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  1. friendship ended with ninjara, now kid cobra is my best friend (and my new main)

    1. isagonj


      kid cobra is my main too



    2. Icywolf


      0% FRIEND

      100% ENEMY



    3. isagonj



  2. you ever think about beans

    1. Iskald


      Bro, ALL. THE. TIME.


  3. his name is jeff and im gonna kick him in the face
  4. From the album The

    Look At This Smelly Little Man i love him i would die for him but also i would 100% punch his tv face, killing him instantly oh you know
  5. From the album The

    he loves Big Boy Weapons For Big Boys Like Him also he killed my family anyway ppl have said that my art has improved so much and im so??? wrow! me me big boy! (also wadda heck i cant have more than one image in One Poste this is homophobic)
  6. Him

    whomst YEA THATS DEFINITELY WHAT I WAS GOIN FOR i have 2 other ocs that are his best buds and im still trying to decide if they Dont Know hes bad or if they do know and theyre just like "oh you know he just Does That sometimes no biggie" I Will Find You
  7. Him

    i've been dead this whole time And I Still Am and aaaaaaaa thank u!! im glad my improvement has Shown however i had to sacrifice the ability to draw real people heads to gain the new ability of just drawing tv head boys SO thats rough but i like drawing these boys way better anyway
  8. From the album The

    this man manifested into my home and killed me instantly (i dont know how to draw anything) (also his name is jeff) (dont make any jeff the killer jokes or i will find you)
  9. im jack cooper and i love my giant robot BT-7274

    1. The-Hydra


      and BT loves-


      well, BT acknowledges cooper

  10. tracer's canonically gay we made it lads

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Icywolf


      "Gay Rights!" - real quote from luigi

    3. Genji


      the christmas comic hints towards genji x mercy and that hurts me

    4. Gruffin77


      You know what... Good for video games trying to put more of the same sex relationships 


  11. im going to personally fight every single trump supporter

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Anime Psyclone

      Anime Psyclone

      Too late he won


    3. Icywolf


      anti hillary is fine


      trump supporters deserve nothing good in their lives

    4. Anime Psyclone

      Anime Psyclone

      Could you also kill/kidnap Trump and his Vice President?

  12. circus baby deserves better

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. Gruffin77


      It could be like him in a desperate attempt of getting inside you, but when day comes it realizes that it can't leave but you take you and your exotic butters and leave. Cause it does not hurt you and you don't run, you would think it ends with some kind of attack. I mean Ennard really is all the animatronics pulled together into one body.

    3. 1709mart


      Also true. Also the idea of no jumpscares at that point could be just good horror choice on Scott. You know whats scarier than seeing the attack, imagining it. Our mind runs wild when were not given an answer, or something that is directly shown. The suspense of Ennard crawling up, quiet, no words spoken, and ending it off like that is a damn fine direction choice when it comes to horror.


      Also Exotic Butters. Can't forget 'em.

    4. Gruffin77


      Then the other ending with you possibly you becoming purple guy.

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