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  1. It depends on what you're using for a randomizer. If you're using the "Universal Randomizer" for a GBA Emulator, then there's settings on there. If you read through what each check box means, then you can tell what will be randomized and what won't be. Simply hover your cursor over the setting, and it will tell you. If I had my version installed at the moment, I'd send you screenshots of what to uncheck so you're only getting what you want, rather than the defaults.
  2. Dreamy World Entering cause I am a sucker for prize Riolus.
  3. For next year, I will be starting my Freshmen Year at an art college. The funny thing is though, they push everyone freshmen to try out a multitude of different programs, because someone might be dead set on the Photography Major, but ends up in something like Fashion Design. But the three academic interests I put down for a frame of reference of where I want to gear myself toward are 1) Animation - because this is what I'm hoping to pursue a career in, and work at a studio. 2) Illustration (Animated Illustration) - this is story boarding to fall back to, should animation not end up happening because of personal doubts in my ability. 3) Sound Design - since my third fall back is going to be trying to get into voice acting. And while I'm down in my college, I aim to continue playing Roller Derby, or at the very least dropping in on practices so that I can keep in shape. More than likely the summer when I'm back home, I'll be playing with NHRD (the team I currently play on), and hopefully playing with the All-Stars still. Depends if I get back up to NH in time to go to try-outs.
  4. This wasn't really fully based on anything, but my own guess is probably Queen Cold from a few of my previous roleplays with my close online friends.
  5. From the album Doodles Of A Ghost

    Started off as a doodle for expression practice, then decided that a full image Lombax was better.
  6. Pokemon Claim: Mew Shiny? (y/n): Yes Dex #: 151 Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): No
  7. From the album Doodles Of A Ghost

  8. It's vague, but still there. I have an awful memory, but nice to see you again!
  9. I have a bad habit of not checking in on places and disappearing. Yeah, can't say I recognize that name. Ehehehe.
  10. For those who have never seen me here, hello! The name's Vegeta or Esteban, I disappeared quite literally a year ago, but I'm back, and probably going to come back on here and stick around to have a conversation or two. I'm an artist of multiple mediums. I primarily draw, but I do sprite work, color manga, animate, and I do graphic design. I am 18, and headed off to college in September. I write fanfiction in my down time, as well as roleplay on Facebook. I love hard rock and Broadway musicals. My favorite animes are Dragon Ball and all it's spin-offs, Space Dandy, and Wolf's Rain. I regularly watch Comedy Central, and Toonami. Feel free to send me a PM or anything if you wanna talk! And for everyone that remembers me, yo! I'm probably gonna be back for a while, doing art and such. So updates on my life: I got accepted into my top choice college down in Georgia (U.S.A.)! I have a job at a small party store. My dog passed back in February. I am moving up to the adult league of Roller Derby after the 22nd. I'll probably opening up a shop for drawing and such soon, once my life settle down and stops being so hectic. Nice to be back after a year.
  11. I have no idea what is going on here....
  12. So I was trying to get this funny gif onto FB.
  13. Could I be in it as either a Shiny Mew or Vegeta? Whichever is easier for you. ^^
  14. I can definitely say I've been to planets with stranger creatures...
  15. Woah, I'm not dead! I'm back. But for how long?
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