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  1. Thanks Isa, you're a real friend! figured I might as well give you some pure nickel bc lol currency Also for those curious my new plan with Blastoyse is to keep deluging you guys with them until people find them so unappealing and distasteful that this topic is flooded with threatening statements regarding the forced quickening of my mortality let's begin!

  3. incorrect (edgily) #9: This Pokemon won't have a better chance of being caught in a Fast ball (under 100 base speed.)
  4. hooray! #10: This Pokemon learns the move Crunch.
  5. 4/10, don't hate it, but it leans on the more repetitive side which for me is even more compounded as a negative due to the fairly uninteresting sound (also have a bit of trouble discerning the lyrics)
  6. The answer is Politoed if you're gonna give annoying hints I'm not above googling that crap
  7. Banned for having a banner
  8. OY, I think I can handle a yearly schedule at the very least! also, this is my first time doing Blastoyse since my old computer I've been using for approximately 200 years broke, so apologies if some of the classic fonts will be different and I've lost count of the numbers we're at now a shiny nickel for whoever feels like doing that is it too obvious I secretly wish I had made this adventures in gentoo: sciz and ekans talk about stuff The comic has (perhaps) received some criticism for making Blastoyse's family such a non-progressive structure- the quintessential 50's-esque family consisting of a father, an adopted daughter, and a younger clone daughter. The liberals might blast it as old-fashioned and outmoded, but it's really just the structure God intended and that our society was built on. ok now see you guys here again in a day or never
  9. Incineroar?
  10. Excadrill?
  11. Cinccino?
  12. Hey look Pokeman died thus, leaving the game to whoever posts next! Get your mon and hints ready!
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