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  2. somebody comfort me 


    milkweed died


    her death was so heavy

  3. is updated omg guys i'm crying

  4. Anyone has probably seen sprites floating around my profile that aren't fusions. Those are Pokemon retypes, because I started a Heart Gold LuxLocke a while ago. A LuxLocke will be explained later, but I have been inputting these sprites in the game to make it more enjoyable. I have also been recording them and will post the videos soon. For now, take a look at my squad - A LuxLocke is like a nuzlocke, so these bois are prone to die. Let's just hope that doesn't happen. I'll update this post as I go and catch more Pokemon, so make sure you follow it. UPDATE #1 OMG GUYS MILKWEED DIED She will be missed, I took on the first gym too early and paid for it. I was confident towards the end and I guess that was the reason she died, but not to worry! Although I am getting more feely feels I'm making a tribute to her. Any fan art of her will be appreciated! Just post a picture of it below or provide a link. Moving on, I have 3 new friends! I hatched the Togepi egg and got a Water-typed Rapidash, which I named after a Rapidash I got in another randomizer. The others are a Dragon/Rock Charizard and a Rock/Water Machoke. Got those in Union Cave and its surrounding area. Next time, I'll train Aria and the rest of the team to a higher level and take on the Slowpoke well.
  5. lol look at this stupid dog

    Oliver by LuxLuxray

  6. my parents think I have depression wtf




    seriously speaking, I know I don't and I have no idea why they think so

  7. new phone who dis

  8. Ultra Eslite by LuxLuxray

    Ultra Fluxareo by LuxLuxray did i ever share these

  9. Eledian by LuxLuxrayRosetta by LuxLuxrayi don't feel like submitting these

    1. Kaps



    2. LuxLuxray


      @Kaps I don't really mind sharing them, but I also don't want to submit because they're lacking a lot


      in short i don't like them

  10. giphy.gifbuggo or buggo eater????

    1. Tega


      buggo cannibal

      its pretty cute

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