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  1. oi m8ey

  2. She's a half elf sorcerer. I've been having a ton of fun playing her so far, and I didn't have a mini for her, so I figured "why not get one"! If you want to make your own, this is the site I ordered from: https://www.heroforge.com/ Only real problem is that they get really expensive if you actually order from them and don't just buy your model file to print on your own. I'm really lucky my friend has a 3d printer and was willing to print it for me, otherwise there's no way I'm dropping 30$ on a mini ^^'
  3. From the album Actual art stuff (not memes)

    Recently I got a friend of mine to 3d print a custom D&D miniature for me, and I finished painting it just yesterday. For my first time painting at such a small scale, I think it turned out really well, and I'm hoping to maybe do more in the future ~
  4. Happy Canada day everyone ~

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      I'm an unofficial Canadian Air Hockey Wolf


      Okay I've never been to Canada and I wasn't raised by wolves and I can't ice skate but LET'S OVERLOOK THAT ;)

  5. After hearing that nobody was particularly adept at any sort of thieving skills or magical illusions, Tana simply let out a frustrated sigh. Looking over their group, it seemed that they would be more content to fight their way out instead. "Ugh. So illogical." She thought dryly. After moments passed, the group began to slowly drift away from the cell block in search of their gear. Tana was happy to be on the move, although much less happy that nobody was making any apparent effort to keep quiet. At least Tana kept her mouth shut. Upon arriving at the armory, Tana couldn't help but notice the absolute magnificence of it all. While messy, the amount of blades, spears, and deadly tools of destruction was overwhelming. Tana was able to spot her staff right away. It had been tossed in a barrel in the corner along with other spears and polearms. She picked it up, traced her hand over the metal and muttered a few cursed words, causing the tip of the staff to leap forth with a small black fire. As she did this, Tana's prison rags slowly disintegrated and her robes of death formed over her. Once they had materialized fully, she knelt down, muttered a few more words while tracing a sigil on the ground, causing the black fire of her robes to slowly disappear. Unfortunately, her shuriken were nowhere to be found. "Ah well." Tana quickly made her way back to the group and spoke up. "Have we thought of a plan to get out yet?"
  6. What time on Tuesday were you planning to start? I'm totally fine with the day, it's just that I know that for about a two and a half hour period that night, I won't be able to post at all. (About 5:00pm to 7:30pm to be specific.)

    1. AuroreanBladeMaster


      Scratch that, actually. My plans are actually different than I expected. I still might have a bit of trouble posting that day, but probably not as much as I originally thought. My apologies.

