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  1. Well I don't know if I should go for a banner or avatar, hey i might even go for both eventually, but for now, a banner would be great ^^. Banner * Pokemon/Character: Lycanroc Midnight form * Text: Joker Color Scheme: reds and blues in any way you like, maybe throw some purple in there too if you can make it work. Other: *Imagine a hilarious joke here*
  2. So I was gonna just put this in a status update to start with, but I thought that this was a bit too long to be status worthy so I'm putting it here instead. So I just realised something about the Pokemon games. Since FR/LG started the remake trend, people have always wanted the next generation to come out (especially when it comes to the gen 3 remakes, that was hyped way too much). Now that we've come to Sun and Moon, people are of course talking/speculating about gen 4 remakes (which personally i'd love because Diamond was my first experience with Pokemon and being able to go through Sinnoh again with a tweaked story and the new mons/type would be awesome), but I wonder, will gen 5 be remade, or even hyped up as much. I ask this because I always saw gen 5 as the cutoff point, the fresh start. Gen 4 may have been the games to change Pokemon the most with special/physical split, but it was gen 5 that decided to soft reset. We had one last huzzah with Heart Gold and Soul Silver (which I still think are the best Pokemon games in the series, though I have to say Sun and Moon aren't far behind in quality), with those games being polished up to a brilliant standard, with them having plenty of heart and soul put into them (pun intended obviously) and then we got Black and White, the games that split the fan base the most since Ruby and Sapphire. Of course things carried on as usual and gen 5 found their place in fans hearts eventually, but still, because of the soft reset that Game Freak did, everything onwards seemed different slightly. Jump forward to now and we've just had brilliant games released that have their obligatory hints towards Sinnoh in. Are they there just to tease the games, just to tease the fans, or just because the developers felt like it? Who knows, it's probably all of them, but I digress. If we get gen 4 remakes, what will come next? Well, I suppose to answer that we'd need to know what would happen in the gen 4 remakes, so it's good that Pokemon have been sorta building up a plot that could work with those games -alternate worlds as mentioned in ORAS and shown in SuMo, the idea of travelling through time and space as shown by a certain suit wearing trainer we meet in the post game. It's probably just wishful thinking on my part, but still, the questions stands- Would gen 5 remakes ever happen?
  3. So since finishing Moon I started to complete the Pokedex and up til now I thought the hardest Pokemon to get was Mareanie, but compared to Weavile, getting Mareanie was a walk in the park.

    1. doug is a furry

      doug is a furry

      Do you have Politoed?

    2. Joker


      I have it in my Pokedex, though I think I traded it away.

  4. 2016 be trying its hardest to keep its title as most evil year of the new millennium

    1. Hydralicious


      name a more iconic duo than 2016 and helll,,, i'm waiting

    2. Spamuhell


      Bush and Bin Laden.

      Geez, why does everyone forget the iconic meme duos

      Or Harambe and the Kid

  5. Banned for no longer having your Hajime avatar at least I think it was you who had it
  6. Banned because you make it sound like we do have something better to do.
  7. I swear to god I'm going to ban the use of non-ironic elipses on this site.


    Either that or set sciz on anyone who does it, so yeah, you've been warned.

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    2. Hydralicious




      #oh? #whatisthis? #exposed #dragged #busted #bansonic #tealizard #tea 

    3. Joker


      That's morse code :/   

    4. Petey Piranha

      Petey Piranha

      Mmhmm, that's what I thought.

