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  1. It's been a few weeks since we have all had the opportunity to reflect on the innovative ideas pitched in this thread, so it makes sense now to identify how these plans will be actioned. Whether it be in the form of a plan, to-do list, or further questions from the Admins etc, what is the community's direction moving forward? What is the official response from the staff? How can the member-base support the staff in the forum's current form and new direction? There lies some great insight submitted here and elsewhere by our members, so it would be great to have an official opinion on the pitches made above. We need to keep the momentum of this thread going, so I hope these questions have the potential to bait further discussion! From my observation over the past couple of years as a tourist here, one of the reasons the forum is plagued by inactivity is because there is no sense of investment by the leadership. Like any product or service, when the public (in this case the members, lurkers, etc) see direction they will be in turn invest their time and energy into the community to support it. Just look at the number of returns by old members over the past couple of weeks and you'll see they came back because they saw someone else do something in particular which reassured their place here on the forum. I'm confident we can make the changes necessary to kick-start the community, but we need commitment from all sides. To get there we need to set goals as a community to drive our direction. We can reflect upon these goals in a week, month, and even a year to ensure we're making progress (we need to be ambitious enough to measure success). The following spoiler contains an example of a community goal I believe we have the potential to achieve together. My intention isn't for this post to be taken personally, it is simply pure objective feedback based on my and other member's observations.The purpose of the exercise is to help make Pokestadium an engaging experience for as many people as possible, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  2. WHOA WHOA WHOA there how did you guess? it's actually 5 snorlaxes and a munchlax but xD 

    1. Hydro Pumper

      Hydro Pumper

      It was an extremely lucky guess haha! xD Wow my internet must be really slow to take so long to reply... ;) 

  3. Hey @Legend, happy 11:11! ;)xD 


    1. Legend


      AHAHAHAHA!! I didn't even realise that xD

  4. @zvw_x, wow these are some very innovative ideas! Hope we see you drop an event host application... it's just what is needed to kickstart the Roleplaying forum. @OhJay, thankyou for your support and ideas related to teams! It's something we haven't explored too much in this thread yet. I agree each region should have a Team Leader who can be responsible for their members as well as provide leadership to them. The number of regions represented will need to depend on the number of people who register their interest to participate, so we can ensure the numbers are balanced. It's also exciting to see a number of people are keen for in-game Pokemon prizes to be distributed! This is something I would love to see too, just as long as we have a Pokestadium member who has the resources to inject Pokemon into the games (something I used to do), clone, hack, etc. We would also need to ensure the majority of participants have access to a wifi connection to receive the Pokemon. It's a shame we couldn't use the My Pokemon feature here on the Main Site to distribute event Pokemon... one can only dream! @Gruffin77, unfortunately i have hit my like quota this evening (the 10 likes sure does fly fast), so I'll try again tomorrow! Just wanted to say thankyou for sharing your ideas. @purpledragon24, let me guess a team of six Snorlax? These novelty battles would make a friendly icebreaker, since the volume of content to learn could be a tad overwhelming when first beginning! As for a start date... I suppose it depends on how much we would like to discuss the idea any further and whether there may be any other barriers we might need to address. On the whole people are supportive and enthusiastic towards the idea, and @Legend did give a few thumbs up in the thread which is also a good sign too. The planning and set-up of an event often takes more time and effort compared to the event's delivery! @BisharpBladeI actually agree with your point entirely! A difference of opinion is necessary otherwise the forum would be too predictable, not to mention there would be limited opportunity to learn something new about ourselves and others while we are here! What I took a dislike to was the vagueness of your post, whereas the intention of the other posters was a lot clearer (even if they were the same length as your's). Now that you have taken the time to explain your reasons I am a lot more satisfied. If we could move forward and focus our energies towards actioning this event I'm sure we could achieve quite a lot! @spamuhell, just saw the last sentence of your post haha. Hmm second thought, would Hoenn best represent Australia given the diversity of nature found including oceans, deserts and rain forests? Could Breloom be our mascot?
  5. Nice interests bae, we have a lot in common ;) 


