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  1. From the album Art dumps

    I've just been sitting down every couple of days and drawing whatever comes to mind. After I drew Charizard yesterday I decided to just go ahead and draw a full dragon. She's holding a pearl since I imagine this particular species of dragon to harvest them and keep them all in an underwater cave. Humans also bring any large pearls they find as offerings and worship these beings as guardian deities, believing they bring fish to the lakes nearby their villages.
  2. Frederick stood up straight and puffed out his chest upon hearing Irelleth's voice from beside him, turning to look at her he gave her a confident wink accompanied by a toothy smile, "It'd be me pleasure, Milady~" he replied to her question. All of a sudden Frederick reached back and found his harp, holding it in his arm he gently plucked at the strings but not to loud as to not draw too much attention. As he did so he would stop and lift his fingers to the small metal screws which lined the top, twisting them slowly in order to tune the instrument after it had been thrown about. Once he was done he played a short melody, a soft one just to test out his tuning. Well-- it was partly to test his tuning but also partly to help calm the atmosphere between the drow elf and his fellow human. The last thing they needed was to start a fight amongst each other. Casually he hummed along with the tune, eyeing the couple of rivals out of the corner of his eye in hope that his song worked. If not it could certainly make it worse. He hoped that wouldn't be the case.
  3. Frederick looked up at the Orc and smiled nervously at the thought of having axes thrown at him, all manner of things had been thrown at the bard during performances, and some outside them, but never weapons. Eventually he coughed and lifted his hand up to his chin, "Well.. It's not me who has th' magic power it's th' songs." he explained, thinking for a moment, "I learnt 'em while on me travels, most of 'em are normal melodies but some of 'em hold some kind of magic power if sung right." The bard waved his hand in front of his face before lowering it again, thinking about the magic rubbish made his head hurt, he just liked singing, that's all he knew. Taking a breath he noticed that a couple others had already moved on into the armoury causing him to eventually follow suit. Entering after Tana and Irelleth, Frederick carefully stepped over the dead guard outside and got a good look at everything laid out before him. Swords, axes, staffs.. But no lutes or harps. "Gah.. bugger.." the bard mumbled and stepped further into the room, moving around the two women who were already there in order to start looking around for any of his belongings. After a minute or so of searching Frederick found his instruments.. On the floor. "Those bloody--" he hissed under his breath and picked them up, strapping his harp and lute to his back while his flute had a place on his belt. "These are bloody good instruments, these arses were lucky they got t' even touch 'em." he pouted, partly glad that he found them but miffed that they weren't treated with more respect. "Tis' a thankless job, this.."
  4. @Gruffin77 @AethericDoom Gruffin is right here; when RPing you cannot control another's character not matter how small it may be. Saying that Thrak 'seemed' surprised means that Thrak's expression changed and Luxiui noticed that. Gruffin may not have wanted Thrak to 'seem' surprised at that point or it may have been outside of Gruffin's idea for his character's personality. If you want your character to misinterpret what's going on, then perhaps wait for other people to respond to your character and then write how Luxiui misinterpreted that. Remember that everyone here has a set idea and personality for their characters. They won't take it lightly if you decide how they appear to act.
  5. From the album Art dumps

    I haven't drawn Pokemon in a while so I decided to practise a little. Also added a bloody, injured, angry Charizard for good measure. I like to think they can get into some really violent fights.
  6. Pssssssssst can your character and mine work together in kipple's rp?

    1. Poison


      Sure I can't see why not ^^

    2. Gruffin77


      YAY! Buddy cop gems B)

