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  1. Granted, but it's expired. I wish I was rich.
  2. Granted, but that person is a serial killer. I wish I wasn't always so tired.
  3. One of my favorite past times is photography, I've always found it to be such a soothing/calming thing to do. I'm not sure why, but I suppose that it's probably because there is something so soothing and almost poetic about being able to capture a moment forever, and in the future being able to look back at that photo and feel all those pleasant memories rushing back. I'm really bad at writing transitions so I'll keep it short and simple: here's a small sample of some of my photos, if there's anyone interested in seeing more then I suppose I will, if not then so be it. Either way, enjoy. (This one was taking this past summer at a blueberry picking farm my family and I visited) (This one I took about 3-4 years ago at a beach in California called "Caramel Point," for reasons that should be obvious lol) (I can't remember exactly where this one was taken but I took it around 2-3 years ago in a small town somewhere in California) (This one was taken two Saturdays ago in my backyard.)
  4. Granted, but he permabanned you. I wish the weather was warm enough to go swimming.
  5. Granted, but now you're ugly instead of your haircut being ugly. I wish that I had some candy right now.
  6. I definitely have to agree with you on that gorebyss was a wasted opportunity, battle-wise and I'd even say design-wise. However I must disagree with your comment Because I'd assume that it swims similar to a sea snake and sea snakes swim very gracefully https://youtu.be/gPj9gRZacPQ
  7. This is really cute!! Keep up the good work!
  8. Pokemon Claim: Mega Rayquaza Shiny? (y/n): n Dex #: 384 Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): y Pokemon Claim: Persian Shiny? (y/n): n Dex #: 053 Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): y
  9. There are many many many different types of pets and most of us own or have owned a pet at some point in life (if you didn't then I pity your sad cold miserable existence) So I guess my question here is,what type of pet(s) do you own or did you own? (pictures are preferred ) Personally, I own two dogs (doggos for the win!?), and a whole bunch of chicks. One of my dog's name is Molly and she's a dalmatian-boxer mix (she's got the spots to prove it lol) and the other dog is Charlie who happens to be a golden retriever-collie mix. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my dogs atm but I'll update my post with some as soon as I get some, because who doesn't love some good doggo pics amirite? On the other hand we've got my chicks, one of whom we almost lost very tragically when Charlie managed to get out on his own and chased it around the yard (I can now say with absolute certainty that chickens do scream), unfortunately we haven't named any of them because they're at that stage where they all look identical. However that did not stop me from getting some good footage of them. So what pets do y'all have?
  10. So the way this game works is pretty simple, I'll start off by posting a wish, and the next poster would "corrupt" my wish (granting it ironically I suppose?). However, to keep the game going, they would also post a wish of their own, and the game just goes on like this. So for example: Player 1: I wish I was a millionaire. Player 2: Wish granted, but you can't spend money on anything besides basic necessities. I wish I had a fridge that never ran out of food. To start things off with something simple, I wish that I could teleport wherever I want to.
  11. Pokemon Claim: Milotic Dex #: #350 Shiny? (y/n): n Previously Claimed Pokemon? (y/n): n
  12. It's a sort of a flute type instrument As far as I can tell, it seems to specifically be an American thing that a majority of us had to learn in elementary school lol
  13. Vote for the Pokemon game that you think I should play for my Randomlocke!
  14. So regardless of our music talent, I am sure that at some point in our lives we were forced to play a musical instrument (probably the flute or recorder). However, my question here is, did you choose to take that further and learn another instrument? And if so what instrument(s) and why? I started down the music path in elementary school when (probably like the majority of you) I was forced to learn how to play a song on the recorder for some recital thing. Do I remember what song it was? Nope. Was I good at it? Probably not. But it did get me interested in musical instruments enough so that I took it upon myself to learn how to play the piano, and that's where it kind of all started (this is not a metaphor for a drug addiction I swear). After I learned how to play the piano I got kind of bored of it and took a break from the musical scene for a little while and as a result became a bit rusty with the piano. Around the time that I realized that I wanted to play an instrument again, my best friend started learning guitar and somehow I convinced myself that learning a whole new instrument would be easier that brushing up on my piano, so I went and learned how to play the guitar. However, by the time that I had finished learning how to play the guitar, my friends had moved on and were now playing the ukulele, so being the follower that I am (and because I'm a steven universe fan), I asked for a ukulele for Christmas and in turn learned how to play it. So now, as a result (primarily of peer pressure) I can play three instruments, the piano, the guitar, and the ukulele. Now as far as instruments that I want to play; for some reason my family owns a cello (I don't know why since no one in our family knows how to play it) so I 'd really like to learn how to play it just for the sake of being able to add it to the list of my accomplishments. tl;dr I play three instruments, the piano, the guitar, and the ukulele, all because I'm a steven universe fan and very susceptible to peer pressure from my friends and I also want to play the cello.
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