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  1. ^ ur 2 slow yeah that's a fun set though I think you'd be better off with speed instead of HP since you'll really want it after a polishin, but both can work depending on what you're up against
  2. you forgot @Big the Cat
  3. Rhyperior is one of my favorite Pokemon competitively, particularly for Battle Spot Singles. (The official online competitive format used in the Pokemon games, wherein a team of 6 is brought like normal but only 3 are sent into battle.) It's a fantastic tank, and with my favorite item for it, the Assault Vest, it can be slapped onto basically any team. Obviously should be kept away from most Grass and Water types, but otherwise this set can take most any abuse thanks to Rhyperior's great bulk/incredible Solid Rock ability and hit back hard. Basically the competitive term "tank" exemplified. Rhyperior @ Assault Vest Ability: Solid Rock EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD Adamant Nature - Rock Blast - Earthquake - Ice Punch - Fire Punch / Horn Drill Earthquake is powerful STAB that can easily be spammed, Rock Blast gets unbelievably good coverage with Ground and is used over Stone Edge or Rock Slide for things like sashes and substitute, Ice Punch eviscerates opposing Ground types such as Garchomp, and Landorus, Fire Punch rounds things out by getting the few annoying Steels Ground doesn't snag like Celesteela and Ferrothorn. Horn Drill is also a solid option in place of Fire Punch to deal with the few walls Rhyperior doesn't fell such as Cresselia and Hippowdon, while still taking advantage of Rhyperior's ability to take hits from these opponents.
  4. what anime is your profile picture from?

    1. Genji
    2. Primal


      no, its from bleach 

    3. The-Hydra


      though the animation style does have its origins in japan, yellow skin isn't actually a qualifier for something being anime


      easy mistake

  5. I'll take the occasionally cruel but at the very least modestly varied inner mechanics over a kind of helpless acceptance, a viewpoint not unlike that of a creator deity, by which every irregularity or symmetry, be they cracks in the sidewalk, cobwebs by a window, or portly waterfowl, is entirely and unalterably beautiful- perhaps on the individual scale this model of viewing life can be sustained, but when opened to others it inevitably withers and drains the life of its hosts, having been too low on substance the whole time to sustain more than a diminutive amount of lost souls seeking nothing more than long-forgotten feelings of desire. also pelipper is annoying
  6. Pansear's community average is 6.6! And today's Pokemon is... #279 Pelipper! My rating: 4 There are some nice things about Pelipper, so I'll get those out of the way. It's a pelican, and those are great. The design is also okay and it has a funny cry. Now moving on to the other stuff. Pelipper, almost every time I've used, encountered, and in general interacted with is a pain in the rear. My first experience with Pelipper was it being the most common encounter on that ocean route above Sunyshore in Pearl, a spot that would be nice for grinding if Pelipper didn't spam Protect and Stockpile. In ORAS, they're extremely common as well and love to mess up your water chains. In Sun and Moon, they gave it Drizzle. While I'm all for buffing weaker Pokemon, this thing becomes an even bigger pain in the ass in-game and now competitively too. The times I've used Pelipper in playthroughs or battles, though, it's always disappointing. Almost as if it's just good at being annoying but not much else. (none of this is to say that I hate pelipper with burning passion or anything I mean it's fine but I've found it annoying and since hey I'm bound to like the majority of Pokemon I have to deduct more points for these things when they come up)
  7. 5/10, Okay color, but there were way better options for a skunk Pokemon than an offbeat pink. Black, Green, or even Gray would've looked way cooler I'd say.
  8. @The-Hydra is gay

    Why the heck are you allowing this username

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      I'm so not gay that it doesn't bother me:D 

