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  1. From the album Actual art stuff (not memes)

    Wow I'm posting something Made this awhile back for the release of BotW Probably gonna go back to not existing after this CYA
  2. Wtf is this site

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      A place to get away from logic

  3. Is that a pro genji?

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      you know it

  4. Personally, I'm going to be buying a switch or getting one for my birthday by the end of the month, depending on how generous my parents are feeling with birthday gifts. Despite the weak launch lineup, I still want it just for breath of the wild, because even if it is just a port, it is technically superior to the version seen on Wii u. The logic for it is this: why bother buying a worse version of Zelda when there's a better version on a console I'm going to eventually buy anyway? Hoping to God that it won't chew through my wallet, there's a couple of solid trade deals at eb games right now.
  5. Cursed one Username: CP_ Name: Elduin Venterba Title: The Nameless Sorrow Age: 126 Gender: Male Personality: Elduin began his life as a confident and strong-willed individual. Within the village he was raised, he was known as a risk-taker, the overconfident one who was always getting into all sorts of trouble. He was a smooth-talker, with plenty of swagger and charisma to complement his "bad boy" persona. The quiet village he grew up in frowned upon his recklessness, especially seeing as he had royal blood in his veins. Elduin had no care for his heritage, choosing to take a rebellious attitude to almost all authority. Since his childhood however, almost all aspects of this personality has disappeared. After his turn to the Forsaken Arts and gift of eternal life, the nature of his curse caused a dramatic shift in his mental status as a whole. Within the first few years, he was driven to madness by the death that followed him everywhere. In order to escape both his madness and the destruction around him, he secluded himself from the world, becoming a hermit and adopting a matching personality. In order to keep others safe, he shows no emotion anymore. Lifeless and dull to the outside world, all of his feelings are bottled up within, fueling the inner rage and turmoil he feels. The only emotions he will let through are those of rage, pain and suffering, and even these times are rare. His numbness to feelings extends to others as well, and he seldom reacts in any way other than neutrality to others. A few say that he has found peace and harmony given the outward appearance of his personality, but only a select few know that inside is a broken and scarred spirit, with seemingly no way to heal. Appearance: Elduin dons the traditional tight-fitting and light robes of his village, one of the few relics he claims from his past. They were dyed black and imbued with magic when Elduin first turned to the Forsaken Arts, becoming strong as armour in the process. Scattered randomly along the cloth are several metal rings of varying sizes, seeming to serve no purpose other than decoration. He wears no shoes or gloves, revealing tanned feet and hands that are scarred beyond imaginable. His head is almost completely covered by a mask of black, save his eyes, of which one is fiery red while the other is a golden yellow colour. They appear tired and weary, showing sorrow and regret in his soul. At Elduin's side is a short, slender curved sword blade, humble and simple in appearance. A similar but longer blade is held sheathed on his back, secured by more cloth. These possessions are all he has to his name, and in his opinion, all he deserves to have. Backstory: Elduin was born to a village chief in the mountainous regions, where he was supposed to be brought up as a respectful individual. Instead, his attitude earned him disrespect and punishment. Many of his years were spent studying swordplay and combat, one of the few interests of his that didn't spell problems for the villagers. Once he had mastered the blade, he abandoned his village life in search of further knowledge, unable to quench the thirst for power that lay within his mind. Eventually he was set on the path of darkness, and decided that the only true path to ultimate strength was through the Forsaken Arts. After receiving the gift of eternal life, he set out to continue training, until his curse was revealed to him in one of the greatest catastrophes seen in decades. Elduin's curse brought the fate of death to anyone whom he had showed love. The deaths of many followed him wherever he went, and he begged and begged to be freed of his curse. Of course, this could not happen, and eventually Elduin took to living alone for fear of bringing more death than he already had. He remained in hiding for 106 years before finally re-emerging into the world, having mastered his emotions and inner turmoil. The only cause he is bound to is his own vow to destroy The Fallen One and lift his curse, or die trying. Weapon: Elduin wields his longer blade in most situations, using the shorter one kept at his side when in need of a quick reactive strike or lunge. The metal rings around his outfit can also be magically manipulated to form the shape of throwing stars, with which he has unparalleled accuracy. Fighting style: If possible, Elduin prefers to simply run from a fight. However, when called to battle, he will always go for the first strike, and hopefully end the battle with the first strike. While he is an excellent duelist, he has trouble being matched against several enemies at once, those that can move faster than him or have immense strength that could incapacitate him with one hit. To almost all others though, Elduin will usually be the one to walk away, usually untouched. Magical arts: Elduin's magic consists of manipulation and summoning spells. He can turn the metal rings on his outfit into throwing stars. He only has 1 summoning spell, one that allows him to call upon the sacred dragon spirit of his people and imbue his power into his weapons, increasing their power. Curse: Elduin's curse fates any mortal who he has loved or become close to to die, be it by his hand or some other means. His curse has crushed any remains of his old life and personality, fueling a spiritual rage and conflict that can lash out at random moments. Other: “The blood of forever, I will grant you. But a loyalty to never be broken is what you must make too me.” I should mention that if I didn't make it very clear within the form, Elduin does fight for good, although taking more of an anti-hero approach to it.
  6. Save me a spot, this looks pretty interesting. Also, this is a medieval fantasy type setting, right? Just need to be sure before I make my character.
  7. Something tells me that in a few more days we're gonna have a tifarfall theme for the site

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      Aren't they bought in complete form?


      Besides why not look up a tutorial on youtube on how to beat one?

    3. Mewtwonite Z

      Mewtwonite Z

      I’m not skilled enough to put it to the exact position the tutorials say I need to

      And rebuilding it is cheating

    4. Yuuko


      . . . I can solve like 5 cubes in 10 minutes. I mean I'm pretty slow too. It's really not that hard. 

