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  1. Sorin?

    This Sorin?


    Hehe.. . Just kidding 

  2. As a note to everyone who joined Spriter School, your classes will unfortunately be postponed a bit longer. My parents aren't too fond of me using my computer much at the moment, so when I do get the chance to use it, Spriter School slips my mind and isn't the most prioritized thing. This should changed soon and I'll be wrapping up the first half wave of the classes soon. In addition to all this, if you did not reply to my questions form PM (don't worry if you didn't receive one), you will not be put in the class and will be viewed as inactive.




  3. Thank you so much! Also, you're definitely correct about the armor. It certainly looks a little off, so I'll have to fix it. Thanks for the ciritism!
  4. From the album digital stuff

    Been working on this guy for a while! This is my first Sugi style artwork, so please feel free to leave criticism in the comments. Thanks @Panflam for being both helpful and horrible throughout this process. Enjoy! Made with SAI~
  5. Weiss steps into one of the many rustic, broken down rooms of what was once a temple. A hush falls upon the gems, lingering at her every move. Laughs and shouts turn into whispering and stares, as would happen on an ordinary day. But today was not just an ordinary day. Today was the day that Weiss planned to escape and seperate from the Offcolor temple. She had lived there for thousands of years, but nothing was left for her to do. All of her friends had been shattered or had vanished, and she felt like that there wasn't a gem on the entire earth who didn't fear her. For hundreds of years, she was treated with stares and frightened looks. She didn't know how the Offcolors; gems who were supposed to be unconditionally loving and unjudgemental could be so harsh. She clenched her fists for a split moment and stepped outside. Weiss could feel the softness of the grass beneath her feet and the rays of sunlight bouncing off her gem. Normally, she'd prefer to bask within the cool walls of her temple room, but needed to rid herself of gem contact for a few hours. Usually she didn't react to gems and kept the same, cold stare, but she had been pushed over to the point where she had to reveal a slight hint of emotion, which she felt slightly embarrassed about. Weiss often took pride in calm, cool personality. She noticed a large lavender mass in the distance, accompanied by several other figures. She decided to sneak behind a tree to catch a glimpse as to what would happen and didn't want to be noticed.
  6. Username: Yashu Name: White Sapphire Age: Born shortly after the war started, but nobody is certain Gender: Female Race: Gem Appearance (image 1-2 sentences, or a decent paragraph): Personality (a good paragraph): History (don't be afraid to ask questions for this one, guys. But I'm looking for mostly before, during, and directly after the war): Faction (Diamond Authority, Off Colors? Or are they unaffiliated?): Off Color Gem (if they are a gem, of course): Unknown, dubbed "White Sapphire" by her friends. Other (for other things you think of; character accent, or theme songs perhaps): Aerial flips are just amazing, especially when involving lizards.
  7. Back from my small road trip!

  8. 100. it's been an absolute pleasure working with you all sorry jawsome and everyone who follows this topic yashu out.
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