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  1. So I got an admin position on a Zelda fanpage on Instagram! I'm really excited about it, the others who run it are really fun people ~

  2. Looks pretty lit. I'm not a WoW player myself (I don't have enough cash for that subscription), but I do play a lot of GW2 in my spare time.
  3. Name: André Lopez Project title: Miracle Plague Age: 23 Gender: Male Personality: André is hotheaded, quick to react, and rather unpredictable. He has a tendency to overreact to others, especially when they question his values or challenge his capabilities. Most often, he meets claims made by others with violence and anger, a trait that even he admits he has to work on. Even when not angry at someone, André isn't exactly kind, and mostly meets conversation with general disinterest. André is also incredibly private, keeping most aspects of his life hidden to just about anyone. He's not the type to immediately spill their secrets under pressure, giving him this sense of stubbornness in his personality. Those looking to establish interaction with him must be persistent if they hope to achieve anything, which, given his previously mentioned attitude, can prove too much effort for others. That being said, should someone manage to get through to André, they'll find a loyal ally within his rough exterior. André would protect his friends to the death. He has an astounding amount of commitment to those he actually cares for, and would never back out on them without a fight. Appearance: André stands at 5'10", with a very well built frame. He has a darker skin tone, due to his south american heritage and upbringing. He has several small scars all over his sharp-featured face, the most prominent being a large gash running from his brow to his left ear, a wound received from a slipped knife in a gang brawl. His brown eyes are quite light in tone, and he almost always has a static scowl or blank look on his face. As for André's attire, he always wears a maroon hoodie, with a leather jacket over top of it. Sometimes he sports a black beanie over top of his short, dark brown hair. He also wears a pair of tan work pants, along with some simple white running shoes. Backstory: André was born in the ghetto of Rio, Brazil. As a child, his mother and older brother struggled to support both André and his other sibling, 2 years younger than him. André didn't start any sort of schooling until he was 9, and even then he was never a good student, constantly picking fights and getting into trouble. During middle school, he was expelled after he was found with a knife and a few other weapons on his person during gym class, one of the few courses he enjoyed. After being kicked out, he began to work with his older brother at the local mechanic shop, learning things from his older brother and helping to support the family. It wasn't until André was 16 that his younger brother died of illness. The death left the family broken and scarred, each member taking the loss in their own way. André's older brother mostly just got quiet, while his mother fought extreme depression. For André, the loss of his little brother left him angry and bitter, causing him to lash out anyone and anything. This has stuck with him throughout the years despite his effort to forget the past and move on. Eventually, André landed in the wrong crowd, joining a Brazilian street gang in his late teens. Neither his mom or brother seemed to care, and André often wouldn't return home for weeks at a time. The gang had a rep for brutality and drug sales among the Brazilian underground, and André was completely caught in the middle of it all. At 20 years old, a week and a half after his birthday, André was caught by Rio authorities during a brawl with a rival gang. He and the others caught were tried at court, and found guilty of all charges, of which there were many. André was sentenced to 15 years in total. Within a week of arrest, André found himself being released, for reasons unknown. Upon exiting the prison, two men jumped him, cuffing him, shoving him into a car and putting a bag over his head. When he saw light, André was sitting in whitewashed room, with seemingly no doors and the only light coming from a bright fluorescent fixture above him. With pure exhaustion, André fell asleep. To him, the events following were all fuzzy. He remembers a few images: An operating table, a surgeon injecting him with a syringe, incredible pain, and finally, just pure white. Following these vague memories, André seemed to wake up in the same whitewashed room. Once he had woken, he muttered to himself "Must have just been a dream of sorts". Suddenly, a voice came from out of nowhere, seemingly emanating from the very walls themselves.. It spoke with a vaguely pleased tone. "Welcome to the organisation, Miracle". Evolutionary power: André's power was originally supposed to be advanced regeneration capabilities. The first tests proved incredibly successful, allowing André's body to regenerate any wound within mere seconds. It wasn't until about a month after his transformation that things started to go wrong. André, stuck in his tiny containment area, began to complain of a pain, described as "knives stabbing him from the inside". He was sedated and brought in for study. A new form of viral infection was discovered within him. It is assumed that the original syringes used to give André his powers were contaminated, reacting in the mutation process to form a new and incredibly deadly illness. The only thing that had been keeping him alive was his own regenerative capabilities, fighting with the virus for dominance over his body. Special painkillers were developed for André to ease the pain of this reaction. André's regenerative capabilities still function completely as normal, but his blood is highly infectious if brought into contact with any organism. Those who contract the infection formed by his powers can't expect to live longer than 30 minutes. After discovering the error in his powers, his project title of Miracle was changed to the more appropriate Plague. Other: I should mention a quick thing that I feel I couldn't make flow within the form. André can speak English, although accented, Portugese and Spanish. Evolution is pretty cool. Also here have some audio logs.
  4. Eh, why not. Save me a spot, I'll probably have something up in a few days.
  5. Update on my previous status, we managed to find the dog and it's owner. The dog has had all it's shots and whatnot, and all it's paperwork is in order, so I'll be alright c:

    1. Luxifer


      Yay! Glad you're ok CP!

