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  1. mmm nothing beats cleaning up piles of sewage 

  2. the inklings can roll now

    mario's in new york now

    and i'm guaranteed to be broke now

  3. maybe she's one of those people whose eye color changes with age or even mood
  4. sapnu puas 

    1. Yurisaurus
    2. Yunn Goos

      Yunn Goos

      for some reason i read that as 'send nudes' upside down



  5. listen to me do not mock me and do not question my actions. i have good reason as to ignore until just a DAY later (oh no a day oh noes im gonna die i cant post on this forum game) so hush #10: This pokemon is psychic type.
  6. IS IT TROPIUS he's in that stuff right
  7. Persian?
  8. Typhlosion? he's on all fours sometimes
  9. ... and the game goes to @The-Hydra
  10. nah #9: This pokemon is fully evolved
  11. ok lets do this #10: This pokemon is water type.
  12. lick lick i added lickilicky's tongue
  13. ok so, hear me out. basculin. Basculin-Blue-Striped @ Focus Sash Ability: Mold Breaker EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Modest Nature - Muddy Water this is all i need. basculin ohkos with muddy water, and mold breaker negates sturdy. if you decide to use focus sash as a replacement for sturdy, once you try to get a hit in to kill basculin, it lives through its own focus sash. even if you thud it away, you lose yoir focus sash as well, leaving you vulnerable to the malicious hands (fins?) of basculin checkmate, atheists
  14. happy new years fellow pokestadiumites (and you shifty little guests who lurk on the site)

    1. Plato


      I horribly misread this... 

  15. is it CHARIZARD
  16. drampa?
  17. sigh and the game goes to @The-Hydra
  18. IM SORRY IM A BUSY MAN #9: This pokemon has a signature move.
  19. Gardevoir @ None Ability: Trace Evs: 252 Sp. Atk / 252 Sp. / 4 Def. Modest Nature - Shadow Sneak - Energy Ball upon start, gardevoir copies sturdy with trace. being faster than golem, it uses energy ball and puts it at 1 HP. obviously, golem attacks, but because of sturdy (previously copied by trace) it is left with one hp, which gives it room to use shadow sneak. gardevoir wins. not silly golem.
  20. wop #10: This pokemon is a water type.
  21. is it... POLIWRATH??
  22. is it GOLDUCK
  23. is it PSYDUCK
  24. grubbin?
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