  8. From the album Actual art stuff (not memes)

    Wow actually posting some real content for like the first time in a month Been working on this for the past couple days, and finally finished this morning. This is my current Dungeons and Dragons character. I haven't written up much of a backstory for her yet, although I'll probably get that done in the coming days.
  9. So I got an admin position on a Zelda fanpage on Instagram! I'm really excited about it, the others who run it are really fun people ~

  10. Looks pretty lit. I'm not a WoW player myself (I don't have enough cash for that subscription), but I do play a lot of GW2 in my spare time.
  11. Name: André Lopez Project title: Miracle Plague Age: 23 Gender: Male Personality: André is hotheaded, quick to react, and rather unpredictable. He has a tendency to overreact to others, especially when they question his values or challenge his capabilities. Most often, he meets claims made by others with violence and anger, a trait that even he admits he has to work on. Even when not angry at someone, André isn't exactly kind, and mostly meets conversation with general disinterest. André is also incredibly private, keeping most aspects of his life hidden to just about anyone. He's not the type to immediately spill their secrets under pressure, giving him this sense of stubbornness in his personality. Those looking to establish interaction with him must be persistent if they hope to achieve anything, which, given his previously mentioned attitude, can prove too much effort for others. That being said, should someone manage to get through to André, they'll find a loyal ally within his rough exterior. André would protect his friends to the death. He has an astounding amount of commitment to those he actually cares for, and would never back out on them without a fight. Appearance: André stands at 5'10", with a very well built frame. He has a darker skin tone, due to his south american heritage and upbringing. He has several small scars all over his sharp-featured face, the most prominent being a large gash running from his brow to his left ear, a wound received from a slipped knife in a gang brawl. His brown eyes are quite light in tone, and he almost always has a static scowl or blank look on his face. As for André's attire, he always wears a maroon hoodie, with a leather jacket over top of it. Sometimes he sports a black beanie over top of his short, dark brown hair. He also wears a pair of tan work pants, along with some simple white running shoes. Backstory: André was born in the ghetto of Rio, Brazil. As a child, his mother and older brother struggled to support both André and his other sibling, 2 years younger than him. André didn't start any sort of schooling until he was 9, and even then he was never a good student, constantly picking fights and getting into trouble. During middle school, he was expelled after he was found with a knife and a few other weapons on his person during gym class, one of the few courses he enjoyed. After being kicked out, he began to work with his older brother at the local mechanic shop, learning things from his older brother and helping to support the family. It wasn't until André was 16 that his younger brother died of illness. The death left the family broken and scarred, each member taking the loss in their own way. André's older brother mostly just got quiet, while his mother fought extreme depression. For André, the loss of his little brother left him angry and bitter, causing him to lash out anyone and anything. This has stuck with him throughout the years despite his effort to forget the past and move on. Eventually, André landed in the wrong crowd, joining a Brazilian street gang in his late teens. Neither his mom or brother seemed to care, and André often wouldn't return home for weeks at a time. The gang had a rep for brutality and drug sales among the Brazilian underground, and André was completely caught in the middle of it all. At 20 years old, a week and a half after his birthday, André was caught by Rio authorities during a brawl with a rival gang. He and the others caught were tried at court, and found guilty of all charges, of which there were many. André was sentenced to 15 years in total. Within a week of arrest, André found himself being released, for reasons unknown. Upon exiting the prison, two men jumped him, cuffing him, shoving him into a car and putting a bag over his head. When he saw light, André was sitting in whitewashed room, with seemingly no doors and the only light coming from a bright fluorescent fixture above him. With pure exhaustion, André fell asleep. To him, the events following were all fuzzy. He remembers a few images: An operating table, a surgeon injecting him with a syringe, incredible pain, and finally, just pure white. Following these vague memories, André seemed to wake up in the same whitewashed room. Once he had woken, he muttered to himself "Must have just been a dream of sorts". Suddenly, a voice came from out of nowhere, seemingly emanating from the very walls themselves.. It spoke with a vaguely pleased tone. "Welcome to the organisation, Miracle". Evolutionary power: André's power was originally supposed to be advanced regeneration capabilities. The first tests proved incredibly successful, allowing André's body to regenerate any wound within mere seconds. It wasn't until about a month after his transformation that things started to go wrong. André, stuck in his tiny containment area, began to complain of a pain, described as "knives stabbing him from the inside". He was sedated and brought in for study. A new form of viral infection was discovered within him. It is assumed that the original syringes used to give André his powers were contaminated, reacting in the mutation process to form a new and incredibly deadly illness. The only thing that had been keeping him alive was his own regenerative capabilities, fighting with the virus for dominance over his body. Special painkillers were developed for André to ease the pain of this reaction. André's regenerative capabilities still function completely as normal, but his blood is highly infectious if brought into contact with any organism. Those who contract the infection formed by his powers can't expect to live longer than 30 minutes. After discovering the error in his powers, his project title of Miracle was changed to the more appropriate Plague. Other: I should mention a quick thing that I feel I couldn't make flow within the form. André can speak English, although accented, Portugese and Spanish. Evolution is pretty cool. Also here have some audio logs.
  12. Eh, why not. Save me a spot, I'll probably have something up in a few days.
  13. Update on my previous status, we managed to find the dog and it's owner. The dog has had all it's shots and whatnot, and all it's paperwork is in order, so I'll be alright c:

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      Yay! Glad you're ok CP!

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      That's great! 

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      No rabies shots is certainly a happy ending! Still sucks you got attacked by a dog : P Now we know at least it could have been worse, though.

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