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  1. Goshdangitsaurus Rex, I gotta update me art thread soon

  2. Eheheheheh vague post

  3. The servers are down, I'm yelling Go
    You better move, you better dodge
    Let's make an app, that you can't download
    It'll be the Mons, you can't catch

    1. OhJay


      *you cannot catch 


      it fits with the "you won't forget" of the original song. I'd hear this though. 10/10

  4. Finally, a team of 6 lv. 100 Woopers. Praise be unto the Wooper.


  5. Not at home so I won't be there in person but I will in spirit.
  6. So close to 6 lv 100 woopers


  8. Finally updated the art thread

  9. Also I'll be updating my art thread either today or tomorrow

    1. Captain Wayne

      Captain Wayne

      Whoops. Haven't finished one of the things.

  10. The Woopers are growing strong

  11. The Gingerdead Man has a dragon now also.

    1. Captain Wayne

      Captain Wayne

      Called the Gingerdragon

  12. I have a lv. 100 Wooper

  13. If the RNG alines in my favor, by Monday we should have our first lv. 100 Wooper.

  14. Oh also taking Ham sprite requests until the 21st of April.

    1. Captain Wayne

      Captain Wayne

      Via PM preferably. Keeping that out of my art thread.

  15. Made a few more Hams and added them to my art thread. Also, finally organized the darn thing.

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