  8. Banned for mentioning me in an earlier post.
  9. Add some magic to your life this winter :) 


  10. Wow Sun and Moon really went all out with their character redesigns.
  11. I think out of any Pokemon, the one i'd want to see get a Mega would be the fan favourite contender, Flygon. Flygon seems to be a bit mistreated by Game Freak ever since its first appearances in Ruby and Sapphire. Design wise and type wise it seems to fit the role of a Pseudo-Legendary yet Game Freak decided to give that role to both Salamence and Metagross. Flygon still seemed to stick as being a fan favourite, yet Game Freak didn't stop trying to undermine this Pokemon as in their next games, Diamond and Pearl, the Psuedo-Legendary was Garchomp who went and shadowed Flygon by being a considerably better Pokemon with the same typing, which above all else is rather rude. Jump forward to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire being announced. Mega Evolutions are returning and old Pokemon are getting new forms. Fan favourites such as Sceptile, Altaria, Gallade, Audino weirdly enough, all were given Mega Evolutions. This was it, this was Flygon's chance to reclaim its limelight it so rightly deserved, and once the games came out, nothing. No mega evolution for Flygon, but you know who did get a Mega Evolution? Salamence. You know who else? Metagross. Seriously Game Freak, what did Flygon ever do to deserve such abandonment? I suppose there's a bright side in which Game Freak said the only reason Flygon didn't get a Mega Evolution was because a design couldn't be agreed upon. So that could mean that there was love there for Flygon, either that or it was an excuse to appease the fans. Anywho, Mega Flygon wouldn't be that hard, just switch out Ground for Bug, give it some speed and some extra power to its punch and there, you get yourself a great Mega and appease the fans. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.
  12. Okay, so it's common fact that everybody has some form of love for Pikachu, and to those who say otherwise, you're bare faced liars who just want to look all cool and edgy. Pikachu is the mascot of Pokemon and it's been harwired into our minds by Game Freak that it's an awesome Pokemon, and in all honesty it is. I use a Pikachu in nearly every Pokemon game at least once for one very good reason- It evolves into Raichu. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that my favourite electric type is Raichu, not Pikachu. I suppose it's my favourite because of the fact that it is a Pikachu, just superior in every regard. I mean that is the whole purpose of an evolution after all isn't it? To improve upon it's previous form, and that's what Raichu does- It packs a bigger punch, can take more hits and is speedier than the original yellow rat. The design is also cooler too, and unlike Pikachu who seemed to lose weight with every passing year, Raichu for the most part stayed as its fat self. Jolteon, Manectric and Luxray are also high choices of mine, but Raichu is still number one in terms of electric types and uses in my teams. Seriously I could make a Raichu army with the amount I've used.
  13. So you know what's worse than not having a copy of Sun or Moon? Having one but you're not allowed it until next month.

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    2. Amy


      It's not bad, just disappointing

    3. doug is a furry

      doug is a furry

      so, why is it bad

    4. Amy


      it's called a joke man

  14. Quick question for y'all, 


    Munchlax or Lillipup? 

  15. 1. Song that you never get tired of? Mambo No. 5, a classic if I ever heard one 2. Put these in order of your favourite movie genre to least- Horror, action, thriller, adventure, superhero, romance, drama, comedy, musical and dance? Action, adventure, superhero, thriller, horror, drama, romance, dance, musical (Lion King is the exception tho) 3. What type of music do you like? I actually like all types of music, as long as it sounds good i'll listen to it, though Punk, alt, rock etc. are my main genres. 4. Worst movie you’ve ever watched? A piece of rubbish called Monsters. If you liked it then good for you, but it was just so boring for me. 5. Movie you thought you would hate but ended up liking? Star Trek Beyond- I watched it with my family and I thought it would be pretty meh but no, it was pretty awesome. 6. Favorite TV show? Right now, i'd say The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow 7. If you could only listen to one band/artist for the rest of your life, who would you choose and why? The Beatles, because come on, they did a little bit of everything. 8. Your second favorite song? We Are Young by FUN 9. Your favorite cartoon? Hmm, Young Justice 10. Least favorite character from your favorite movie? Ronan the Accusor from Guardians of the Galaxy, he was just a meh villain. 11. Last song you listened to? Battle Born by the Killers, another great song. 12. What is something that you’d like to see a TV show about? Maybe an adventure tv show, like along the lines of Lord of the Rings 13. Favorite character from your least favorite movie? I can't remember any characters from Monsters it was that bad, so I'll just go with Beast from X-men 3. 14. Favorite TV show intro and theme song? Hmm, I'll go with Gravity Falls because that's pretty cool, though so is iZombie. 15. Song you’d want played at your funeral? I think this sums it up pretty well 16. Last movie that you watched and your opinion on it? The Martian- it's an awesome movie and although it gets a bit slow towards the end the pace picks up again for the finale to make the conclusion very satisfying. 17. TV character you relate to the most? No idea. 18. Movies or TV shows? (Counting YouTube videos with TV shows) TV Shows 19. Favorite Movie poster? This one from Star Wars Episode 1 20. What upcoming movie are you looking forward to seeing? There's two actually- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I might actually be going to see them before Christmas too, so that's fun. 21. Has there ever been a movie you were excited to see but ended up being disappointed with, if so what movie was it and why? Nope, I can usually tell if i'm gonna enjoy a movie or not. 22. If you’d like, go ahead and tag 1-3 members of your choice. I tag the next 3 people to answer ^^.
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