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  1. Cute!! You should do some Daybreaker art : o
  2. I hope you guys enjoy the Spriter School! I encourage you all to join in spirit of summer time!

  3. Welcome to The Spriter's School! Pokestadium was built on the foundation of spriting and @NuVonde and I wanted to share the art of spriting with everyone in the community! The purpose of the Spriter's School is to teach new and old spriters how to start off and perfect skills. We offer a variety of courses for every level of spriter, and would suggest taking them, even if you're no stranger to spriting. Of course, no course is required, but some skills are recommended to know for certain classes. All classes will begin on June 5th, so you have until June 4th apply. Once most classes are finished, another cycle will start and you can apply for more courses. (Max: 3 per cycle) We hope you have fun! How does this work? All Spriter's School classes will be taught by either fellow community member and moderator, NuVonde or me, Yashu. According to skill level, people will be placed into different classes with other PS members. The classes will be taught in group PMs and will be step-by-step. Classes with people who are more advanced will go faster, expected to know most of the terminology, and be familiar with their spriting programs in general. The designated teacher will start off with the first step, and people will have to start making their sprites. Once the majority of members have posted their progress on the step, they are free to ask questions and critiques. The class moves forward to the next step and so on. Posting progress throughout the PM is required for everyone, even if the individual does not have any questions so that the class can move on to the next step and so on. In total, the sprite may take up to 2-7 days, based on the amount of progress people have gotten through. Of course, you would work on the sprite little by little, so the work is much less overwhelming. Once the course has been completed, report cards will be sent out individually with helpful advice to improve on. Plus, you can earn a special Spriter's School Medal for the Medal Section of our profile once you have completed the class. (Inactive members who did not show their progress will not receive the medal.) ( Hey lookie here, @Legend was nice enough to edit the first post to show you people the medal <3 It's this thingo right here: ) Regarding skill-level Even if you're an expert spriter, I highly suggest taking these courses. For one, it's very fun to work on with other members, brush up on skills, and truly master it. (Plus you get that juicy medal) If you're a beginner, don't worry about holding up any classes, because you will be grouped with other beginners who have the same experience as you. All in all, no matter the skill level, there's a course for you to take and to have fun. Note that the suggested skill levels aren't mandatory to follow, but just to keep it in mind. Courses We Offer: Fusion/Splicing w/ 2 Pokemon - (Beginner) Fusion/Splicing w/ 3 Pokemon - (Beginner-Intermediate) Scratch Spriting - (Intermediate-Advanced) Revamps - (Intermediate-Advanced) Rainbow Animation - (Advanced) Light and Shape Dynamics - (Intermediate-Advanced) Trainer Sprites - (Beginner-Advanced) Beginner Tips - (Beginner) Again, don't feel constricted by the level suggestions. It's just to help understand the amount of effort you have to put in! Happy spriting!
  4. ily <3

    1. Primal


      nO i Love yaSHU

    2. Hydralicious


      STOP DOING THIS TO US!! MAKE UR OWN STATUS SAYING U LOVE HIM dont hijack mine smh (what did I tell you, furries always gotta ruin a good thing)

    3. Primal


      But im not a furry!

  5. Showdown username: Yashu Time zone: EST Trainer sprite: Signature Pokemon: Darkrai Other: I have no clue what I'm doing lolol
  6. Exam tips?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nisa


      Im doing the same thing now, so heres what I do.


      Revise for like 10 minutes at a time, take varied intervals (30-40 minutes) stay hydrated, relax, dont leave things until last minute, and get plenty of rest. You will be fine, trust me.

    3. Paarthurnax


      Most schools have a policy that if the school burns down, all students immediately get a degree. So take one for the team.

    4. Nisa


      Read that somewhere, Id take it for the team lmao.


      Wasnt it colleges tho instead of schools or do both have the same policies? 

  7. Locked for obvious reasons. Everyone please be mindful of others! People have different opinions on things and that's okay. <3 to go around~
  8. bad
  9. acrylic brush was your thing but now it's my thing ;p
  10. From the album digital stuff

    it doesnt really need attract to be cute C;
  11. @NuVonde and I are developing a Spriting School for beginners and all other levels of spriting as well. Is anyone interested? If you showed your enthusiam, it would be greatly appreciated so we can get a general grip of how many people plan to attend. Thanks!

  12. Is it possible to still join? springtime sucks because allergies
  13. Anybody have a sprite request? I'm looking to sprite but have no ideas.

    1. Nisa


      Sprite me.

      A Gladion.

      And I will love you forever.

    2. isagonj


      Mantine and eelektross !

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