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  1. What's champion rank?

    1. Kekleon


      I believe it's for defeating the gym leaders in the PS league but I'm not sure

    2. Taiiyo


      Yes, Reub is correct.


      It is a special rank for those that have defeated all 8 gym leaders in our Summer League (I am a proud one myself), and holding the current spot as champ.

    3. Luxifer


      Oh cool, I can't use showdown for my life

  2. Finally got a legendary in catch 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Taiiyo
    3. Painter Boss

      Painter Boss

      Thats cool! Also, After reading this,i went to catch, and got a lugia to catch.

    4. Luxifer
  3. This looks amazing!
  4. Anyone else binge netflix when they need to do work?

  5. Yveltal
  6. They look awesome
  7. Dang m8, these look quality
  8. When you realize there's an entire Wendy's fandom

  9. The good thing about being the best artist in your friend group is that you can just give them art for gift instead of actually buying stuff XP

  10. I have a feeling that things are going to start going downhill real fast[pause in speech]

    1. Gruffin77


      How so my man?

    2. Luxifer


      Well my prediction was right. 




      i need to help my girlfriend out, something happened 

    3. Gruffin77


      We can discuss on discord[pause in speech] I got you man.

  11. A floffer
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