    1. Dan


      memes and hydro are my will to live <3

  6. Thankyou to everyone who took the time to read and even make a reply to this thread! Based on some of the feedback above I have made some further feedback. Let's keep the discussion going. @purpledragon24, you make a great point by bringing up the Battling forum. Based on my experience here, a traditional tournament can be intimidating to the less experienced battlers, so perhaps because we're encouraging participation if we invented a battling event which involves special or fun rules, eg a Metronome battle, or a format we have seen be used in Battle Revolution (on the Wii) or the Battle Frontier (from Gen IV)? @Zeta, I was hoping that could be a question answerable by a veteran Roleplayer, as I wasn't quite sure how you could "win" in an Roleplay either, if it's even possible! Perhaps it could simply be based on participation this time, and in the future Roleplaying Awards could become a feature in the forum (inventive/creative plot or character development?). Or perhaps a collaborative event where teams together create a Roleplaying character (bio)? We may need an expert to give us their perspective... @zvw_x we're waiting. Either way across all the events consistency is the key! If one event doesn't give incentives based on ranks, then all other events should follow suit too. My current opinion is because our priority is to encourage activity, the medals might be best saved for the overall point scores across the region teams rather than given them in individual events? In the future skill could become rewardable too, though for now just encouraging activity is what is truly needed in the forums, I'm thinking. @CP_, thankyou for taking the time to respond with honest (and constructive) feedback. This is what is currently needed, otherwise nothing will change. What I have to say is off-topic, but it is related to your points so I'll keep it within a spoiler. No problem regarding the rant, it does go hand-in-hand here with this suggestion. If you have something to say, don't apologise. Speak up because chances are someone else is feeling the same way and they're only waiting for someone else to put their hand up first. I see what happened with the Spook-a-thon and I hold the same sentiments. Real awards must be distributed with this event. We need to inspire a legacy, something that will create memories for people here. Emblems would make a good start. An announcement thread should then be posted giving acknowledgment to the participants and prize winners. I'm sure if Legendary was recently capable of introducing the Veteran/Contributor ranks then there is something in the Admin Control Panel to add this feature too. I agree that there has been a lack of forum planning as of late, things just seem to be spontaneous and don't really contribute towards a direction for the community. Now it has been realised, let's make that change! Great that you agree with the staff structure and a temporary forum be set up. Thankyou again for your input! @BisharpBlade, nothing personal and as much as I hold respect of you from the early years, posting in a thread saying you hope it doesn't "die" with little input into actually maintaining the thread's momentum, is self-defeating and contradictory. It's an attitude this community doesn't want to see anymore around here. Like anything in life it all starts with an idea and the right mindset. Positivity spreads just as effectively as people spread negativity. It's your choice which side of the coin you wish to contribute here, though ultimately it shapes who you are as a person as well as this community. I don't mind if you disagree with an idea or have a concern, though if you do I would appreciate you taking some ownership to explain your view clearly please!
  7. are you a weetbix kid

  8. Hey everyone, the 2016 Rio Olympic Games are fast approaching and what better way for the community to catch the Olympic spirit by hosting a modified event here on the forum? Throughout the various forum threads/posts and blog entries we can see there has been plenty of talk for a while now about reigniting Pokestadium’s activity and interaction between members. I too was about to make a second reply to the most recent forum announcement to ask fro follow-up, but then I realised I would only be adding to the conversation rather than becoming an agent for change. This suggestion/forum event aspires to encourage the members of Pokestadium to now take action. I can’t promise by hosting an event Pokestadium will become what it was in the 2010-2012 heyday, but at least it is a step in the right direction and gives every member of the community an opportunity to contribute towards a better tomorrow. With the release of Sun and Moon this year, along with the Northern Hemisphere summer break approaching there is great opportunity to make some real progress with the community’s development. There's reason to be excited about our future! Why the Olympic Games? The International Olympic Committee identifies three values which are conveyed during the Olympic Games. These are: · Excellence – it isn’t about winning, though rather the act of participating. · Friendship – encouraging links between people all over the world. · Respect – displaying a courteous attitude towards others and the rules. I believe there is a marriage between these values and what people hope to get out of their experience as a member on Pokestadium. Excellence ensures no matter the talent of the participant everyone has equal opportunity to be involved. Friendship directly correlates with our forum slogan, “reaching from one region to another”. Respect reflects the old Pokestadium charm in which most Veteran’s feel nostalgia towards; the close-knit nature where everyone knew everyone. Similar to the irl Olympic Games format, I envision there to be a number of events hosted across different sections over the community. Taking the three Olympic values into account the aims of running this event could be to: Promote engagement between members (both existing and support an environment for new ones to forge) as well as, Reinvigorate key forum sections to inspire new activity. With a number of sections currently lacking activity, a PS Olympic Games could help create introductory/grass-roots participation opportunities in those forums. Members who may have previously not considered using a particular forum may be encouraged to have-a-go in true Olympic spirit. How could it work on the forum? Members should receive an incentive (perhaps a constellation medal) for participating in each event they register in. Depending on the event, there could also be gold, silver and bronze medals distributed to those who rank in the top three according to how that particular event functions. Therefore, not only do skilled members receive recognition, but anyone who invests their time into the forum will be rewarded! There could be teams representing the different regions from the mainstream Pokemon games (Kanto-Alola) and their efforts are awarded points (dibs Sinnoh!). At the end of the event period one team will be crowned the champion team. Again participation should award points to encourage activity, because we definitely want our region to win, right? I am thinking there should be an opportunity for members to pitch their event concept to the Olympic Games “Coordinator”. The Coordinator approves the event so it becomes an endorsed PS Olympic Games event (or rejects to encourage a diversity of different activities, provide feedback to improve, etc). By becoming an endorsed event those who participate in said event are then eligible for points and prizes. This allows regular members the ability to contribute by hosting their own event. Hence this frees up time and energy for the staff, whilst also giving a good opportunity to empower the member base to take inative in Pokestadium's direction. Who knows we might see who has the leadership qualities to one day join the staff too. Some examples of potential Artwork/Creativity Events Prettiest Profile Contest (Artwork Forum), Simple Spriting Contest (Artwork Forum), Collaborative Roleplay (Roleplaying Forum), Blog-Off (Blogs). Some examples of potential Member Interaction Events Chitchat Thread (Fanclubs), Arcade (post links to popular flash games or use a popular console game, share scores) (Forum Games), Who’s that Pokemon Relay (Fanclubs), Pokestadium Trivia (Fanclubs). Seems like a lot of work. Well maybe, but sometimes good things take time. Below is a straightforward to-do list we could follow to implement the Olympic Games in a smooth manner: 1. Coordinator selected to be responsible to oversee the whole Olympic Games. This person keeps in the loop with the staff to ensure it stays on track. 2. Thread created for the members to provide a brief pitch for their event. 3. Once the pitch thread closes, the Coordinator in consultation with the staff select the most suitable / community-building events. 4. Another thread is then created for members to nominate as Event Hosts based on the decided events to run (therefore suggesting an event won’t guarantee you will run it). 5. Event Hosts notified and in a hidden forum plan their events in full ready for posting. Prizes are also organised in advance to ensure these are actually distributed! To prevent conflicts of interest the member wouldn’t be able to participate in an event they are hosting 6. Expressions of interest are taken to join a team. To encourage people to interact with those they usually wouldn't, members would be placed into a team at random. Staff could help ensure teams are as close to equal as possible. 7. Based on an agreed upon time frame, the Olympic Games run. Commencing with an Opening Ceremony to welcome members as well as ending with the Closing Ceremony to award prizes (individual and team). Event Hosts are responsible for the day-to-date operations of their event. Should the Host be suddenly unavailable the Coordinator can step in. To wrap up Ahem... I could probably keep writing, but that would invalidate the purpose encouraging community input into this suggestion! I would love to hear your opinions on the idea, feel free to share your own perspective on how it could be organised. Fingers are crossed we have enough interest to help make the forum that little more awesome for everyone. Can't spell community without unity. Thanks everyone!
  9. Gotha, just wanted to wish you all the best with your RP! hope it helps reignite activity in the RP forum. :)


