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  1. Act now for your totally ordinary free Salazzle that has literally nothing different than one you can obtain without leaving your home.

  2. g u n t e r

    1. Poison


      Best husband

    2. isagonj


      He literally has a wife and children

    3. Poison
  3. I freakin' love drawing these idiots

    oney's baloneys.jpg

  4. From the album Art dumps

    I have no idea where this came from but here you go. I like merpeople. I've been making an effort to draw some kind of background in my art these days, I'm not the best at it but I hope with some practise I'll be able to draw some real good ones :3
  5. Baby Twiliiight


  6. Gunter tho

  7. Found some common base set Pokemon cards at a car boot sale today; I couldn't pass them up when they were so cheap.

    1. Taiiyo


      What's their condition?

    2. Poison


      A few of them are in really good condition; but most of them aren't great. They were cheap so I bought them anyways lol

  8. Today just had to suck, didn't it.

    1. AethericDoom


      Feel better :cwub:


      btw that was a generic hug emoji nothing special that's reserved for Tega ;) jk no homo

    2. Areok, the triple DDD

      Areok, the triple DDD

      hope you are okay

  9. These guys are so fun to watch and even more fun to draw. Practising man faces yaaaaay


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Poison


      Heh, I'll draw grizzyvoices next lol

    3. Areok, the triple DDD

      Areok, the triple DDD

      What about evil chica?

    4. Poison


      If I could draw dogs I'd be all over that :'D

  10. Why can't I find a team on Splatoon 2 who don't just stay around the spawn area?

    1. Cookabeara


      you need all those people who cant stay on the payload to play splatoon instead

  11. Replaying FE Fates and I found my new bae



    1. Areok, the triple DDD

      Areok, the triple DDD

      Oh my god[pause in speech]

  12. euughhh

    1. Areok, the triple DDD

      Areok, the triple DDD

      Whats the matter?

    2. Poison


      Just my general mood right now lol

    3. Areok, the triple DDD

      Areok, the triple DDD

      Aww *gives you cookie* hope this helps.

  13. Oneyplays messing with funnyboys on the Friday the 13th game is the best thing I've seen in ages lol

    1. Areok, the triple DDD

      Areok, the triple DDD

      *puts on watch later list*

  15. This accurately represents how I look 80% of the time
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