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  1. So a friend I have know for a while actually has both genders... I was surprised and thought she was joking. But when she told me she was serious... I am gonna need some adjusting to that.

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    2. Primal


      Do you mean biological gender or physiological gender? 

    3. Gruffin77


      Biological... She has male genatalia and a uterus. 

    4. AethericDoom


      Oh, that's odd. Just stay by her side and be a good friend 

  2. Don't worry poison... Ill add a female character to the rp so its not a total sausage fest.

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    2. Gruffin77


      True that... We are perv buddies *holds up crayon made poster*

    3. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      *shrugs* Hey,  why not.

    4. AethericDoom


      Wow this is weird


      *slinks away*

  3. "A burden just adds challenge!" He said in heroic fashion. The other person he saw was in strange clothes. "A soldier you say! AH A FELLOW KNIGHT!" He said picking up John and dropping him to the ground. "Not even be able to throw a punch, naive I know how more than just punching! I do remember that!" He said giving John a playful but hard punch against his shoulder and gave a hearty laugh. "Sir knight... I shall bear it with honor!" He said raising his shield up once again! "If you lady Earline are unable to get up the stairs then I shall be your mount if needed!" (Don't worry... Tarn is not seeking romance he is just being a gentleman.)
  4. The once heroic knight stopped for a second and thought... "I do not know exactly what my title madam... I faintly remember..." He thought as hard as he could giving his helmet a couple of times and suddenly gasped in excitement, but then lost it tragically. "Well my lady my name shall remain unknown to me for now. But if you do require my services I shall swear my loyalty to you." He bowed to her once again and raised back up. "Ho brave souls begin their march eh. So do the cowards make their flee from danger!" Tarn raised his shield in a heroic stance. "I SHALL CONQUER THIS DUNGEON OR MY NAME ISN'T..." He stopped once again trying to remember his name. He turned back to Earline. "Lady Earline, till I find my own title, I beseech to give me a title for the time being... And I shall wear it with pride!"
  5. Tarn was actually less scared by the mysterious being who gave them the mysterious little speech. He however was less scared because he could not remember a single thing about what happened. He was dead, he knows someone killed him but that was it. He did not even know his own name, he was rather confused. He looked up at the mysterious man and looked at all the other people in different articles of cloth and tried figure this out for himself. Out of pure temptation he approached the maiden who appeared quite stressed by all of this. "Excuse me dear lady." He spoke slightly muffled by his own helmet. "But would you be so kind to answer me this... Do you happen to know who I am. I fine maiden such as yourself must know everyone from their kingdom." he said before kneeling down to one knee with an arm close to his chest. (CHIVALRY!)
  6. Am I the only who things from all the Explosions Eggman has been in... He should be dead or at least crippled.

    1. NuVonde


      Try telling that to Ridley.

  7. I cannot be the only one who feels tired after a nape than before the damn thing

    1. Gruffin77
    2. NuVonde
    3. Gruffin77


      It is so stupid. You take a nap to subside how tired you are, not get even more tired!

  8. Man... Applying for a job is nerve racking

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    2. AethericDoom


      Body removal? Yuck 

    3. Gruffin77


      I want to work in a funeral -.- that sort of thing is in the job description.

    4. AethericDoom
  9. I just realized... Both our rps involve death... We are morbid people...

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    2. Poison




      I might add too much edge to it ;P

    3. Gruffin77


      It needs more edge! The rp cannot be carried by stupid jokes alone, then again I got PC helping me.

    4. AethericDoom


      Poison's is edgy but her character isn't at all lol

      Mine is a total edgelord

  10. Username: Gruffin77 Name: Sir Tarn the wall Age died: 23 Gender: Male Personality: Tarn could be described in this case as a caring soul who would throw himself into glorious battle knowing he would surly die if he knew he would save at least one life doing so. However Tarn has taken a major issue when died considering he has forgotten everything from his life. He barely even remembers his murderer. Even with this memory loss he feels that he has a need to protect people considering he was buried with a large shield. He is very cautious but protective over anyone, even a complete stranger who he just met and not even knowing their name he would still take a shot for them. His feeling of chivalry could have been what got him killed in the first place and even what might kill him in the tower. He does have one major fear however that he does not remember how received but knows damn well he is terrified of wolves. He remembers faintly wolves covered in blood of one he swore to protect. Even with his fear he tries to be a compassionate knight and will always try to make a positive spin on even the worse of situation. He especially loves to sit down and enjoy a good feast and toast theough considering he is dead the need to eat and drink till he was ready to burst sort of seams pointless now. Even then he still loves to do it and all the while he will take pride in helping people cheer up and giving them a better time. Appearance (Picture or around 4 lines of description): Cause of death: He was cut down by an unknown assassin, he just remembers that person was close to him. Item(s) buried with (Nothing crazy please): A large shield, not big enough to cover his entire body but it its large Backstory (When in history did your character live? How did they live their life?): Tarn was a brave knight who served a great king in the great medieval time period being one of the valiant knights who would get to the front lines and defend the archers and spear welder. He was incredibly praised for his great skills but one day he was with his young son who wanted to be trained like him in the great power of shield. He took him to the woods one day but suddenly and without warning a pack of wolves attacked them. He tried to save his son but he was unable to protect him from the vicious wolves. From that moment one he swore to defend all with his great shield. However his rise through the ranks caught the attention of warriors opposing him to become weary so a bounty was put on him and he was slain in cold blood by an assassin he barely saw. (I thought it would be cool the farther he went along he would remember more of his past. Just an idea. ) Theme song (optional): Other: WHO WANTS TO DO THE LIMBO *Puts on Rasta hat*
  11. Bethesda... Why do you hate people who use ps4... Just come out and tell us instead of giving us a 100 mod limit...

    1. Genji


      100 mods is more than enough 

    2. Gruffin77


      You would be surprised on how quickly that fills up.

  12. I like it man... Pretty damn good.
  13. To be honest it was just gonna be a sword... Hell might even be broken so it would end more dagger like than anything. Thanks for telling,me though bro
  14. Okay I really want to join this but I have a question, are we free to be from really any time period (I imagine that has already happen so no tech that reaches to far.) because if that's the case then I can I be An amnesiac knight?
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