  7. Hey everyone, quick updates and such. I know it has been awhile, and I apologize. exams aren't so kind on my free time. @NuVonde, accepted. @Gruffin77, I need a revision or two in the personality. It really pains me to say that, seeing as rps are about creative freedom and such, but it just wouldn't be logical in any way for someone as hateful as her to be assigned to a team where cooperation is key and characters will have to work together. If you could just tone it down a bit on that part, then you're in. If things go well, we will start on Tuesday. With that in mind: @AethericDoom I'll need you to finish your form asap. This rp has had too much time to stagnate without getting started already, and you've had ample opportunity to finish your form. If you aren't done by Tuesday, we'll start without you, although you can finish it and join at anytime.
  8. Gazing curiously at Thrak's arm while listening to the others in regards to their gear and equipment, Tana eventually spoke up and inserted herself into the conversation. "The orc does have a fair point." Tana said, although it pained her to admit that the beast had any intelligence whatsoever. "Unlike the most of us he can still fight without gear in the event of a mishap." She leaned up against the wall casually, pondering over what could function as a proper escape plan. Tana began to pace back and forth. "From what I've seen of the compound, there are far too many men stationed to simply fight our way out, even if we liberated more prisoners along the way. Stealth would be the preferred option, perhaps even disguise. This group is small enough that given a proper illusion we could maybe even simply walk out the front gate. She abruptly turned to face the party. "Are any of you familiar with illusory magic or thieves tools?"
  9. Tana flicked her finger against the wall of her cell, leaving a dark streak of misty energy that ended the prayer scrawled out before it. Every available surface was covered in similar markings of an ancient language, each faintly glowing a purple cover. Tana's prison rags were also torn and altered to resemble traditional cultist's wear. Due to the overall atmosphere Tana let off, many of The Asylum's guards preferred to steer clear of her cell when they could. This was fine by Tana; all they did was simply disrupt her focus anyway. It was after this that Tana began to tune into the voices outside her cell, and the obvious note and key that lay in front of the door of her own. She picked up the parchment and read it with curiosity. "The Night Striders?" she asked herself in a muttered tone. She shook her head and unlocked her cell, carefully prodding open the door with a small kick. She stepped out and rolled her eyes upon seeing who the voices belonged to, along with noticing that everyone had received a note and key. So far, 3 of her fellow prisoners had left their cells. An elf, whom Tana had never paid much attention to, the sing-songing bard that never shut up, along with the unruly orc who shut up even less often than the bard. "Oh joy. Someone's gone and let the animals from their cages." Tana groaned while rolling her eyes and fixing Thrak with a cold stare. "I'd like it if you ceased yelling. I don't know what's going on here, but I can assure you that using your outdoor voice is the absolute last thing we need right now."
  10. Changed my mind and decided to just make a new post for my form instead. Username: CP_ Name: Tana Folkor Gender: Female Age: 32 Race: Halfling Class: Warlock (Altered Mage, I explain in the backstory and Personal Skills/Abilities) Personal Skills/Abilities: Mage Archetype: Warlock - Tana is no ordinary Mage. While she may have started out a spellcaster who followed traditional codes and rules of magic, her interest in secret knowledge eventually led her down a darker path that was sealed by a pact with a demonic circle. Tana is granted wicked and dark powers in exchange for the occasional service on the circle's behalf. She can also spend time entreating and honouring the circle through ritual and sacrifice to further her own power. However, her Warlock magic has its limits. At times, her magic can simply cease functioning if her patrons become displeased with her actions. At other times it can take over her, as the wicked nature of demons and fiends can often be too much for Tana alone to control effectively. Spells: Devil's Tongues - Tana does a gesture of sorts, causing black flames to erupt from underneath a foe. Typical methods used to heal burns such as special creams and water solutions do not aid the healing of wounds inflicted by this spell. Antimagic Zone - By tapping into the energies around her, Tana momentarily creates zones where spells can't be cast whatsoever. However, this does also affect her spells, and she hasn't the ability to dispel this zone whenever she feels. Bestow Curse - Muttering words of a language known only to those of darkness, Tana lays a curse on a foe. This foe can't be affected by healing magic sourced from divine power like that of a paladin, and also slowly descends into madness if the curse is not broken. Tana can only affect 1 person with her curse at any given moment. Witch Sight - Tana's eyes turn a gleaming gold colour, and all living creatures glow with a dark, blood red aura to her. In addition, she can see through any sort of darkness when this ability is active. After she dispels her Witch Sight, Tana experiences momentary blindness. Hell's Passage - Tana grasps the head of an enemy and channels dark magical energies through their entire soul, giving them the sensation of a journey through hell itself. Hell's Passage is so potent it can cause permanent madness, blockage of spiritual channels used to cast certain spells, and even death to those weak of spirit. Tana can only cast this spell when surrounded by bloodshed and death, and even then it requires unbroken concentration to take full effect. Weapons and other attacks: Bloodsteel Quarterstaff - Tana's staff is made of bloodsteel, a special metal forged via a blood sacrifice. It is lighter than normal steel and has some minor increased durability, at the cost of being incredibly susceptible to all forms of magic. Even the weakest spells can disintegrate the staff into thousands of dust particles. She lacks effective training to use it as a proper weapon, and instead focuses her spells through it. Shuriken - While not a go-to option, Tana does carry a few shuriken as a backup ranged attack for when her magic reserves run low. Robes of Death - Tana's traditional white mage robes have become tainted by dark energies over time, becoming tattered over the years. The fringes and tears have an animate black fire appearance to them. While not different from typical mage garb in non-aesthetic attribute, Tana's robes usually let out a clear signal to agents of demons and creatures that worship devils that she is an agent of hell, and this usually earns her some respect or admiration among said creatures. Appearance: Tana stands at the measly height of 3'1", with a slender and rather thin frame overall. Her skin is incredibly pale and scarred all around, especially nearing Tana's face, where a huge, claw-shaped slash leaves its mark over her right eye, which is a bloody, crimson red slit, much like a snake's. Her other eye is a dark, soft brown, untainted by her pact of darkness. Her red eye seems to radiate chaos and uncontrolled fury, while the other eye has a look of determination while also carrying a glint of loss and sorrow beneath it all. Tana's face is overall slender, much like the rest of her frame. Like many others of her kind, Tana's halfling hair is a deep, dark black, done up in two french braids that are just barely long enough to