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  1. Lucien laughed. "Pompous sack of dirt? Now that's one I've never heard before!" He didn't bother apologizing and didn't listen to Irelleth either, instead he turned to Frederick, who had begun playing his song. Lucien had a wide smile on his face as he was still amused by what Iolys had said earlier. Was he trying to be threatening? The bard was quite talented, the tune of the song made him feel rather happy and inspired. Come to think of it, he had been feeling much better than he was before. He finally had a chance of escaping this place, a chance to get his freedom back. Although he was still hurt by the betrayal, he decided that it was time to move on. He got to go back home now, to his family. That was what mattered. Lucien was startled by the crash and immediately snapped out of his daydream, he backed away from the entrance, scared. "What was that?"
  2. My favourite would have to be the Wooper. Look at that cute little face!!
  3. Lucien was not interested in any of the other weaponry lying around the armoury. He just wanted his gear back and the thought of the guards selling his trinkets still loomed over him. He would not be able to cast spells without them, and although he could fight with a sword, blood magic was his specialty. He looked around the armoury for a moment before noticing that most of his belongings were on a table off in the corner. He was surprised. Perhaps the guards had been studying them. Who knows? All that mattered was that they were there. He equipped his flashy armour on over his prison clothes, he could do with the extra warmth. Once Lucien had finished fastening his belt and sheath to his waist he collected his trinkets. They were really quite beautiful; all made of gold and enchanted gemstones. The fact that the guards had not sold any of them amazed him. He grinned while donning himself with his trinkets, thinking about how much wealthier he was compared to the others. ‘Oh, how they wish they were me. Don’t they?’ Lastly, his blade. He picked it up and studied it for a moment. It was good to see it again, as it was a fine weapon, one of a kind. He sheathed his sword and headed toward the entrance of the armoury to make some distance between him and the other prisoners. He needed some space. Lucien accidentally bumped into Iolys while on his way to the entrance. He paused for a moment and turned around ever so slightly, he was about to apologize for what he had just done- No, the Elf should know his place. He turned to face the other way again and continued walking, a faint smirk forming across his lips.
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  5. Lucien was still leaning against the cold stone wall of the prison, silently watching the others. They were a diverse bunch of characters. There was only one other human among them though, and that made Lucian feel very uneasy. He wondered why a human would even want to associate himself with such lowly scum. He planned to head back home once, or, if he escaped this wretched prison, as home was the only place he wanted to be right now. However, for the time being, retrieving his equipment was his main focus. He hoped that all of it was still intact, and the thought of guards selling his trinkets for the pretty penny haunted him. He approached the bard, pretending not the notice the non-humans. “Excuse me, sir. Would you mind if I came along to collect my gear?” I’m going to need it for the journey home.”
  6. ((I'm so excited to see where this RP goes, I'm having a lot of fun with it already. @Spamuhell I made some very minor changes to the personality and spells section of his form, in my tired state, there were some things that I forgot to add. Could you possibly edit them into the 'accepted forms' section? Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience. ^^')) Lucien was awoken by the loud chattering of the other prisoners. He tried to ignore the noise, he wanted to go back to sleep. As of recently, sleep was the only thing that he found comfort in. It took him away from the overwhelming sadness that constantly clutched at his heart. He was usually a much happier person, but he knew why he felt this way now; being betrayed by his only friend and being in prison for so long has had a very negative impact on him. He was not used to living like this. The chattering would not stop. There was no way he could have fallen asleep again. Lucien sighed heavily as he sat up, looking around his damp, dreary cell. He noticed something small lying on the floor in front of the cell door. What is this? A note[pause in speech] and a key? Had the others received this too? He got up from the cold stone floor and walked towards the door to pick up the note and key. He opened the note, it simply read, "liberate yourselves". Although he did not have much trust in the note, he decided that even just a chance of freedom was better than having to live in this tortuous old cell for the rest of his life. Lucien picked up the key and placed it into the keyhole. He winced as he heard the sound of the lock clicking. With one deep breath, he opened the cell door. Lucien went to investigate the still constant chattering- It was coming from the other prisoners. As he suspected, they had also received the note and key to their cell doors. He walked to their little gathering, and without a word, he leaned against a nearby wall, feeling uncomfortable around the presence of non-humans.
