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  1. I voted for Trubbish for Forum Games because it's trash

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      What do you think is inside a trubish. It's just @Poison X3 JK

    3. Poison


      I am secretly Trubbish

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      Then whats Garboader... just a bunch of you XP

  2. Don't worry poison... Ill add a female character to the rp so its not a total sausage fest.

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      True that... We are perv buddies *holds up crayon made poster*

    3. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      *shrugs* Hey,  why not.

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      Wow this is weird


      *slinks away*

  3. Earline shook her head towards John, "I ain't one for 'trainin'.. I'm just a girl after all." she flicked her short hair with her hand, a crude smile on her face, "Just between you n' me, boys; I ain't worked a day in my life.. But I've never been one to turn down a challenge either." she clenched her fist in determination before noticing another odd looking man with a bow approach. This one spoke his name and introduced himself, another person who was well spoken, far more than Earline was that was for sure. "Another one? I 'spose you do all come from times of war. I just got hit by some damn car one night after too many ⚠tails." the flapper girl lifted her arms and closed her eyes with a sigh, her red lips curling into a small frown as she thought about her chances further up in the tower, "I'm not exactly the smartest cat here.. But I think we should wait here for a little longer before goin' up there.." Earline said that but she was definitely not ready to go yet, she needed to mentally prepare for what lay ahead. She looked over each other men in front of her with the best puppy-dog eyes she could pull off, she was used to using them on men for things like new handbags but this time it was a little more of a pressing matter. "Just a little longer? U-Until I got my head sorted out?"
  4. Earline's eyes widened as she was approached by yet another man, this one was in some kind of army uniform? "First I'm a 'maiden' and now I'm in a man's dreams? This is more romance than I thought I would get after bein' dead. It's nice to meet you, John." she thought for a moment, staying silent as the Knight spoke more about himself or perhaps the lack of memory. Once he had asked her to give him a 'title' she was thrown from her own thoughts. "Y-You're askin' me?! Hun, I ain't the type to give out titles to knights.. The only knights I remember was the ones with the round table or somethin'." she muttered, her school life was cut rather short by more important things like not studying. Upon seeing the other souls run past her in terror Earline felt herself shudder uncomfortably, the men in front of her were much stronger than she was and both clearly had combat experience. The only combat experience Earline had was throwing her shoe at a pervert who tried to cop a feel one time, it worked but it wasn't exactly 'climbing up a tower to the afterlife' kind of combat. Eventually she turned back to Tarn and pointed directly at his helmet, "You'll just be 'Sir Knight' until you remember your name, Darlin'. Unless you got somethin' else in mind." She then turned to John and pointed to him, "I'll go up with you, but you gotta know that I'm weaker than a drowned kitten. I could be a burden for you boys.."
  5. Earline turned to the Knight who had approached her, her eyes wide as she took in his appearance, "Kingdom? Maiden? Darlin' I don't have a single blue clue what you're talkin' about." she smiled weakly, adjusting the hat on her head, "Are you sayin' you don't remember who you are? Because that ain't jazz at all.." Earline's voice was as elevated as ever, thinking for a moment as she looked him up and down, "Sorry I can't help more, Darlin'. I wouldn't mind stickin' with you though, I'm not really cut out for climbing stairs in these heels." For a moment it was quiet, it seemed as though the man atop the stairs had left the remaining souls to decide for themselves what to do. Around Earline and the others a few stronger looking souls stepped forwards, some of them beginning to climb the long staircase ahead of them. Earline felt a little out of place surrounded by knights and other warriors from history, she didn't exactly excel at her studies so some of them were a complete mystery to her. Eventually Earline turned back to Tarn and placed her hands on her hips. "You remember your name, Darlin'? Mine's Earline."
  6. ((Hey, that character was mine to use, I'll let you know if there are any other characters you can RP as. I have a guideline for the RP so don't go making up what year it is lol)) ((I'll allow what you said to stay for now, but from now on remember that the characters I create are mine to control, not everyone's))
  7. ((Alrighty; it's morning, I'm groggy af let's start this)) The lobby was large, larger than anyone had ever expected. It's walls were made with an expensive looking oak wood, varnished in a dark brown colour it had a glossy feel to it, giving Earline the distinct yet odd need to touch it with her fingers. The carpet below her feet was a deep red and had a soft sensation under her heels making it slightly difficult to walk on, it stretched from the 'entrance' of the room all the way up the center and up the large flight of stairs which lay ahead. "Oh dear... This sure ain't what I was expectin'.." she mumbled to herself, fingers teasing the pearl necklace which hung around her neck. Other souls surrounded her, some of them distorted to time and utter despair while others appeared to be normal people.. Some of them were in weird clothing Earline didn't recognise. While she waited within the crowd a voice called out from atop the stairs.. It was a man dressed in a full suit, his hands covered with black gloves and his face was covered with an eerie golden mask with no recognisable features on it's surface. "If I can have your attention please." he called out, awaiting the crowds silence before continuing. "If you have just arrived here, I would like to begin while welcoming you to the Tower. You are dead." The crowd burst into murmurs and whispers, some of them surprised and afraid while others just watched as if they already knew.. Earline was one of them, she saw that car heading towards her.. She knew she was dead. ((We all start in the lobby. Take it easy until everybody has made an introduction <3))
  8. Your progile pic looks like inkling girl though it isn't



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      Oh my god are you telling me it WASN'T an inkling this whole time.

    4. Poison


      She's from Persona 5 :'D

  9. Pyramid head Bomberman lolwut

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    4. Poison


      I don't even-


      It's got a wooden sword but they kept the nasty face meat under his pyramid lol

  10. @Gruffin77 Accepted~ I'll wait for a little longer before starting ^^
  11. I just realized... Both our rps involve death... We are morbid people...

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      I might add too much edge to it ;P

    3. Gruffin77


      It needs more edge! The rp cannot be carried by stupid jokes alone, then again I got PC helping me.

    4. AethericDoom


      Poison's is edgy but her character isn't at all lol

      Mine is a total edgelord

  12. I'm not expecting too many people to join so I'll start after one more person joins, other can join after if they want ;3
  13. Oh god I'm getting addicted to classical music again.

    I blame you for this. it's your character's theme song that got me into it again I swear, definitely not the fact that I was looking it up for my own character at all.

    Anyway the moral is I'm addicted to classical music and using you as a scapegoat. Enjoy ;P

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    2. Gruffin77


      *pushes all my classical and orchestrated music over to the side* hehe...

    3. Spamuhell


      Gruffin gimme I gotta have that sweet, juicy classical music. We can do this the easy way or the stabby stabby way.

    4. Gruffin77


      Well any video game that is medevil themed and just look up the OST for it.

  14. @AethericDoom Accepted~ thanks for the edit, just to let you know that your character will only have that clip of ammo in his pistol, 5 shots or so. I'll be keeping tabs on it
  15. @Spamuhell Accepted~ Just like old times ;D
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