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  1. From the album Yashu's Wonderful Art

    I started watching Steven Universe recently and Episode 14 of season 4 got me thinking about the Diamonds' song. I imagine the Diamonds fusing together, and with great power combined, they form this gem. I imagine her being called something along the lines of "Hecedralite". In this combined form, they can sing their corrupting song and wipe everything away. I know Pink Diamond has been shattered, so we won't be seeing a fusion like this in the show, but in the past, when Pink Diamond was alive, I assume that the fusion would look similar to this. I drew Hecedralite in mural style to get some symmetry practice. If Hecedralite were to have a weapon, would do you think it would be? I'd love to hear some ideas~Transparent Version - sta.sh/04p636h9s3p
  2. I think I'm gonna leave. If you need me, Skype or Discord me. I'll still be lurking, but I'll post here and there if I feel like it. Bye~

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      Awww see you Yashu, we'll miss you

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      Goodbye freindo.

  3. Jynksanori (Jynx Evolution)

    From the album Yashu's Wonderful Art

    So, we all know that the Magmar, Electabuzz, and Jynks line were somewhat linked. However, Jynks started fading off as Electabuzz and Magmar got evolutions. I thought it wold be cool if Jynks could make a comeback and get an evolution as well, so I decided to try it out. This is my first Sugimori-Style artwork, so it's not the best, but I'll get there!
  4. Hello there! This is a tutorial on how to level up and develop your Festival Plaza quickly and easily. Now, you may be asking yourself why you should level up your Festival Plaza. First, there's many benefits from it. These include leveling Pokemon quickly, maxing friendship, getting Bottlecaps, making lots of money, and plus, every time somebody meets you in their Festival Plaza and you have gotten to Rank 100, the game will notify the player that you have a Rank 100 Festival Plaza, so you get bragging rights. If you're interested in these perks, keep reading! also I swear I had this tutorial planned before Hydra released his 1. Participate in Global Link Missions If you haven't already registered your game into Global Link, I highly suggest that you do it. With this method, I was able to go from Rank 15 to Rank 50, by participating in one Global Mission. Just by trading one Pokemon, I accumulated about 4,000 FC. FC stands for "Festival Coins", which is the currency you receive in the Festival Plaza to use stalls, rank up, etc. This may not seem like too much, but it was able to hugely raise my rank. If you need help on registering to Global Link, you can click here. They are distributing the unreleased Mega Stones, more FC, and other rare items, as well, so I would take advantage of this opportunity. 2. Answer Visitors' Questions This is probably the most standard FC making method, so I'll try to explain it to its fullest extent. In this method, you may notice people appearing with a blue light. The ones who have a red speech bubble will be the ones who can potentially give you FC. They will ask randomized questions, usually about wanting something, and you lead them to the stall that matches their wish. Sometimes, you will not have the right stall, so I suggest stacking up on a wide variety of stalls. I have conveniently attached a chart from Bulbapedia to show what question matches what answer. (Note that "Take me to a place you think I'd like" is randomized and is luck-based) 3. Missions Not to be confused with Global Missions, Missions can be participated in by speaking to the lady in the dress near the entrance of the Festival Plaza. Select "Participate in a Mission" and click the arrow facing right at the top right corner of the screen. It should say "Join a Mission" now. Make sure you're connected to the internet, because this method involves real people who are connected over wifi. "Type Matchups" are probably the easiest and most participated mission, so you'll want to join it. Talk to people, and answer their questions. In this case, Type Matchups will ask you about supereffectiveness and other basic information. In the end, the FC can vary. On average, you'll get 20-30, but I once accumulated 90, so it can change depending on the number of questions answered correctly. 4. Perks This isn't a method to get FC, but rather all the perks that come with having high rankings. The higher ranking you have, the better stalls you will get. Gold Rush can help you get nuggets, and other valuable items. Big Dreams can get you Bottle Caps, and one is guaranteed every time you get a new Big Dreams stall. The Rare Kitchens are often underestimated, and at its highest, it can raise Pokemon's levels by 20's, even when they're high leveled already! Bouncy Houses and Friendship cafes can help max friendship for Pokemon, but there are easier ways to do that. Every time you turn down an offer Sophocles give you for a stall, he'll give you something instead. The items can change depending on how many stars the stall has. I was able to farm items such as nuggets and pearls when I received my 4000 FC and gave me about 500,000 upon selling them. -- As you can tell, the Festival Plaza is a pretty great feature! If you have any questions, or even any tips on methods that have worked for you, don't hesitate to comment!
  5. Sky

    I love your art so much!
  6. Why thank you, Panflam for your completley natural and unrehearsed comment! Hopefully we'll do another series soon, so stay tuned!
  7. Got the final Arty Trio blog post up!

  8. Welcome to the finale of Pokemon MS Paint Version! Pokemon MS Paint is a five-part series which involves drawing a randomized Pokemon in MS Paint. Each user will be given a maximum of fifteen minutes to draw each Pokemon. The viewers, which are all of you, will vote on who you think has the best drawn Pokemon. The results have been added up from all five episodes and the winners have been declared! -- First off, I know that Legend, Isagonj, and I had a really great time doing this challenge. It was nice to get out of our comfort zone and try something just for pure fun. We didn't have to make anything look as perfect or extravagant as we would normally intend to do, so this was a pleasant experience as a whole. In the end, whoever comes out on the top doesn't really matter (but let's get real, bragging rights are the best kind of prize). And of course, thank you to the audience for voting. It's been a little under a year since we started this series, so the long-awaited results are in! In First Place, @Yashu In the beginning, I didn't think I would make it very far, so this was surprising! I'm very clearly better than both Legend and Isabel and blew this competition out of the water. In all seriousness, I think that both Isabel and Legend did far better than me, but again, it doesn't matter who came out on top. (It's not rigged I promise) In Second Place, @isagonj I commend Isabel for her unique styling and vibrant color pallets throughout this competition. I'm sure she doesn't care too much and she's probably in some kind of wormhole playing Fire Emblem. In any case, congratulations! In Third Place, @Legend The saying "last, but certainly not least" definitely applies to Legend. To let you in on a little secret, Legend uses a Mac Computer and didn't have access to MS Paint. He actually used Aseprite the whole time, but was restricted to MS Paint-only features. He's somewhere, lurking around PS. #ResurrectLegendFromTheDead
  9. Guys, this is an art thread. When someone tells you to stop, you stop. Especially somebody in authority like Poison. It's also extremely disrespectful to spam Lux's thread and ask for it to be locked. If you would like to spam, maybe PS isn't the place for that. However, for general conversation and fun, just hit up the Forum Games. (Also Lux, keep the art coming, I'm loving it)
  10. why are you so talented please stop it
  11. Cyrus looks quite similar to Cyrano, indeed. Can I ask what separates Cyrus from Cyrano as an original character?
  12. My scanner is pretty bad and never picks up the lines, so I don't use one. I use an iPad to take a picture, with natural daylight, and slightly adjust the exposure and contrast to make it look like it does in real life.
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