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  1. So...I've got like...two projects due on Tuesday...and I've barely started.

    Looks like sleep is not an option, yeah?

  2. Ugh. I'm old today.

    ALSO! Guess who just caught Mew in Catch?

  3. Soooo bored. Anyone else bored out of their mind?

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    2. Hiraikoenko


      lol, if it worked like that, I'd either get nothing done, or have multiple books written, depending on who I'm with.

    3. Luxifer




      If i know a lot about something, my girlfriend has to taze me to get me to shut up xD

    4. Hiraikoenko


      My friends just have to put me at a table with someone I don't know. Then I shut up.


      Uuuuuunnnntil I'm sure the person we're sitting with is mentally prepared for the strange, strange things I have to say. They change people...oops.

  4. Sooo....i think my English teacher accused me of witchcraft today?

  5. That moment when there are so many people over for Thanksgiving that you have to spend it standing because there's no chairs left. Or buckets. Or boxes. And the ground's not an option when dinner's outside and there are animals around...

  6. Since no one else has said it yet, welcome~!
  7. Why is it that the year they shut down my school, it has to be the year AFTER I graduate?


    And I actually planned on coming back for a year too...

    1. Inky


      H a h see they're shutting down my school the year before I graduate. If they get their way, that is.

    2. sparkleworks1


      My elementary school was supposed to be shut down when I was in the fifth grade. It never happened.

    3. Hiraikoenko


      They seem pretty serious. There's been rumours about them closing it since the school opened, but now they've handed out this letter saying they close our school at the end of this year, and two other schools in the area for 2020, at which point the three schools will be sent to a new one they're building.


      We know they're making a big mistake, but the school board's always been a little...dimmer than a busted light bulb.

  8. School's trying to kill me again. i don't think they realize their methods shall never work on one as epic as I.

  9. Could anyone name two or three random pokemon? I need inspiration for spriting.

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    2. Aether


      Ditto, Muk and Pikachu

    3. Hiraikoenko


      Aha...you guys are not making this easy for me, are ya? Oh well...I'll give them a shot...

    4. purpledragon24


      is it too late im feeling a bit lazy with these ideas

      Snorlax, slowbro, and slowpoke. 

  10. I don't wanna go to school on Tuesday....

    1. purpledragon24


      Anytime any break ends, no one wants to go back.

      assuming you had spring break.


      rip my break was 3 weeks ago

    2. Hiraikoenko


      No, its the Easter holiday...my spring break ended last week.

  11. A very happy unbirthday!

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    2. Hiraikoenko


      Hm, its more talked about in the old Disney animated version, if that helps.

    3. Shiku The Zorua

      Shiku The Zorua

      Oh I see... Well.. I may not have the time to check it :c

    4. Hiraikoenko


      Oh well. That's fine! Your unbirthday is every day that isn't your birthday. Some of my friends and I hold random unbirthday parties.

  12. 1. How old are you? 17 since January 2. What's your favorite color? Hmmm....I'd have to say it's either teal, sky blue or magenta...depending on my mood. 3. What's your favorite food? Cookies and cream ice cream. 4. What's your heritage/ethnicity? I'm white, a mix of English, Irish, Scottish and French on my mother's side, and Dutch on my Dad's side. 5. What's your favorite animal? Why? Cats are my favourite...mostly because I get along with them pretty well. I love how cute they are and all the cats I've had have had great personalities. 6. What's your favorite Pokemon? Why? Feraligatr. My first Pokemon was a Totodile, and out of all its evolutions, Feraligatr was my favourite. 7. Who is your favorite Musician/Band? It's hard to choose, but its a three way tie between Within Temptation, Nightwish and Avenged Sevenfold... 8. Who is your biggest role model/inspiration? Um...my biggest role model would probably be my mom. She's the only adult I've ever found worth looking up to and she's always been by my side 9. What's your favorite movie? Why Nightmare Before Christmas. Its a movie you can play for two holidays without it trying to completely drown you in Christmas cheer and what not. That and its kinda creepy, but in a cute kinda way...if that makes any sense. 10. What's your favorite non-Nintendo game? Skyrim! 11. What's your favorite plant? Touch-Me-Nots! Not only do they temporarily relieve the rash from poison ivy, but they also explode when you touch the seed pods. 12. What's your favorite bird? Peacock, cuz they're the most ridiculously fabulous birds I've ever seen, and they've got really, really, really pretty feathers. 13. What's your favorite TV show? Why? My favorite TV show has to be between Family Guy and South Park because they are hilarious, and anything not politically correct in terms of comedy is great. 14. What's your least favorite Pokemon game? Black/White. It was just too short. 15. What is your least favorite candy? Those weird, flavoured Twizzlers. 16. What would you consider as your talent? Singing/Drawing/Writing 17. What's your favorite candy? Um....just about anything...I guess...cookies and cream chocolate bars? 18. What is your least favorite Nintendo game series? Ah....I don't really know. I pretty much only play Pokemon... 19. What word do you most commonly misspell? Incredibly. I can never get it right. 20. Who is your least favorite smash character? I haven't played it enough to decide. 21. Tag 1-3 people of your choice! @eevee20 @Typhra
  13. Bah, I'm bored. Bored. Bored. Bored. BORED~!

  14. It's one of those weeks when I know they're trying to kill me...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Hiraikoenko


      Yup! I have two essays due on the same day! And a biology project for monday...I think i was a homicidal maniac in a past life, 'cause whatever meaner in the sky is up there, I must have done something to make them very, very angry.

    3. Typhra


      Well, I'm pretty sure the vortex with the red eye still has a bone to pick...

    4. Hiraikoenko



      Yup. That would do it.

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