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  1. I am an Australian, explosive-obsessed freak who lives only to spread destruction and mayhem.

    1. Spamuhell


      10/10 can relate

  2. Competitive Custom Robo.


    What a time to be alive.

  3. Have you ever tried creating a river in the desert?


    Difficult task.

    1. Nisa



      I managed to replicate the Amazon River.





      Then I realized it was just a mirage.

  4. Username/nickname: Sonic20 Platform you play on (Xbox One, PS4, PC): PC Name on said platform (optional): Nylocke Hero listed as: Junkrat Other: quintuple kill into heroes never die is a true combo
  5. Pokemon Claim: Bisharp Shiny? (y/n): n Dex #: 625 Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): n Pokemon Claim: Porygon Shiny? (y/n): n Dex #: 137 Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): n
  6. fun fact: 80% of those who pick junkrat live happier, healthier lives

  7. i need healing

    1. Poison


      Genji is that you?

    2. zer0


      muda muda

  8. Now that FLEXXY has learned how to target enemies, he decides to completely ignore it and go on the defensive. Noting the colorful and obnoxiously colored critical hit, Flexxy understands that his allies are in danger. To cover for them with his superior strength, FLEXXY marches to the front of the party, ducking down and assuming an incredibly STRONK and DEFENSIVE position, walling off the dirty crabs from the rest of his squad. FLEXXY used WIDE GUARD!
  9. FLEXXY exams this smug flexing. He is not sure if he should be pleasantly surprised that there are more who value STRENGTH, or be disgusted as such weak flex. Unfortunately for the KRABBOMBS, their aggression has made up the champ's mind. Quickly rushing to the front with a beautiful, STRONGK stride, FLEXXY lifts one of his left arms into air, flattening his hand and winding up for a brutal blow. FLEXXY used Karate Chop!
  10. To join in this RP business since I guess that's my job, I'm gonna try and do something a little... unconventional, but I'm sure it'll work out what with FE Heroes now existing and all that.

  11. "Enemy DPS"
  12. From outside the store, a loud thudding is heard. Such overwhelming strength... girth... MUSCLE. It could only be one thing. Furiously bulldozing poor Ahern on his way in, Flexxy marches to to an open spot on the side of the account. "YES HELLO," he roared; his voice shaking the ground as much as his weight. "I AM IN THE MARKET FOR YOUR FINE ITEMS." Making excellent use of his silly amount of arms, Flexxy points to two Oran Berries, a Salve, and a Pokeball. "THESE ONES, TO BE SPECIFIC." Immediately grabbing them himself and dropping them on the small surface in front, Machamp leaned towards the Chansey. "HOW MUCH WILL THESE BE... UH. WHATEVER. YOUR NAME IS."
  13. Name: Flexxy Gender: Male Age: 45 Pokemon: Machamp Nature: Rash History: Warrior, Competitor; Champion. All of these words would describe the energetic life that Flexxy used to live. Since his trainer had caught him, he was always striding to be Better, Faster, Stronger. Constantly competing with Pokéathlons and battles whenever he was given the chance, Flexxy did not live to turn down a challenge. However, no matter how hard Flexxy and his comrades worked, they always were stopped by the wall of the Elite 4. After an extensive routine involving a lot of mountain climbing and boulder lifting, Flexxy felt he was prepared to take it all home and make his Trainer the champion. Unfortunately, on this day, the menace of goLEM striked. Mercilessly mowing down his companions, Flexxy jumped into combat to save them, but was gunched by the sheer power of this monster. However, their trainer, dedicated, was able to rush them to a PC before a not-so-PG-rated gunching from goLEM. Awakened, Flexxy pursues revenge against goLEM. Other: Unsurprisingly, Flexxy's muscles are a 21/10.
  14. See, the forsaken isn't the problem now, the Haunt, on the other hand, is a mistake
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