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      hydra is gay for me

    4. Kaps
  9. Trolled !!!! but no really serious business to attend to let's get busy 1. Favorite color: Rhymes with bed. 2. Favorite musical artist/band: Don't actually have one, usually I'll only like a couple songs by one aritst/group. 3. Favorite music genre: Rap has contributed too much to all aspects of culture to not choose 4. Have you ever been in love?: Of course it's tough to determine as you could argue it's all just hormones and not a distinct feeling anyway, but hey I'll say yes. 5. Are you currently in a relationship?: [insert funny and original response involving hands] 6. Zodiac sign?: Fish Bros 7. Do you believe in ghosts?: No, and please reconsider if you do 8. Any tattoos or piercings?: That would be very unique and interesting! So no. 9. Would you ever dye your hair?: Hair dye almost always looks pretty bad to me so definitely not 10. What color are your eyes?: One is dark brown and the other is a lighter more hazel-y brown. 11. What color is your hair?: Dark Brown 12. The last bruise you got - where is it located?: Legs seem like a safe bet 13. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?: Yes! Nothing too distinct about them, but I have them and they are there. 14. A word you have trouble spelling?: a couple, but I don't feel like bothering to make sure I've spelled them correctly and I'm sure most of you have thankfully stopped reading by now 15. Celebrity crush?: Good looking celebrities 16. Green or purple grapes?: not a grape guy 17. Do you sleep with your window open?: If the weather's not too bad, nice to get the outdoorsy noisins and breeze 18. Height?: Tall, short, or average depending on your height 19. Are you afraid of spiders?: nah other bugs are of larger concern (CENTIPEDES UGH) 20. Favorite movie?: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Not sure I'm a dweeb yet? Let's keep going then. 21. Favorite T.V. show?: rhymes with "The Pimpsons" 22. If you could announce something to the whole world, what would you say?: Save the frogs 23. Ever broken a bone?: When I was a wee lad, yes. 24. How many concerts have you been to?: zilch 25. Play any instruments?: Several (and all extremely poorly!) 26. Any internet friends? Who are you closest to?: If we're defining close by more personal stuff then I suppose Pepsi Man though in case you haven't heard I'm a big Sciz fan 27. Favorite food?: 1st: Tuna fish sandwich / 2nd: Sushi / 3rd: Fish jerky 28. Do you have any allergies?: thankfully not 29. Last book you read?: Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls 30. Coffee or tea?: Big C all the way, got that good flavor and smell for the morningtimes 31. Ever had a song or poem written about you?: I'd like to hope so (cough cough someone pls thanks) 32. Pet peeves?: arguments that aren't actually about anything, failure to look at the big picture, emoticons along the lines of : P . _ . >_> and starting responses with > 33. How many languages do you speak?: one well, one very poorly 34. Ever had a rumour spread about you?: I'd hope. If not, someone get on that. 35. Define “art”.: stuff without practical application that people like anyway 36. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?: no and now I'm feeling pretty damn inadequate so thanks 37. Where is your best friend right now?: only god knows when it comes to that crazy character 38. The last song you listened to?: some comical tunings of the one known as filthy frank my brother was playing 39. Favorite Tumblr blog?: never touched the stuff 40. Top 5 ____?: Why, my top 5 numbers? From 5th to 1st, that'd be 68, 635, 21, 7, and 3 41. Ever witnessed a crime?: only my own (stealing is bad kids) 42. Favorite Ice Cream?: Pralines and Cream, Pistachio 43. Ever been in a physical fight?: but of course 44. Ever glued your hand to something?: y e s 45. Have you ever been easily amused by something?: y e s 46. Ever forgotten someone’s name?: Quite a few times, unfortunately. 47. One of your bad habits?: an absolute need for approval! 48. Are you good at lying?: Not yet, but I'm working on it. 49. Your favorite smell?: beachy smells 50. If there was movie based on your life, what would it be called?: Shrek 5 51. What makes you nervous?: People actually remembering horrible things I've done 52. Idea of a perfect date?: Scoreland Maui 53. Are you afraid of falling in love?: My main concern is it potentially causing me to make bad decisions due to the whole fervor people tend to get in about, you know, love, but I seem to be great at making poor decisions anyway so having an excuse would be a nice change of pace. 54. Do you like the beach?: yes 55. What’s something you really want right now?: My shiny Crabrawler to hatch 56. Last thing you ate?: Banana 57. Sexuality?: the best one 58. Are you a paranoid person?: Nyet 59. Favorite type of food?: Of the once lived in the ocean variety 60. Curly or straight hair?: straight as the forementioned sexuality 61. Favorite month/time of year?: Gotta love February! 62. Last thing you drank?: Water 63. If you could say anything to your crush right now, what would it be?: "I AM YOU FROM THE FUTURE. