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  1. (Yes, you did it right! I'll update once a few people suggest. )
  2. With 3 votes, Kairi Flormai has been chosen. With that, let the story begin.... This young woman's name is Kairi Flormai, and she works at the local Renaissance Faire. Today, she plays a princess character for the faire- they usually have her play the part due to her race. Sometimes she is the local bard. Personally, she prefers to play the bard because she can play the mandolin. She likes the dress that comes along with the princess part, but the sleeves are quite awkward and baggy... they aren't too historically accurate for the elven race, either. Humans like to pretend that all the princesses wore old England royalty clothing, but most elves know better. A jobs a job, however, so she plays along. Kairi, today, is stationed at the park area of the faire. It's one of her favorite areas- the air feels most fresh here, and litter tends to stay at a minimum. Less people crowd the slightly wooded area as well; unless, of course, there are teen couples smooching behind the trees. She likes to pretend she never sees them. Two kids approach- a girl with messy, unruly hair, and a girl with a braid and a flower crown. The girl with the messier hair has an odder smell. She can't quite put her finger on it, but its certainly... not a pleasant one. "I want a hug!" The little girl shouted. She'd rather not hug her. ((Now, you suggest what should be done next, or put a "Command". Basically, tell me what Kairi should do next.)
  3. I feel like I should explain the picking characters better. I'll wipe the votes now so that you can all understand better and vote for the one whose story you'd enjoy most. You will all be collectively selecting one character. The character that gets the most votes will be the one used for the quest. I'm sorry for all the confusion! If you don't want to change your 'vote', just say "I keep my suggestion on what character we shall use" or similar.
  4. Number 2 seems to be a high elf, whose name is Kairi Flormaí. She works at the local Renaissance Faire. Her particular story would be rather open, and driven completely by your choices/suggestions. Some other characters you’ll meet in this path include her unusually cheery friend, and a thief- both who also work at the Renaissance Faire. Number 5 seems to be a demon, whose ‘human name’ is Melchior Ulric. His true name is Melthios. He is unemployed and often mooches off of others to get by. His specific story would be about discovering himself- for there seems to be something about him that everyone knows except himself. Some other characters you’ll meet in this path include Amaryllis, his contractor, his temporary girlfriend, another demon who raised him, and many other characters. Number 6 seems to be a werewolf, whose werewolf name is Chamios. He is looking for human name to call himself by. He is currently unemployed after the ‘accident’; which has depressed his mood considerably. Because of this accident, he tries to stay out of his werewolf form. His story would be about coming to terms with said accident and moving on. Other characters for this story are unplanned at the moment. Number 7 seems to be a contractor demon, whose name is Amaryllis. She has no last name. She works for a café and is seen most of the time with her contractor. Her story would be about coming to terms with a loss. Other characters in this story include her contractor (named Charlotte), Melthios, and a few others. Number 8 seems to be a human, whose name is Analie Dalton. She is a scientist who is trying to study magical creatures without getting caught by those who wouldn’t be too happy about her doing this. This story would include her attempting to do her job. The other ‘main character’ you’ll meet in this path is her friend, a shy scientist who seems to be planning something nefarious. Number 9 seems to be a wood elf, whose name is Vulmira Taláme. She works as a servant to a high elf whom she despises greatly. Her story will be about overcoming her hatred among other things that you’ll determine. No other characters (other than her employer) are planned at the moment. You may select your character now or inquire more about the characters. You can ask questions about them if it makes the decision easier. ((After the selection process, it will be a lot simpler to suggest. Whatever character has the most 'votes' to pick them will be chosen.))
  5. ((I only have a brief amount of time right now so I'll be only doing one- I will get to the other "Inspections" though after I return! Also, if you are still confused, this will be like a "choose your own adventure" story but instead of having set options you pick what we do. I'll pick a suggestion or the most voted towards suggestion and update the story with it. You'll be controlling the main character that you'll choose after we are done inspecting, and with each update will come a picture or two showing the situation.)) Number 3 seems to be a Satyr, whose name is unknown. She is a servant, and her particular story would be about escaping that specific job and finding a better occupation and home for herself and her older sibling, who will be the other main character.
  6. why do topics have to be approved in forum games? not trying to be rude, but why was this implanted 

