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  1. "vTShj0Y.png" is literally one of the saddest things that I've seen in my life

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Hydralicious


      I take that back, it's not sad it's pathetic 

    3. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      Yes, thank you so much for insulting us. :dry:

    4. Legend


      See ya guys, argument show has ended for the day quickly. Have fun out there!!

  2. Believe it or not, the first realistic piece I ever tried to do was a sunny kidney bean
  3. From the album Hydra's Doodles

    6 hours, the only non-hand drawn parts of this image were a denim texture that I used on the collar, three glitch/VHS textures that I used on the background, and a grain texture that I used over the entire image. Honestly this is probably one of my favorite pieces so far, I'm especially proud of how the hair turned out because short hair is a lot harder to draw and work with than long hair. I'm not really sure why but while I was drawing this I really got like a 90s retro-ey type vibe from this piece, hence the VHS-ey background and grainy texture. I do realize that there are a lot of issues with the face and eyebrows, but this was done moreso as a practice piece so I could get a better feel for the physics of short hair. Enjoy!
  4. @Genji care to explain urself? hmmm?


  5. Pros of a beach vacation: I'm now caramel colored

    Cons: I have an awful tan line on my thighs 

    1. Taiiyo


      Now you look like me everyday

  6. I'm August : )
  7. Thanks! I've definitely been considering doing a live stream or a speedpaint, the only problem is that I just started work so I tend to paint in bursts over a few days so it's not exactly the ideal painting process for either of those, but I'll definitely keep this idea in mind and maybe do one when I've got a day off!
  8. From the album Hydra's Doodles

    This is a quick portrait (done entirely in sai) of an OC from one of my friends books, enjoy!
  9. Nice job! it's adorable!
  10. Jeez,,, I'm sorry I misread the post, continue your work : )
  11. This should probably and would probably be more appropriately placed in the shop section of the forum
  12. @Panflam dude this is rlly dope, I love the white outlining, very unique!
  13. Did you draw this?
  14. Schumer is gone, Peridot and Alien are here, the end of an prosperous era.

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