rest on either shoulder. It is hardly kept well though, and is usually fringed, messy or otherwise unclean and extremely unprofessional-looking. In terms of jewelry and other ornaments, Tana has 3 earrings in her left ear, a silver nose ring, and a missing canine that has been replaced with a silver false tooth. When it comes to attire, Tana is always wearing her traditional mage robes, which have become tainted and augmented by dark energy throughout her service as a demonic patron. The white, flowing and elegant robes are blackened and torn all over, and at every tear is a black fire that animates wildly, growing more intense around suffering and death. Underneath her robes, Tana wears no armor or any sort of garment whatsoever, opting for lightness and dexterity over physical defense. Her bloodsteel quarterstaff is magically fixed in place on her back when she is not wielding it through the use of a minor spell, and her shuriken lie hidden under the billowing folds of her robes, attached through the same spell. Tana wears no footwear, and thus her large feet are dirty and incredibly callused, toughened up almost like bone. When her pact magic is at its strongest, her footprints will leave behind a trail of black fire, very similar to the fire on her robes. Personality: While Tana isn't exactly an evil individual, it can't be argued that she's a saint or pinnacle of heroism either. In the end, she's pretty middle-of-the-road when it comes to morals despite her outward appearance of a mage turned by dark magic. She simply follows her own judgement and acts on what seems best or logical at any given moment, refusing to believe in a set code to live by, much to the annoyance of her demonic masters. Above anything else, Tana is a pursuer of knowledge and secrets, delving into the most spectacular of dangers to uncover the lost words of ancient civilizations and cultures. Whether hunting a spellbook of a bygone era, or a legendary weapon used to slay an entire army, Tana is a seeker of artifacts and is well-known in many libraries, mage circles, and cults for her findings. Her pursuit of knowledge can often push her over the edge, and it ends up going awry for her, much like how her quest for ancient magical secrets ended with a demonic pact that forever scarred her life. When it comes to interacting with others, Tana remains cautious, distant and generally antisocial, preferring a "if you don't bother me, I won't bother you" attitude. She works alone and functions best on her own or with a small, tight-knit team. She doesn't stand foolishness whatsoever, and won't hesitate to give any idiot a piece of her mind. Tana never laughs, and remains straight faced at all times as well. Many people are turned away from Tana due to her overall appearance and personality, but those who can earn her respect earn a devout ally for life who would die protecting them. She holds great commitment for the people and goals she really sets her mind to, and never gives up until the mission is complete. Like her lust for knowledge, her stubbornness often lands her in trouble more than it should. In summary, Tana's distanced and detached nature, coupled with her outward appearance and antisocial attitude make her a tough sell when it comes to forming friendships and relationships. Few can keep up with her dedication and commitment to study and mastery of ancient secrets, but those who can earn her respect often end up with the most devout ally for the rest of their years. Backstory: Tana grew up in a small and secret village at the edge of a forest that was unknown to the human armies, living in community with her fellow halfling brethren. Her father was a simple smith who worked on bell-making in particular, while her mother remained at home to tend to the small garden that the family used to bring in some extra gold. At the age of 22, Tana was invited into a librarian's position at a mage tower in the woods bordering her village. She was forced to accept by her parents, who were struggling to provide at the time and would benefit from the extra wealth Tana's position would give. After a few years of working as a librarian, Tana had discovered her own magical conduit through practice of the spellbooks she tended to, and she was admitted to the circle as a student. She practiced and trained until age 26, when she was finally considered a full-fledged member and was granted access to the library's every facility. Tana played cautious at first, but eventually her thirst for more power and knowledge outgrew her good conscience and she began to peruse the rituals and dark magics section, becoming mystified and drunk on the powers dark energies gave her. Tana's point of no return was a small, unlabeled black tome found in a dusty corner on the highest shelf in the summoning section. Its scripture danced to life before Tana's eyes, dictating a ritual of unimaginable power that would grant mastery beyond mastery. Naturally, Tana proceeded to attempt the ritual, which summoned an avatar of death from the pits of hell itself, much to Tana's horror. The avatar of death rained destruction and terror upon her mage circle and her village, pillaging and consuming souls as it pleased. It was only through a demonic bargain that Tana was able to cease its rampage and seal it back to the underworld. For Tana's friends and family however, it was already too late. Slain by the embodiment of death itself, not even the most potent revival rituals could restore the lives of her parents or her fellow mages. In shame and self-hatred, Tana left her ruined village behind her, becoming a wanderer of the land, with nothing to her name but a pact with demons and the deaths of her loved ones. Through her travels around Eltoria and with each passing year since the destruction and subsequent discovery of her secret village, Tana gained several bounties on her head and became the target of many human bounty hunters and mercenaries. She managed to evade capture until around a year ago, when she was caught and rounded up at an underground tavern that housed criminals and other travelers. Tana has been at The Asylum for many months now, living through each and every day of the tiresome and backbreaking work in hopes of one day escaping and breaking free of the demonic pact that binds her and forever tries to turn her to the ways of absolute evil. Other: Power vacuum sounds like some sort of basic vacuum that Dyson would put an 8000$ price tag on, if I'm being honest.
  11. I'd also like a spot saved for this. I'd have had my form up by now if it weren't for crashes and saving errors, which has already caused me to lose a draft over 4 times. I'm currently in the middle of exams, but I'll try and use my break times in my studying to finish a character and post it. I'll edit in my character to this post once I'm done.
  12. @money12wolf, I'll need to see all sections of your form fleshed out more, and preferably without all the spelling and grammar mistakes this time as well. @AuroreanBladeMaster, accepted, welcome to the rp. As it stands, things have been incredibly slow going in terms of forms and interest, so until we get at least a few more good, solid characters in this, I wouldn't get hopes too high for starting anytime soon.
  13. If it does nothing special beyond just allowing him to see, then no. Otherwise, yes @AethericDoom
  14. A new item is available under the gear listing: Cybernetic enhancements! They cost 7 gear points for each limb or organ replaced, read up on them in the gear listing for more details ~ @NuVonde your spot is saved.
  15. CP I did not know you were part cow considering I maybe milking likes off of you[pause in speech] xD I AM SORRY!!!

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