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  1. Pokemon: Kyurem Zekrom fused form Type of Shiny: Own design Make it look cool I guess
  2. I personally think a Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash RP would be a lot of fun, there is a lot to explore as the anime only had one season but left us asking a lot of questions. So I'm thinking of a class based RP where everyone has come from our world to Grimgar and has little memory of their past lives and are the next wave of people after Haruhiro's (the MC of the anime) group arrived.
  3. Nisa Nisa Nii
  4. Imagine having an rp badge hahahahahahaha[pause in speech]

  5. Clearly it's gotta be Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the soulless army.
  6. From the album Recovery Art

  7. My science teacher once told me that if I liked pineapple on pizza, my bloodline was weak, I was weak and my children wouldn't survive the winter. I completely agreed. I work part time at Pizza Hut, so I see a lot of different toppings going onto pizzas. My personal favourites are; spicy sausage (like small cube chunks I guess) pepperoni and I condemn myself for uttering the absolute carb-fest that is the mac and cheese topping. Yes, it does truly exist and happens to be amazing.
  8. Banned for being left.
  9. Gunnar smashed his hands together and began rigorously clawing into the mountain, within moments he was almost 20 metres in. "Just pick which group you're gonna go with accordin' to ya capabilities alright? This tunnel would be a safe path, I promise you that." He echoed, many years of digging experience backing up his claim.
  10. "Pairs sounds too dangerous, groups of three or four would be safer methinks. We're not fightin' just any ruffian, this Regice guy is tough from the tales I've heard, I wouldn't dare facing him alone, even with my advantage." Gunnar turned around to the face the mountain. "How are we going to play this? I can dig us into the mountain or we could scale the side, they're both valid options at this point." He stated.
  11. Gunnar after contently finishing digging, returned to the group, chunks of iron and coal in his arms. He quickly devoured the ore and let out a load belch. "I'm good to go, nothing like a good ore deposit to fill the old belly!" He laughed jovially. Inquisitively, he scanned the group. "What have you all been talkin' about while I was gone?" He queried.
  12. "Sounds like a plan." Gunnar smiled, for he hadn't eaten since he arrived at the island and was famished. "We can't help anyone out when we're not in shape to do so." He said before turning to dig. "You all tuck in, I'll just be a mo'."
  13. Gunnar looked at the sky for a moment deep in thought, and looked back at everyone smiling. "We should get some rest first, most you lot look absolutely shattered and it'd be a shame to go fight on an empty stomach." He then grinned at Doug, "What would it be?" He asked.
  14. "Just came here for the same purpose I'm guessing you're here for. To stop these Regis causing havoc!" He explained to them. "I might be a little late to the party if you've already taken down one of the buggers, but that won't stop me helping out for the rest." Gunnar then turned to Doug. "I've got friends all over mate, I'd love to make some new ones here while I'm at it. My favourite hobby is helping chaps like yourselves, my favourite food is iron ore and I'm feeling a little peckish now that you mention it." His stomach creaked as if it were attempting a half-hearted rumble.
  15. Gunnar gazed at the group, all turned to face him. "It's nice to meet everyone, some of you are almost as tall as me! He laughed. "I'm sure I'll get better acquainted with you all later, but I've gotta ask, where are we going?" His interest piqued on why the group were on the glacier.
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