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  1. Many of the personal connections between this "Shadowflame" and the rest of the agents was lost on Sterak, but he was easily the biggest threat for them in the room. He hadn't noticed the two agents joining them; he was too busy focusing on Talon's blind men. Fortunately, thanks to this disruption throughout the room, Shadowflame was left vulnerable for a few seconds. Taking advantage of this, Sterak leaped over his cover, and quickly identified Lucille. Closer to Shadowflame than Sterak was from his current position, his Gauntlets glowed green and suddenly he rocketed quickly to her position, landing on top of the cover she was behind. From there, he began to slowly but surely approach the Talon crowd, shrugging off any stay blasts with his Omega Barrier. Jeez. Is he throwing a tantrum? Sterak was finally in range. His barrier still unbroken, small parts of the energy fragments that formed into the Barrier seemingly detached from the rest and instead flew to the center of his fists. The Omega Gauntlets, being a already powerful weapon in melee combat, combined with the burning energy of his barrier unleashed two deadly punches on to Shadowflame, before Sterak dug his feet into the ground and the small locks that remained at the back of his gauntlets began to spin and slightly unlock. In a practically ridiculous display, Sterak grabbed the man, and his gauntlets fastened around Shadowflame, hoisting him into the air. Holding him defenselessly almost over his head, Sterak released one of his gauntlets and with GREAT MANLINESS AND GRIT threw Shadowflame onto the ground behind him, quaking the nearby area as he did so. He probably won't be getting up too soon after that, but[pause in speech] Sterak's attention was now on the flood of Talon operatives that still remained. The Omega Barrier was breaking. As soon as the soldiers would fully regain their eyesight he'd have no way to retreat safely. He had to rely on someone else. "My barrier's gone. I won't last a minute without it, so I'm gonna need some help."
  2. In case you haven't heard of it yet, fanmade Mega Maker, a Mega Man level creator much like Mario Maker, recently released and is pretty solid.

  3. His eyes readjusting after the brief blast of light from Lucille he had not ban expecting, Sterak got a look at the mystery man as the lights turned back on. His weapon seemed rather underwhelming, though as to not underestimate it, Sterak checked the status of his barrier. Broken. The energy shield cracked and unravelling itself, there would be no way to safely exit the cover and get back into the fight. Still, he had to do something. He spread a blast of crystals down the room, attempting to ward off the Talon operatives until the Omega Barrier would return. It's far from an ideal way to handle this, but[pause in speech] Sterak peeked out again, the wave of Talon, and their mystery man drawing ever so slightly more forward. Hopefully she can bear with it for now. The Omega Barrier was at 50%. Taking a moment to survey the man, the single-barreled gun likely meant it would not be a conventional fire-arm, instead likely a form of energy projectiles or fire. Readjusting his shield to cover a wider area accordingly, all Sterak could do is wait.
  4. Gazing around at the team around him, all going on the offensive against a group of Talon that were mostly safe and sound behind cover, Sterak knew something had to be done if they were to make any progress in forcing back Talon. Preparing his Omega Barrier, Sterak's armor rocketed him off the ground and out of cover, lifting him quickly into the area that divided the two groups. drifting down towards the Talon ranks, the Omega Barrier reflected anything fired at Sterak, making it seem as if the man in the armor was invincible. Finally, as he landed, he slammed his Gauntlets into the ground, full force sending shockwaves through the ground. However, as the energy of the Omega Gauntlets seeped through the ground, the cracking and tearing of earth changed; it shifted inward, causing pieces of the floor to practically fling themselves towards the center, knocking most of the forms of portable cover flying and any Talon members close enough to the landing zone to be ripped from their spots and thrown right into the middle of the room, like sitting ducks. As they struggled to regain their composure, and the Omega Barrier began to give away, Sterak slowly backed away. His voice suddenly echoed through the room: "If you've anything up your sleeves, go for it."
  5. I support you having Hit as your profile picture.

