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  1. Kitty, I hope you read my PM, but I won't be upset if you don't. Have a good night.

  2. #Homosexuality is NOT a sin

  3. So I checked the main site for pokemon catch and saw I got tagged twice to do this, so I thought 'why not?'. A- Age: 17 as of like 2 days ago B- Biggest fear: Failure C- Current Time: 4:27 pm D- Drink you last had: Water amirite E- Easiest Persons To Talk to: My baestie Tory F- Favorite Song: Unbreakable by Fireflight G- Ghosts, are they real: Are you real? H- Hometown: Rising Sun, Indiana I- In love with: Lolno. I haven't even had a legit crush on anyone since like 2014 J- Jealous Of: People who can art K- Killed Someone? #YandereSimulator L- Last time you cried?: Hehehehe hehe he he... yeah M- Middle Name... : Sue N- Number of Siblings: 2 half siblings O- One Wish... : To be successful P- Person who you last called: Props the baestie Q- Question you're always asked: Can you draw me? R- Reason to smile: There are cats in the world who I haven't pet and I shall pet someday S- Song last sang: Santa Claus is Coming to Town, i think is the name T- Time you woke up: 11 am U- Ultimate goal in life: #LittleArtistGoals V- Vacation Destination: Paris or London W- Worst Habit: Biting the inside of my cheeks X- X-Rays you've had: Chest, teeth Y- Your favorite food: Coconut cream cake, which i had for my bday Z- Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Next is tagging like 5 people right? i hope so. i have no idea who has been tagged or who has done so oh well. @OhJay @Rayne @Amy @Hydralicious @Dash
  4. hey i deleted that status but still wanted to reply. Basically someone messaged me on anon even though it was obvious who they were. Deleted it bce it was resolved.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zepheriah


      Even if someone messaged me to start conflict on anon thinking their identity was hidden, the idiocy would be fun to laugh at.

    3. Zepheriah


      Just play around with them like, "Who are you m8? I swear when I found out who you are" -pretends to go on a CSI investigation-

    4. SpaceKat


      Omg i was so tempted to do that tho. But i did get a chuckle out of the message, ngl.

  5. We were supposed to have a raffle for a small and large prize last bookclub meeting but it got postponed. This time we finally did it, but because this was my last meeting bce im moving the librarian/host gave me the large prize and a handwritten note about how i'll be missed and omg i almost cried.

    1. SpaceKat


      ((It was a $20 gift card to a bookstore, btw))

    2. Yashu
  6. How to get better at drawing hands: Spend a month working on a clay hand for ceramics with a really strict teacher. Surprisingly effective.

  7. I am now at a 79 C in my AP Environmental Science class. All my other classes? A's.

  8. Currently at a WWE show, super pumped to see some grown men fite

  9. So I go to the bus stop and when my busdriver gets there she tells us all there's no school today and we need to go home. Ten minutes later, my mom gets a call from the school and apparently there was a bomb threat for today. Well, I get some extra sleep at least.

    1. Yashu
    2. Rayne


      We had one of those last year, except it was a drunk college student joking about it and everyone thought they were being serious. Basically, no official off school, but parents were worried so we could leave lol.

    3. Pepsi Man

      Pepsi Man

      That never happened to me. Well, one day, I did stay outside on the coldest day of winter because I thought there was school. Guess there wasn't, though.

  10. New info has been obtained and apparently zvw_x is not dead. I just heard the news.

    1. NuVonde


      Oh thank God! :D

    2. Yashu


      Oh my god, what a relief!

    3. TheRealJawsome


      Thank god! I'm so glad they're alright... ...I... ...When I heard... ...I thought... *Sobs*

  11. Idk how to put this but, Pokestadium user zvw_x died sometime today according to a mutual friend. Rest in peace.

    1. Show previous comments  27 more
    2. Gruffin77


      Rayne... If you have noticed I have used both, but they were okay with being referred to as a "girl"

    3. Rayne


      they posted on tumblr awhile ago how they came out on Facebook because they were sick of being called a girl; I don't mean to upset anyone but one of the most important things when people pass is being respectful

    4. MirandaPoke


      Aw, this is awful! I hardly even know how to respond... I may not have known them well, but they have my best wishes

  12. Getting a new skype account, message me if you want the new account name!

    1. Zepheriah


      I'd like to have it plz.

    2. Yuuko


      Yes, I would like to listen to more continuous "FITE ME"

    3. SpaceKat


      #u wanna fite bro

      my new skype acc is meueiscute ;3

  13. Kairosoft is bae <3

  14. Real talk, i've found my username soulmate: Meue. Purrfect.

  15. its finally getting cold in florida, it dropped 10 degrees overnight. my cat is so confused at the sudden cold and now hes claimed my futon to keep warm. totally not complaining tho

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