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  1. Nuzleaf
  2. Dartrix Open Oranguru Rain Store E L I T E
  3. Fart
  4. Ekans
  5. 7/10 for poison frog Anime frog is good. Game frog is decent. That will equal 7 out of 10.
  6. Pokemon: Torterra & Emolga Shiny Pokemon?: no thanks Available for public use?: (y/n) No Further details?: Nothing
  7. I will probably have to choose Leafeon and Glaceon. I like both of them and I don't want put one of front of the other.
  8. Can i pick Mega Swampert
  9. Gen 1: Bulbasaur Line Gen 2: Chikorita Line Gen 3: Treecko Line Gen 4: Turtwig Line Gen 5: Snivy Line Gen 6: Fennekin Line Gen 7: Litten Line (didn't played sun and moon yet but he is who I'm picking)
  10. Oddish use SACRED SWORD
  11. Not yet 7. This pokemon can only be caught in diamond and pearl
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