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  1. It's vague, but still there. I have an awful memory, but nice to see you again!
  2. I have a bad habit of not checking in on places and disappearing. Yeah, can't say I recognize that name. Ehehehe.
  3. For those who have never seen me here, hello! The name's Vegeta or Esteban, I disappeared quite literally a year ago, but I'm back, and probably going to come back on here and stick around to have a conversation or two. I'm an artist of multiple mediums. I primarily draw, but I do sprite work, color manga, animate, and I do graphic design. I am 18, and headed off to college in September. I write fanfiction in my down time, as well as roleplay on Facebook. I love hard rock and Broadway musicals. My favorite animes are Dragon Ball and all it's spin-offs, Space Dandy, and Wolf's Rain. I regularly watch Comedy Central, and Toonami. Feel free to send me a PM or anything if you wanna talk! And for everyone that remembers me, yo! I'm probably gonna be back for a while, doing art and such. So updates on my life: I got accepted into my top choice college down in Georgia (U.S.A.)! I have a job at a small party store. My dog passed back in February. I am moving up to the adult league of Roller Derby after the 22nd. I'll probably opening up a shop for drawing and such soon, once my life settle down and stops being so hectic. Nice to be back after a year.
  4. I have no idea what is going on here....
  5. So I was trying to get this funny gif onto FB.
  6. Could I be in it as either a Shiny Mew or Vegeta? Whichever is easier for you. ^^
  7. I can definitely say I've been to planets with stranger creatures...
  8. Woah, I'm not dead! I'm back. But for how long?
  9. The pictures you have may be too big in terms of file size or height/width. Try taking one of your pictures and resizing it to 200X200 or 150X150.
  10. His attention immediately went to Vivi's offer to be healed. He wasn't that badly injured, or maybe he was. He couldn't tell. The hit to his temple had left him dazed and confused, as well as plagued by headaches. That might be worth getting checked out. Otherwise, he seemed fine, maybe a cut or two that could lead to infection, but nothing major. His wrists were certainly chaffed, but that wasn't the biggest problem. "If you don't mind once you're out. I'm probably not in the worst condition here though." It was rather obvious that he had gotten off lightly in comparison to the others. Though he couldn't help but wonder about what Desmond had said. Why would his powers have stayed hidden for so long and how did these men know he had that kind of blood in him? His parents would have told him, or so he thought. "What makes you think that I have that kind of power? I was never informed any kind ability by my parents and nothing has ever come up like that. I doubt it since I would have noticed things like that while working in a small forge. Not many things go unnoticed in the shop. Unless they've been so dormant they have never been able to be accessed, to which at this point it wouldn't even be of use to me to have them, then I'm just any other person just trying to make a living in this world." He wasn't able to see Desmond very well, but the message was still the same. How could anyone be sure of his bloodline? How had the men come to the conclusion that he was a mage of some sort? Too many questions, just not enough answers.
  11. The floor sapped any warmth from his body, the bite of metal digging into his wrists at every waking hour. It was nothing like his forgery. He'd sooner prefer to be burned by the triple digit flames than to feel the chilling clamminess of the cell. His head spun and remained clouded, a blackened bruise and cut on his temple was to thank for that feeling. Despite it, he had no idea why he had been captured. He had been working happily in his smithy, hammering away at hot steel to fashion a new sword he had been wanting to make for a long while. At high noon, the smoke stack to his main forge had been plugged up, releasing thick black smoke into the building. Escaping the oxygen less smog, he turned towards the building to see what was blocking the stack. The next thing he knew something cracked against his head, knocking him unconscious. When he awoke he was trapped. He had no idea what he had done, and whenever questioned about 'his kind' he gave a confused look and slow head shake. He had no idea what they meant, other than the possibility that blacksmiths were now targets to something. His fire mage abilities had been dormant his whole life, but his attraction to fire was his only clue, not that he took it into account. During his initial capture, one of the lenses to his goggles had cracked and spider webbed near the bottom. His gloves were still on his hands, which he was glad for. His goggles had been pulled down to hang around his neck, allowing all of his face to be an easy target. In a normal situation, he would have laughed at his reversed raccoon mask. He didn't mind looking dirty, though he was permanently stained with a thin layer of soot because of his work. But right now, his exposed raccoon mask was a weakness. The cut above his right eye and slightly bruised left eye were proof enough. When the others talked, he listened, hoping to get a better grasp of what was happening. Once they started throwing around names and words like 'magic', 'wizard', or 'mage', he was helpless. He wasn't a wizard, nor did he have magic, to the best of his knowledge that is. Waiting and listening, he tried to grasp what was happening. He could just barely see Vivi's cell, and Katherine somehow heating up the metal lock. Swallowing to wet his throat, he opened his mouth to speak, but couldn't find the words. Glancing down at his chained wrists and gloves, he moved his arm, silently hissing at the cold metal while it burned against his raw flesh. "Wizards? Is that what these guys were after? Then why me?" He asked himself quietly, forgetting how easily sound carried and reverberated in the cells.
  12. Username: Vegeta Name: Ixen Age: 19 Gender: Male Appearance: He normally has smoke stains from working in the smithy. Personality: Ixen may seem rather closed up about himself, since he doesn't consider himself all that interesting. Despite it, he is rather friendly when he is comfortable with those he is around. He does have an unfortunately short temper and does get frustrated by small things easily. His biggest flaw and most dangerous one, to himself and anyone around him. Other than his anger issues, he does normally act stoic when with people he's not familiar with, though with friends he's almost more animated in the way he moves, acts, and talks. Backstory: As a young child, Ixen had always taken special interest in fire, though he never knew of his fire magic, which did often lead him to trouble since he liked to try and play with it. One day he had decided to make a large fire for himself to look at. After setting the initial bundle of sticks ablaze he added more wood to make it grow. Taking a stick and lighting the end on fire, he went to show his parents. Entering his home proudly, he presented his flaming stick to his parents, who immediately took it from him and stamped it out against the dirt floor. Unaware of the larger fire, they scolding him until the straw roof caught fire. Able to put it out before it spread, Ixen risked his apprenticeship with the blacksmith as punishment from his parents. Scared he'd lose his chance, he remained out of trouble until he was sent off at age eleven to start his apprenticeship. Since then a forgery has been more home than any house could prove to be. Family branch: Myriel Magic: He is not versed in his abilities yet. Once he has become versed: A snap of his fingers is used for creating smaller fires for practical uses like warmth or heating up food/water. A small flame on the tip of his finger is a substitute for snapping, and serves the same purpose. His large scale attacks require him to focus for at least a couple seconds, leaving him vulnerable to attacks, to form a ball of fire in his palm that can burst into a large pillar if need be. An elongated flick of his arm can create a fire wall between him and his opponent for temporary protection. And to create a makeshift forge, he can engulf his hand in flames at a temperature high enough to match a smithy fire, this does have drawbacks that can happen at random, such as burning the flesh or going out of control and traveling up his unprotected arm. Battle cry: "With all the air you've been letting out, my fire should be a thousand times more powerful." Theme song: No Fear ~The Rasmus Other: A wizard?! That's too much pressure. People expect you to do things if you can use magic!
  13. May there be a spot saved for me?
  14. Who is this Sonic thing you are talking about? I have never heard of such a being.
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