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  1. Guillotines aren't boring, they're dead fun.
  2. Can't we just use a master ball on it and call it quits? And if that fails, there's always the guillotine.
  3. Tied it into a lasso, reminding him of his childhood dream of being a real rootin tootin cowboy, but
  4. Hmm, so many Pokemon to choose between. Let's see, there's Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Raichu, Snorlax, Articuno, Zapdos, Vileplume, Eevee, Porygon, Arcanine, Ninetails and Scyther, just to name a few that I like. The top dog as of late though would have to be Raichu, which is also the Pokemon I've used more than any other (Well, tied with Pikachu for obvious reasons but you get the point). As for why, well Electric is my second favourite type, and I suppose my favourite type for the gen 1 pokemon seeing as none are dark type (not including megas or Alolan forms), and well, Raichu is too overlooked. Sure, it's one of the obvious choices for an overlooked Pokemon thanks to the popularity of Pikachu, but that doesn't detract from it being somewhat gnored. Sure, there are better Electric types out there, but when looking at Kanto Pokemon only, Raichu stands above all.
  5. Seriously though what happened to Pokemon Ranger?

  6. I made a new contest

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Joker


      But it's a contest where the contenders have to draw fan art of a fan made Pokemon, one made by yourself no less. It's a bit big headed don't you think? Not only that, but the only Pokemon they're allowed to draw is this single fakemon? It doesn't really sound like a recipe for success to me.

    3. AnonymousDoom


      Yeah no offense but Tifarill isn't the only fusion that you're allowed to make

    4. Kaps


      I'm sorry to say, I agree with @Joker and @AnonymousDoom.

  7. Such honesty, you have to admire that.
  8. You're a Navy reserve? Awesome, that makes you the second guy I know in the Navy (first in the US Navy though, so good job), and you're a fan of nerdy media hmm? That is a broad topic though, so have you got any specifics, like a favourite movie or anime? Anywho, your name rings a bell, though and you said you were a roleplayer huh? Hmm, perhaps we were in the same rp at one point then. Regardless, welcome back to PS . It's not as flashy as it once was sure, but the place still has its heart, so have fun around the site.
  9. This isn't some big philosophical debate i'm making or a way to divide the forums into groups, I'm just wondering, which generation did you begin with, and why? Mine's no secret, I began with Generation 4. Diamond was my first Pokemon game, and the first game I actually finished. Sure it was with a god awful team that used nothing but the most powerful moves available, but even a 7 year old can win with enough revives at hand. My favourite Pokemon game is also a gen 4 title, being Heart Gold, which reminds me; is it Heart Gold or HeartGold? The space probably doesn't matter but it's something i've never been able to make my mind up on. Anyway, I've gone on about my favourites many times before, so I'll keep it short here. I'm a gen 4 kid through and through, and to me, Game Freak have yet to make a better Pokemon experience than the one available in Heart Gold and Soul Silver (though Sun and Moon got very close). So then, where did you start out?
  10. Welp, guess it's time to make a meaningful contribution to the site. 422.
  11. What a deceiving piece of artwork- I see no scales here , let alone a pair being tipped! Ah well, I suppose this neat drawing will be fine I guess (though unless there's a pair of scales about to be tipped just to the side of this picture, i call false advertising).
  12. Wait did somebody say new Fire Emblem?

    1. Gir


      No, what makes you think that?

  13. So I was gonna just put this in a status update to start with, but I thought that this was a bit too long to be status worthy so I'm putting it here instead. So I just realised something about the Pokemon games. Since FR/LG started the remake trend, people have always wanted the next generation to come out (especially when it comes to the gen 3 remakes, that was hyped way too much). Now that we've come to Sun and Moon, people are of course talking/speculating about gen 4 remakes (which personally i'd love because Diamond was my first experience with Pokemon and being able to go through Sinnoh again with a tweaked story and the new mons/type would be awesome), but I wonder, will gen 5 be remade, or even hyped up as much. I ask this because I always saw gen 5 as the cutoff point, the fresh start. Gen 4 may have been the games to change Pokemon the most with special/physical split, but it was gen 5 that decided to soft reset. We had one last huzzah with Heart Gold and Soul Silver (which I still think are the best Pokemon games in the series, though I have to say Sun and Moon aren't far behind in quality), with those games being polished up to a brilliant standard, with them having plenty of heart and soul put into them (pun intended obviously) and then we got Black and White, the games that split the fan base the most since Ruby and Sapphire. Of course things carried on as usual and gen 5 found their place in fans hearts eventually, but still, because of the soft reset that Game Freak did, everything onwards seemed different slightly. Jump forward to now and we've just had brilliant games released that have their obligatory hints towards Sinnoh in. Are they there just to tease the games, just to tease the fans, or just because the developers felt like it? Who knows, it's probably all of them, but I digress. If we get gen 4 remakes, what will come next? Well, I suppose to answer that we'd need to know what would happen in the gen 4 remakes, so it's good that Pokemon have been sorta building up a plot that could work with those games -alternate worlds as mentioned in ORAS and shown in SuMo, the idea of travelling through time and space as shown by a certain suit wearing trainer we meet in the post game. It's probably just wishful thinking on my part, but still, the questions stands- Would gen 5 remakes ever happen?
  14. So since finishing Moon I started to complete the Pokedex and up til now I thought the hardest Pokemon to get was Mareanie, but compared to Weavile, getting Mareanie was a walk in the park.

    1. doug is a furry

      doug is a furry

      Do you have Politoed?

    2. Joker


      I have it in my Pokedex, though I think I traded it away.

  15. 2016 be trying its hardest to keep its title as most evil year of the new millennium

    1. Hydralicious


      name a more iconic duo than 2016 and helll,,, i'm waiting

    2. Spamuhell


      Bush and Bin Laden.

      Geez, why does everyone forget the iconic meme duos

      Or Harambe and the Kid

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