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  1. As a foodie myself, I find it hard at times to explain my true love of food. I'm more of a savoury person myself but I eat so quickly most people can't tell anyway. So what's everyone's favourite and least favourite food/foods? For favourites I'd say Cheesecake, Ramen and Pizza, However for my least favourite it would definitely be fish of any sort.
  2. It's been a very long while, I must admit, but I do remember you :3
  3. I'd say any of the Kyurem fusions, I just love the concept of fused Pokemon, the fact that it retains the same Ice-Dragon typing is pretty cool, especially as it has a Fire or Electric move giving it more of a versatile move set. They also look pretty cool, Zekrom/Kyurem fusion especially :3
  4. Well I've come back again, don't know how long I'll be around as usual. I'm going try to be a more proactive member of the community though, I'll promise that. Hey to those who know me and greetings to those who don't, I'm happy to talk to any and all of you.
  5. To whom it may concern, My hiatus has been dealt with and I'll be more active (I promise) from now on. My attitude towards school has been, lackluster to the say the least. I've been too absorbed in delving into gossip and pretending I have a social life to worry about schoolwork and whatnot to care about my ever dropping grades, So I'd thought here is the place to post my woes, PG 13 memes and other cynical banter that comes to mind. this is only an introductory entry but there will be more to come. Stay tuned my dudes.
  6. Let me just recklessly throw my real name out there Skype: Rhys.Cornish Time zone: GMT
  7. Derived from the 10 year old mindset that everything had to sound cool, I picked Torrentblade, Empoleon being my favourite Pokemon at the time, I saw no problem with it. After a while I thought that it sounded slightly violent so I thought something laid back would be nicer when the name change became available. So I thought, my old Runescape username would fit perfectly, so here is the wonderful, singing, dancing, tea-drinking, Frogboyhops! Still have no idea how I even came up with Frogboyhops in the first place
  8. Boku No Pico reviews are rather graphic to be honest

    1. Gruffin77


      Hmmmmmmmmmm I can understand that

    2. FrogBoyHops


      It had to be the most mentally scarring thing I've ever seen in my life

    3. Kekleon


      I wonder why...

  9. Your avatar is horrifying I mean wow probably won't be sleeping tonight

    1. FrogBoyHops


      Thank you, it's for the sp00k effect ;)

  10. welcome back again! xD

    1. FrogBoyHops


      Haha thanks! xD

  11. With Halloween coming up, I better add some sp00k to my profile

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    2. AuroreanBladeMaster


      (I have taught you well in the ways of JUST DO IT.)

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  12. Jake opened the door and took in the fresh air. "Nice day isn't it?" He asked himself. He saw Victor and the others and walked over to them. "Aren't you all meant to be in Asgard?" He asked them. "Unless they completed their mission..." He thought to himself. "Was your mission successful then?"
  13. Jake had returned to S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters to begin fusion. The fusion of the minigun into his arm. "This is going to be more painful than anything I've ever experienced in my life." He placed the minigun in the table along with his arm and let the machine begin. Hours of torturous pain went on in the blink of an eye, his screams of pain along with it. "Finally...*gasp* it's done..." He raised his left arm checked if it was calibrated. His hand changed from the new hand, to the minigun with ease. "I think this should give me quite the advantage." He laughed.
  14. Do you want to try and make the Darwinian Evolution sprites with me? As in collaborate to decide who does what?

    1. FrogBoyHops


      Sure, which one do you want me to do?

    2. mastle


      I don't care.

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