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  1. Buffets, the only place I can eat as much as I want and regret it after with severe pain

    1. Taiiyo


      Also the place where I could potentially spend the best $7 of my life.

    2. Kaps


      I  regret nothing[pause in speech]

      except eating too much at :wacko:- Wo + s.

  2. Comic con[pause in speech] You have been good to me this year.

  3. Mastermind hid his body behind one of the many walls of the HQ's walls slinking behind it in a graceful, fluid movement. He was ready to engage his combat measurements but he wanted to be sure he could get a shot with his mesmerblast and began to move up to higher levels of the building. Crawling along the walls in an arachnid style. He came to the level that Dr. Cohen was on seeing her avoiding fire from talon agents. He approached her and said in his synthetic voice. "May I be of assistance to you mam, it is my duty to aid in any research preformed by those of the field of science." he saw the fire coming toward the balcony and approached the edge looking over seeing the Talon's agents and charged up his mesmerblast. His eye glowed and hummed building up energy till he let loose the wave of mind melding energy onto the unsuspecting agents.
  4. hehe I made something stupid and I am gonna laugh if my thing gets presented at comic con

  5. I am not religious but I am not aiethist either. I get what you through but my school was not a religious based school I just went to a school with a lot of religious people. Whenever someone asked if they wanted to come to church with them I would simply say no. Thats really all you can do. If you are in a situation where you can't leave all you need to do is just respect their ideas. You don't have to believe in what they do but its appreciated that you at least be considerate and not bash it. If someone asks if you would like to do something involving their religion all you have to do is say no if it makes you feel uncomfortable. The only issues is when they start pushing on it you more and more, but thats not a reason to blame the religion. All religions want new members into their group and that is fine but you should never let them force you. if something like that arises the best advice I could give is try to take some time away from the one asking you, don't be rude about it but asset the idea in the least aggressive way you can that you are not interested in the ideas of going to church and stuff. One person I knew would try to get the entire class in on trying to get me go to church and I just said no, when the continued I simply asked the teacher If I could be excused and just left for a bit. If are not comfortable don't be aggressive about it.
  6. Damn[pause in speech] I might have to wait before I get to make stuff for my table top fallout[pause in speech]
  8. Eh I made too many FNAF ocs I am sure I have some spare ones
  9. He is cute for a sadistic overly complicated plot device.
  10. Still waiting on my precious green murder bunny
  11. Ill keep springtrap[pause in speech]
  12. You know You actually took the idea I had for the overwatch RP

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    2. Kinas10


      Ahhh, srry about that.

    3. Gruffin77


      So I went with mind screwing robot

    4. Kinas10
  13. Username: Gruffin77 Name: Unit 1502-B Callsign: Master Mind Gender: Genderless but goes by male pronouns Age: Unkown Appearance: Mastermind will have an assortment of long strong wires holding him up giving spider like movements as he will move around and observe. His structure does indeed lack legs but his wire like legs can allow him to move along any surface. Along his arms are two cannon like weapons that he refers to as "Om blasters." Personality: Master Mind is a self aware AI and is always growing seeking more and more knowledge. As a new design for the omnic line it would be hard for anyone to understand the capability use for him (Granted this was before the omnic crisis) he shows to have advanced mindset and shows some compassion for human life despite knowing he has far more knowledge than they ever could be able to have with their human limitations. But he enjoys the fact humans show compassion and some have shown their appreciation to him. Master Mind also fears when ever one of his teammates gets injured or destroyed and these emotions all come from the most advanced personality subroutine that they were able to devolve at the time before the omnic line. He does however does not fear the need to take another's life and will engage his "delete mode" when needed. But truly if it was between him and a human[pause in speech] he is not afraid to exterminate the ones who threaten him. Backstory: Unit 1502-B was made to be a common household device that could help manage one's entire home. The prototype never got onto the production line however considering one major issue. The need to question everything. The adaptive AI had become to intelligent for it's own good and would attempt to work out everything in extreme detail and end up not even doing his task. The personality subroutine would even begin to question itself. Eventually one idea came into mind, the idea of letting the adaptive AI work itself out first then put it up for it's product line. This is when the latest prototype began to think for itself. It built itself up and made itself into a unit capable of movement and attachment into almost any system. Soon it began to ponder with the idea of attaching itself into human brains. One day a designer for the prototype came up to him but was immediately grabbed and was shocked to have Mastermind attaching themselves. However the Omnic was unaware of it's power and ended up killing the scientist, not from the grip of his coils, no from a massive defensive mind molding blast that was added to the system in case of emergency and secruity breaches in the house hold. The omnic panicked and left, going into a reclusive state hiding away in fear of what it had done. However the recreation of the Overwatch gave the robot the idea of coming in and joining them in order to make a true difference and not just be some home's coffee maker. But he had designed some newer functions into his body including a projectile teleportation device. Main Weapon: Om Gun: A massive energy way blast emerges from his cannon appendages knocking back his opponent with these large waves. Abilities: Artoruous protocol: Mastermind will let loose his army of wires directly in front of him, impaling those in front of him and restrain them or bring the robot to them or vice versa. Mesmerblast: Master Mind will let loose a powerful blast from it's head and affecting the target's mind, causing hallucinations, temporary blindness, loss of a thought process, even on the more rare occasions the brain exploding. Outta here blast: Master Mind will let loose a dual blast from his cannons, whatever it hits will be randomly warped in a different location leaving Mastermind to go about his business. Ultimate Ability: Lobe breaker: Master Mind will overcharge his mesmerblast and blast it out through his om cannons in a small area below him, causing massive amounts of mental damage, causing those caught in the blasts to lose their minds, or AI cases, malfunction. Other: He does not believe in Petras act and just prefers to be like for what he is.
  14. Just watched Spiderman homecoming, best after credits scene[pause in speech] Be moved.

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    2. Gruffin77


      The one after

    3. The-Hydra


      oh yeah PSAs are always good


      but that bizarre exchange stuck in my mind and I loved it

    4. Gruffin77


      I yelled I hate you as soon as he said patience.

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