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  1. The title is pretty self explanatory. I feel that blue pokemon are definitely hard to choose from, as there are many solid candidates for 1st place. (also here's a link to all blue pokemon ur welcome) Personally, I'm all tied up between the best blue Pokemon. I definitely feel that from the list above the ones in the highest ranking are Garchomp, Metagross and Blastoise. Blastoise is arguably the best water starter, not only is he from the best generation, his design is so simple but also kinda cool. It's a tank. And a turtle. Then there's Garchomp. I like his design, but I have a lot of nostalgia for Garchomp since Platinum is my favorite Pokemon game and finding out where Gible was by accident was pretty magical for me. Last but certainly not least, the psychic metal beast, Metagross. Metagross' design just appeals to me. A lot. It's so unique, and I personally find him to be the best pseudo-legendary. But that's enough about my opinions. What about yours? What blue Pokemon do you just love? (note: shinies do count)
  2. My first randomized nuzlocke, FireRed. I had semi-decent Pokemon, and I was fairly confident I could beat Brock. Oh, how foolish I was. His gym was pretty easy, and most of his Pokemon were fairly easy to get rid of. And then, he sent out his last Pokemon; A level 70 Speed Boost Rayquaza, with 2 STAB moves that could OHKO almost anything I had. I tried catching different Pokemon, I tried fighting him differently, but no matter what I did, he crushed me every single time. Literally, no matter what I did, he kept demolishing me and sweeping my team. Needless to say, I shut the game off, and I haven't touched it or done another randomized nuzlocke since.
  3. From the album BAD ART

    @Cookabeara told me to draw this at 2 am so it probably isn't very good lol
  4. in other news, i have passed 800 notifications


    so hooray(?)

  5. beep beep charizard fan coming through 10/10 All around, every form. I get that Charizard is overrated and all, but I just love him. I love his design, for his normal form, and both of his megas. I also love Charizard for nostalgic reasons; He was my first fully evolved pokemon, and he was the posterboy for my first video game ever, Pokemon FireRed. I ended up grinding my Charizard then to an absurdly high level, to the point where he was level 60 by the third gym leader, and he was also my first Pokemon to level 100. Also, I don't really dabble in competitive but afaik both megas fare pretty well, so that's a plus.
  6. tfw you miss 777 notifications :(

  7. never knew you were into overwatch but this is good nonetheless
  8. 7/10 Haven't really used Dragalge much except for when I used to do competitive. But he worked well then, and he was pretty fun to use. Poison/Dragon is a unique typing, it's got a nice ability, and a pretty neat design, so he gets a pretty solid score from me.
  9. Best Legendary: The best legendary for me goes to Arcanine Mewtwo. I have nostalgic attachment to Mewtwo, as well as just a general liking to his design. I've always really loved Mewtwo (albeit it being overrated) but I love overrated Pokemon so whatever *cough charizard cough* I love Mewtwo's backstory, and I tend to like villains more than heroes, and breaking out of a lab and slaughtering scientists isn't too heroic. I'm not really big on the competitive scene, but I'd imagine Mewtwo fares rather well, what with it having two megas and such. I'm not sure why I like his design so much, but I guess I just usually like simpler Pokemon designs. Pretty much everything about Mewtwo appeals to me a lot; Story, design, etc. Worst Legendary: I had a hard time deciding, since I'm fine with most legendaries, but some just don't really appeal to me. I'm not that fond of the lake trio, or the nature trio (although I can't lie that Therian-Thundurus and Therian-Landorus are cool looking) but Moltres is just so[pause in speech] bland. I understand that Gen 1's whole thing was being bland, but Moltres is bland in a bad way for me. It's really just a bird that's on fire. I get that it's supposed to be a phoenix and all, but could they really not have done more to it? Best Mythical: Now, this was tough. I'd have to say it's a tie between Deoxys and Darkrai. I love Deoxys' design, and it's forms. Personally, I kinda like the base form over any of them, but the three other forms are still all very well designed in my eyes. I also like the backstory behind it, and how it's a super mysterious cosmic alien-virus.. thing. And then there's Darkrai. Again, I have a thing for villains. I know that in the movie, Darkrai was a good guy, but in the games there's really no mention of him being good, just torturing people in their sleep with nightmares. I like the design on him, how he's all ghostly and dark and fog-like and such. Worst Mythical: I'm relatively fond of every mythical Pokemon, so it's kind of hard to decide. If I had to say a least favorite, I'd probably say Hoopa. It's normal form is kinda odd looking to me. Nothing about it's design really appeals to me. Unbound just looks odd to me, too. I'm not really a fan of Hoopa's color palette in it's normal form or Unbound. I'd have to agree with Nisa and Nuvonde and say that Unbound is bad. It's design is just so odd looking, and I really just don't understand it.
  10. Panflam already helped him out, so there's really not much need for this any more
  11. doodles are supposed to be bad not really good
  12. - People saying 'jif' when saying .gif (it's graphic interchange format, not jraphic interchange format) - People entering my room without knocking - Putting raisins in cookies or basically anything (raisins plain taste good, but please stop putting them in things) - Pineapple on pizza I, personally, don't understand the appeal of pineapple on pizza. Pizza is meant to be topped with meats, vegetables or condiments. Pineapple is not a meat, a vegetable, nor is it a condiment. Now, I'm not attacking those filthy, sinful people who enjoy pineapple on pizza, so don't take this the wrong way.
  13. i think you're missing the point here
  14. i've finally done it