  6. Username: Sonic20 Name: Sterak Buster Callsign: Omega Gender: Male Age: 31 Appearance: Sterak stands at 6 feet, being very well built, though not particularly bulky. He has jet-black hair and sharp, green eyes. His hair is short, and mostly kept naturally to the left and right, though it is held up in an almost spiky pattern in the front. The outfit he uses on duty was made to work with the Omega Gauntlets, and features a Dark Grey/Green color scheme, consisting of a tough almost black jumpsuit and over top small sections of armor that are highly flexible, having a darker green coloration. The armor has light patterns running through it, which glow in response to the charge of his suit. On the back there is a hatch that includes internal mechanisms for the suit, including the power generator/battery, and the control for other sections of the suit. Built into the feet of this suit are armored "boots" that can release blasts of force at will, propelling him so that he may use some of his abilities. The suit also includes a helmet that is normally only a smaller, almost visor-like clipping onto his head that allows him to communicate, but when fully activated folds out into a helmet with a visor protecting his eyes and armor for the rest of the head, leaving only the mouth exposed. Personality: Having specific morals been drilled into his head for his whole life, Sterak is often altruistic and quick to get involved with other people's problems even if it may not be the right thing to do. While he's open minded to most people and is often not offended, even by blatant insults towards himselfr, any actions that he sees as evil, treacherous, or inhumane of someone will often leave him at poor odds with them, regardless of what circumstance they were in. Being this way, he has conflicts with anyone who only serves themselves or betray others. These judgements are often rash and absolute, which may cause them to be poor and not rational, but they do not often change. Sterak, being fairly level headed often is one of the calmer people even during the most heated of conflict, and may attempt to defuse conflict and arguements between team members, though his not-so-smooth way with words will mostly result in them becoming worse. Backstory: From a young age, Sterak was told what was "right" and "wrong" in the world by his father, one of the most verbal supporters of Overwatch and a member of the government within Manitoba, Canada. While these did prove to make Sterak a respectable person and one who would always try to do what's right, he would often come short and let laziness get in his way, working for what was required and nothing more. He was a good student, though no prodigy. His friend, Antin, was a gifted engineer who was able to design an early version of two arm-protecting gauntlets that could project a weak forcefield around them; the Proto Gauntlets. Sterak himself, being far more athletic than Antin put them to the test and fully demonstrated their effectiveness, assisting his friend's dreams. However, the lazy aspect of him was wiped away during a terror attack by Omnics on his home town. His family trapped within his house as it was searched for survivors forced Sterak to use the Proto Gauntlets to scrap the two Omnics within his house, igniting a passion towards protecting others that would only serve his morals even more. Continually upgrading the Proto Gauntlets to go along with Sterak's passion, Antin eventually came up with an optimal design; the Omega Gauntlets. Handing them to Sterak, he heightened his phyiscal state to a point in which he could seamlessly use them to take on nearly anyone who had challenged him and his weapons. More than a talented fighter, and one who had experience against Omnics, Sterak was eventually brought onboard Overwatch, soon taking active duty on the field. Main Weapon: Sterak's weapon of choice is the Omega Gauntlets, two large "Gauntlets" that extend over an entire arm, protecting all of the outer arm, through leaving in opening on the inner half. The Omega Gauntlets do not actually have any finger slots, though instead the front of the gauntlet is a flat, circular face that extends 5 spikes that can be spun at incredibly high speeds from input within the gauntlet. The outer half are adorned in lined patterns that glow when the gauntlets are charged, along with the center of the flat face. The Omega Gauntlets function as a powerful close range and long range weapon, capable of both dealing heavy and deadly blows from the spikes up close as well as firing crystalline energy projectiles when the gauntlet is thrusted forward for range. The outer side of the gauntlet that protects the arm also has a built in energy shield, named the "Omega Barrier". Upon an object approaching the Omega Barrier, the barrier forms and blocks it. Normally the barrier will only materialize around the outside, but it may appear in different places based on Sterak's input. Abilities: - Omega Barrier: Sterak's signature technique, the Omega Barrier, passively blocks a decent amount of damage for him when the barrier is charged. However, it also enables him to jump a moderate distance to any ally, instantly charging the Omega Barrier once again and placing himself in front of them (MY BODY AS A SHIELD) - Upheaval: Sterak leaps forward and quickly slams the ground with his fist, causing it to erupt and pull any enemies nearby into him. - Rampage: Sterak attempts to grab anyone directly in front of him. If successful, he will overpower the target, lifting them over top him and smashing them into the ground directly behind Sterak. If he is unable to grab someone, Sterak will charge forward armfist and knock any enemies in his path aside. This deals a decent amount of damage, but breaks his Omega Barrier in the process. Ultimate Ability: Grand Skydive - Sterak releases the locks on his gauntlets, temporarily allowing them to function at over 100% capacity. Temporarily dashing forward, Sterak grabs any enemy he comes in contact with. After this is finished, Sterak rockets into the air, spinning them around with a single arm, before diving back down and smashing them into the ground with insane force. Temporarily after using this, Sterak's gauntlets must cool down and have the locks close up again, rendering his other abilities unusable. Other: Very paranoid of Omnics. Probably doesn't know anything about the Petras Act besides the name.
  7. discord outages OP

  8. i'm so happy dragon ball super exists

  9. Awesomenauts art? In MY gallery? It's more likely than you think.
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  12. Can't say I echo the opinions about mega evolutions/Z-moves, as I feel Z-moves succeeded in all the areas megas fell flat, however, Battle Tree and Battle Royal were without a doubt pretty awful. Competitive is certainly messy, but that's an expectation of practically every generation.



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