  7. After a night of sleep deprivation and tears, I have finally finished my form. It took way longer than expected, I'm very sorry about that. I'm not too happy with his backstory, but at this point I'm too tired to think of anything more creative (also, edgy spell names are edgy). Username: Genji Name: Lucien Aratus Gender: Male Age: 24 Race: Human Class: Spellsword (Blood Mage) Personal Skills/Abilities: Blood Mage "Blood magic has earned itself a bad reputation as it is a brutal form of magic. Many fear the power of a well-equipped blood mage, including the Empire. Those proficient in this particular craft wield a power unmatched by any other mages. Blood mages utilize their own blood as a medium for casting blood-related spells, consequently draining their health in doing so. Few dare to learn such a vile discipline." The use of blood magic puts a lot of strain on the caster's body, which, in turn, weakens them. Lucien carries magical trinkets to lessen the drawbacks of using blood magic. The absence of said trinkets would leave him extremely vulnerable as the use of blood magic would weaken him drastically, and potentially kill him. Lucien also possesses an antique sword that was bestowed upon him by his father. It is connected to his blood magic. When imbrued with the blood of a blood mage it becomes more deadly, however, while stained with blood, the blade will consume the wielder’s health. Because close combat is highly risky for him, Lucien only uses his sword as a last resort. He has little protection against incoming attacks. Although he is agile and can dodge attacks easily, fighting at a close range has led him to have many near-death experiences in the past. Spells Appearance: Lucien does not look like your typical, scary blood mage. In fact, he is actually quite cute. He has soft, fluffy blond hair that compliments his fair skin and delicate facial features. He wears an eye patch over his right eye, but his visible eye is deep red in colour. He is of an average height and has a rather feminine build; he hates it when people point this out. In terms of apparel, he wears a lightweight but finely crafted set of armour, with intricate golden details ornately scattered across it. His left arm is bare and covered from top to bottom in scars. Lucien sports some magical golden trinkets as well, including necklaces, bracelets, rings and a headpiece. Personality: Lucien is a smart and well mannered individual. However, his arrogance and sarcastic nature sometimes overshadow these positive traits. Due to recent happenings, he has developed the tendency to push people away from him; he will hesitate to offer his trust to those who ask for it. Lucien grew up with the mentality that non-humans were evil, foul creatures. Because of this, he can be immensely prejudiced and rude to anyone who is a non-human. He acts as though he sees himself as higher than them, but really, he fears them. Combat-wise, Lucien is a cruel fighter who shows no mercy. After all, blood magic has been known to have strange effects on those who wield it. Backstory: Lucien was born into a wealthy home; he lived a life of luxury and was a spoiled child who got everything that he wanted. Lucien was raised by his father, as his mother left the household a few years after he was born. His father was a Magister who taught the art of blood magic to others and received a lot of money through his teachings. His father had a strong hatred for non-humans, and sadly, Lucien derived this trait from him. During his teenage years, his father taught him the ins and outs of blood magic. He was a fine student who was quick to learn and comprehend the concepts of this discipline. Lucien's father would constantly brag about his son's almost unnatural prowess. Lucien would duel with other blood mages at his father's school, these duels could get messy though, as one of them cost Lucien his right eye. Once he had finished his studies, he decided to leave his home to travel the world as a way to master his skills as a blood mage. Before he left, he received a sword from his father as a goodbye gift- as well as a large sum of money for the road ahead. On his travels, he met another mage, Caelia. Unlike him, she was but a regular mage. He and Caelia became good friends, but their friendship ended abruptly when she framed Lucien for the murder of another human. He was reported to the local guard, he tried to prove his innocence, but because of the bad reputation that blood mages have earned themselves, the interrogator did not believe him. Lucien was sent to the Asylum, to pay for the crimes that he did not commit. He now sits in his cell, wondering why she'd do such a thing. Other: POWER VACUUM!
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  9. "The cake will take one and a half hours to bake. Write this time in minutes" 


    possibly the most difficult question i have ever come across in a math exam.

  10. Thanks Spam! I have everything written out on paper, my form should be up in an hour or so. I'll edit it onto this post once it's done.
  11. @Spamuhell Could you save me a spot? I'll try and get my form done early tomorrow.
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