  7. Username: PoisonName: Red BerylAge: 15,000Gender: Female Race: Gem Appearance: http://www.pokestadium.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2016_07/large.57961425c4de9_StevenUniverseOC-RedBeryl.jpg.b88bee97d8943ba1f5676e6eb424c0a0.jpg Red is a rather short gem for her age, standing slightly taller than a normal Ruby she is usually towered over by the other warriors of her colour, causing her to be rather sensitive about her height. Her gem is on her right forearm and is a light red colour, bordering on pink. Her bangs tend to cover her forehead and the top part of her eyes causing her to always appear to have an aloof expression despite often emoting more than you would expect. Generally speaking Red is like every other Red Beryl originally formed under Pink Diamond, while not as common as a Ruby or Pearl it wouldn't be difficult to find one of her kind. Personality: Red is particularly the strong silent type, she doesn't speak often unless spoken to and follows orders without question. She has many thoughts and is actually quite intelligent underneath the stoic, aloof expression on her face. Despite her intelligence Red is a hard worker and trains almost every day with her naginata, her fighting style is very disciplined and focuses on a calm mind and body, keeping a considerable distance between her and her opponent due to the long range of her weapon. While she appears to be very level headed Red can get scared rather easily during a fight, it most occurs when she knows she will be punished for failing, causing her to panic and do reckless things. Deep inside her, Red wishes she could allow herself to stand out, perhaps even learn new things such as logic games. She heard about a game on earth called 'chess' which is like a battle game with kings and queens. Secretly she has books from earth which explain the game in detail, one day she hopes she'll be able to actually play it with someone. History: Formed on Homeworld just before the war, Red was instantly put to training and was treated as you would expect a more common gem to be. She was entrusted with many guard duties along with Sapphires, Rubies and other Red Beryls, always following orders without a word spoken. Red found that speaking too much could get her in trouble, speaking her mind and of her desires, so she simply decided that staying relatively silent was for the best, after all, she couldn't go against her Diamond could she? After several hundred years (she lost count in the end) of standing and doing nothing outside of important places for more important Gems, the war for Earth began.. Red, of course, was pushed to fight in the war after her Diamond was shattered, killing many gems in which she had shared short words with during her time on Homeworld. Red has asked herself why they would go against the Diamonds many times and she has yet to find the answer. She fought with all her might and was lucky to make it out with her gem in tact save for a few scratches that were easily fixed, she did all she could to survive, let alone win the battles. Even after the war, Red Beryl continues to follow orders without question.. Now under the authority of Yellow Diamond she still often wonders what it would be like to be different than her counterparts, but shuts those thoughts away for fear of a wrath even she couldn't handle. Faction: HomeworldGem: Red BerylOther: Aerial lizards tho
  8. Frederick laughed somewhat nervously at Iolys' comment about his voice, scratching the back of his head through his long hair as if he was embarrassed, "I'll keep talkin' n' singin' regardless of whether I got me instruments r' not." he mumbled, looking towards Irelleth with a wink as if to tell her he was joking. "Don't be shy, Milady. I for one won't bite ye~" the bard smiled hoping to help the wood elf feel more comfortable, as someone who was used to being in front of a lot of people (for good reasons or not) he thought to perhaps help her confidence. Eventually the human man huffed and combed his hair with his fingers, "I agree with the drow.. We should get movin' before any guards come t' realise we're not in our cosy little cells." he used his other hand to motion towards the open cell doors with his thumb, he certainly didn't like the idea of being thrown back in there. Frederick couldn't actually do much other than sing at the time so he was apprehensive to lead the way, the most he could do was keep watch and hope they weren't spotted. Turning back to Irelleth the bard smirked, "If me instruments r' here I'll be sure t' give ye a special performance~" he chuckled, his hazel pupils moving around to look at the rest of the crew, "The rest of ye too, if ye promise not t' throw rotten fruit at me~"
  9. I may also join at some point, save me a spot~
  10. Frederick felt a little taken aback by Lucien walking right up to him, most of the time people wouldn't give him that kind of attention.. And 'sir'? Now that was a new experience. "I uh-- I can't see why not, Milord." He smiled slightly nervously, wondering if it was because he looked stronger than he actually was. Clearing his throat quietly the bard looked to Tana who was talking about magic, he didn't know the grass from the trees when it came to wands, staffs and staves. "Afraid I don't know hide nor hair 'bout any kind of magic. But if ye need somethin' from me I'll do me best t' give it t' ye~" He winked, suddenly feeling Luxiui's presence and startling himself a little. "Good lord, yer goin' t' kill me if ye keep doin' that.." he sighed, his hand on his chest to make sure his heart was still beating.
  11. Frederick grinned and chuckled his usual chuckle, "Name's Frederick, the pleasure is all mine~ Milady~" he winked, turning to Iolys with a coy smile, "to answer yer question, Milord, yes I do always sing~ I tend to think it keeps me spirits up." the bard knew people didn't always take to his constant humming but he was far to thick-skinned, and perhaps thick-headed, to care that much when people told him to shut up. Letting out a short cough to clear his throat he glanced around the group of people in front of them, noticing that two of them were gone already. "Looks like two of us 're already gone. Can't see why we shouldn't follow suit." he smirked towards Irelleth lifting his hand to scratch his head through his dusty-brown hair, "I'll warn ye though.. Me support ain't goin' t' be that good without be instruments. I'm hopin' they stored 'em n' didn't just throw th' old things away." he let out a slightly more nervous laugh, he had used those instruments for years and they had some sentimental value. "I'll let ye lead th' way, Milady. I'll watch yer back."
  12. "I doubt his indoor voice would be much quieter." Frederick chuckled and scratched the underside of his nose with the top of his finger, the Orc clearly didn't like him much but he was used to that. "Never been called 'tark' before though. But then again I haven't met many orcs." he puffed, resting his other hand on his hip while getting a good look at the other prisoners who had also emerged from their cells. His eyes went from Tana to Iolys and then to Mento, all of them very different considering they were all trapped in the same place. Eventually he turned to Iolys and grinned, "No offense taken about we 'hellish humans' by the by. We're a sorry old lot~" Carefully the human bard leaned back against the cold stone wall behind him, beginning to hum a soft tune as he usually did. In the absence of his instruments he would have to improvise, although the humming was more of a habit than anything. The melody he hummed was quiet and slow like a lullaby, he often sung it in the most pressing of times, a good way to keep himself calm.
  13. I spent the whole of my time watching the Evil Within 2 trailer saying "Who's that?"

    1. Gruffin77


      xD I know it looks different but it was the same guy from the first one

    2. Poison


      Yeah but what about all the other people they showed?

    3. Gruffin77


      Eh I don't remember too much from original game but[pause in speech] things? I just remember for a majority of the first game I was just confused.

  14. *Remembers there was an orc bard in skyrim* Nah my character will still hate bards.

  15. "Tonight~ Step from the dark into the light~ Tonight~ Rise high, high above your rivals~ Spread your wings, spread them wide~ Let them fly~" Frederick sang softly while sat at the back of his cell, his fingers drumming against his knees yet his eyes remained on Irelleth. In his hand was the note and key which had been left for apparently all of them, the thick rust matched that of the door in front of him and was rough to the touch. "Don't be shy, Milady~ I don't know about anybody else but I couldn't hurt ye if I tried.. Unless ye don't like music~" he chuckled, leaning forwards and eventually pushing up against the cold stone ground of the cell, letting out a stifled "Uhhpsiedaisy--" as he stood. Slowly Frederick stepped towards the door and teased the key in his fingers, his eyes narrow as he tried to see the bloody thing through the dim light of the prison. "Now then.." he mumbled, eventually finding the correct orientation of the key and inserting it into the lock, the sound of metal tumblers clicking was satisfying to say the least. Finally walking free Frederick took the time to click his back into place, he had been cramped in that place for who-knows how long. "I'll warn ye, I ain't really one t' fight but I can support ye. If ye'll allow me, Milady~"
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