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  1. italicized? more like


    *ba dum tss*

  2. welcome[pause in speech] to the MOD SQUAD (official name, made by me)

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  5. ****shovel knight
  6. Shovel knight is a bad game

  7. NANO BOOST!!1?1?1?!!!??

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  8. I have so many. I'll just list off ones with vivid memories. FRLG - Fire Red was my first Pokemon game, and inspired my love for Charizard. I have a very long list of memories for this game, but a pretty weird one was that child-me didn't understand that Flash existed and just ran around in a pitch black Rock Tunnel until I eventually hit the end. And then found out that Flash existed shortly after. DPPT - Platinum was my third Pokemon game and probably one of, if not, my favorite Pokemon game. Don't know why. But I remember being so fond of Platinum that I literally played through it at least 10 times and just kept switching up my team. But then there was the optional side-quest, where you escorted that lady through the cave. Yet again, child me forgets Flash exists and gets lost within the cave in my Pearl copy. But I was so completely clueless on how to get out that I actually gave up and just erased the data from the save file. HGSS - I remember being not that good at Pokemon, and I was determined to beat Red. I didn't know how I would do it, but I kept trying over and over again, using the same strategy (even though it didn't work like the last 74837483 times I tried it) until I eventually just gave up. So I turned to my brother who beat Red on his first try. Kinda shot my confidence. XY - I was ecstatic for the release of this game. More than any other Pokemon game, even though it's not my favorite. I'm pretty sure I chose Froakie the first time around. IIRC, my team was Greninja, Zoroark, Trevenant, Lucario, Tyrantrum and Aegislash. I pretty much only chose Pokemon whose designs I like (which I still do now because I find the game more enjoyable that way) ORAS - This was the first time I started getting into different methods of shiny hunting, like chain fishing, DexNav chaining, etc. I tried Masuda Method but I'm a very impatient person and I'm pretty sure I ended up quitting at around 50 eggs. I'm pretty sure I got a shiny Sharpedo from a chain fishing, and a shiny Luxray that I gave away to a friend (you know who you are). I even stumbled upon a shiny Zigzagoon that I named Cream Soda because he looked like cream soda and no one will tell me other wise SM - Was almost as hyped as XY. It definitely exceeded my expectations, and even then I had high hopes for this game. I immediately fell in love with everything about this game; The story, the new Pokemon, the characters, just, ugh. Out of all of the new Pokemon, I loved Golisopod. The thing just looks so awesome and menacing and I love it. This was also the first game where I actually got the Shiny Charm, but really only because they cut it down to size by not making you fill the National Dex (what with there being 800+ Pokemon now) Blue Rescue Team - I never really got into the other PMD games for some reason. I was always really bad at them and I couldn't actually beat Explorers of Darkness because I got stuck at Hidden Land, because, yknow, I sucked. But I loved Blue Rescue Team, and it was my first introduction to a PMD game. The ending was really sad, too. I don't cry often but it somehow managed to bring me to tears (even if just a little bit)
  9. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that the best Ground type is this bad boy: Garchomp has always been a favorite of mine. I love it's design, it's concept, and it's owned by my favorite champion ever, Cynthia. I always loved using it in-game as it's a pretty strong Pokemon, what with it being a pseudo-legendary and all, and I definitely have some nostalgic bond towards it since finding a Gible in Platinum was pretty cool experience for me as a little kid.
  10. but but but squiddy
  11. From the album BAD ART

  12. No love for this guy? I've always liked Gyarados. I used one in my first run of a Pokemon game ever, and I really enjoyed it. I have a thing for dragon types and Pokemon that look like dragon types, and Gyarados fits into this category well. I'm not big on the competitive scene, so I don't know anything about how he fares there, but I can say that in-game he fares pretty well, and it's a blast to use him.
  13. praise your squid overlord

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      the holy squid offers admission to squid heaven to any follower of Squidism, regardless of their ill doings

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  14. i don't appreciate the slander against charizard plz take this down is too offensive
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