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  1. Alright, this has like 41 posts now so I think that's a good place to stop. I'll be locking this.
  2. ha, gay

    1. Kibbeh


      no, they are



      Image result for rin and hanayo wedding





      Image result for rinpana confirmed







      gal pals

      update: oh it screwed up

      whoops, good enough

    2. Cookabeara
  3. Primal, stop looking at your profile. 

  4. Grimsley isn't real

  5. So a few days ago I finished the True ending Persona 5. I spent 120 hours on this game and I don't regret it. This game is probably my favourite game of all time right now. Like after the goodbyes and the credits I was in tears because of how much I enjoyed this game. It was such a fulfilling experience to go through. Persona 5 is such a well made game, from the stylish menus and game play to the beautifully designed cities and dungeons, this game is such a masterpiece. Atlus really went all out with this game. The characters in Persona 5 feel so real and have their own problems that are relatable. I felt like they were actually my friends while playing this game. Even the characters who weren't part main story characters had depth and personality. That's why I felt so emotional at the end of the game, I felt like I was saying goodbye to people I actually cared for and didn't to leave. The story in Persona 5 is great too, it's about teenagers rebelling against corrupt adults by sneaking into their palaces; a cognitive realm where the person's twisted desires form. Palaces are basically the dungeons in this game, however unlike many rpgs the Palaces aren't randomly generated. The palaces are hand made with their own unique designs and themes. After completing a place and locating the treasure you have to send a calling card to who is the owner of said palace. You then go into the palace the next day and defeat the boss and then wait for the palace owneer to have a change of heart. The game and story is basically this rinse and repeat however since each palace is completely different from each other it never really gets boring, and as the story progresses you meet and gain new teammates and then by the end of it you defeat god with the the power of friendship. In the end this game is wonderful and my little ramble about it does it no justice. Seriously get the game yourself and play it, you won't be disappointed by it. Normally I don't do ng+ but Persona 5 is going to be an exception.
  6. After 120 hours I have finally concluded Persona 5.

  7. After 116 hours game play the True Finale of Persona 5 awaits me.  

  8. Crazy Ex.


    1. Genji



    2. Primal


      You have a nice nose. :) 

    3. Genji


      thanks for the grimsley pics :cwub:

  9. Banned for being hypocritical
  10. Your waifu is trash 

    1. Kibbeh


      which one

    2. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      Doesn't matter. Your waifus ain't got nothing on mine.

  11. Well she is missing rules which are essential. While they do have examples of their work it's not in the master post and could easily be missed, so for organization and a more neat looking shop I would suggest putting those examples in the same post.
  12. Hey Blue_Fox I'm glad you decided to open a shop with lots of enthusiasm, however there are some things missing from your shop. I think you should look here and try to add those things to your shop to make it look a little bit better. Those rules may be a tad old now but they are still enforced as far as I know. Anyway, you can either just edit this post or make a new shop entirely and delete this one. The choice is yours to make. Have fun with your shop~
  13. Wake up you bum 

    1. Genji


      sorry i was trying to fix my sleeping schedule 



  14. goku is a bad father 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cookabeara


      wait does



      that mean he is a good father?

    3. Big the Cat

      Big the Cat

      No, on Namek,  the sky's green.

    4. Cookabeara





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