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  1. banned because you told me not to be rude to chansey but now you're being rude to artiglace.
  2. banned for liking Gladion
  3. A guy wielding sword. Sounds impractical. I'd probably win. Would you rather live in Kalos or Alola? @Nisawesome I think Artiglace is pretty cute...
  4. why not? :((
  5. i am a true ninja
  6. hashashahah im laughing so hard XDDDDDDDDDD
  7. I'd rather be a Cosmog because then I could evolve into a legendary Pokemon. Would you rather have to stay in school for the rest of your life or have no interaction with other people/animals for the rest of your life?
  8. What do you mean?
  9. I'm back

    And I'll actually be active, too

    And, I'm old enough to be here now as well, so that's nice

    Just dropping by to say hi

    1. GeNaG3N0S


      Heyo, good to see you again. 

  10. Cursed One Username: GeNaG3N0S Name: Ryth Zevras Title: The Wandering Demon Age: 100 Gender: Male Appearance: [X] Personality: Ryth is a cunning man who shows a great natural understanding of strategies and tactics. He is arrogant, mean-spirited and ruthless. His obnoxious nature causes him to believe that he is stronger and smarter than anyone else is. He hates it when people tell him otherwise. Due to what happened in his past, Ryth has a cold attitude towards others and tends to push people away from him; he will not offer his trust to those who ask for it. He enjoys the occasional drink and can actually provide good company when in a drunken state. Ryth dislikes torture and prefers to give his foes a quick death. Backstory: Ryth was born and raised among a frozen, mountainous region in the east. Some might say that he lived a life of luxury; he had supportive, wealthy parents and a loving older sister who all served the great leader Pontiff Gera. Due to Ryth's innate understanding of strategies, tactics and his skills with a bow, his parents sent him to work with the Pontiff Gera's Royal Assassins so that he could master the art of stealth combat. He quickly surpassed some of Gera's greatest assassins. However, he was not happy. He wanted more. The Pontiff took note of Ryth's need for more strength and offered to reveal to him the secrets of the forsaken arts, the reason for the Pontiff's great, almost supernatural abilities. In Ryth's hunger for power, he did not consider the consequences and he agreed to Gera's offer. Under the Pontiff's guidance, he learned the ins and outs of the forsaken arts. Ryth was now able to conjure and control a beautiful blue fire, but of course, it came with a price... As time passed, Ryth began to hear a voice in his head, a voice that was telling him to do obscure things, messing with his mind. This voice called itself 'Aesham'. Ryth worried his family by arguing to an invisible being, they did not know what was wrong with him and were even unaware of his newfound ability to conjure and control a strange blue fire. His sister eventually found his tome on the forsaken arts and brought it to the attention of their parents. Ryth's parents could not even look at him the same way, he tried to explain why he had delved into the forbidden arts, but their son’s actions disgusted them. They reported him to one of the Royal Assassins, who then reported the incident to the Pontiff. Gera had Ryth exiled to uphold his secret actions and to prevent him from blowing their cover. The young cursed one leaves his home, heartbroken, and the being that will torture him forevermore still follows. Curse: Possessed by a demonic spirit who is trying to take over his mind and body, sometimes makes it difficult for him to think and concentrate during a battle. Weapons: Ryth is armed with a bow and two small daggers. Magical arts: He can conjure and control a strange blue fire granted to him by the forbidden arts, the more he uses the fire the more the demonic spirit which possesses him takes over. He does not like using his powers, but will if he really has to. Fighting style: Ryth prefers ranged combat over close combat. He is agile and can easily dodge enemy attacks. If he is in a situation where close combat would give him the upper hand or if he is out of arrows, he will use his daggers instead of his bow. He will use his fire if he is in a tight situation but prefers not to use it, as he does not want the spirit to take full control over him. Other: " “The blood of forever, I will grant you. But a loyalty to never be broken is what you must make too me.”
  11. i'm just joking around
  12. Thank you! I've been struggling with making my shading look decent, I guess I just need to find some better brushes.
  13. So cute! I love how you've done the shading.
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