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  1. Torchic
  2. In these chaotic and discordant times, I figured we should try something to be a bit nicer to each other. As the name implies, all you have to do is compliment the person above you. Preferably, try not to repeat the exact same thing over and over.
  3. Make this a tag. Do it, Tega.
  4. Thanks Pompeiinian also has fireworks around its neck. Its are based on mortar fireworks, The fireworks that look like this
  5. Hawlucha
  6. Soo, we got a podcast project for World History. I'm so gonna fail the actual podcast..


    I'm required to convey.. passion.. and enthusiasm..Umm..

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      O_O I do not sing in public anymore. Also, what would I sing about the Black Death?

    3. AethericDoom


      I'm kidding dude


      Oh I did an article on Bubonic Plague that was fun

    4. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      I know you were kidding. 


      But yeah, the Black Death was pretty interesting.

  7. Squirrel with a gatling gun!

  8. Daisy talks enough for me to understand her personality without a doubt. I haven't played many LoZ games, but Zelda seems pretty same-ish. I guess it's less that they don't have personality than that their personality isn't very interesting, at least to me.
  9. At least Daisy has a personality.
  10. I meant the Mario Princesses, but still, yes.
  11. Both, I love Daisy. She's the best of the Princesses.
  12. It's so beautiful. Thanks, bro.
  13. Dewgong
  14. Character: Daisy Quote: Daisy. Proves she's the fairest Specific picture link: Background color: Yellow-orange Thanks, bro. Oh, whoops, sorry. Didn't see it was closed.
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