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  1. Okay these look really neat I can't resist sorry Phi Avatar * Pokemon/Character: Porygon-Z Color Scheme: Can you maybe make the colours really bright, maybe even neon? Other: If you could make the background look kinda glitchy/cyber-ish that would be awesome, but if that's too much detail I'm cool with whatever you think looks best. ^^
  2. That hood seems like a pain to drag around everywhere lols
  3. Sorry, what?
  4. Your character changed eye colour since the last drawing, this is unacceptable.
  5. It's a little late but better late than never, right? @The-Hydra gets 4 points! 3 for being the first and the only to send everything in, and 1 for the bonus item. You're on the top of the leaderboard now, congratulations! Everyone give the man a round of applause. Time for a new challenge! The things that you will have to find this week are... Because there's less time there are less items to find. Also no bonus this time because of the same reasons totally not because I'm too lazy to think of one shh. Good luck everyone!
  6. I don't think my mom wants me to grow up lols.

    1. Luxifer


      Do something stupid or childish, she'll say otherwise xD 

    2. doug is a furry
  7. I'm all in for anything up to gen 5, but since I realise some people might only have the gen 6 games, I got an idea that might be interesting. How about we do a split and have some people play RSE, and the others ORAS. I realise that there are some major differences between the two, but they're not so vastly different that it would be impossible to make it comprehensible to run the two through each other. ((Edit: whoops didn't see @OhJay already proposed something like this, soz man)) As for the awards, I think that it's a great idea and that it can definitely help to keep people motivated to finish the run. I don't think that it goes against the idea of it being a communitylocke since it is still a competition that an individual person will be able to win. To minimise dropouts, I think requiring less things written down in your log might be good. From my experience with the last communitylocke where we played DPPt it was a bit of a nuisance to keep track of all the things that you did. Maybe make it optional? Besides that, I think that if at least a few people stay active within the nuzlocke then the rest will probably follow. Of course there will be some exceptions, but these things mainly work on how much input you get from others. The solution seems to be that everyone has to make an effort, and then people will probably be less likely to drop out. I think the points for clauses should be gone completely. Not only does it give a headstart to the more experienced nuzlockers, it also encourages the people who are somewhat newer to it to pick the most difficult clauses just to have a bit of a chance. While pushing yourself to do something more difficult usually isn't a bad thing, it does make it much more likely that less experienced nuzlockers will lose the game within the first few updates and therefore be put out of the race. I think that's something that should be avoided, so instead of giving points to the clauses, just make them a fun little thing that people can choose to do without anything pushing them to do it. And finally the point system in general, I think it should still be a competition before anything else, so I'd say keep it. Maybe put a little less emphasis on it not giving points for clauses, but besides that there isn't really any other option that I can think of. I'd say keep this as it is. Anyway that concludes my opinion on most of your points and yes I read from bottom to top. Looking forward to it!
  8. go to sleep its nearly 4 am

    1. Gir


      Sleep? Who even needs sleep, please I've been up all night.

  9. Yo we should do a community locke again sometime (this is a hint for Hydra)

    1. Spamuhell


      i should totally run it again. because that went so much better

    2. OhJay


      They always last like two badges xD


      But I'd be down to try it again!

    3. The-Hydra



      anyway yeah I'll start that again but first I'll do a poll thing as per usual

  10. Opposite: trumpet
  11. Bringing out the big guns I see. Opposite: Blood-transfusion
  12. My dad turned down the heaters everywhere so now it's permanently freezing in my house. Oh well, time to get a thicker skin I guess. o3o

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Gir


      I hate it too when freezing cold rain falls out the sky, it's almost like it's an entirely new, solid substance.

    3. purpledragon24


      here i am having moved from the hottest, sunniest place in murica to like a 10x colder and rainier place, i don't know how I'm handling winter at all

    4. Petey Piranha

      Petey Piranha

      *gives you King Dedede robe*

      Why don't these exist I.R.L......

  13. Darmanitan?
  14. Similar: werewolf
  15. Monferno?
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