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  1. Hey[pause in speech] We both have the same ranks!

    "Better than you"

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    2. AethericDoom


      Hehehehe Kaps so innocent

    3. Kaps



      Wouldn't go as that far


    4. Taiiyo




      If you want to keep your innocent mind, I suggest to not even ask. ;)

  2. Sphincter knight

  3. Pretty cute. Underdesigned and worthless as hell too. But also it's pretty cute. So, 5/10
  4. Gayllery moderator

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    2. Hydralicious


      I don't like being told I am wrong stop

    3. Master Snivy
    4. Kaps


      *grabs the popcorn*

      This is gonna be a good one!

  5. Why are you on the staff list?

  6. jon are buckle

  7. Okay dude stop making such good things so quickly you make us look worse in comparison k thx b

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    2. The-Hydra


      I assumed you would know, considering he just claimed himself as CEO and showrunner of Aesprite inc.


      but even if not pictures can be sarcastic

    3. Master Snivy

      Master Snivy

      I like tiny jellyfish and also big ones though c^:

    4. Kaps


      tiny jellyfish?

  8. Audhuntaur is good stuff man, keep it up

    1. Bored-man21



    2. The-Hydra


      h a n d s

  9. confirmed I'm highly insecure about myself and on occasion take it out on others

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    2. Master Snivy

      Master Snivy

      That's the goof, my precious little peanut

    3. Kaps


      I is no peanut me is pistachio

    4. Master Snivy

      Master Snivy

      luv u babe <3

  10. Showdown username: The Master Snivy Time Zone: EST Battling since: The womb Type: Grass Signature Pokemon: Serperior Badge name: Pussywillow badge Trainer Sprite:
  11. Image result for two girls ass slap

    1. Hydralicious


      please have your brother delete your account thx

  12. more like jizz

  13. Can people please stop using generic as hell anime profile pictures and actually use something distinguished like an MS paint Snivy with a gun to his head? Or like, anything but those two things? k thx boo ily <333

  14. More like Pepis Man

    1. Pepsi Man

      Pepsi Man

      master snivy??? more like



    2. Master Snivy
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