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  1. 596636be49ca3_Thenletme.thumb.png.15c9b6

    This is sorta dark[pause in speech]

  2. Our Community Showdown Team thread has quite a stockade of jokey sets, so perhaps you might find something to your liking there. But might as well throw in a specific one- now, the set isn't actually jokey at all, as it tries to fill a serious competitive role. However, the choice of mon undoubtedly is. Sir Bedevere (Shelmet) @ Eviolite Ability: Shell Armor EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD Bold Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Spikes - Recover - Toxic - Infestation / Encore Believe it or not, I've actually used this set to a bit of success in even OU. There's a reason why this random unevolved Pokemon has a purpose- it's essentially the only Pokemon to truly get access to reliable recovery and the move Spikes in all non-uber formats (As Deoxys-Defense outclasses it x100.) While both Smeargle and its evolution, Accelgor, can use Recover and Spikes, they both have absolutely horrible bulk, to the point where you're better off sashing them to get your spikes up. But, thanks to an alright base defense stat plus the Eviolite, Shelmet can take some hits and set up some spikes throughout a game. Max physical defense investment is used as its special defense just won't be cutting it even with Eviolite, so you can focus full-time on physical attackers. Spikes and Recover work excellently together, Toxic is used to get some more chip damage on things, Infestation is nice to get even more chip damage and prevent escape, but Encore can be good to prevent a set-up attacker from taking advantage of Shelmet's passiveness. As for abilities, Shell Armor is generally useful, but if you're concerned with a specific Pokemon that uses Sleep Powder/Spore Overcoat can be nice, or perhaps if you're using Shelmet on a rain team even Hydration could be considered. good luck on your quest for good goofs, hope shelmet can help
  4. After having silently listened to what Arceus' had to say (which certainly felt important but not particularly riveting) for what felt like quite a while, Bernice was somewhat relieved that there was another battle going on. In an effort to impair all three the opposing bugs while some of the others collected themselves/wasted her food, she launches a volatile Flame Burst attack at the Butterfree in the center... ...without having time to react to Mental suddenly swooping in from the treetops. (gonna leave damage calc up in the air again because Idk how exactly spread damage should work)
  5. Throwing in my rating of 6.5, Makuhita gets a community average of 4.9! And today's Pokemon is... #257 Blaziken! My rating: 8.5 Blaziken's one of those Pokemon I just immediately register as awesome. Blazing kicking chicken man. I've never managed to use it on an in-game run (only ever used a Torchic on a nuzlocke and it died as a Combusken) but it's still a Pokemon I love using in battle. Speed Boost does make it a bit crazy for 6v6 formats (though tbh I think it'd be fine in OU now with the baton pass ban) but even without that it can be a potent sweeper thanks to its high physical and special attack combined with a great movepool. Also been helpful with Speed Boost for the Battle Spot and Battle maison/tree. And it's also a blazing kicking chicken man and I've had a cool action figure of it since I was 7. Stellar. #257 Mega Blaziken! My rating: 8.5 The design is above average as far as megas go, but not a massive improvement. The way it works in battle is also literally the same as regular Blaziken but with better stats, so although it's useful and possesses a different role than the base simply by nature of taking up a mega slot, it's not too interesting in terms of battling. All in all basically doesn't improve the way I feel about Blaziken, but doesn't make it worse either.
  6. Bernice, irritated not only by the sand in her eyes but especially by how it got there, regains their composure. Bernice then incinerates Norin. Or at least, they would have, but she does decide it'd probably be a better idea to leave a positive first impression which can be shattered later as opposed to not even trying. Besides, she'd need a clean shot for Norin's demise to be guaranteed. Bernice then decides to hit Fearow with a Feint Attack as to avoid missing
  7. Crawdad gave me permission to update this so here goes Raichu was illegal with HA so replaced Surf with HP Ice o3o Match 8- "Faulty Wiring" Raichu does a thing, Snorlax gets haxed, Venusaur is outraged by this, Xurkitree kills a few things, Krookodile finishes the job, Flygon wants no part in this nonsense and with that we're once again open to whatever new shenanigans you've thought of!
  8. Name: Bernice Species: Heatmor Gender: Female Appearance: Personality: Somewhat competent and fairly sharp. However, this is made up for by her being generally unpleasant and pretty much a total shrew. History: Lived on a mountain, ate a lot of ants. Would like to say some traumatic incident occurred that made them such a pain, but as far as I know that wasn't a thing. Other: is fine
  9. Liquid Voice is cool, but yeah it's just actually not useful at all in singles. Kind of neat in doubles for some Water spread damage with Hyper Voice that doesn't hit your ally like Surf, but since there's no damage boost like for Pixilate it's still kinda meh. Also @AlexFuses, some of your picks are somewhat questionable imo (even regular Charizard has higher Special Attack than Physical Attack, and Speed Boost is still good on regular Blaziken if you don't want to run the mega one or already have a mega on your team) but I would have to agree with some of them (Toucannon and Metagross.) As for my own choices, Delibird definitely has a pretty silly HA- Insomnia. An okay ability that prevents Sleep, but one of its regular abilities is Vital Spirit- which is one of those few abilities that does the exact same thing as another ability. And that other ability is Insomnia. Pretty silly if you ask me. Another one would be Wobbuffet. Obviously, almost every ability Wobbuffet could've gotten wouldn't have been nearly as good as Shadow Tag, a very good ability it basically 100% needs to be any good. However, Telepathy is still a bit of a let down, not being at all useful for the kind of Pokemon it is. Would've much rather seen it get something that would still be outclassed by Shadow Tag but at least have a point maybe when the opponent was down to their last mon or two. Perhaps Unaware or Magic Bounce. Finally, I'll go with Lurantis. Contrary is a very solid ability, and is still pretty okay for Lurantis (provided you're playing in a lower tier.) However, the only move Lurantis gets that takes advantage of Contrary is Leaf Storm- which, as you know, Serperior is already a great Contrary Spammer of. Because of this, Lurantis is essentially doomed to be a strictly worse Serperior due to its low speed and no clear advantages over it for this role of spamming Leaf Storm and getting special attack boosts. It also means that in low tiers you'll be using this special leaf storm spamming set instead of its cool signature move Solar Blade that uses its naturally higher attack stat. I would much rather have seen Lurantis get an ability like Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard that at least would have made it unique.
  10. 1.What will your Gym Type be? 2.How would the design look? Very basic gym with the entire structure being built from miscellaneous stones, mostly open and a walk to the Gym Leader- think of Brock or Jasmine's gyms 3.What Pokemon will you use? 4.What Mega will you use? Mega Tyranitar 5.What Generation would it be in? Would have to be gen 7 at least 6.What TM will the player obtain once they beat you? TM Accelerock 7.Which Gym will it be? (by this, i mean like the first gym, last, fifth) This question might as well not even be here since everyone wants to be last, and I'm no exception 8.What will your Gym name be? (by this, i mean YOUR name in the gym) Chip 9.How many Trainers will it have? Just one youngster, would be funny for the eighth gym and a nod to Brock's gym as well. 10.What will be the main Pokemon of your Gym? Golem, as I really love it and it surprisingly hasn't been used as a mascot mon yet. Though it is the one I'm picking was kind of hard to choose since I completely adore all 6 mons on this team.
  11. The pipe strip.

