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  1. ((What does this have to do with anything?)) Sixty-Seven.
  2. oi m8ey

  3. Banned for not being Mr Do It
  4. Nano was sitting on the ground, behind a chair for cover. He decided to take action. He stood up, took a few steps forward and shouted "Clone!", while nanobots were streaming from his weapon. They took the form of Nano himself, seemingly mirroring his movements. He bagan shooting his gun at the enemy, his dublicate doing the same. He made sure to aim for their faces, in an attempt to blind them. After a second, he ducked behind cover in order to reload his weapon. He ordered the clone to cover him while he reloaded.
  5. Do I see a JoJo reference?

  6. Banned because, while that may be true, it is absolutely fabulous.
  7. Banned because you have more posts than me!
  8. We should all do a D&D session someday
  9. Nice! What race?
  10. I'm an atheist too. I personally find too many loopholes in religion, Christianity in particular. My family is much like yours, and I'm just happy that I've never gone to any christian school. Not sure if we even have those here in Denmark. I encourage you to ask your school for the thing you want. Have a good day.
  11. urgh I need to roleplay so bad

    1. Tega


      well go on and join one you silly goose

    2. Kinas10


      already did

      just waiting for it to start urrgh

    3. Tega


      oh ok

  12. I choose noone. While I was never a big fan of the games, I am still super done with them.
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