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  1. ;) Hello, I'm bored so i;m posting here for no reason.

    1. Ace


      Wow I haven't seen your usernames in ages. o3o

    2. Dropco


      Yeah, I've been playing games on Xbox alot o3o

  2. Well...I guess I have officially left..I may come back every now and then but for the meantime Ill be gone.

  3. Sorry for not being active, I have been playing OR and got my first shiny on it yesterday :D

    1. Derpious


      Too bad it was a karp

    2. RaccoonoftheGalaxy
    3. Yashu


      *has 2 boxes of shinies*

  4. Oliver wiped away his tears."T..thanks." He managed to say. He then grabbed two of his Pokeballs and sent out his Dragonair and Mr. Mime. "The others are still tired after the battle." He said. Togepi jumped on Mr. Mime`s back and him and Dragonair went up to Baylie to receive their Pokepuffs. As they were doing this, Oliver started pacing backwards and forwards, muttering things to himself. he then stopped and looked at his three friends, thinking they would have found him mad talking to himself. "Sorry, it`s just a habit when I am anxious." He said.
  5. Are OR and AS good?

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    2. TheRealBacon


      BTW i was looking at your profile and u have 1000 profile views!!!

    3. Derpious


      Before the restart I had like 8000

    4. Dropco


      I only had 100 or so

  6. "I have told ya as much as I can that isn`t personal." Oliver said, starting to think about his real parents who had been killed n the Cherrygrove Town raid. A single teardrop fell from his eye and rolled down his cheek. He then fell silent. A few minutes later he got a phone call and answered it. "Are you Oliver?" the voice asked. It was from the hospital. "Yes, what has happened?" He replied. "I`m sorry to tell you, but your step parents have been murdered." The voice went on to say. Oliver then hung up in shock and put his face in his hands. After a few minutes he rose his head again. "Oh great. Now I have nowhere to stay either."
  7. Okay, Ill add it to the waiting list. Sorry for not doing the other orders, I have been having live problems and such.
  8. (( Sorry for not being active, I had real life problems and all that stuff.)) Oliver ducked as the Starly passed and looked at the boy running after it. He then turned around to the rest of the group. "Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself." He said, scratching the back of his head. "My name is Oliver as you know, and you probably wouldn`t want to meet my Pokemon, but I will show you this little guy." A he was talking, he grabbed a Pokeball out of his jean pocket and threw it forward, sending out his Togepi. Togepi smiled and ran around in circles. "Pi~" the cute little Pokemon chirped, running around everyone`s legs. It then stopped and stared at the Zebstrikas and got a fright, running back to Oliver and grabbing his hand.
  9. (( Timezones >.< )) Oliver smiled. "I`d be fine with a team of four." He said. He then sent out his Togepi who he perched on his shoulder. Togepi jumped onto his head and started jumping around. "I guess Togepi is glad too!" He laughed. He then began to walk beck to the room. "You three coming?" He asked.
  10. Oliver walked up to Grayson. "I guess we are in a team now." He smiled through the pain. "You did win fair and square." He then walked back to his room and lay on the sofa, trying to sleep and forget about the pain, but it kept getting worse. He tried not to show much emotion as he wanted to seem up for the challenge of defeating the Mafia, and not just some feeble scaredy-cat who looked that they had just been picked of the street at random.
  11. I had to go home sick from school today :(

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    2. RaccoonoftheGalaxy


      Yeah. Like leaking... liquid.

    3. Dropco


      On Saturday i bruised my rib or something. It only started not hurting today.

    4. RaccoonoftheGalaxy


      Ow. I once knelt down so far on only one leg, while trying to pick something up in a tight space, that I felt like I broke my leg. I wasn't exaggerating when I told my parents I though I'd snapped the tendons behind my knee. My knee sometimes feels like jelly and goes limp, even today.

  12. (( It was gonna turn out to be a slam, but oh well... )) Donphan fell to the ground and lay there for a while. It seemed that he had fainted, but he slowly started to rise again. Just as he had scrambled to his feet, he sent a rock slide over at his opponent and fell to the ground, KOed. Oliver rose back up to his feet and returned the Pokemon. His voice was a little bit croaky after the attack. "I...gotta get this guy...trained..*cough*." He said, feeling very weak. "Anyway, well done..." He said to Grayson.
  13. I can`t sign in to Pokemon Showdown. Is it bugged or something?

  14. (( I might drop out too, its moving at a bit of a fast past for my liking plus school, time zones and everything is holding me back. Apologies for any inconvenience. ))
  15. Donphan got knocked backwards and his ears bashed him in the face several times. It could be seen than he had taken quite a bit of damage, but that just made him angrier. He was absolutely furious. He started to turn red. Oliver thought this was too far. "Calm down boy..." He began to say, but was kicked right in the stomach by Donphan`s back legs and sent flying. He hit the ground hard. Donphan then turned back to Dragonite and growled. He stomped his feet on the ground several times and then ran straight at Dragonite with a headbutt.
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