    2. Primal


      That's great! 

    3. PCTheSkitty


      No rabies shots is certainly a happy ending! Still sucks you got attacked by a dog : P Now we know at least it could have been worse, though.

  6. I got bit by a dog on wednesday and I might have to get rabies shots in 2 days if we can't find the owner and dog ;~; I'm lowkey freaking out right now.

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    2. PCTheSkitty


      That's horrible! Best of luck not getting any kind of nasty infections and finding the dog.

    3. Luemas


      Hope you're alright man.

      Seriously hope you find the dog and its owner.

      Rabies shots aren't a fate I'd wish on anyone.

    4. Gruffin77


      Well, thankfully I have a mother who works in rabies, take note that if you do find the owner/dog its pretty much you or it. The animal in question must be put down so its head may be used for testing. And if you do get bit by dog if you don't find it or not you should be safe and get the rabies shot. I know this sounds horrible but I have kinda wanted to get so I can see in my mom's lab, they allow patients bit to check out how everything works.

  7. When Phoebe's two fairies began to give Cory looks and she mentioned them often getting worked up and excited over nothing, Cory laughed. "Not to worry, it's nice that your little ones here are actually sociable. That's a very good trait for Pokemon to have". When Abby tugged at Cory's pant leg, he smiled and bent down, giving the creature a small pat on the head before getting up again. "It's not often I get to work with fairies. Would you perhaps let me do some study later on?" he said curiously, without thinking too much about the awkwardness it could have caused. Upon hearing Phoebe's question pertaining to Cory's own Pokemon, he shuffled a little uncomfortably. "Well, I've only got 2 myself. Not like many of the other people here. They're both, well, odd. In pretty much every way you could imagine. I'm not sure if it's the best idea to let them out, at least right now. They aren't exactly discreet little ones". After saying this, he turned to look at Felix, noticing the lumbering Torterra pacing behind him as they walked. "Then again..." he said, turning back to face Phoebe, "It's not like anyone else is really trying to be discreet about things". Cory thought for a few moments before making up his mind. "Eh, why not" he said with a little chuckle before reaching into his left pocket, pulling out two Pokeballs, Ultra Balls to be specific. He tossed them into the air, and with a flash of white light, Guardian and Cobalt materialized in front of him. Cory motioned to his 2 creatures with a wave of the arm. "Phoebe, meet Cobalt" he motioned to the blue-bodied steel type, who levitated, looking around at their surroundings. He then turned to the Golurk. "And this is Guardian, the silent giant. Never speaks a word, and I've never managed to figure out why. They're still a great friend though". Guardian was doing the same as Cobalt, curiously looking at every little thing.
  8. I have no idea why, but this reminds me of when you drew a bunch of character's from one of your other rps, Pokemon: The Legend Whisperers. That was a good time ~
  9. ((This rp has 2 speeds: fast and way too fast. Seriously, when do you guys find the time to post so much?)) Cory gratefully accepted Felix's hand, only realizing after the mistake he had made. The old looking guy had a death grip on his arm as he yanked him to his feet. "Best to remember that" Cory thought to himself with while a pained grin manifested on his face. Shortly after, it became apparent to him that most everyone was moving outside after a complaint had been called in on the rather large and noisy group. "Not surprised we're getting kicked out" Cory said to himself. Before exiting, Cory strolled on over to the receptionist who had been giving them an angry glare all morning. As he approached the desk, her annoyed stare seemed to only intensify. Cory put his arms up in a vague "don't look at me, not my fault" gesture before speaking up. "Excuse me, I left a bag here with you last night when I checked in. Would you happen to have it? We seem to be on our way now". The receptionist smirked a little. "Do you have your ticket?" she asked, all business. Cory turned a shade of white before regaining his colour. "Ticket?" he asked in a slightly panicked tone. "I didn't get a ticket. Or maybe it's in my room. I probably left it there. I'll be back" He began to make for the elevator before the receptionist grabbed him by the sleeve of his labcoat, lifting an orange piece of plastic while doing so. "I remember you from last night. You ran off before you could even take your ticket" She said angrily before disappearing for a few moments in the back of the main desk area. She reappeared with Cory's rather large black leather briefcase, handing it to him and then leaving without a word. After depositing most of his papers from earlier into the briefcase, Cory finally made it out the main lobby doors to see the crowd mingling. Several pokemon were running about, presumably belonging to the others strewn around the small section of street. Cory smiled, a little disheartened at the fact that bringing out Guardian would probably