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  1. (I don't think "satisfied" is the right word, but I got the idea) : I look at the Phione. "Uhh, no clue," I say, shaking my head. I look back up and frown "So, you have any clue why we're here?" I twiddle one of my whiskers.
  2. (You know your responses have to be longer than that, right?) : I'm already awake, pacing back and forth. I hear the voice and look in its direction. It was a Bidoof. "Uh, heh, that's probably me. I'm not super clean... Uh, who're you? My name's Christian." I answer, crossing my arms. (Oh also, here's a map sprite for him)
  3. Moonside Enquiry 9: Chip

    I'm Chip, a 15 year old beaver who resides in the town of Moonside. I was one of its island's original inhabitants, as well as one of Moonside's ten founders. I met Aileron & his crew when Dig came to my dam on the lake, calling, " Chip, I need your help for ssomethin' !" I came out of my dam and answered, "Dig, what's the problem? You lose your pickaxe again or something?" "No, not this time. We got ssome new folkss on the island, and they need your help finding food." One of the fellows, a purple cat, stepped up to me. I looked up at him. He was at least 2 times my size! "Umm, excuse me, Chip, is it?," he asked. I nodded and swallowed a lump in my throat. "My name is Big, and this is my son Flare, Scallop, and Aileron. Pleased to meet you. I know you don't know us, but would you mind assisting us?" I relaxed and smiled. Despite what his size might suggest, he's a really nice guy! I told him, "Sure, I'd be happy to help. Our island has a very large array of resources. Anything in particular you want?" "Bananas, if you don't mind." Flare answered. "Apples are fine for me....Oh, and some mangoes for my buddy who's back at the boat." Aileron responded. "I'm not awfully particular in terms of food --," Big said. I heard a ribbit come from his shirt pocket. He pulled out a green frog with a long, pointed tail, "--Oh, and some insects for Froggy here, but I'm sure there are plenty around here." I nodded and looked at Scallop. "Me? I'm good. I fish for my food. Though, my friend loves coconuts. He's also back at the boat." he answered. "Well, we've got all of that here. Dig, take Flare and Scallop to the beach to get the bananas, coconuts, and mangoes." I told him. "Ssure thing, bro. Come to the center of the island when you finish up. Well, come on, you big lugss." he said, as the three of them ran off towards the east side of the island. I turned around to the remaining three. "Okay, the lake has a plentiful supply of bugs, so we don't have to worry about that. You could leave Froggy here. There are some apple trees near here, and we'll probably find some more food as we walk." I inform them, and we walk off towards the forest.....
  4. Program error. May be fixed, may not be fixed...
  5. furry



    1. Gruffin77


      Top quality insult

      IGN approves


      Must nerf next patch.

    2. Petey Piranha

      Petey Piranha

      Why do people send this to me specifically so much...

    3. Master Snivy
  6. Well, Mewtwo. (If either of you want some kind of design update for your character, I could help if ya want. Just tell me what ya want, and I'll make it.)
  7. Will you? I didn't see your verification. And I told you like 3 times...
  8. Now that VR technology is improved,  I think Nintendo should make a new Virtual Boy. Imagine how amazing that would be; for a forgotten system to get a new life and rise from the ashes to glory it's never seen before...

    1. Kaps


      A virtual boy?

    2. Petey Piranha

      Petey Piranha

      What, have you not heard of it? I guess that makes sense; it was long before your (and my) time. It was a pretty big failure, no little part because of the fact the VR technology was really new at the time.

    3. Kaps
  9. So, if the Guild members you connect with in PSMD are the actal members,

    1. Why doesn't Loudred talk in all caps

    2. Why doesn't Bidoof say Yup-Yup!

    3. Why did Chatot refer to Wigglytuff as a she?


    1. Kaps


      Whats PSMD?

    2. Kekleon
    3. Kaps


      Thanks... I don't know if thats an insult or not, but meh...

  10. Dear Arceus, Dark Matter does too much. First, it possesses King Dedede twice, then destroys the Crystal Shard, and now it's targeting the Pokemon world... What doesn't it do?..

    1. Kaps
    2. Petey Piranha

      Petey Piranha

      Well, Dark Matter is a pretty cool character.

    3. Kaps


      Be a cosmog?

  11. Oh, I thought you meant 3 people including yourself.
  12. You would have a 4.5/10, the average of the scores. If you get 10/10 on all of your submissions, you automatically at least tie for 1st.
  13. Well, since there are three people, we can start! Kaps, why don't you start us off?
  14. *looks confused* Why should an RP response be written like a novel exactly? Doesn't that kinda make posts unnecessarily longer than they need to be? I know that detail is desired, but aren't there ways to go about giving detail while scripting, or at least in a manner that isn't as tediously long? Maybe it's because of my years of advanced science classes and "if you can shorten it and maintain effect" guidelines, but I don't really get it...  


    Of course,  I'm still gonna follow it since it's a rule and all. Heh. 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Petey Piranha

      Petey Piranha

      Yeah, I know it's a story and all. I just kinda prefer the "either or,  so long as the end result is correct" mentality. But again, it's alright I suppose. 


      But anyway, @GeNaG3N0S, I had joined Pokemon Mewtwo, because it's fairly simple and can be expanded upon fairly well. I'm a little too much of a newbie at RPing to pick something pretty/more complicated. *shrugs*

    3. Poison


      If you can put detail into a script why not put that detail into a more paragraphed post?


      The detail is the setting and the movement, it's just presented differently. It's like saying Lord of the Rings was unnecessarily long because it wasn't a script ^^;

    4. 1709mart


      Honestly Script is a more simple and structured way of saying things in a Paragraph. You can do what you wish to both, adding in more detail where you feel its needed, and even taking out things that are not needed. I've written both over the years, and theres no real difference in what you're telling the reader, just the format its being told in.

  15. I like the concept for Mega Regigigas, but the final result still is super similar to original, mostly because of how the Golems' parts are spliced: they mostly are just behind Regigigas instead of being part of it. 6/10 Mega Bisharp has most of the same problems, but to a lesser degree. There are also some outlining problems, but it's better overall. 7/10
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