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  1. Banned because you just have to wait for the site to crash.
  2. Banned for having an all Dark team.
  3. Banned because the Rain Badge is my Rep badge.
  4. Umm, pencils?
  5. Banned for having a lower Rep badge than me.
  6. *finishes painting*

    "Okay, this is nice and all, but I need you to paint some more big-nosed characters," my mom says.

    Wow. Genius. 

  7. Banned for betraying Gladion.
  8. Update: Here is an updated list of Pokemon. Underline indicates they've already been drawn. Regional Starters 1-3. Flarrel --> Chardillo --> Chartillery (Fire Squirrels) 4-6. Plantoad --> Chlorofrog --> Synthribbit (Grass Toads) 7-9. Floodkey --> Aquape --> Hydrilla (Water Monkeys) Regional Dog 10-12. Bomberanian --> Pyrecracker --> Pompeinian (Firework Pomeranians) Regional Bird 13-15. Fairakeet --> Parrogant --> Zealoketzal (Arrogant Parakeets/Co.ckatiels) Regional Rodent 16-17. Snipmunk --> Micendice (Scissor/Blade Chipmunks) Regional Bug 18-20. Craggot --> Krystallis --> Drosoprism (Crystal Flies) Regional Fossil Pokemon 21-22. Fossilot --> Sabletooth (Sabertooth Tiger) 23-24. Brickthyo --> Stonodon (Ichthyoconodons) Regional Dragons 25-27. Krackon --> Crevicerpent --> Abyssyvern (Crevice Dragons) 28-30. Burnwyrm --> Cindora --> Hyfrydra (Fire Dragons) Regional Legendaries 31. Reduciodusa (Negative Medusa) 32. Pegasummate (Positive Pegasus) Roaming Trio 33-35. Carborus (Carbon Cerberus), Hymera (Hydrogen Chimera), Oxyren (Oxygen Siren) Various Pokemon 36-37. Chamelectric --> Lightneleon (Electric Chameleons) 38-40. Tanjutsu --> Tanzetsu --> Tanhatsu (Ninja Tanukis) 41-43. Murmarin --> Blaboon --> Roarilla (Loud Monkeys) 44-45. Bawlmation--> Dalmatrix (Water Dalmations) 46-47. Pourpoise --> Aquaphin (Dolphins) 48-50. Stalagmeon, Aveon, Phantomeon (Eeveelutions) 51. Dunfly (Dunsparce Evolution) 52. R'dicul's (Farfetch'd Evolution) 53. Adorellipse (Luvdisc Evolution) 54-55. Crazivy --> Cukudzu (Ivy/Vine Pokemon) 56-58. Tremblion --> Leoper --> Slaughteroar (Reaper Lions) 59-60. Baatonic --> Nyeelixir (Alchemist Goats) 61-63. Ryuken --> Shuryuken --> Haryuken (Combo/ Fighting Pokemon) 64. Shurikane (Cloud/Strom Ninja) 65. Jumpogo (Wind Rabbit) Mega Evolutions Hypno, Sunflora, Jynx, Xatu, Breloom, Tropius, Hydreigon, Haxorus, Toxicroak, Luxray
  9. From the album Big's Art Gallery

    It's been a while since I've drawn my Sonic OCs.
  10. Well, the fur on its head doesn't curve properly and could use a bit more shading, and there's a random black pixel on the bone of the wing to our right. 7.5/10 Its lack of shading in places makes it look flat, and the black outlines aren't consistent. 6.5/10
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