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  1. "happy" valentine's day everyone

  2. the only me is me, but are you sure the only you is you?

  3. see i've already hit rock bottom so i can't get any lower so your insults have no effect on me
  4. anyone who posts on this thread for here on out is a dummy and this cannot be changed this also includes me
  5. take a nap, they said. you'll sleep good, they said. yeah well i just woke up from my 'nap' at 1 am and now i can't sleep

    1. Gir


      You should've put up an alarm, silly.

    2. Pepsi Man

      Pepsi Man

      i slept through it

    3. Mewtwonite Z

      Mewtwonite Z

      Story of my life no lie. Wake up at 4:30 AM can’t sleep. I’m nocturnal I swear

  6. "The problem of being faster than light is that you can only live in the dark." 

    1. The-Hydra


      "The problem with initially wise-sounding quotes is that they only sound dumb once shared in the traditional quote format."

    2. Pepsi Man

      Pepsi Man

      "Not only this, but it's from A short Sonic the Hedgehog film that explores loneliness, dread, and the horrors of youth so it's automatically not meaningful"

    3. The-Hydra


      "I found my new signature."

  7. Spectre Knight... Nice... 

  8. pokemon memes are bad.
  9. mmm nothing beats cleaning up piles of sewage 

  10. the inklings can roll now

    mario's in new york now

    and i'm guaranteed to be broke now

  11. im sorry i posted the fnaf screenshot pls dont block me i love you

    1. Pepsi Man

      Pepsi Man

      its ok i still love you


      dont do that again though i cant promise i wont block you

  12. maybe she's one of those people whose eye color changes with age or even mood
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