    1. mishear


      thank you hydro!! yeah i hope it goes well too i spent a long time on it haha

  10. :)

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      Hydro Pumper

      Very punny :D I'm doing great thanks, last week I finished the last exam of my degree! How is college for you? :)You too mate! <3 

    3. pixelnova


      Ah awesome, hope it went well.

      Oh, I finished college a year ago, but it was amazing. Met a great bunch of people (staff and students alike), had a laugh and a blast :]

      You've been enjoying uni?

    4. Hydro Pumper

      Hydro Pumper

      Thanks it did! I was on 47/60 overall beforehand so I know I definitely passed... it'll just be bonus marks towards a Distinction :D That's fantastic to hear, I can say the same for myself too. It's great to meet people who share a similar passion and explore that together over a few years! We end up becoming a close-knit group. :) What's your next step?!

  11. We have met already @Prince Sky, though officially speaking welcome to the Pokestadium community! Looks as though you have received a warm welcome and making use of the community, so I hope your experience so far has been a pleasant one! Generation IV is also my favourite generation, as I feel Game Freak captured the perfect balance between the graphics with an engaging plot/post-game in DPP and HGSS. Dragon Pokemon (my second favourite type) was also prominent in competitive battling back then! We might need to start our own Generation IV Fanclub! As @Zeta explained, Battling (both competitive and casual formats) have experienced a drop in interest during recent times. However, your passion could help revive the community's interest in Battling! Feel free to post a thread - you might like to post a team to receive feedback or look for ideas on different strategies our members like to use. You never know unless you try! To wrap things up, enjoy your time here and if you ever need any help feel free to ask!
  12. Sometimes you don't need an inspirational caption to be inspirational... I wish I had one though. xD #loveislove #popplio #mystarter


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      Prince Sky

      ohh okay! You can give me any nickname you want :D btw what is you're nickname??

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      I'm pretty sure his nickname is just hydro

    4. Prince Sky

      Prince Sky

      Ohh well i have a friend on ps who's nickname is Hydro :D


  13. @Dash and @sparkleworks1 are actually both correct here! For those who are interested head over to the Wayback Archive site to browse Pokestadium's past from 2008 till the time of you reading my post (providing there has been a screenshot submitted). PS Version 1 forum closed partway through November 2013, so if you dig around September-October from that year there is a good chance your old post count and forum content may be found. @zvw_x and others, I hope this helps! Enjoy the nostalgia, it's the best time travel money may buy at this point hehe.
  14. Is this Papa John's

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      Woah I didn't knew you can do those stuff. :0

      Have you tried some Filipino food by chance? :P

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      Hydro Pumper

      It's worth it, check it out! 

      Do Pizza Hut and KFC count? :P

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      I don't think so. xD

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