cause some damage to the roads. He could've taken Cobalt out, but it's not like Cobalt would have been particularly interested in meeting new pokemon anyway. That's at least how Cory saw it. Instead, he simply let out a heavy sigh and began to wander, listening in on the occasional conversation around him before finally settling on joining Yuno and Phoebe's conversation. "Abby and Treble, nice names for such pokemon" Cory said while strolling over. He knelt down to the two fair types while putting out his hand as a gesture of approach and kindness. He looked up at Phoebe, Yuno and Misrey. "Very beautiful fairy types you have here. Really rare too. How did you come by them? I'm sure it's a story to tell" he said with a slight laugh. "Name's Cory by the way, Cory Briggs. I'm not sure if I've met many of you yet. Or maybe I did. I've never been very good with remembering people. Too much to remember in life already, I suppose". It was then that Cory's synth ring beeped, startling him and causing him to jump up in surprise. He read the little message that had appeared on the screen. It was detailing some sort of assignment that Chimera corp. had given to them. He was still on edge about the job as a whole: the company had lied to him in order to get him to come on board in the first place. He pushed the thoughts out of his brain quickly, regathering himself after the little surprise. "Well, it seems we have a little task set out for us. If you ask me it's a bit early for this. I thought we'd at least have some more time to get to know the people we're working for. Isn't it strange that they kind of just tell us to get going all mysterious like?" Cory had to stop to take a breath. He'd been spilling questions and information and the three around him were probably overwhelmed. "Sorry, about that little rant, I tend to get carried away sometimes".
  10. From towards the left of the main hotel lobby, a rapid and off beat pounding could be heard distantly through the stairwell, slowly becoming louder as it wore on. Finally, in a burst of noise and rushing air, a young man with a lab coat burst through the stained oak wood door, desperately clutching at several papers and clipboards cradled in his arms. Every so often something would fall from his grasp, forcing him to bend over and pick up whatever fell, only causing more things to come loose from his clutches. All the while, the man had his neck craned to the left, where a cell phone hung loosely wedged between his shoulder and ear. As he slowly shuffled closer to the main gathering, the conversation on the phone became clearer and clearer. "...I'm not saying I'm leaving the company... mhm... no, that's not it. It's just a short excursion, for, uh... scientific progress... what? Slow down and quiet down a bit, you're screaming just a tad... mhm. You see, I'm not the one who reads employees' personal e-mails... no, for the record... yes, yes sir I understand. It's just... What? Fired? Can't we talk a bit more about this some other time... Disgrace to the company?! Well, you're a disgrace to management! Fire me, see if I care! I'll have you know that... Hello? Hello?" Finally with a slightly agitated look, the man slipped the phone from its position on his neck done into the pile of papers in his arms, where he proceeded to hit the hang up button with his nose. While his head was down, he didn't notice that he had arrived in the main area, slipping on the leg of an empty chair. He flew halfway across the floor along with his papers and books, coming to rest at the feet of an older looking man sitting in a red chair. With absolute embarrassment the man looked up with a sheepish grin and introduced himself, flashing the synth ring and fixing his messed up blond hair as he did so. "Uh, hi. I'm Cory. Cory Briggs, Silph biology department, or at least I was until just now. Could you help me up?"
  11. Username: CP_ Name: Cory Briggs Gender: Male Age: 22 Appearance: Cory seems to tower over most others, standing at 6'1". He is far from muscular though, with a very thin frame and generally weak demeanor. Not the type to step up for any sort of physical task, Cory would much prefer to work the numbers than do grunt work. His face is generally soft of feature, with no sharp edges or noticeable flaws. His skin itself is pale, mostly due to the amount of time he spends indoors. His dull, blue-grey eyes are set deep, with the black halfrim glasses sitting on his nose giving him a sort of unblinking and analytical stare. Cory's golden blond medium-length hair is curtained in the front, which makes him look a lot younger than he is. His impression overall is that of a nerdy guy in his late-teens, which more or less fits the bill. His typical attire consists of black dress pants, a navy blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and more often than not, a white lab coat over top. He also wears a pair of black leather shoes, which are rather fancy looking. Personality: Cory is a very passionate person, with a flair for the dramatic and an enthusiastic aura. Above all else, Cory loves to experiment and explore the intriguing and mysterious, using his scientific knowledge to pursue his grand ideals and dreams. Forever quick to invest himself wholeheartedly in a cause (or several