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      Lasagna Cat. Google it. Begin watching. Be enlightened.

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      but maybe start with some light reading



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      I've actually heard of the series from Night Mind, though I had no idea that was actually an excerpt from the Lasagna Cat series.

  12. The correct answer is obvious Sandshrew was already intensely cute, and now it's rounder, has a cool Ice/Steel typing and is an igloo. A truly stellar work. I love all the Alolan forms we currently have though, as they're pretty wonderful in their own ways- just none as distinctly adorable and eye-catching as this little eskimouse.
  13. Steelix
  14. Victreebel gets a community average of 8.3! And today's Pokemon is... #195 Quagsire! My rating: 7.5 Quagsire is a Pokemon. It is the evolution of the first shiny Pokemon I'd ever found, Wooper. It can be useful in competitive, primarily due to its access to the rare Unaware ability combined with Recover. Basically, if you need something that will sit there and in many scenarios not get dead, Quagsire is there for you. More words could be said about Quagsire, but those and even the ones I've already given prove somewhat pointless, when one really has to only a look at Quagsire and will immediately know how they feel.
  15. Pancham gets a community average of 4.8! And today's Pokemon is... #487 Giratina! My rating: 7 Giratina's pretty cool, for reasons I'm sure I don't need to get into since everyone basically seems to agree on that. Cool design, perhaps one of the coolest typings in the games, lots of sixes. Also one of the bulkiest legends around, which can be rather useful. I obviously don't have much of a personal affinity for it, but so cool that it doesn't really matter. #487 Giratina-Origin! My rating: 7 Basically same thoughts as the standard form, not drastically different. Only complaint would be that this form isn't given much reason for existing (or why it looks the way it looks) but still cool and getting Levitate + better offensive stats is nice.
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