meta. Giving it Boomburst is the best thing about it. Shame Liquid Voice doesn't act like an ate-ability tho, could use that extra x1.3 damage to wreak havoc. When paired with Whimsicott's Tailwind it's actually really powerful. Don't need to worry about her low speed, just keep singing! Also, I don't have the replay with me anymore but Miltank + Furfrou is actually broken. Miltank's Bulk-Up and already bulky defenses is hard to kill, plus if you baton pass a x3 or even a x2.5 to Furfrou, you cannot kill it. Like, at all. @Spamuhell and @Kilgrave both love miltank + furfrou. Another thing, Cosmog without spore is a tolerable mon now thank god. I don't have to worry about Cosmog that much anymore because miss chance, but still. Cosmog is probably one of the most powerful mons in the game atm. @Kaps loves it tho. Porygon2 is too op, needs nerf. Toxapex is too weak, needs buff
  2. contest

    I'll try using Aseprite to make my entries, why not.
  3. I learn things quickly. I remember being able to read quickly back in kindergarten and most of my friends were like "cool what does this say?" Another thing is that I have really weird thoughts on dreams and what dreams really are. So I believe a dream could be a way for people to do four things: - To experience the life if you chose a different path. So like, what would've happened if you didn't leave your home city? Or what could've happened if you went to university? - To realise the feelings of the unconscious mind. You might think you don't like a person at school, but whenever you sleep you see that person hanging out with you or maybe even being intimate. Perhaps you do like that person to an extent. - To travel through space and time. Yes, this one is ridiculous but that's what I believe. Your whole body may not be travelling through space and time, but your consciousness could be. I wrote something about this once too. - To escape the harsh reality. Maybe something happened in the past that's been haunting you and you want to forget it ever happened. These are mostly happy dreams of course. But yeah, I have an obsession with dreams. A big one. I remember talking to @Yashu about it all the time lol
  4. 10/10 Because it's the pre-volve of Toxicroak which was awesome in Gen 4 and Gen 5. Plus poison jabbing Brock in the anime was funny.
  5. Hey, my dreamy world isn't easy at all. I sure wish it was though.
  6. Hey @isagonj if you do decide to make them, make sure to send one to me pls I'll pay for the postage as well if you want
  7. Where are the pickups in the guitar? And where is the switch? You need a switch on it too, to switch between each pickup. I am disappoint But seriously tho, I like the shading. Pretty neat
  8. Can I please say something important?


    I'm getting tired of seeing ridiculous amounts of drama being caused in the status updates. Mostly because once it starts, everything just goes down constantly. I don't want anyone here to start butting heads and start hating each other. I want us all to be one big happy community, you know? Sure arguments can happen and you can dislike someone. That's fine. I hate everyone here lolol skrubs In all seriousness please stop it. If you guys want to roast each other do it in a PM please. I don't want other people getting involved in your matters.


    Now, what's next on the PS Drama channel I wonder?

    1. Genji
    2. Taiiyo


      Next up[pause in speech] TBD (To Be Decided)



      But yeah, thanks Legend for actually saying something about it. Hopefully this can convince some people to cut the crap, and get along 



    3. Kaps




      Yeh I'm an idiot

  9. Sceptile - 5/10 I just don't like it. Grovyle was much better tbh. Sceptile is just...ehh. Not interesting enough imo Mega Sceptile - 10/10 Christmas trees are the best thing added to the game tbh, I love it. Actually that's probably the only reason why I gave it a 10. HAHAHA
  10. Omg I really love it!! She's so adorable!
  11. Hey guys, I added a new medal in. It's the Spriter's School Medal made by @Yashu for those who take a course and complete them in the new and amazing... [oh right no pause in speech right there] Spriter's School! Here's what it looks like: Togetic's adorable in it <3
  12. Ew people and their generation order OCD. I have a GSC/HGSS OCD so HAH!


    I DID 5!


    Man them bragging rights

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kaps


      'Kay, Champ!

    3. Legend


      Omg Kaps the Psychic god. Also, why do you keep referring to me as a female? 

    4. Kaps


      I dunno. I just look at the profile pic and assume.


      WA HA HA

  14. Lmao looks like we're keeping it atm hahaha
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