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  1. NDBmNDkwZTM0ZSMvSG9HUXZILWVXVjhxV2MtWmFPGet into the bag please, Nebby.

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    2. Anime Psyclone

      Anime Psyclone

      I click it, there’s Blog Entry, Topic, and Gallery Image.

    3. Luxifer


      It should be in between Gallery Image and Topic 


      Or just go to recent status updates and type in the box that says "What's on your mind?"

    4. Anime Psyclone

      Anime Psyclone

      I’d take a pic of my screen but then I’d have to somehow transfer the image from my phone to my computer. It won’t pop up for me.

  2. i want to participate! if it's not too ate :/ here's mine!
  3. Hey! Do you mind if I ask you something?:huh:


    I need a spriting tutorial. Like the Machamp Expans you made, I want to learn the light and shadow effect you used there.

    1. Houndoom_Kaboom


      well when i shade a spot on a pokemon i take the lighter color and turn it down a few using the color option on paint :)

  4. that alola sandsrew/sandslash though *-*

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    2. Wasabi 64

      Wasabi 64

      Did you add Whole kyurem to your project?

    3. Panloco


      I dont think...

      Im not saying that your Whole Kyurem isn't good (I really like it :D), the only thing is that the project is dead...

    4. Wasabi 64

      Wasabi 64

      Projet is dead?!


  5. Good work with the Alola Dragonair and the Salanzard ;)


  6. I saw your art on tumblr. You're a great sprite artist :D

  7. yo i follow you on tumblr and i have found it hard to make sprites. Do you have any tips

    1. Houndoom_Kaboom


      thanks a lot! and a far as tips, well make sure what your spriteing colors flow and the lines don't get distorted when moving pieces around, just keep practicing!

    2. bocelot


      thanks im actually drawing your hooplade on grid paper

    3. Houndoom_Kaboom
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