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  1. i'm going to shove a frog down your throat. @Kekleon
  2. I WAS TAGGED. 1. Favorite color: Blue. 2. Favorite musical artist/band: I don't know. 3. Favorite music genre: Instrumental. 4. Have you ever been in love?: Yes. No? Kind of. 5. Are you currently in a relationship?: No. 6. Zodiac sign?: Pisces/Aquarius. 7. Do you believe in ghosts?: No. 8. Any tattoos or piercings?: No. 9. Would you ever dye your hair?: Yes. 10. What color are your eyes?: Brown 11. What color is your hair?: Brown 12. The last bruise you got - where is it located?: I don't have one at the moment. 13. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?: No. 14. A word you have trouble spelling?: "Refrigerator" 15. Celebrity crush?: Jeff Kaplan. 16. Green or purple grapes?: Green. 17. Do you sleep with your window open?: No. 18. Height?: I don't know, but I am pretty short. 19. Are you afraid of spiders?: Yes 20. Favorite movie?: I don't know. 21. Favorite T.V. show?: One Punch Man, if that counts as a T.V show. 22. If you could announce something to the whole world, what would you say?: Measure twice, cut once. 23. Ever broken a bone?: No. 24. How many concerts have you been to?: Two. 25. Play any instruments?: No. 26. Any internet friends? Who are you closest to?: I have a few internet friends but I wouldn't say that I'm close to any of them. 27. Favorite food?: Sushi. 28. Do you have any allergies?: No. 29. Last book you read?: Lord of the Flies. 30. Coffee or tea?: Tea. 31. Ever had a song or poem written about you?: No. 32. Pet peeves?: When someone sprays their spray over mine. 33. How many languages do you speak?: Two, English and Afrikaans. 34. Ever had a rumour spread about you?: Yes. 35. Define “art”.: Credit to @Kekleon 36. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?: No 37. Where is your best friend right now?: In her house, probably playing Overwatch. 38. The last song you listened to?: Careless Whisper. My mom was playing music earlier. 39. Favorite Tumblr blog?: Eh, I don't use Tumblr. 40. Top 5 ____?: Favorite Words To Use: 1. Ryujin 2. No 3. Ken 4. Wo 5. Kurae 41. Ever witnessed a crime?: No. 42. Favorite Ice Cream?: Strawberry or Vanilla. 43. Ever been in a physical fight?: No 44. Ever glued your hand to something?: No. 45. Have you ever been easily amused by something?: Yes. 46. Ever forgotten someone’s name?: Yes. 47. One of your bad habits?: Procrastination. 48. Are you good at lying?: No. 49. Your favorite smell?: New video game/book. 50. If there was movie based on your life, what would it be called?: Doos 51. What makes you nervous?: Widowmaker's butt. 52. Idea of a perfect date?: Playing Overwatch by myself. 53. Are you afraid of falling in love?: No. 54. Do you like the beach?: No. 55. What’s something you really want right now?: A new skin for Hanzo. 56. Last thing you ate?: Chocolate. 57. Sexuality?: Happytrailsexual. 58. Are you a paranoid person?: Yes. 59. Favorite type of food?: Anything sweet or salty. 60. Curly or straight hair?: My hair is a mix between both. 61. Favorite month/time of year?: June/July. Exams are over and it's Winter + Long holiday. <3 62. Last thing you drank?: Water. 63. If you could say anything to your crush right now, what would it be?: I don't have a crush, but if I did I'd say, "I need healing... sexual healing." 64. Least favorite holiday?: None. 65. Favorite holiday?: Christmas. 66. Favorite kind of jewelry?: Rings. 67. Makeup or no makeup?: No makeup. 68. Favorite mythical creature?: Dragons! 69. Do you prefer to be in front of or behind the camera?: Behind. 70. Favorite type of soda?: Coca Cola. 71. Nails painted or not?: Not. 72. Play any sports?: No. 73. How many songs are on your current playlist?: Too many. 74. Favorite kind of Gatorade?: What? 75. What do you think of your handwriting?: It’s okay. 76. Any pets?: I have two dogs. 77. What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?: My laziness. 78. Day or night?: Day. 79. If you had to wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?: Blue. 80. What’s your favorite word?: I don't know. 81. Least favorite word?: I don't know. 82. What is your opinion on “Blood is thicker than water…”?: I don't have an opinion on it. 83. Who was the last person to hurt you?: I don't know. 84. Where is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?: I have a scar on my wrist from an accident at a theme park. 85. How many pillows do you sleep with?: One. 86. Who was the last person you texted and what did it say?: My friend, Zara. I said, "hot". 87. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?: Canada. 88. Choose one superpower.: Telekinesis. 89. Soft or firm pillows?: Soft. 90. What is one thing you constantly worry about?: I'm always worried about what others are thinking about me. 91. Dream career?: Concept artist. 92. Do you ever want to get married?: Not really. 93. Would you want to have kids?: No, but if I did end up wanting a kid I'd definitely adopt. 94. What’s one of your biggest fears?: Death. 95. What is the current time?: 6:20 PM 96. What time did you go to bed last night?: 2:30 AM 97. Twitter or Tumblr?: Twitter. 98. Dogs or cats?: Dogs. I tag @Kekleon and @Gunther55
  3. wow thats a really nice haiku on your profile

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      @Kibbeh also i did do the haiku correctly, it depends if you put a hard D in didn't or not - I don't.

  4. all supports and a bastion is the new meta @Pepsi Man @Cookabeara

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      nano boosted sym lmao

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      You should have gotten POTG for nanoboosting me

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  5. maxresdefault.jpg

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      where did you get this picture of me????

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      sorry, stalked you

  6. It isn't Spring Time here but I'd still like to join.

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      i unblocked you a minute after i blocked you calm it

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