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  1. I disagree with almost everything on this list Anyway, uh @Julie don't you think this would be better as a blog? Seeing how it's only your opinion making a topic about makes less sense than a blog. Next time if you do make another one of these, if it's only you're opinion you should probably make it a blog but if you want it to be a topic maybe ask what everyone else thinks of these pokemon so there is some discussion value.
  2. Exactly what Nisa and Ohjay said, the catch feature has issues and they haven't been fixed and most likely won't be fixed for a long time if not ever. Okay since this doesn't really need to be discussed any further I'm going to lock this.
  3. on a scale from 1 to rainbow 

    how gay are you

  4. c'mon guys is 2017 not all pokemon are male

    1. AethericDoom
    2. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      Brought it on yourself.


      A side of Gender roles!

  5. Completely wrong.
  6. Wow this has gotten off topic Anyway, something unique to me would probably be my name, for those who know my name you would agree. Tbh I think it would to be safe to say I'm the only one in my city with my name, almost every time a teacher or supply teacher reads the attendance they always comment on my name and say how cool it is. This usually happens with teachers though, however some of my current friends have said this when I met them for the first time. Ironically despite my name have links to religion, I'm not religious at all lmao
  7. No one can resist the allure of the Random Cheese! 


    1. Kaps




    2. Primal


      I hate cheese with a burning passion so i'm def not clicking that lmao

  8. card games on motorcycles and synchro summoning
    card games on hoverboards and link summoning 
    what's next
    card games on space ships and core summoning?? 

  9. Er, Hamster if you're looking for who owns the sprites on the front under the name of the sprite is the creator of the sprite in light blue, in the pokecreations list you can find the usernames on the right hand side of the page.
  10. Hello Hamster, I don't think that there are any policies here that mentions anything about this aside from the rule about stealing others' art, in your case this kind of thing has never actually happened here as far as I know, however you are asking for permission so stealing doesn't seem to be your intent. However, if you want to ask for permission to use sprites you must ask the people who own said sprites, as they don't belong to the website. Keep in mind though that some members don't use the forum part of the site or don't come online anymore, but there are still a good amount of people who sprite and use the forums. I have one question though, why not make the sprites yourself, you seem to be rather decent at spiriting, and if you want to improve there is a spriting school that will be active around summer that you can join.
  11. I'm kinda curious as to what you think of these pokemon besides letters, lol Anyway I like cosmoem quite a lot. I haven't seen much of it since I dont't sun or moon, or even a 3ds for that matter. Regardless I think the whole evolution thing with cosmog is pretty cool, I think cosmoem is a really decent middle stage too since you can see it take on a more solid form than cosmog did. Even though there isn't much to it's desgin I still like it.
  12. Sour green, lemon shape. 

    1. Genji



    2. Tega


      Is it a lime?

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