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  1. Good guesses all, but no- #8: This Pokemon can learn the move Ominous Wind.
  2. I've said GROUNDon for a long time realizing it was incorrect but not really caring, I basically still use groud- or ground- interchangeably depending on whether or not I'm paying attention This one seems to be a bit contested (the difference is sort of minor anyhow so I wouldn't call either one wrong) but it seems to vary a lot whether people say "Ray-quah-zah" or "Ray-Quay-Zah." Personally, I've always done the former, but again pretty small and both sound accurately badass anyhow. But there were two big personal Pokemon-related mispronunciations for me. The first being Rattata. For the longest time, my brothers and I referred to it as "Rattatatta." Not exactly sure why. Probably because it had a jazzy, catchier tone to it, and when you read Rattata's name in the games or on a card (and are of ages roughly ranging from 6-11) it just looks like a bunch of Ts and As. I'd hope. The other one is actually a character from the Pokemon series, Ghetsis. For some reason, ever since I first encountered him in White, I've pronounced his name as "Ghee-stis" essentially swapping the T in his name to be after the S. Not sure exactly why I made this mistake- probably has something to do with the name being nothing like a real name (even for Pokemon,) and the fact that I didn't bother remembering it until the moment you see he's actually the main bad guy. Of course, at that point it's hard to remember names, especially when you're an eleven year old playing your first brand new Pokemon adventure as a big fan of the series and trying not to lose to the tough cheater with the broken Hydreigon you would actually like to have yourself more than anything in the world- okay nevermind that in short Ghetsis' name is weird but he's one of the few ok qualities of the mediocre bw story I guess
  3. I can confirm that this is definitely a consistent problem. Why, I was stuck with two Delibird and a Cryogonal in my party well after December 2015 because that's around when the bug started. It only seemed to actually update my team very recently, December of 2016- notably when the forums were temporarily real broken and had to be brought back up by Johan. I've changed my team since then, and surprise surprise, it hasn't changed appropriately on the forums. I'd assume the problem is some sort of disconnect between the forums and the catch feature, but honestly not sure- considering that it's such a technical problem (and the feature was made specifically by Johan himself) it's doubtful that even our other admins would be able to identify and solve this problem. And unfortunately, I'm not currently aware of any tricks or anything that helps with this- hopefully this is at least helpful in the sense that you now know it's not a unique problem to you.
  4. Nyet- #9: This Pokemon can be caught in the wild in several games.
  5. Brutal #10: This Pokemon has feathers.
  6. those seals from new super mario bros. u that have names for some reason (Fliprus)
    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Kaps


      I played that once it was weird

    3. Contract_Crawdad


      did you see the bones??

    4. Kaps


      It was funny when Zaptwo trolled the Hawlucha by using fig


  7. no problem the rule's only there because zek and spamu liked ruining the game and my guess is NOW HYPNO WOOPS NINJA'D
  8. time to read the rules @AnonymousDoom (in regard to first hints) anyhow my guess is Omanyte again in case you're being dastardly clever
  9. Have you checked Pokémon Countdown recently? New person has started

    1. The-Hydra


      No need to worry about that, I follow the thread so I'm notified and almost always look at new stuff when I come on

    2. AnonymousDoom
  10. i suck. i shouldn't be a mod lol

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    2. Kaps


      Cosmogs don't fight. I'll leave it up to the two lizards, @Master Snivy and @Kekleon.

    3. Master Snivy

      Master Snivy

      Snivies are not lizards. We're fish. Have you even read the lore bruh



    4. Kaps


      Snivy is a freaking fish? You got to be Magkarping kidding me.

  11. it never ends bad meme Omanyte?
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