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  1. I'll get you POTG next time, ok? <3

    1. Pepsi Man

      Pepsi Man

      im bad at coordinating ultimates im sorry


    2. Cookabeara


      nah nah it's okay


      i mean we've only been playing with each other for what


      four hours?

  2. Just you wait...

    1. Spamuhell


      ^ Actually the crazy ex

  3. sulfur is literally the worst scent i have ever smelled

    1. Contract_Crawdad


      smell in a mirror then

    2. Cookabeara


      We're going over rocks and minerals in science now


      and my friend was trying to sniff out the sulfur from the samples my teacher is using for class.


      We had fun drawing with the big slab of graphite.

    3. Pepsi Man
  4. From the album BAD ART

    got bored and slapped this one together
  5. np reubby anyways i'm technically a member here so i should probably post something 1. What is your favorite event? My favorite event is Uprising, by far. The new mode that was added is super fun, and everything about it is just amazing. The voice line interactions, the hero selection, the cinematic, (even though one person never skips it because they just haven't seen it at this point) the map, just, ugh. So much good stuff. But by far, the skins were the best thing to come from the it. Mercy looks like a nazi so that's all good, McCree looks edgy and Genji and Widow look like amazing and Torbjorn's skins suck like they always do 2. What is your favorite skin from the game? As a highly avid fan of Mercy, it's either her Witch Skin or her new Cadet Skin (or whatever it's called.) I don't use either because I never got Witch Mercy in a loot box, and I've yet to get Cadet Mercy because I'm purchasing a PS4 very soon because I like it better than my current Xbox One. I love Mercy's design for her Cadet skin; The way her hair is down now with that cool hat on, (I'm sure there's a name for it I just don't know it pls don't hurt me) how she has those syringes sticking out of her wrists, her staff's design, the whole thing is just the real deal, really. 3. What is your favorite map? It was a rather tough decision, but I narrowed it down to Eichenwalde and Ilios. I really like Eichenwalde's layout, and I find it easier than others to get sweet POTGS. Then there's Ilios. As a Pharah main, I can safely say that launching people off of edges with Concussion Blasts is super satisfying, and if any map has an absurd amount of perilous ledges, it's Ilios. There's a walkway on Ilios: Lighthouse where people walk out to get to the objective, and that spot is a goldmine if you see people walking out to the point. Ilios: Ruins, not so much as Lighthouse and Well, but there's still pretty good spots. And as you probably all know, Ilios: Well is infamous for having a giant, black pit in the center of the objective where people fall into a lot.
  6. You're both accepted! And as for the drawing, out of the kindness of my heart, I'll put it in the art museum.
  7. I'll always be here for you bb <3



  8. Welcome to the club!
  9. You're both accepted! I can't edit you two in right now, but luckily we had another mod join who was more than happy to edit you guys *cough @Genji cough*
  10. I know this wasn't in the rules (probably gonna add it) but you should at least own a copy of Overwatch before joining, since discussion is based around gameplay. Feel free to come back whenever you buy the game, though!
  11. Welcome to the club! You're accepted.
  12. Welcome to the club! Fun times are abound now that the club is kicking off.
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