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      all hail our lord

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      Now check them all

  15. tfw you learn your grandpa used to be a freemason

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      tfw you are a freemason 

  16. aw dude i'm so excited for bw 2


    oh woops i mean sm 2

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      internet explorer vibes right here

  17. who is davanchie?
  18. paul was the original gallery mod



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  19. tfw you feel a sickness coming on a few days before exams

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      karma for being so mean to me :( 

  20. italicized? more like


    *ba dum tss*

  21. welcome[pause in speech] to the MOD SQUAD (official name, made by me)

    1. Kibbeh
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      Daddy Dabi

      that's a terrible name @Pepsi Man

  22. f i n a l l y


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  23. ****shovel knight
  24. I have so many. I'll just list off ones with vivid memories. FRLG - Fire Red was my first Pokemon game, and inspired my love for Charizard. I have a very long list of memories for this game, but a pretty weird one was that child-me didn't understand that Flash existed and just ran around in a pitch black Rock Tunnel until I eventually hit the end. And then found out that Flash existed shortly after. DPPT - Platinum was my third Pokemon game and probably one of, if not, my favorite Pokemon game. Don't know why. But I remember being so fond of Platinum that I literally played through it at least 10 times and just kept switching up my team. But then there was the optional side-quest, where you escorted that lady through the cave. Yet again, child me forgets Flash exists and gets lost within the cave in my Pearl copy. But I was so completely clueless on how to get out that I actually gave up and just erased the data from the save file. HGSS - I remember being not that good at Pokemon, and I was determined to beat Red. I didn't know how I would do it, but I kept trying over and over again, using the same strategy (even though it didn't work like the last 74837483 times I tried it) until I eventually just gave up. So I turned to my brother who beat Red on his first try. Kinda shot my confidence. XY - I was ecstatic for the release of this game. More than any other Pokemon game, even though it's not my favorite. I'm pretty sure I chose Froakie the first time around. IIRC, my team was Greninja, Zoroark, Trevenant, Lucario, Tyrantrum and Aegislash. I pretty much only chose Pokemon whose designs I like (which I still do now because I find the game more enjoyable that way) ORAS - This was the first time I started getting into different methods of shiny hunting, like chain fishing, DexNav chaining, etc. I tried Masuda Method but I'm a very impatient person and I'm pretty sure I ended up quitting at around 50 eggs. I'm pretty sure I got a shiny Sharpedo from a chain fishing, and a shiny Luxray that I gave away to a friend (you know who you are). I even stumbled upon a shiny Zigzagoon that I named Cream Soda because he looked like cream soda and no one will tell me other wise SM - Was almost as hyped as XY. It definitely exceeded my expectations, and even then I had high hopes for this game. I immediately fell in love with everything about this game; The story, the new Pokemon, the characters, just, ugh. Out of all of the new Pokemon, I loved Golisopod. The thing just looks so awesome and menacing and I love it. This was also the first game where I actually got the Shiny Charm, but really only because they cut it down to size by not making you fill the National Dex (what with there being 800+ Pokemon now) Blue Rescue Team - I never really got into the other PMD games for some reason. I was always really bad at them and I couldn't actually beat Explorers of Darkness because I got stuck at Hidden Land, because, yknow, I sucked. But I loved Blue Rescue Team, and it was my first introduction to a PMD game. The ending was really sad, too. I don't cry often but it somehow managed to bring me to tears (even if just a little bit)
  25. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that the best Ground type is this bad boy: Garchomp has always been a favorite of mine. I love it's design, it's concept, and it's owned by my favorite champion ever, Cynthia. I always loved using it in-game as it's a pretty strong Pokemon, what with it being a pseudo-legendary and all, and I definitely have some nostalgic bond towards it since finding a Gible in Platinum was pretty cool experience for me as a little kid.
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