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  1. on a scale from 1 to rainbow 

    how gay are you

  2. Something unique to me is that I'm gay.
  3. Christ you're all acting like a bunch of self-righteous 12 year olds[pause in speech] oh wait

    1. Nisa


      Just another day on PS.

  4. It's about time, though realistically, see you in a few days.
  5. ngl this is pretty, good. If you don't mind me asking, what did you use to draw this? (Tablet/Mouse and Sai/FireAlpaca, etc)
  6. tbh if you use suicide as a way of manipulating (literally and emotionally) people you're a piece of trash :))))))

    1. isagonj
    2. Hydralicious


      also: mental illness does not excuse manipulating/gaslighting/gross stuffty behavior 

  7. [pause in speech]
  8. @isagonj is my second favorite mod

  9. Congrats on PC Mod! Your sprites are pretty dope btw ; )

    1. UmbreonRogue


      Thanks!  Though I wasn't sure what I did to qualify as a PC Mod, hahaha.

    2. Panflam


      Welcome to the pink squad!

    3. Kaps


      You did awesome, that's what.

  10. Congrats boo <3

  11. All hail the Gourdian


    1. Primal


      Gourdian is dead remember 

    2. Spamuhell


      Gourdian isn't dead. He let you win, knowing that purging you would be his own end

  12. ily <3

    1. Primal


      nO i Love yaSHU

    2. Hydralicious


      STOP DOING THIS TO US!! MAKE UR OWN STATUS SAYING U LOVE HIM dont hijack mine smh (what did I tell you, furries always gotta ruin a good thing)

    3. Primal


      But im not a furry!

  13. Please Help: I accidentally dyed my hands blue while making some slime, what do I do 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Contract_Crawdad
    3. Primal


      simple, just wash till it fades then wait

    4. AethericDoom


      Tons of soap

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