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY LOOK INTO [The-Hydra's name.] THEY'RE PRETTY SWELL. WHO KNOWS, WITH THEM YOU MIGHT END UP HAVING A HOUSEBOAT OR SOMETHING. NOT THAT HOUSEBOATS ARE TOO GREAT THEMSELVES, BUT YOU KNOW MORE OF THE WEALTH AND STATUS ASSOCIATED WITH A HOUSEBOAT THAT MATTERS ANYWAY. JUST THROWING STUFF OUT THERE, BUT THOUGHT I SHOULD LET YOU KNOW." 64. Least favorite holiday?: Love Day (not Valentine's day, do your research pls) 65. Favorite holiday?: Jolly Jesus Jamboree 66. Favorite kind of jewelry?: Rocks 67. Makeup or no makeup?: I'm fairly certain this is fairly obvious for like the vast majority of dudes, so let me answer instead that I do in fact enjoy a good kebab. 68. Favorite mythical creature?: the abominable one 69. Do you prefer to be in front of or behind the camera?: front and or center 70. Favorite type of soda?: Never touch the stuff- 71. Nails painted or not?: Nah, I've never enjoyed goat cheese particularly. 72. Play any sports?: primarily roughhousing 73. How many songs are on your current playlist?: don't have 74. Favorite kind of Gatorade?: "gatorade sucks" -reub 75. What do you think of your handwriting?: Varies from awful to competent depending on what I'm doing/for how long 76. Any pets?: un perro, "Cooper(o)" 77. What is one thing you wish you could change about yourself?: DNA, Facial features, and skin color of course, would be useful for so many fun pranks/crimes! 78. Day or night?: the night is comin BUT IT'S NOT WON YET 79. If you had to wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?: Rhymes with fed. 80. What’s your favorite word?: Ungulate (hoofed mammal, of course) 81. Least favorite word?: Talc 82. What is your opinion on “Blood is thicker than water…”?: Blood is in fact thicker 83. Who was the last person to hurt you?: me lel 84. Where is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?: I had a real weird lookin one on my foot I got when I was like 6 for quite a few years but it's finally fading rip 85. How many pillows do you sleep with?: Two is the correct amount. 86. Who was the last person you texted and what did it say?: Don't text unless it's on someone else's phone as a goof and I can't remember what I wrote and to who the last time I did it 87. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?: Weather's nice and I got stuff to do rn, ask later 88. Choose one superpower.: Great responsibility 89. Soft or firm pillows?: One firm, one soft. 90. What is one thing you constantly worry about?: losing 91. Dream career?: Something in the funny business. 92. Do you ever want to get married?: sure I'll try anything once or twice 93. Would you want to have kids?: up to the hypothetical missus 94. What’s one of your biggest fears?: Getting in a car accident seems unpleasant. 95. What is the current time?: 6:42 96. What time did you go to bed last night?: like 3:00 gg 97. Twitter or Tumblr?: n e i t h e r 98. Dogs or cats?: Dogs are Gods 99. Which is more important to pizza- the cheese or the sauce? The sauce of course 100. Best emoticon? dare you to actually read even half of those tbh, after all I specialize in grueling content so it's quite the challenge if @Sciz actually does this I promise even more shady backdoor dealings in smoke-filled discord servers than usual and also people who might consider doing it @AethericDoom @Taiiyo @Replier
  10. Toxicroak's community rating is 7.6! And today's Pokemon is... #513 Pansear! My rating: 8 For some reason, when Black and White was out in Japan but not in the US yet, one of the Pokemon among the rather long list of new additions that really stood out to me was Pansear. Not sure why. And, to this day, still not too sure why I like Pansear. I did use Pansear on my first time playing White, and I in general was rather fond of the idea that you'd get to receive a Pokemon that balances out your starter's weaknesses. Not much else to say though. So yeah, liked using it, cool idea, nostalgia and a design that appeals to me a bit more puts it over the other monkeys for me.
  11. Yeah, Escavailer and the other mons you listed Big would have been pretty good candidates for their respective categories. But, due to my unfortunate weird rules when it comes to using Pokemon for things I wanted to make sure we got a mon for each gen, and thus had to make most of the section's options of a single generation of Pokemon. I suppose it was a mistake to try and use the multiple generations for the artwork category when everyone just voted smeargle, but hey I assumed there'd be more of a contest between it and mimikyu oops oh yeah and I'll see whatever the results are and do the things in around an hour
  12. Well, I chose Aegislash because your classic role-playing games are associated with fantasy settings, often with tools of battle like swords and shields being featured prominently. Pyroar's there because it's got a regal kingly look to it, which once again fits in with a fantasy theme, and something about its stern appearance also felt fitting. Trevenant's there because... well, it's spooky and scary and can be easily imagined within a setting, which is a kind of enemy you'd probably deal a lot with in an RP. (Def the weakest link lol I just wanted four options.) Finally, while Hawlucha's general vibe might make it feel more suiting for something like the battling section, I thought it would still be a solid candidate for the RP one due to its being based on professional wrestlers, who take on exaggerated personalities/characters and essentially are just role-paying in the context of a physical altercation. of course there's always better options but wanted to slip gen 6 mons in here somewhere and figured aegislash and hawlucha at least worked fairly well so hey
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