causes) he deems worthy, few can keep up with his never ending stream of input. Cory is spontaneous and quick to take on new perspectives to even the most tested and re-tested theories. A firm believer in the fact that change is often good, it's rare that he ever stays grounded on single ideas for too long, pursuing the slightest opportunity wherever and whenever it may arise. Because of this, he has somewhat of a reputation for being naive and impulsive, often overlooking important essentials in pursuit of his dreams and ideals. With such an "immediate" attitude and personality, others find Cory to be sometimes insensitive. His tendency to not think things completely through before acting combined with his more fact-based and analytical mind often make him seem cold and straight to the point when around others. Cory rarely intends to hurt others' feelings in this way, but he will not deny that it is a part of who he is, and that those around him will have to simply put up with it. In short, Cory has the persona of your classic brilliant and enthusiastic yet disorganized scientist, with a bit of dramatic flair tossed into the mix. He's a dreamer with a mindset that more often than not pushes him to pursue his grand ideas. History: Cory was born in Sinnoh, specifically in Sunnyshore city. Cory's father was an ex-Team Galactic scientist who deserted after he found out the real purpose of their research. Cory's father eventually found work in engineering, becoming a well respected scientific figure. Being exposed to science at a very young age, it's no surprise that Cory had always expressed interest in the sciences growing up, spending much of his free time performing experiments or helping his father out in the lab. After graduating school, he began to work with his father full time. While Cory enjoyed his work with his father, eventually he got tired of just plain engineering, wanting to branch out into other fields. After some time and several job applications, he managed to land a small job at Silph Co.'s general science department, eventually working through the ladder to a medium pay job as a lab worker. At Silph, he was able to gather more knowledge and practice in fields other than engineering. Above all, he had quite the reputation within the company for his genetics and biology research. This was taken note of by Chimera Corp., and before long Cory had received an e-mail requesting him to come down and perform some experiments with the synth ring. He happily agreed, and it was not until he had arrived in Kalos did they tell him the true nature of why they had requested for him to come. While on the fence at first hearing of the Chimera threat, Cory's desire to work with and test the Synth ring eventually secured his participation in the program. Other: I am hoping that this rp will proceed with accelerated pace in the near future. Pokemon: Species: Metang Name: Cobalt Current Moves: -Meteor Mash -Psychic -Miracle Eye -Bullet Punch -Magnet Rise Currently bonded?: Yes Other: Cobalt is what one would expect from your typical Metang: calculated and analytical. Cobalt plays somewhat of a contrast role to Cory's own personality; while Cory is spontaneous and quick to react, Cobalt remains the one who plans and calculates everything to predict what could be the best outcome of a situation. Perhaps this is why their partnership has flourished so profusely. They seem to find a reliance on each other, providing to one another what their own personalities lack. As for their origins, Cory was given a Beldum when he first joined Silph. Why the company did this, he still doesn't know. The two quickly became inseparable friends. Species: Golurk Name: Guardian Current Moves: -Shadow Punch -Hammer Arm -Mega Punch -Curse -Iron Defense Currently bonded?: No Other: Cory first met Guardian during a research excursion to the Dragonspiral tower. He spent much time studying the seemingly inactive statue until once when tinkering with the pokemon's outer shell, it left its dormant state. Since this moment, Guardian seemed to simply follow Cory around, never speaking a word for whatever reason, much to his general dismay and annoyance. It was when Guardian began interfering with his personal life that Cory finally snapped, simply catching the behemoth of a pokemon to prevent it from following him around all the time. Despite their rocky beginnings, Cory has come to find a silent friend in Guardian, who often shows great kindness to him via small gestures and gifts.
  12. Birthday gift

    From the album Actual art stuff (not memes)

    So my girlfriend's birthday was a couple weeks ago, and I wanted to make something cool for her. I decided that doing another one of my minimalist things would be fun and cool, so I took one of her favourite photos into GIMP and made this. This is her from a couple years ago.
  13. Did someone say ideas (old and cringey ones still count right)?
  14. I was in a chuggaaconroy video! Really amazed that I actually ended up in a Splatoon lobby with him!

    1. Yunn Goos

      Yunn Goos


      nice dude

  15. The NX reveal was lit! While I think the name is pretty dumb (Nintendo switch bleh), I won't deny that it's a really good looking console.

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