  7. Have you ever heard of quests on the internet? Many people haven't, but a lot of people have heard of something called Homestuck. Quests are like Homestuck, in a way. You know the commands that earlier on pages had? Imagine if those were user submitted suggestions, and you got yourself a quest! I figured I'd start one here, for it might spark some activity. Maybe. If you all remember the website before it shut down, I also attempted to start a quest there. It failed because of lack of motivation and good suggestions. For this one, it will be modern fantasy and the art style will not be consistent. Depending on my mood/motivation on the day that I update, the art will either have a lot of work put into it, or little at all! With this story, I'm not planning anything out before hand other than information about the world and characters. You will shape the story and maybe even some characters along the way. Rules are quite simple: try to make suggestions realistic and follow the Pokestadium Rules. You are allowed to make more than one suggestion per post, and the better the suggestions the easier it is for me to update.The story can go into more comedic stuff or more serious stuff, its really up to you guys; but please, when you are suggesting, don't make it stupid like "light everyone on fire" unless you actually have the means to do it. Let's get on with it! For the first update, you'll be choosing your character! Character Select To learn more about the character before selecting, simply suggest "inspect number ___" and I'll go over some basic information about the character. And go!
  8. i came here to FITE

    1. isagonj


      1v1 me in splatoon final destination fox only no items

    2. Rayne


      HECK YEAH Ive bene practicing with fox in splatoon for MONTHS for a fite like this!!!!!!!!!!! omg Fists Only

  9. my fav past time is cleaning up old photos by replacing people by what they truly are: trashcans

  10. Erm, you may have won.
  11. Watching the strangers actions, he pointed back at the group with his thumb. The action seemed a little rough; he must have realized that pointing in a general direction didn't really help, and told her to follow him. Not waiting for a response, he moved forward, making his way towards a group in the corner of a room. They were surrounding a table, and it seemed to already be bustling with people. Great. Denise followed the cloaked man, and found herself around the table as well. She said nothing, surprisingly. She just couldn't get the words to form. She'd get acquainted with the group later while they were all searching for whatever they were supposed to search for. Granted that no one died. Who could die on a simple mission to retrieve something, though? There really was nothing to worry about. ======== The Eladrin said nothing, and instead wordlessly moved towards her after a brief chuckle. She half expected the man to pull a knife on her - she wasn't foreign to something like that - but held her ground and put her hands on her hips despite her better judgement. Vivian felt the hair on the back of her neck go up as he smiled at her, a grin with an ill feeling. His black hair moved back and revealed glossy white eyes, something that completed the strangers' 'undead' look. A whispered "thank you" and then the man moved towards the group, not uttering a word further. What the hell was wrong with these people? Usually she at least got a quip back, something to egg on her irritation with the Eladrin race, but instead she got nothing. Vivian wasn't quite sure which one was worse. To top it all off, his eyes were white! She should have figured the man was hiding something behind the long hair of his; no one with a brain would hide good eyes behind long hair, for it was too risky and just plains stupid to render yourself blind. Perhaps her jabs were not unfounded. He was most likely to be completely useless to the group if the blindness was inflicted recently, and judging by his previous 'lost' nature, he wasn't born with it. She hadn't seen too many blind adventurers before, and the ones she had were easy thievery victims. Except for that one-- but that was a story for another time. Attempting to look like she wasn't bothered or puzzled, she turned on her heels and walked back over to the table minutes after the Eladrin. A smile was still put on her face, but for whatever reason, she didn't want to at the moment. Her excitement seemed to die down after realizing the people she'd be paired with, and her smile turned down slightly at the sides. She stood by another half-elf who seemed to stand out; she gave her a quick look up and down before deciding she'd be among the first to die. The stranger seemed to grip her spear in a way that suggested she was inexperienced, and an outfit like that made her stick out. Vivian scoffed and returned back to listening in to whatever the group had to say, trying to make her smile back into a genuine one.
  12. 18 hours-- you have improved, and victory was actually quite close by.
  13. An 8 hour blessing was given to you, but before you could fully appreciate it, it left. How sad. Maybe you should treat it better next time?
  14. victory may always seem close in grasp but you will never grab it
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