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  1. Wait so how do you make a custom battle for stadium mons

    1. The-Hydra


      choose the "custom battle" option on the bottom of the "SM singles" category

    2. AethericDoom
  2. except I've won against sciz's and yours amateur baton pass strats several times @Legend I mean what who said that, but yes let's get to the Toxapex buff plans shall we
  3. Taking a few days off because the ol schedule has gotten a bit hectic (also as previously stated if anybody's interested in doing these for me on days I'm too busy please do send a PM my way)
  4. commissioning major art

    1. Master Johnny

      Master Johnny

      Soon enough, the power of Robopon will bless you with what you have requested in the near future

  5. Kanto badges added- here's the rep needed for each


    10: Boulder

    20: Cascade

    30: Thunder

    50: Rainbow

    70: Soul

    90: Marsh

    120: Volcano

    150: Earth

    180: Zephyr

    210: Hive

    250: Plain

    290: Fog

    330: Storm

    370: Mineral

    420: Glacier

    500: Rising


    the backgrounds for the kanto ones will be colorized by hydralicious at some point but will currently remain black and white

  6. is blaine's signature pokemon rapidash or magmar

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Spamuhell


      But wasn't Koga's sig mon Venomoth, not Arbok

    3. The-Hydra


      generally most agree that Venomoth is Koga's sig, though if you're a purist it could technically be Weezing

    4. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      Huh, I don't know why I thought he had an Arbok.. 

      Oh wait, I remember now! It was because of Pokémon Adventures.

  7. fight for my amusement


    (but probably don't)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AethericDoom


      Reub mains hanzo


      Wait that's a dead joke

    3. Tega


      expert in dead memes over here

    4. Kaps





      Ironic part is that I'm hitting myself.

  8. Are you just gonna keep me as a loser forever

  9. Don't you hate when you want to ask someone something but you don't want to sound like a whiney little child

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. The-Hydra




      well what else are you bothering me for


      that's all i have to offer other humans at this point

    3. AethericDoom


      lol nevermind figured it out

    4. Kaps


      Make me a mod then

  10. I greatly like you.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Primal


      Nisa what are you doing?! How could you say that? Look at how hydra made nove sad by only saying that he likes her, you saying that we all love her probably has he crying in a pillow now :(

    3. AethericDoom


      Sorry saying Jesus loved her may have cause depression

    4. Kaps


      I love me


      Why is everyone staring at me

  11. nice to see you are an admin.

    check my blog 

  12. Sceptile gets a community average of 6.9, and Mega Sceptile gets an average of 8! And today's Pokemon is... #453 Croagunk! My rating: 7 There are some things about Croagunk's design I don't like, the face seems a bit off and all the weird detail is just dripping with gen 4. It also doesn't look too much like a frog. However, it's still relatively rather interesting for an unevolved Pokemon so that's where I give it credit. Poison/Fighting is a typing still entirely unique to Croagunk and its evolution, Brock's Croagunk is fairly memorable even if you've seen just a few episodes of the gen 4 anime, and it always has interesting animations in the games. Plus, it's the Pokemon Looker has, so that's pretty cool.
  13. Why did you add so many themes?

    I mean at least add a cosmog one[pause in speech]

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kaps




      that's actually one of the themes

    3. ShinyLanturn


      Hi Hydra.Thank you for your like on my :Fire: type totodile(totoflame) ;):laugh:

    4. Kaps



      that was random

  14. Guzzlord gets a community average of 7.8! (Too much Guzzle.) And today's Pokemon is... #254 Sceptile! My rating: 7.5 Sceptile's a member of what I think is all-around the best batch of starters, so that explains a large part of my favorable view on it. It's got a pretty solid design itself, and evolves from what is almost unarguably the best middle-stage starter. It's also really quite fast which is cool, the only starter that out speeds it being Greninja. Of all the Hoenn starters, I think it got the best signature move (Leaf Blade, as opposed to Blaze Kick or Muddy Water) though I guess that could be debated. It's got the stats so that it can run a mixed set as well, which I always like. All around a Pokemon I'm rather fond of but just don't have a lot of personal experience with. #254 Mega Sceptile! My rating: 9 Mega Sceptile is definitely on the list of better megas in my opinion. The pose looks interesting (especially for a 3D sprite,) there's some nice subtle design changes, and of course the tail. High quality tail. Just ask @Master Snivy. It gets a sky-high 145 speed stat, only beaten by a handful of other Pokemon (most legends or megas.) Giving it an immunity to a type it would have a 4x resistance to in LightningRod might feel a bit lame at first, but considering you get a much appreciated x1.5 Special Attack boost and the ability to stop things from getting momentum with Volt Switch (or hitting an ally with Electric moves in double battles) it's actually quite a nice get. No Draco Meteor is a bit of a shame but still great overall. (also if anybody's interested in doing these for me on days I'm too busy please do send a PM my way)
  15. Hey, Hydra, you put in 2 of the same comic in your Blastoyse collection on imgur.


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